: But that's already proven to be a fair tradeoff for Zyra, since it provides an extra dimension of risk/reward beyond going all-in, and also allows for better skill expression through timing and ability usage. It might bait enemies to go near the dagger (although risking walking a little close to step on it seems more appealing than having to stand well clear of it, they're a pretty large AoE), but it gives a thoughtful enemy a way to outplay Kat in a way that isn't available right now. Her rework fixed a lot of issues she had in regard to *her* skill expression, but left her enemies in the same trap of "save a hard CC or you're screwed". This change would ameliorate that.
> But that's already proven to be a fair tradeoff for Zyra, since it provides an extra dimension of risk/reward beyond going all-in, and also allows for better skill expression through timing and ability usage. Fairly sure it's not remotely considered a "fair" trade-off for Zyra if you were to poll most of the playerbase. For the most part it's regarded as an insufficient counterplay option against her- which is why Riot had to hit her harder with a nerf bat to make her plants not auto-target champions. > This change would ameliorate that. How long have you been waiting to throw that one out lol, there's a word I haven't read in quite some time.
: Why is Lucian never just okay?
I'm willing to bet it's the dash, it's one of the more spammable dashes in the game for sure, that sort of mobility makes him hard to actually deal with if he gets rolling. Not to mention his ult works extremely well at gunning down one target while also ensuring you can't directly run at him.
: I have hundreds of games on Wukong and I think he'd actually be pretty simple to "fix". I do believe he is a bit of a stat check. Here's a few ideas in a hope that his problems, both to play and to play against him, that I believe could bring him in line: First off, I think Wukong either needs more CC/Sustain/Tankiness or to just completely accept his full assassin playstyle. Check Wukong mains on Reddit. The best Wukong players out there play the Monkey King as an assassin and unless he's turned into a more CC/tanky champion, he really should just be an assassin. P: His passive should focus around his lore. If shedding some of his AD scaling to balance it, then that makes sense to me but I feel like this is thematically a missed opportunity. The mechanic I have in mind is Wukong's staff grows in AA and especially when he empowers his AA with Crushing blow. This will give Wukong more of a Sun Wukong mythological feel and fit the character's lore far better. "I bet I could reach their base from here". Except he can't because his staff isn't long enough.... Q: Damage would potentially need to be lowered. Perhaps AD scaling. W: Put his current passive on his W as a passive and halve the value. It will still be valuable and necessary for good Cyclone engages, but it won't be overpowered on an assassin. E: Make his AS steroid scale as he auto attacks. If he AA's more, then he gets a longer duration of the AS buff. I believe the damage can stay the same. Or, you lower the CD and lower the damage. It would again add to the tricky nature of the Monkey King and his innate trickery which would be more thematically sound. R: Cyclone from level 6-11 is one of the biggest differences for ultimates in the game. The damage tick at level 6 should be higher and the damage tick at 11 should perhaps be slower. Level 16 seems perfect as I continue to main this champion. Wukong doesn't need to be the best duelist, laner, or tank in the game. He just needs to be a nuisance because that's the whole point of the Monkey King. I think embracing his assassin qualities could make Wukong a wonderful champion that is fun to play and to play against. Also, just some commentary. How is Wukong not the king of the jungle? He's a Monkey! ;) {{champion:62}} : I will be the best =D
Just because a champion is played as a certain role doesn't mean that's the role they're meant to have. Yi for example can be played as a burst-assassin despite his purpose being to have extended battles with his True Damage buff to give him the edge. Playmaking with the clone and being annoying isn't necessarily a staple of an assassin. It can fit a fighter as well.
: "If you can't play every role, you're not ready for ranked" vs. "ZMOG AUTFILL IS SO UNREASONABLE"
To be fair, you had the mentality of, "I only know one role" back in the old days as well. That particular problem has never gone away or really changed. What has changed is that you can select what role you want entirely separately from your team. This then brought the problem that if a certain role isn't wanted as often as others- you only have two options. 1) Just wait it out for someone to take the least preferred role. 2) Make someone take the role. Option 2 brings shorter queue times- which are kinda a must for online games like this.
