zefir6 (EUNE)
: Thank you for this post. I returned to Lol after two years of pause, and I didn't understand what happened to Sejuani. And I am heartbroken. She was my favourite champ since time before the first big remake (around s2/s3 I think - no one played her back then, she was literally one of 3 least played champs). I was cautious of the remake, but it was good, and made her popular suddenly - and I kept with her. I am not pro, and never got too high in ladder - but she was just fun to play. Satisfying - that's the exact word. I knew that I can tank for entire team, I knew I can CC someone to the ground near the end of game. All that is lost now, and she indeed feels like a shell of her former self :(
Its a miserable state of affairs. I really hope riot addresses this.
: Soraras silence field stops him too {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Oof. I mean I sort of understand the silence because it is a channel but...
: It's there to prevent him from snowballing too much {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Oof that pun nearly killed me.
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OHminus (NA)
: Let's not act like Sej's E was completely satisfying to use before. Sure, the new one is massively flawed in terms of design but the old was ... so boring that I considered why it was even an ability. But yes, Sej is in a complete and utter garbage state. She seems to be doing ok in competitive though, which means she's fine in Riot's book (dies inside)
Oh yeah no don't get me wrong, her old E was often even forgotten about as I played her, I'd usually leave it last to max because as part of her combo it was a 1 point wonder that helped with ganks mainly. Otherwise I totally agree with you. If they did change things on her again I really would not mind a different E interaction outright. Now that I think of it, I'm sorta confused why they got rid of her super Iconic W skill in favour of the skill that literally nobody cared about.
Ralanr (NA)
: You’re probably the first person I’ve seen claim that old Sejuani was a utility tank and not a bruiser tank hybrid.
Honestly apparently its an unpopular opinion? Or at least one people don't talk about often. But her primary build path throughout the years and her kit's high utility focus built around skirmishes and extended trades, as well as her built in peel, fit her closer into the Support Tank playstyle, with a heavy focus on engage and zoning control with her spells rather than focusing on damage control to win fights. Most bruisers, (Vi, Aatrox, Riven) are designed to be built damage forward, with a frontloaded defensive option. Sejuani however is all backloaded damage. Thats the issue I have WITH the new updated Sej, its almost like the guys who worked on her changes didn't know how she worked, and went ahead with a "bruiser" identity that she literally never had.
MrDrBudd (NA)
: Those satisfying ults where the enemy team is halfway done with baron and you charge into the pit leading your team to hit a perfect 5 man ult and your team just cleans house. Good times Those were probably the closest times I've felt to being a barbarian war leader in this game. but since the rework those days are gone.
This is my favourite response so far tbh bc yeah exactly.
Ligseo (EUW)
: I completely agree, thank you for taking the time to write this.
Thank you. I've been trying to figure out a really polite way to put my words together. But I felt it needed to be said.
CIayman (NA)
: If you're "furious" about a video game, that's kinda sad I wasn't "furious" about the Rengar rework; I was mildly peeved
It's something I'm passionate about as a game designer and lead project manager for a lot of other games right now. And as a hobbyist who enjoys this game, and has done so for years. Rengar was barely changed. Sejuani was intentionally gutted.
: Yeah... Bring Sej back to us as well
Literally just made a thread about her. And agree completely.
Dat Kat (EUW)
: Nah nah, {{champion:55}} is included aswell. Her rework did nothing but lower her value in the game. Just because you don't see her in games anymore does not mean she's okay as is now. Because she's not.
I used to play a lot of Katarina before her rework, and after her rework she has a lot of good going on for her, but I will agree that if you lack skill on her her value is way less. However her core gameplay did not change in any way. I do agree however that she definitely was easier beforehand, but she can more easily zone now giving her way more control options. Either way, please don't allow your oppinions on Kat to detract from the rest of the discussion.
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: With Force of Nature now having it's passive changed to a unique passive I think it would actually make a great item to bring back into the game. It gives tanks a good mr item to combo with Spirit Visage especially in cases where they have a strong ap carry like Leblanc or Fizz so they don't get blown up and lose 3/4's of their hp in half a second. And it would be beneficial for them in long team fights so they can regen health to support their team in the front line.
Its just out and out too strong on mundo. Definitely not in that state.
Hibeki (NA)
: No theres a lot right now. Youre just normalized to it
Season 3 Kassadin was so broken and unfun to play against that people literally quit the game over him.
: @ADC mains who bring ranged champions like Lucian, Quinn & Vayne to top lane
> [{quoted}](name=BeatzBoyFTW,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=nAOHirEj,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-06-26T07:54:44.995+0000) > > How's it feel getting rekt by the Bot Bruiser Meta? Fun, right? > > #"You know what they say. Karma always catches up to you." > -{{champion:43}} I dunno right about now Karma _isn't catching up to much anything._
Ralanr (NA)
: I mean, my understanding is that perfect balance isn’t an intention for league. It’s supposed to have shifting metas to keep the game fresh. Some flaws are intentional. Some aren’t.
