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: So this post is about the players and not the game though. Just to clarify your point
I'm not gonna say the game is balanced and good right now, cause it's not, but the game would be a million times better if the player base wasn't beyond rotten to its core right now. So yeah, for the most part.
DW Diana (NA)
: Its kinda what is to be expected when Riot release a video starring 2 champions they go out of their way to ignore playing with troll builds and say "try something new!" Played with a Rammus Sej botlane yesterday... by 7 minutes they were 1/10, with the 1 being me roaming down on Diana and Sej flashing to ks me. Like my 4 year old son, Riot need to think before they speak.
: I had a game today where my team refused to surrender, they were all like 9 deaths, just inting. Then saying they won't surrender and game will be as long as possible. ( Which wasn't much longer because at least you can't actually defend that. ) The other two had someone cursing and insulting others non stop. Oh... and then I did a bot game to chill out, and someone in there talked trash all game too. Just wow. Great game but shit community. Time to kill does not matter to me. Griefing does.
Sorry to say, it doesn't get better at any level.
: You do realize you are playing normals?
Yeah, because ranked is about 200x worse right now. Does it matter? Toxicity is toxicity.
: I cannot relate. Maybe you are just toxic and annoying so peope give up when they are playing with you?
I rarely, if ever, speak in game. I guess you're just lucky
: What I'm about to say is probably very obvious and straightforward, but... If you say bad things to those kinds of people, you're only making it worse. They will get even more pissed off or more satisfied (some people will really enjoy you calling them whatever, since that proves you're mad, and they want to see you're mad). It's not the right thing to do because not only is it bad for yourself, but for all of the other players and the overall game and the community health, because as you stated, they will proceed and troll harder next game, and that will generate more frustration, more insults, more trolling. The right thing to do? Maybe only try to reason briefly. Some people can be reasoned with even when they get mad about something, but you need to use the right words. If that doesn't help, you just mute and report quietly. If you act equally as butthurt as them and start a war on the chat, in my opinion your behavior is worth a report too.
Understandable, but I think a lot of players, and I know this was the case for me, start to lose patience and get to the point where they snap. As I said in my original, I got banned for 2 weeks after being griefed 5 games in a row in ranked, mentally I was defeated, and angry, so I lashed out at the person griefing. I think this happens to a lot of people, unfortunately.
Jamaree (NA)
: Now were they ACTUALLY griefing, or were they just sucking and having bad games because there is a difference.
It's usually pretty easy to tell when someone is having a bad game and griefing. Someone having a bad game is still trying, they're still CSing and building items and trying to take objectives or help, someone griefing just runs around the map looking for ways to die while flaming their whole team and following laners around stealing their cs because they're mad at them for instert_stupid_reason_here I definitely understand that bad games happen, but as I said, it's usually easy to tell when someone is griefing vs when someone is having a legitimate bad game and still trying.
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: help, pls
In the past 2 weeks I've lost about 250-260lp and gone from Gold 3 to almost demoting to silver 1, I have been trolled, hard inted, flamed, griefed and dealt with someone going afk in almost every single game I've played in those past 2 weeks. There's nothing to say, climbing is about luck, praying to god your team doesn't have someone who's mentally imploding or trying to lose the game. I'm sorry you have to experience this game during what is undoubtedly the worst, absolute worst season in this games history. *Update* I qued for another game after making this comment and immediately had my role stolen in the pregame lobby by the first pick autofilled support. Can you guess how that game went? You want my honest advice dude? Go play Overwatch. This game is garbage and Riot doesn't care about you, or anything else, other than LC$
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NY64 (NA)
: Yeah I agree that it feels like every game is a stomp fest. Either you win super easily or lose super badly and I want to know what is the biggest reason for that? Do you think it’s turrets being very fragile, damage being crazy high, or junglers being too strong and deciding outcomes of lanes?
