: LMAO NO you had multiple chances and warnings about your behavior and didnt change and continued with the same behavior. you deserved to be banned.
Like i said toxicity is something that exists natural with competitiveness. As humans i feel like it will always exist within us whether we choose to express it or not. For me i obviously chose to express it. And how is it fair when you get punished for simply talking trash when the person whio really ruins the experience for most players is the person who griefs specially in a ranked game.
: > [{quoted}](name=R107 Games,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=g02Mb9EV,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-05-05T21:13:03.346+0000) > > Definitely agree. Verbal toxicity should not be bannable since there is a mute button, it's a competitive game, and most toxicity is provoked If you are being verbally provoked, use the mute button, as you say. If you are being griefed, they are looking for a response, so being toxic validates what they did and encourages more griefing. Control your emotions and rise above provocation.
How are we supposed to learn if we get perm banned :( obviously i had other chances but its not like this all happend in the timeline of one week i also commented that i had the 14day suspension prior to this one so how long do we have to not have one bad game until we dont get punished. It was a mistake which i made in being toxic in literally ONE ranked game which was in promos.(VERY PROVOKING)
: I got a permanent ban and i believe it is unfair and this is why
This isnt an excuse but i believe if riot chooses to make a consequence such as a perm ban i believe they should make it really clear not those essay paragraphs that you dont read. this isnt an excuse its just my fault i guess for not reading the rules but i honestly also never noticed the part of being perm banned after the 14day suspension. The 14 day ban i had was 2 months prior to this one so how long do you have to play before you cant make one little mistake in one game...
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