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: You can choose to believe it or not. I'm adding my voice, and my daughter's by proxy, to the very many who are disappointed that a big company like Riot can't be bothered to make a special event for Halloween actually happen on Halloween.
Completely agree with you here ... they won't even bother to confirm if legacy skins are coming back and they certainly aren't hasty about telling us the exact dates either.
: Chill out guys its happening on the 4th, says this webpage XD
That's last year's harrowing....
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: Champion Update: Fiora
{{champion:114}} {{item:3070}} rip .
: Champion Update: Fiora
Here's My opinion. Fiora was a pretty recent champion but swiftly became my first main as her 1 v 1 kit was pretty great, and then she was decent in team fights, peeling and/or killing squishy carries if given the chance. however some good cc just downright killed her swiftly. which didnt make her unkillable or unbeatable. let's begin with her Q rework. "Lunge" i love the idea that she FINALLY has an escape as well as a quick engage skill. Perfect rework on that skill. now moving on to her W "riposte" the idea of this skill actually becoming useful instead of just being an AA block....yeah it was about time. moving on to her E "Bladework" it could use a bit of fine tuning as it's losing what was essential to her, fast hits. 2 hits for a skill?... i could work..but on the long run..maybe this shouldn't have been changed. Now looking at her Passive and Ult. for Laning ONLY it would be perfect. the passive is good by itself...however the ult is just a bigger copy of it and become COMPLETELY useless in teamfights and in pretty much EVERY situations where her opponent count is more than 1. please fix her ult. if nothing else. revert it to the old version. Now looking at her art rework. the art itself looking at the costume. great. moving to the hair..not so great? i would love if you would return the red streaks, through time i guess we pretty much all came to loving that daring/menacing look she had. A grand {{champion:114}} lover.


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