I think it's a combination of all of that really. Right now the damage is off the scales, creep damage has become way too high, and we have keystones like Conq that can make champions like Fiora or Yasuo do 1k true damage just from auto attacks. Towers are weak and fragile, damage is off the charts and everyone either plays assassins who can 1 shot each other with absurd damage, bruisers with conq that can dish out enough true damage to make tanks unplayable or tanks and hope for the best. I think first of all turrets needs to be way, way stronger. Increase their health and armor/magic resist. Make it harder to just stomp a lane into oblivion. Turrets should feel important but they don't, because they're paper thin. Likewise, if you increase the strength of turrets, also increase what they're worth. Make it worthwhile to play around objectives. Damage needs to be addressed as well, there's more true damage in the game right now than ever before and that's very bad imo. Conq keystone either needs rework or to just be removed imho. We need to scale back the damage, increase the reliability of turrets while also make it more rewarding to focus objective play and push the game back towards being a calculated effort instead of the 20 minute assassin/conq bruiser stomp fest it is right now.
: How do we make the game better?
Feel free to post and talk about what you think would also make the game a better place and improve the quality of the game for everyone. This isn't a "hate on the state of the game" thread we need to actually voice what we want changed and make it heard.
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Spookster (OCE)
: It is literally a video game, made for fun. To a lot of people, adding in the competitive nature of ranked only adds to the fun, and taking picks that you've developed your skills on against players who are putting in their all is much more rewarding. I agree with not first timing strange builds or champs in ranked, but if someone is a Renekton ADC main that gets work done, why shouldn't they play what they enjoy in ranked?
Again, if you are just looking to have fun, then go play normal, that's why it exists, for people to just play for fun and relax. You have zero place in ranked if you're just playing for fun and autopiloting through games. Hey, if someone picks renekton adc and goes 10/0 in the first 15 minutes great, more power to them, but the fact is that almost never happens, instead someone picks something they've never played before, because they saw one of the several moronic youtubers who do nothing but smurf in low elo using absurd builds that only work because they're literally D1/Master smurfing in Gold, people flock to it like moths to a lamp then jump into ranked and feed 10 kills in 10 minutes then afk or int when their team who's trying to win asks them what the hell is wrong with them. "Why shouldn't they play what they enjoy in ranked" BECAUSE NORMALS EXISTS FOR THIS REASON. Say it with me. NORMALS. There is a game mode, called NORMALS, which exists for this SOLE reason you have brought up. I don't particular enjoy playing nothing but Diana or Ahri mid, it's boring as hell and they're super one dimensional, I would have so much more fun playing something mechanically hard but I don't because I want to win, which is the purpose of playing ranked, you play the champion you're best at, not the champion you have the most fun on. I reiterate, if you want to play a bunch of different champions and have fun and relax, that's perfectly fine, but do it normal, not in ranked where you screw over 4 other people who happen to be trying and aren't just playing for "fun"
y0r1ck (NA)
: It's not random ass champions. It's just a few bruisers and divers with strong all ins: Vlad, irelia, rengar, renekton, mordekaiser, ornn, and stuff like that. There's a gargantuan difference between meta picks and non-meta picks. That needs to be toned down, so that we can play the game for fun without getting shit on by you for "not trying to win." Nerfs, not buffs, are the appropriate tools.
That would be great if people were going those champions, I don't know what Elo you are, but I can tell you without a doubt that in Gold V everyone is just running random champions that they saw in one of those "SO MUCH DAMAGE IT KILLED ME IRL!!" videos by the D1/Masters assholes who smurf in Gold 1 so they can make these stupid ass videos of them "destroying" with some weird, nonstandard build that literally only works when they smurf in low Elo cause they'd get rekt in their own if they tried it. You shouldn't be playing ranked "for fun" if you want to play for fun then go play normal, it exists for a god damned reason, if you que into ranked with the expectation of playing Renekton ADC for fun you are the problem. If you're not trying your hardest to win in a RANKED game then YOU are the problem. See literally above, where I said NA's biggest issue is people like you who play R A N K E D for "fun"
Krytoric (NA)
: "Addressing your concerns for the 2019 ranked season" = "We're ignoring the fact you dont want it"
Pffft, thinking Riot cares what anyone below D1/Masters/Challenger thinks. It's all about that LCS baby. Riot doesn't care at all what's good for the majority of the game (IE 99.99% of the players) as long as they keep making an absurd amount of money off the Esports side of this game.