Hocker (NA)
: if you get a permaban, you most likely have gotten warnings before. Or, you must have been REALLY bad in chat. Maybe learn to not be a keyboard warrior. What does anything you type really prove anyway? Keyboard warriors just come off sad to me. Desperately trying to portray an image... but really at the core its about their fragile ego
When I was permabanned I had no warnings whatsoever. No discussion, just ban got dropped, no appeal. It's been 3 years.
: If Zed has a Cleaver and LW item, he can get around an awful lot of Malphite's armour. Especially if Malphite has no HP, just armour. That said, I still struggle to believe that a Zed blew up an armour stacking Malphite. Can you show a highlight or something of it?
Yo, zed has no items, Im doing by best to kill him, he completely shreds my entire healthbar, not with the ult but the Electrocute pop The ult is just insult to injury. Thats ridiculous. Its not the only time in this game its just the clearest example lmao. By endgame I had 600+ armor and he still instantly gibbed me, and every time it was electrocute. http://webm.land/media/tmp/b66c532c-f056-4084-bac7-17a9c4777181.webm
: > [{quoted}](name=Snow Taradien,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5fq2ezFM,comment-id=000300010002,timestamp=2018-06-20T05:31:39.096+0000) > > As a game dev myself and a designer for the last five years, all of this is bullshit lmao You're gonna have to go further if you want to make a counter claim than that. Edit: Im assuming you're responding to the OP/my post, if it's a reply to someone else's sorry im not used to formatting of non-GD sections
Thats a response to APtest. not the op. The reply formatting of boards is literally ass at times, try switching modes maybe? Might help.
Aptest (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dllesh,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5fq2ezFM,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-06-19T19:00:09.868+0000) > > aka teambuilder was amazing, why the hell did they get rid of it... yup, i agree with that sentiment Team builder, while amazing, was from a game developer's perspective, a failure. it did not provide the principle and most critical function of a match making system, which is to get people into the game in a timely manner. The whole point of the queue thing, as far as Riot is concerned, is to get you into the game. Features that are in the way, like smart banning strategies that make you to signal to the other team that you are going for your OTP champion and then they ban it, are removed. Team builder failed at launching games. The reason that it failed, is that the game needs a way to force people into the unpopular roles which were at the time ADC principally and then Support and jungler competing for who is less popular. Team builder lacks this way as a core design feature. The problem is, the least popular role benefits from a "you can get your role" feature the least, and benefits from "the mid has to pick for the team and won't greed for his power pick" the most. Therefore the least popular role is the least rewarded for supporting TB, whilst being the most needed. In hindsight, this reason alone is a critical fault in the design, and maybe some other design, one that manages to force people into the unpopular roles, can be envisioned.
As a game dev myself and a designer for the last five years, all of this is bullshit lmao
: Game client anti-cheat changes going live
Is it true youre using an alternate version of XIGNCODE anti cheat? A well known extremely invasive and destructive program that is known to steal player information by accessing files on their hard disk?
: So riot thinks I'm a cheater.
This is pretty disturbing information. I'm going to look into this personally and find out what the story is actually here. Because if this is true this is a problem.
: those are some giant balls ;)
Just look at MF! It's a trend! https://i.imgur.com/lLTZh5N.gif?noredirect
: Man I had a rough day dude. This just brought some sunshine to my dreary day, so fricken funny.
You're welcome lmfao Im glad I could cheer people up even if only a little.
: Hold it you can't say the word "Testicles." That word is forbidden
Pale Mask (EUW)
: Is that not supposed to be the back of his belt, then? https://imgur.com/a/3GVaZhU
I thought as much at first actually but the angle is all wrong, and the position is just right for it to be balls.
: No one is going to talk about it because you literally had to draw several pictures with indicators to even build a connection. and the moment that connection got removed and I looked at the picture without assistance, welp "where is it" immediately popped back. If I have to friggin go to the mars myself to prove martians exist, then your "evidence" that aliens exist ain't enough to solidify your claims.
I didn't have to, I chose to because it was more funny to, for me. That said, its very clear they're there.
: That's just a poorly drawn shadow. Believe me, I know testicles.
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Surisack (NA)
: Does Riot do anything about scripting players?
Can confirm bans are indeed handed out!
Winnie Pooh (EUNE)
: [Champion Concept] Senna, the Lantern's Light
: Well, no, the whole thing was pretty negative. Threatening people with reports is harassment and not tolerated. That you were permabanned with no prior punishment doesn't make sense though. I suggest submitting a support ticket.
