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: Riot forgot something "crucial" - Screentime Crucial
I don't remember where I read this, but as a guy with rudimentary programming skills, I believe I remember hearing about DR being bugged due to what amounts to a "fetch error." And this is more plausible than ghost damage sources. In essence, the way DR most likely works is by fetching values at death to fill categories. "Killer" and "Assist" work as you expect. This data is relatively straight forward. One shows who killed you, and the other is filled with 1 or 2 players that got assist credit. This portion of the fetch program works as intended, usually. But the rest of the values are, most likely, unaligned. "Damage source", "Icon", "Spell name", "damage type", "Quantity of damage" are likely values the DR needs to call for display. These values are likely stored in [box] for each one. For anyone who had to take computer science in high school, a good surrogate example would be cell algorithms in Excel. A group of cells would hold values that other cells with equations would call from to fill new cells with display data. In an advanced system, the cells having the base values are filled by other cells of values. If the cells feeding values to the cells feeding the end equation have the wrong info, you get bad end cells that display the wrong numbers. In terms of game programming, the values would likely be filled into brackets, to then be displayed into the death recap. We've all seen {}'s and such in recap, and that would be caused by bad value fetching. However, based on how the values are 'shaped', one value could be falsely extrapolated into the wrong end result. An ability could display as a summoner spell. The damage and type could be falsely portrayed, even as the server casts the right info, if the fetch program is calling things the wrong way. An example: Garen uses his Q as part of the damage that kills you. The value for that specific ability might be {GQ1}. Physical damage might be {1} for physical. Magic as {2}, true as {0}. Again, all examples. In a perfect system, when filling the value tables for the fetch, this damage would display like this: {GQ1, 1, 250} in actually, based on the age of the system and how small riot was at conception, this would actually be more likely to display as {GQ11250}, parsed into different categories based on digit placement. It's quick and messy, but as long as the data fed to the value tables remains consistent, it works. Except it doesn't. Riot has massively overhauled the game since launch, making a lot of changes to how things display in game. Damage pop ups, ability pop ups, lots of random things given clarity for ease of play. But if the the base data is changing to suit this new means of in game display, yet is the same data used by the old DR system, then that Garen Q could be completely misread as, say, Janna throwing her Q instead. With the addition of so many sources of of effects and damage, like from runes, and the lack of change to the old system of read the data, then the data would be read incorrectly. But as long as it matches something in the original table used by DR, something will be displayed. And it will be the wrong thing. In order to fix this, Riot would have to find a system of data feeding from server to client that consolidates all the information needed that matches a new table programmed into DR. But, that table would need to be updated with every new content addition, with major updates taking longer to fix. This is why simply "fixing" death recall won't stick. After a couple patches, the data feeding would change enough to render the DR obsolete. The solution would be to change how the data is fed in a way that more precise and provides more that just raw values. The server would need to provide everything so that DR needs no table. But in doing so, this would increase the load on the data pipeline and cause other issues, like client latency. So this creates a lose lose situation for Riot. They either set aside man power to manually update the DR data table so that it always accurately extrapolates the raw data, and update it with every single patch; or they reprogram the sever to client data feed to provide lossless information on every detail of an ability, which will inevitably introduce lag. Tl;Dr Riot can't fix the death recall system without either a dedicated update team with each patch, or updating server-to-client data feed for the DR to be so specific as to increase latency due to the volume of extra data being sent, should the above theory of design hold true. In order to avoid both of these problems would require a lot of technical engineering to create an "as needed" framework with a suitable load time that displays killer info a second or two after dying. Which is not an easy task, and could lead to problems and crashes if done improperly. This is a rework of a scale that would require beta testing as it affects how the server sends data and how the client reads it. And Riot would rather spend those Dev hours on new content, as the death recall is a relatively useless tool. But again, it's just a theory, but it is more plausible than the game rigging extra damage, which is something that would effect the integrity of competitive play at high levels and would be noticed much sooner.
