: Send Cloud9 Your Worlds Energy!
༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ C9 TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ
Azca33 (NA)
: And blaber?! Wtf C9 coaching. Do they not care about playoffs? Why would you change your roster so much when you were on path to make play offs.
The teamplay between the Blaber/Jensen duo and the Sven/Goldenglue duo is really different. While Jensen has been playing a more supportive style for Blaber, Sven and Goldenglue are much more aggressive as a duo. I'm not Reapered, you're not Reapered, so anything people say about the strategy really is just speculation. But in my opinion Pobelter is the weakest link on Liquid. Putting an aggressive midlaner like GoldenGlue in my opinion was a smart choice, because it was the best way to shut out Pobelter. Match that aggression with Sven finally moving off of tanks like Sejuani, and you've got a good shot at a win. Now, this played out about as well as it could. Should Reapered sub in Goldenglue and Sven again against 100T? I would say no, I don't think they should take Jensen out again for the rest of the split. I understand the strat. I can almost see where Reapered is coming from. But no, please don't do it again. It would be absolutely awful. But like I said before, we're not Reapered.
: EU > na same as every other tournament that matters. EDG will make a comeback and C9 will just fall short again with ahq advancing.
How do you feel now though? ;)
: C9 really is the only NA team that deserves to be at worlds. They were forced to go through the gauntlets (even this international one) and they came out on top. They earn their spot unlike some entitled NA 1st seed.
So what, SKT doesn't deserve to be there cause they didn't win their region split, nor went through the gauntlet? I dislike TSM as a whole, and I'm a C9 fanboy, but this way of thinking is super flawed.
MysterQ (NA)
: They adapted to Caitlyn. Unlike TSM constantly put sven on Sej when he cant hit an ult.
They had the same record as TSM in a group with SKT, EDG, and AHQ. TSM had Misfits, WE, and Flash Wolves. To say that C9 isn't playing better than TSM at worlds right now is just ignorance.
: meh watch it if you want I just think its boring
Do you never read a book that you've already finished before? I don't care if I can assume who's taking Worlds, I enjoy watching cause its the highest level of competitive play. Much like when I watch Brazil in the World Cup. I can assume Brazil will beat anyone, but its the highest level of Soccer in the world. I want to see what new strats are brought to the Worlds stage, I want to see outplays, I want to see why SKT/LZ earn the title. The hype is not WHO gets the title, its HOW they get it.


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