: The lack of Consistency from Riot makes LoL so hard to continue loving+playing. (TL;DR at end)
Honestly I think it's a doomed game at this point. Riot seem to only care about LCS and balance and change the game in that regard, while the rest of the game suffers horribly. The community is beyond rotten and toxic and I see no way of turning it around, the meta at this point is simply get into game and hope your team doesn't have the first timing player who saw a video from SoloSmurfInGoldOnly of something that literally only works when a D1/Masters player smurfs in low elo, who goes 0/10 at 15 minutes then if you're lucky will just afk, but more often than not they just int or autopilot afterwards. The state of NA is essentially; Everyone just plays what they want for fun, not what they're good at, no one is trying to win, and everyone gives up 5 minutes into the game and just autopilots/ints and afk cause they know there's very small chance they will get punished. It's a huge combination of both everything you said, and the fact the community is beyond saving. Until Riot actually figure out how to deal with the rampant, out of control toxicity that is destroying the game, and the fact you are entirely powerless most of the time to influence the game and then have to suffer for 15-20 minutes, or god forbid its a duo who will just lock you into the game for 40 minutes, nothing will change. Like patch 8.11 and 8.12 were a tiny baby step in the right direction, but something needs to be done seriously soon. The current state of the NA community combined with the insanely stupid meta that's spreading like wildfire (taking random ass champions botlane as adc) is making for one of the least fun times I've ever had playing a video game and I'm seriously considering just not playing at all, which I really don't want to have to do because I've been playing since Season 3 and used to deeply love this game, and only just started playing ranked last season and this season, but honestly trying to solo climb in Gold V at this point is less fun than literally getting hit by a semitruck going 120mph. Please fix your game Riot.
: I don't want to judge you at all, neither do I know your division, but I feel like this case only happen in low elo games. I know people there who are melee tend to engage a lot more than the ranged ones, completely ignoring minion waves and getting melted by minions, or losing trades without even the enemy hitting them
> [{quoted}](name=Kurt Hyzan,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4686uiQF,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-17T10:32:30.788+0000) > > I don't want to judge you at all, neither do I know your division, but I feel like this case only happen in low elo games. I know people there who are melee tend to engage a lot more than the ranged ones, completely ignoring minion waves and getting melted by minions, or losing trades without even the enemy hitting them Gold V, just started playing ranked this season and a few weeks before the end of S7 (Also finished Gold V) - You may be right, perhaps it works really well in high elo games like Diamond, but down here 99% of these picks just feed a literal buffet to the enemy lane. That's why I said specifically most people who pick these asinine picks are not high elo, and have no idea what they're doing other than they saw some high elo player do it and so they're gonna do it now as well.
: How am I supposed to win or even influence these kinds of games?