Regardless, we only see his side of the chat, we dont see how bad he was being treated. No retaliating isn't right but frankly, when people do it just to piss you off intentionally, are you just supposed sit there and take it? And muting doesn't work half the time, because the majority of toxic players will single you out and intentionally make things harder for you over and over again. What infuriates me is; no offense to you I must add but, there are so many people who just say "Oh mute them." Ok now I can't communicate with my team in any way at all, that puts me at a direct disadvantage to the enemy team no matter what's happening. It doesn't fix the problem of pingspammers, it doesn't stop those player from being toxic, and if were supposed to report toxic players at the end of the match for things like verbal abuse etc. I dunno. Im just frustrated because its like bullies in school. They piss people off intentionally to get a rise out of them, and then the kid they're pissing on is the one who gets suspended because they snapped, because they were upset. But the instigators dont get any form of punishment at all.
: > Vel'Koz is fine, but you'd better make Malz ult less.. stupid. What's stupid about Malz ult to you? Edit: Thanks for the opinions :)
Well, think about it this way. Malz's ult is one of two things, useless or broken. Its a long range Suppress that locks down one enemy champion making them useless for the duration. You also cannot do anything as Malz. The suppress aspect of his kit is one of the most notably frustrating things to deal with both playing malz and against him. If you do not combo his spells before using it, or his opponant flashes out of range after he blows his set up, his ult is now completely pointless in a 1v1 scenario. In any 2v1 scenario or situation where malz is the one under duress, he is absolutely unable to do anything to stop his opponents from doing anything to him. On the flipside, unlike a WW ult which puts Warwick in the line of fire (STILL FRUSTRATING AS ALL HELL BUT HEY IDK) Malz can sit back and relax as his lazer suppression does the work for him and his team cleans up the mess of the AD Carry he just pressed the point and click "You die now button" on. His early game in lane goes like this. Sit and do nothing but space aids and silence to counter his opponent's engage/farm. Then all in at lvl6 and win lane automagically because his ult gives him a free guarenteed kill under most circumstances. In the end it ends up being one of the main problems this game has in general. When you're ahead you're ahead, and when Malz is ahead he is broken. When you're behind you're behind, and when Malz is behind he is semi useless. It comes down to being a powerful point and click stun that does ridiculous damage. It has no startup animation. It just does what it does and there's no counterplay, no warning, no nothing. Even Annie has a marker denoting her stun is up at least. Let's look at the actual skill itself, And I quote; "ACTIVE: Malzahar knocks down the target enemy champion and channels **for up to 2.5 seconds**, suppressing them and dealing them magic damage **every half second while the channel holds.** His ult scaling is MAGIC DAMAGE PER HALF SECOND: 50 / 80 / 110 (+ 26% AP) So that means, at max rank his ult is guarenteed to stun lock a target for free for almost 3 seconds, the only other ability that I can think of that stuns for as long are morgana's abilities, but they're skill based, unblockable undodgeable and unprepareable; from a fairly long way away, and also deal a ridiculous 550 Magic damage. IF he as no AP at all. If he has 500 AP or so you're gonna look at doubling that dps to a single target. With no warning, no escape no nothing, and if his team is there or its a 1v1 thats a lit death sentence. You can't use zhonyas, you cant cancel it unless you cc him there is nothing to stop it from happening. Consider also, that 26% scaling is actually a 130% AP ratio. So...
Macilento (EUW)
: It's time to bring in the Announcers Voice Packs
Dawngate did it, and I loved it but, Riot won't and CANT. League uses the WWise audio format, and as a result have to pay the creators of the format money on a per sale basis, that's not money they're gonna really have to spend. Its why skins with new voices/etc cost more.