Jaredan (NA)
: Nope, that won't happen. Not everyone will be paired up at all (Nocturne and <INSERT HORROR HERE> sitting in a tree...>. Many of them won't be paired up with Champs, some will be paired up with non-Champ characters. Others will die a lonely death, surrounded by nothing but their regret of not asking Rachel out when they had the chance back in high school, facing the last moments of a darkening consciousness, instinctively aware that nothing, nothing can ever make their life matter now, all because of a solitary, fleeting hesitation. Ermm, where were we? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I do hope you guys try to salvage some of the champion pairings though- a lot of fans really liked that aspect of LoL and put no small amount of work into making art and stories about them. Some of the pairings did make sense- and the ways the champions interacted and the possibilities were quite interesting to consider. You kinda lose that edge if you never get two champions together. Not saying you guys will- but it's something I hope you consider before cutting apart pairings.
: > [{quoted}](name=NoloveNorust,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8X1zE7mc,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-03-24T01:20:52.755+0000)What i also mean by ecosystem and player is you don't want to ruin the mood of 1 million daily player who want to play the new champ in ranked . Oh, I totally get that. I'm just trying to think like a developer here and weight the pros and cons. A big pro is keeping characters players are new to out of ranked...but a big con is not letting players who prefer ranked play their new modes with their new purchases. It's even more complicated by the fact that there's nothing stopping me from buying a champion I've never played who ISN'T new and taking THAT champion into ranked, so I feel that unless we limit the "new champion purchase" ranked play as well as the "new champion released" ranked play we're being hippocritical.
One of the big things is what you already said- anyone could play anything in Ranked without trying it before. In fact, something a LOT of people do when faced with a new champion (new to them, not new to the game) is Google what counters them and then immediately play it- regardless of their own experience with said counter. But the other is that frankly, it's a trade-off. The player is banking on the new champion throwing of their enemy enough that it overcomes the disadvantage they have of not knowing how to use them fully. As this trade-off already exists in the game like the above scenario- Riot has no real reason to smash the new champion only. In addition, Riot needs data on new champions, they need to see how they perform, how they interact with items, how people use them- and there's simply not enough of a sample size in the PBE. That means norms and Ranked. Ranked in particular helps with high-elo players trying their hardest with said new champion. It lets them see the champion tested at all elos. Banning the champion for weeks lessens the data- which then makes the champion harder to balance- which then leads to the champion being banned more. I maintain the reason Kass was a problem for so long back in the day was that he was essentially perma-banned, it's hard to datamine NOTHING. The cons to not making this a thing is more or less, "People don't know how to use it and so they might do bad." But this is already a con common in LoL so it's not really a big one against all of the pros. The main solution proposed for the overall idea of not knowing champions was to require certain levels of mastery with them to use them in ranked- which has generally been pointed out to be a very poor solution. ^That, btw, is Riot's main issue with the fanbase. The fanbase has all sorts of ideas about how to fix things- but they're generally short-term ways of responding to a symptom- not stopping the problem itself. And I do say, "might" in the above bit because, contrary to popular belief, you can learn a lot about a champion without ever playing them. Reading their release notes, watching a video of someone else, checking online guides, some people can do quite well for first-timing. Another con DOES exist but it's, objectively, a shitty con- people don't want to face a new champion in Ranked because "I don't know what they do." Yes, this is actually the argument a fair bit of the time, and it's one I think is rather sad; Riot practically throws the information at you- if you don't want to learn- you deserve to lose.
zaire90 (NA)
: Was that the dude in DBZ? dont exactly remember but the name sounds familiar
Someone's feeling free with the downvotes for some reason, I'll have to fix that.
: It's a shame that some people playing league don't know what that is...
I dunno about that, new fans are always good after all, and it's still probably one of the highest ranked threads in that section.
: Both won't one shot unless someone is underleveled.
Back in the day, Nid really could oneshot people with a Q, that was before her rework. It would straight-up delete squishies with a single spear. Lux has never remotely been at that level.
Zerenza (NA)
: Riot, you want buff lux?
Bear in mind- this is likely a way of Riot responding to the common complaint that Lux uses her ult for waveclear. Nerfing the cooldown will hurt her winrate, but alleviate this issue. Rewarding Lux players for NOT ulting the wave will not hurt her winrate, but will alleviate this issue. Also, it literally JUST showed up and people are so up in arms, wait a bit to see whether additional changes follow- how many times has Riot actually shipped something sicut scriptum est? (Just as written?)