Nothing you can do, the current state of the game at least on NA feels like a complete coinflip. 50/50 chance you win or lose, entirely depends on which team has that *one* player, and you all know exactly what I'm talking about. The guy that's 1/9 at 10 minutes and now his laner is comin' for every lanes booty and you can do literally nothing but watch as this player tilts into orbit and, if you're lucky, will just autopilot, but you're almost never lucky and they just start inting. Then they infect the rest of your team who all give up and just ff at 15 minutes, but of course, the 1/9 player will say no to lock you all into the game with them so you have to suffer, and you've just wasted 20 minutes of your life and 15-18 lp closer to demoting. Que back up, flip your coin and hope that *one* player is on the other team this time. Now obviously not every game is like that, but a vast majority are. I've been playing since like season 3, I've never taken ranked seriously or even tried, I have played normal for 95% of my time in League but just started playing ranked last season and this season. It is absolute hell. The amount of coinflipping and utter insanity that goes on in Gold elo is just mindnumbing. It is physically painful to try and solo climb at this point when most of your games come down to just getting lucky. I appreciate the 8.11 and 8.12 changes to make snowball champs carry better, but it's not enough, and it may never be. There is simply nothing you can do but sit back and watch as that *one* player works their self-destructing magic and you lose the game. The current state of NA is; No one cares or even tries, they first time champs that they think are fun, feed a literal buffet to their laner, either afk or autopilot, lose the game. Rinse repeat. I'm afraid there's probably nothing Riot can do about it either, other than continue to buff snowball champs, but the community as a whole is beyond rotten to its core and I don't forsee it ever getting better.
: No, in the current state of the game it's the best choice because of how late marksmen scale. I'd rather have someone who can trade botlane and engage teamfights than someone who's useless in teamfights until he has 3 items
> [{quoted}](name=Kurt Hyzan,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4686uiQF,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-06-17T10:10:09.317+0000) > > No, in the current state of the game it's the best choice because of how late marksmen scale. I'd rather have someone who can trade botlane and engage teamfights than someone who's useless in teamfights until he has 3 items It's not hard to get three items if you just farm well and not die every 3 minutes. Yes, the meta sucks for marksmen right now, but the solution isn't "Play whatever I feel like botlane" because 90% of the time that lane just feeds a literal buffet to the guy who DID go marksmen on the other team and now the game is an instant lose.
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: can we get the option for surrender at 10min?
If you fall behind even a little the game is pretty much over. I'm currently awaiting nervously see if I'm going to get a 2 week sus for a 0/10 TF game where my lane opponent picked up 2 kills at 5 minutes then just became impossible to fight, and I was useless all game because, as other people have pointed out, catching back up after falling behind is now almost impossible. Seriously, either tone back the snowball effect and the fact your enemy laner can get 2 levels ahead of you if you miss a single wave cause you get ganked then you're entirely screwed, or legit add a 10 min ff so we can just get the stomp over with. This is the worst gameplay update for this game I've ever seen and it hurts to play.
: Update is extremely unstable.
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: Junglers need to admit when they get out-jungled
As someone who plays a lot of jungle, it's a lot more complex than that. You, as a laner, need to step back and ask yourself why I'm not ganking for you. Most often, if I'm not ganking for you it's because you're always pushed and the risk of ganking isn't worth the reward. You're also probably not warding, at all, and coupled with the fact you're pushed all the way to the enemy tower or at the very least extended, means you're an easy lane to gank. I'm not trying to say ALL junglers think like this, yes a lot of people who jungle are just bad at it, but a lot also aren't. If you want your lane to be ganked you need to set it up to be ganked, and don't forget we have 2 other lanes and 4 other people to take care of + ourselves. The junglers role is not to act as your slave, it's to assist with your laning phase while still holding themselves up with jungle CS so they can transition into late game, if you're losing lane horribly and I'm not ganking for you every 5 minutes it's probably because either A: You're losing lane because of one of the listed reasons above (extended/pushed, not warding, you're just straight up 1v1ing your laner and losing) or B: Every lane is losing and I'm trying to mitigiate the laning phase by ganking for everyone or making sure I don't fall behind and become useless. When in doubt, help your jungler help you, and if you have a useless jungler then just farm within your turret and don't extend. ezpz.
: April Fool's Mode
Literally my only experience with this so far has been my entire team thinking they're fighting bots, so they troll, get utterly destroyed in lane then afk/leave cause "It's just a bot game" Currently on loss 3 of the night, am 100% enjoying this prank where my team mates tell me to kys when I try to tell them they're not bots and to stop trying to tower dive. Good prank :^)

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