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: Thank you for the Aatrox changes Riot
As someone who really liked the original Aatrox, this change to his ultimate is closer to his old design than the rework. Old Aatrox didn't have a free revive. He had to work for it. Cuz if you got your passive popped with little to no blood well, you would die in basically one hit after coming back up. And just prior to his rework this was changed so that he needed a full blood well to get a revive, and I felt this was the best iteration of the revive. Having to put in work to get that revive separated the mains from the FOTM abusers that used him just before rework. Old ult also was just straight up better, giving higher dps and range, whereas the the current form of the reworked ultimate is best used for escape, rather than fighting. The damage gain is pretty weak unless you land than 4 man Q3, and the speed is only useful for closing the gap for landing Q1 or a passive hit, or running away. I like now that the ability is offensively focused, and will reward aggressive, smart plays, instead of just giving poorly positioned players a free pass. My only gripe is that the added slow on revive seems a little heavy handed and will actually punish turret dives unless you keep your flash, since the reduced revive health will mean that flashing in for a kill and revive without minions will almost always trade a kill back after revive, once you eat 2 tower shots. At least with the 25% slow you had the option of flashing in and using the revive time to walk far enough away to only take one shot. But I also understand that they are taking the "swing heavy, fix later" Akali approach to kill his ultimate abuse in pro play, so I expect they will dial back the slow at a later date.
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: Teemo changes temporarily on PBE for early feedback
The biggest problem I'm seeing with this is that Riot wants to make Teemo better at higher ranks (more offensive agency), but at the expense of part of his core identity (utilizing brush control effectively to navigate skirmishes and lane trades). Removing part of what makes him unique, in favor of a crippled twitch stealth no less, will only alienate existing Teemo players. So, how can Teemo be improved without damaging his identity? I think first and foremost is to take a look at what hurts his agency and make him feel better to play for his mains before you start choosing areas to reduce power and add counter-play. This is a unique opportunity for Riot to get the hardcore Teemo players on board to reshape the champion into what will not only be a more fun and engaging gameplay experience, but will stay true to the style of play he is known for. Something a lot of people will agree is lacking in recent reworks. So, what is most important to a Teemo main? It's brush control. The ability to sit in a brush, juke abilities to avoid being revealed, and launch a surprise attack or waste the time of invading players looking to pick him off. So, how do you make this A) feel good for Teemo mains, while B) removing the troll ability this provides to anyone not carrying a sweeper. Nothing makes a Teemo players happier than sitting in a brush and seeing someone pop the shrooms he is on and finishing them off with a couple nice shots. The most obvious means of tweaking Teemo is the one Riot chose to ignore: Move Quick. I think we can all agree, it's an abysmal ability. So remove it and give him something brand new. Something unique that will allow skilled Teemo players to actively play around brushes, without being so binary as a simple invisibility that has no counter unto you've forced your lane opponent into a sweeper that denies them lane wards. Here is personally what I would do with it. W - Brush Master Passive: after 3/2/1/0/0 seconds in brush, Teemo becomes invisible. Taking damage or exiting brush will end this effect. At rank 5, you are no longer revealed by damage, and retain invisibility for X seconds after exiting brush. (This is to allow Teemo the ability to move between brushes so that he can out smart enemy players without a sweeper on hand) Active: Using yordle glamour, Teemo fortifies the brush he is currently in. While he remains in a glamoured brush, Teemo gains True Invisibility, and cannot be revealed by any means. This effect ends when Teemo enters combat, putting the ability on a lengthy cool down. At rank 5, the glamour gains strength, causing allied champions that enter the brush to become hidden from standard wards. They can still be revealed by enemies entering brush, control wards, and sweepers. TBH this is probably too strong and ability as it gives him amazing death brush potential, but it is something that would fit his fantasy perfectly.
: Meet your nemesis (draft)
Played a game where our team was 4 supports and a tank. {{champion:143}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:31}} . they wanted us to all have weak support champs all ap so they could stack mr. We gave them a legit team comp. {{champion:6}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:34}} . We hard a rough early game, but by the end me playing Cho, as well as Lulu, essentially became the damage carries building full mage and destroying them late game. We didn't even jungle, i went duo top with Zyra. I feel that if you ignore the Meta and don't force a support to be an ADC, or try to fit someone in the jungle that doesn't belong, you have a much better game experience. http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/1729042737/204325404?tab=overview

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