: This is the Riot"Favoritism" argument at its best. Nidalee was reworked for having a similar one-dimensional toxic playstyle of "doesn't matter if you dodge 50 Q's I hit one so now you die". Nevermind that something could have been done to make Luxs Prismatic less of a generic shield on a skillshot. Nevermind that something couldve been done to Lucent singularity to give it some actual utility outside of a mediocre slow and poke tool. Nevermind that her innate passive is basically just extra magic damage and nothing else . They could have gave Lux some changes that make her less of a generic frontloaded Nuker and actually worth picking up over other artillery mages but NO. No instead Riot is literally taking the most problematic part of Lux's kit and doubling down on it. "Hey lets put her ult on a 16 second cooldown! That'll fix her problems and people just LOVE playing against Lux when her ult is up right?Oh and make sure it encourages Kill stealing as opposed to contributing in a normal manner". This makes me so triggered on so many levels because I feel like there is no real reason for this kind of lazy buffing to be happening and it shows either a lack of insight or sheer unwillingness to problem solve on Riots part. I urge a Rioter to please have a in-depth discussion on Lux with the community and validate these balance choices because im just not seeing it. /Rant
> Nidalee was reworked for having a similar one-dimensional toxic playstyle of "doesn't matter if you dodge 50 Q's I hit one so now you die". Sure, let's compare the one-ability nuke that could oneshot people to having to chain an entire kit to pull it off, that's an entirely fair and valid comparison.
: Why is Lux getting buffed in such a ridiculous manner?
Fans: "Riot, stop Lux from just spamming her ult to clear waves!" Riot: "Okay, here's incentive for Lux to use her ult on champions instead of waves. She has a low pickate and winrate so it should be something that rewards the 'good' behavior vs penalizing the 'worse' behavior. Wouldn't want to lower those anymore." Fans: "Stupid Riot always messes this stuff up!" Like really, the only thing I've ever heard suggested for the ult was just flat nerfs to the CD because people don't like her using it to clear waves. {{champion:34}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:115}} because using an ultimate to clear waves is totally unacceptable when you can play safe and have it up again before too long. I will admit Anivia and Swain are technically unfair comparisons but the point stands for the others much better.
: it looks like the base cooldown on her ult at rank 1 is increased to 80 seconds. https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-2rwoKk040sw/WNGOll7vUQI/AAAAAAAAgbI/atgAzzqqnhsDv9LAuOWgAmSUafa9vngygCEw/s640/luxr.png
Gotta try and vote you up so peeps see that.
: > [{quoted}](name=Fefnil,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=k2hyq4AA,comment-id=000500000000,timestamp=2017-03-21T11:50:03.036+0000) > > Safety is not the only thing you need when dealing with a 1v2. The main problem is being able to quickly freeze the lane to avoid being pushed under tower and eventually lose it, hence you need waveclear. > The only marksmen you can realistically bring on a 1v2 are Corki, Graves or, even better, Sivir, which are the only ones who have solo potential. Every other marksman is too much susceptible to being bullied and pushed. Everyone who mentions Corki, Graves, or Sivir as good ADCs for this strat always make me wonder if they've played Corki, Graves, or Sivir. These three champions are monstrously mana hungry and extremely short ranged and, unlike Ezreal, cannot viably spam their abilities to keep the wave pushed. :/ Sivir needs ER before she can get to that magical,"Spam all of my abilities" position and her short range after that means that once she runs out of mana, she will have to walk into AA range to clear the minions. Sure, she has a spell shield but its a very long CD and doesn't really give that much mana sustain. All of these ADCs are mana hungry asf and short ranged. I do feel like if you were going to do this strat, however, picking one of the utility based ADs that are useful regardless of CS or gold would work. It still doesn't make this strategy okay or good or comfortable for the player in question though. :/
Dunno why you were downvoted, Sivir in particular is especially true in that she can't waveclear extremely well in successive waves until she gets items. Waveclear is a traditional ADC weakness.
: and what about champions that don't heal or champions that deal low damge?
Those typically are also complained about since they're CC-based and little else- but that's another argument that involves it genuinely being difficult and even moderately complex to figure that bit out. Shields, by contrast, are very simple.
Igor369 (EUNE)
: You think stats (PURE NUMBERS) are the reason supports are unpopular? Lol, it is like assuming whole community is made of MMORPG players where the whole purpose of playing is to see fucking numbers of damage raise.
