: Can I ask what you mean by toxic community? The people who troll and soft int or the people who flame in chat or both? Also, Riot is going to continue to go downhill as long as they continue to hire/promote people based on the gender, race and sexual orientation. There's a mental disease in America that makes people think just because they're a minority somehow they're an asset to the company even if they're is somebody much more qualified who ranks higher than them on the victim scale. Back before Riot had the diversity hiring policies, League was actually a good game. Then in Season 3 they decided why hire people based on whether they're qualified? What matters is diversity, not whether people are actually good at their job.
Both. I know I'm not that great at the game and I'm not playing with top tier players, but a lot of people are so much worse than they think they are. A lot of it has to do with how broken the game is in general. Matchmaking sucks. True damage should never be a thing. Runes need to just go away. Some Champs need to either be nerfed through the floor or removed from the game. I was in a game the other day where I had a wu kong in the top lane. He wasn't terrible, I think he was just having a bad game. Either way I helped him out the best I could and even got a couple kills on Darius with him. After we kill him, he then proceeds to execute himself by the tower, says he's done with the game and that he was going to feed. Well, he did just that. Like why... Why always me. It's not even like he was 0-10. He was like 0-3-2. A bunch of children.
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: League of Legend's current balancing crisis can be boiled down to just two words...
I hate to sound like that guy, but with this game as big as it is, not everybody will be happy. I think they are trying to evolve their game in a way where it can accommodate new people but keep the same "feel" as it had. While I do agree with a lot of what people are saying in this thread, I think people just need to accept it for what it is, and if you cant change and adapt with the game, then maybe you should stop playing. They have said that they wanted to be able to send multiple classes into different roles (Garen bot, Zyra jungle, etc.) And quite honestly, I dont think that is a bad thing. You can have some very creative team comps and just enjoy trying champions in different roles. There are 140 champs in the game and I am one of those people that loves to do what may seem very unconventional to others but has potential. So maybe I am a bit biased because I feel like Riot is finally allowing me to try many different champs in different positions and actually have fun with it. Not every champ will be relevant at the same time, and the second they change something to please others, a whole new group of people are going to start bitching that the game is broken and they need to buff this, nerf that, and change this. If you want a game where everybody has their role and feels kinda balanced, go play Smite. If you dont agree with Riot's decisions and would rather complain than change and adapt, then dont play league. Oh and as side note. Runes are garbage and imo are one of this games biggest flaws. You want to be good with your champ? Play it without runes.


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