Eedat (NA)
: >His stun isn't even instant you have time Flawed af argument is flawed af {{champion:103}} her charm isn't even instant you have time {{champion:53}} his hook isn't even instant you have time {{champion:63}} his combo isn't even instant you have time {{champion:31}} his rupture isn't even instant you have time {{champion:245}} his stun isn't even instant you have time {{champion:81}} his ult isn't even instant you have time {{champion:9}} his ult isn't even instant you have time {{champion:114}} her ult isn't even instant you have time {{champion:41}} his barrels aren't even instant you have time {{champion:79}} his ult and bodyslam aren't even instant you have time {{champion:126}} his Q isn't even instant you have time {{champion:222}} her rocket isn't even instant you have time {{champion:429}} stacking rend stacks isn't even instant you have time {{champion:30}} his ult isn't even instant you have time {{champion:7}} her jumps and chain aren't even instant you have time {{champion:64}} his Q isn't even instant you have time {{champion:89}} her ult isn't even instant you have time {{champion:25}} her bind isn't even instant you have time {{champion:267}} her bubble and ult aren't even instant you have time {{champion:111}} his hook isn't even instant you have time {{champion:76}} her spears aren't even instant you have time. {{champion:20}} his ult isn't even instant you have time {{champion:61}} all her abilities aren't even instant you have time {{champion:80}} his ult isn't even instant you have time {{champion:107}} his ult isn't even instant you have time {{champion:113}} her ult isn't even instant you have time {{champion:134}} her ult isn't even instant you have time {{champion:98}} his taunt isn't even instant you have time {{champion:44}} his stun isn't even instant you have time {{champion:412}} his hook isn't even instant you have time {{champion:110}} his poke isn't even instant you have time {{champion:112}} his root isn't even instant you have time {{champion:101}} all his skills aren't even instant you have time {{champion:238}} his ult isn't even instant you have time {{champion:115}} all his abilities aren't even instant you have time {{champion:26}} his bombs aren't even instant you have time {{champion:143}} her root isn't even instant you have time {{champion:50}} his root isn't even instant you have time {{champion:4}} his ult isn't even instant you have time {{champion:24}} his stun isn't even instant you have time
: always off tank fora if top she is just so squishy that off tank is pretty much a must
Well yeah, you can also go full damage if you take her mid tbh but. Its better to go tanky/hybrid.
: they lowered her health so she is squishier through out the game both per lvl health and base health so thats something and the only mechanic i see in fiora is this AA>Q>AA>E>AA>HYDRA>AA late game Q would be up by then so you can end it with another Q>AA ill admit she is strong but once riposte is down she is so squishy and lets be honest we don't want flora's building tank now do we.....like a juggernaut...
They also lowered her armor. And once she hits 300 AD she can build anything she wants, With the right runes/masteries thats literally just an IE and a Hydra and you have the ad needed, so you can go full tank there on in?
LankPants (OCE)
: >Considering a full build fiora can do about 130%-170% true damage to a single target... Maybe. I'm sorry if I'm disagreeing with a circle jerk or something, but she really can't. Even hitting 5 marks, which is utterly insane and should never happen she'd need 511 **Bonus** AD to reach 130%. That aint happening. A full build Fiora who plays perfectly to get 5 procs (proc 1, ult hit all 4) can realistically reach around 70% but you need to missplay to allow Fiora to get that much damage off.
A fiora with 600+ AD is fairly easy to get, and considering most targets die before that point since a squishy will die in 1/2 procs annyway so... doesn't matter. And anyway the 170% is wrong, took the time to do the math out and her max output is 140%, the only way to go higher is to get more AD. With 1k AD, (God help you actually getting that I dont think you can anymore tbh) you can hit 170.
Kaelnor (NA)
: Well something has to give, because she's highly strong vs a lot of people (even against juggernauts except Darius though skill is more involved.
Considering how strong juggernauts are, she NEEDS to be, everyone in this game is getting stronger from the power creep. Garen and Darius both completely shut her down unless her player has the technical skill to deal with them and if they get fed, she still can't even touch Garen or Darius at all. Nevermind morde. Skarner is the only juggernaut who she can easily deal with really and this is coming from a Fiora main. Yes she's extremely STRONG, but she's not overpowered. If they made her passive magic damage and only the ult true damage it would be more fair. If they did the same thing in reverse she'd have a better early game. And still be balanced. But to get rid of her true dmg entirely would castrate her completely compared to everyone else in the game right now.
Kaelnor (NA)
: Change Fiora's passive damage type PLEASE!!
Considering a full build fiora can do about 130%-170% true damage to a single target... Maybe. But it would take away a lot of her early game useability tbh and make her ult kinda shit.
Pengod (NA)
: Put (melee only) in Dead Man's Plate name
The second passive still works on Ranged, it just doesn't have the full charge expended thing.
Tysmin (NA)
: from what i have found you have to hit at least one vital before they are killed or your ult won't heal your team.
Yeah I've done that but it still doesn't go off, which is why Im so confused actually!
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: > [{quoted}](name=Snow Taradien,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=20gJ3XLW,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2015-06-16T16:40:07.444+0000) > > Why not the strife route? If they afk for 5 mins, their current gold is distributed among all players currently on the team and all players on that team get a passive gpm boost. no no, if you have 1 hyper carry in your team and he's doing good, if you start giving more gold to him he's just going to carry even more, then the other person comes back and just has to farm items once again
Except isnt that fair though? One person doing really well on a team is only one person out of five, and further is only one person out of four in an uneven 4v5 match. So really even that slippery slope situation isnt so bad, and GPM really only helps one team get ahead enough to even the field midgame. At the end only itemization and mechanics really count so the 5man team is still at the advantage.
: That sounds dope.... hello 26/1 tryndamere going afk so that his team can share his 21k gp
Why is it always Tryndy's and rivens that disconnect?
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