No? I said no such thing. I said there were a few reasons Supports are unpopular, followed by specifying one reason they're unpopular (the perception of them not having an effect on the game) and then I pointed out one reason this perception exists is the stat screen. It's not THE reason they're unpopular, but it's by far one of the simplest problems to fix.
: Your main's ult now is global with 0 travel or channel time.
{{champion:267}} The entire map is underwater {{champion:99}} {{champion:161}} Basically obliterator from the siege mode {{champion:90}} Step into vision anywhere, get stared to death {{champion:240}} ...Permanent charge?
SirLapse (NA)
: Would greatly prefer "damage blocked" stat to see for shielding champions. It would be amazing to see "life saved" for combat situations where you were healing/shielding over the course of combat, since the DPS people literally can't heal/shield you. Nice little glimmer effect would be nice too. Aggressive supports get rewarded any time they snag the opponent so yeah.
> It would be amazing to see "life saved" for combat situations where you were healing/shielding over the course of combat, since the DPS people literally can't heal/shield you. That's probably the main reason (at least that I can think of) for why Riot hasn't made Shielding a stat yet. There's multiple classes that won't get anything in that category at all and it might feel bad, or at least be less productive.
Rioter Comments
: I just played as AD to the Smite Support Nunu.
Well would you look at that: The guy routinely did stuff to piss people off. Riot banned the guy for doing something that pissed everyone off. The guy complained about it. Riot couldn't come up with a good way to phrase why he was banned. Fans complained about it. Riot unbanned him. The guy routinely did stuff to piss people off. This is what the community gets for being so against Riot that they can't trust them to ever do their job. Riot did a fairly 'right' thing in this instance and fans bitching about it forced Riot to undo it. I wish Riot could force people who commented in support of him to play with his playstyle that they so enjoyed- it would be a poetic justice. But no, instead somebody else has to suffer because the community can't bear for a game built entirely on playing with a team punishes someone who doesn't play with a team.
UrZedM8 (NA)
: I dont think people on the boards actually understand just how hard it is to 1v2 bot lane. I don't even play bot lane and I know that shit is impossible. They will either freeze the wave and the support zones you from any farm whatsoever. Or they push in and dive you with the jungler and take first blood tower. The people who defend this kind of play style are idiots.
Considering how often I've been able to zone people in a proper 2v2 botlane, I know for a fact 1v2 is even harder, I've been on both sides of that lane and it is not a fun lane.
: {{item:3030}} ? {{item:3152}} ? Also Rylais being core every single game on every champ (it's not as much anymore) was dumb, but {{item:3020}} + {{item:3089}} + {{item:3135}} is nothing new. That's just what you build when you want damage and there's nothing else you need. I like the simple things
I wouldn't even call Rabbadon core. It's something you buy if you have a ton of gold sitting around, otherwise you'll buy almost literally anything else. Dunno why Sorc shoes are core and Merc treads aren't. Plenty of matchups where those are handy.
: Regular URF for april fools ?
I'd prefer they just temporarily swap every scaling with the opposite type. Example: Anything that scales with AD now scales with AP instead. Not sure how Total AD vs Base AD would work, I admit. Anything that scales with health now scales with mana. Anything that scales with Armor now scales with MR. Anything that gives armor pen now gives magic pen. Anything that gives crit chance now gives movement speed. And vice versa for all of these. Damage types should all swap as well- anything that deals physical damage now deals magical damage. And even items would reflect this change- although CDR should remain untouched. {{item:3157}} +70 AD +45 MR +10% CDR
: I mean, just look at Taric's quotes to Diana, completely shut down the Taric x Ezreal train. Conclusion: No one wants to be with Ezreal.
Not really. It does mean Taric appreciates Diana, but he makes no remarks on Ezreal whatsoever, the two could still be thought to like one another. No support is different from actively going against something. I just fail to see how this decision positively affects the franchise and am hoping someone could explain to me how it could be a good thing. The only idea that pops up for it to be a good move is that they're actually going somewhere with Lux/Ezreal's personality and what they want- but currently all it really did was remove a bit of their character and, to my knowledge, provide no replacement or growth in its spot.
Rioter Comments
: Well there's a problem when people are perma-shield and there's nothing you can do.
: New Game Mode: 100% AR 5v5
I would hope for a slight order to the madness. Spending an entire game with {{item:3006}} {{item:3117}} {{item:3009}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3020}} as your items would be so, so bad. Not likely, but you get the idea, getting completely worthless items is just going to make for a sad game. On the other hand for runes and masteries- I think you need less order. No rune pages- no mastery pages- random that up entirely without your consent.
SirΤeemο (EUNE)
: Playing for fun VS Playing for rank
I've actually come across more trolls, hostiles, feeders, and AKF/DC players in ranked compared to normals. Since I don't care about rank in addition to that, I rarely play ranked, I essentially only do it if my friends badger me enough.
Echoing (NA)
: [CCOS] March CCOS Entry Time! Enter Here!
Man, I'm not withdrawing but time really got away from me during the last week, looks like Jaret's lore isn't getting the finish I had intended and I don't really have the time for fellow reviews either. Oh well, win some, lose some- at least I'm satisfied the kit is interesting to play around.
: You said that the point of class reworks is to increase diversity, so therefore the point of them is to fix the lack thereof 'fixing things'
Garen now is a fantastic shut-down machine if you're the villain and he brings actual benefits to the team. Skarner now has to play around his crystals (again, weak or strong, it's distinct) and his opponents do as well. You have a good dozen paragraphs higher about how you can play around Darius now- whereas before it was somewhat literally "Don't fight him, you will lose." Morde now has an incredible new play pattern in that his team fights fiercely for dragons because of his unique effect and his enemies fight just as hard to stop them from getting it. The reworks have made the champions far more distinct and added depth to their styles and gameplay. As Mercy said, balancing that depth and distinct quirks is not the Rework team's job, it's the Balance team's job.
: While you are not wrong, it is noteworthy that the biggest problem with Darius at the time was ghost Darius, which combo had winratio of like 56 or 57%. He was most definitely not "nerfed for less", even looking at ratios. All that beeing said, it is true that Ahri nerfs are WAY overdue. It's mostly because midlane was home for even more problematic champions most of the time, so Ahri went unnoticed.
Mid still has more problematic champions lol. Which truthfully is probably why Ahri gets picked so much. She's a generalist- it makes her a safe pick in almost any comp. She has mobility, CC, a decently ranged poke spell, and even gets some sustain to her. Generalists are always going to be liked and played more than niche champions- they fit into more comps and can do well in more situations. That doesn't make them unbalanced by itself- it can also mean niche champions are too weak. Considering every time I go mid I swear it's an assassin of some kind I'm facing- I'm fairly sure it's the latter instead of the former.
: An early game melee with no gap closer that gets kited easily and not to mention he has his hard matchups {{champion:85}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:17}} has less counterplay?
Darius' counterplay is to stay the hell away from him unless you've already made the mistake of being too close to him, in which case your only remaining counterplay is dodge the bladed part of his Q. Beginning and end of Darius' personal counterplay as a champion. But for your few hard matchups I have to say: {{champion:85}} Ranged top laner {{champion:133}} Ranged top laner {{champion:126}} Ranged top laner {{champion:10}} Ranged top laner {{champion:17}} Ranged top laner Are you seeing a trend here? Because I see a trend here. Also I'm gonna have to disagree on Teemo being "hard" in the first place on account of having killed my fair share of Teemo's as Darius back in the day. Difficult certainly, but not to the degree everyone else you posted, 3 of which have been regarded as some of the most toxic top-laners for several years now. Kennen people tolerate more for some reason.
: Ahri is picked in over 1/5 games and has nearly a 54% win rate in Diamond
> Darius was nerfed for less and he wasn't even being picked in 5s Gee, it's like Riot doesn't only nerf and buff champions based on winrate alone... probably because one of the champions you mentioned is more or less a stat-stick and Ahri has a lot more counterplay? In both kit and itemization? Just a hunch.
: An assassin with sustain and wave clear? Nah, nothing wrong here.
Wellll she's not an assassin, she's a mage. So no, nothing wrong there really.
: I saw Hades and knew it would be this gif Best Disney villain in years
Derfel (NA)
: Patchly reminder to Meddler that the support role isn't a dumpster for failed mage reworks
To be fair, two of those listed mages, {{champion:63}} and {{champion:90}} do benefit from having multiple people in the lane. Brand in particular just kinda begs to go support, or rather, the lane with two enemy champions. He has an AoE kit and benefits best with multiple champions to bounce around- it only makes sense he'd want to go where the most champions are. Malzahar isn't in quite the same boat but it can't be denied that virtually every suppression champion works better with a teammate nearby than alone, he's the opposite in that he wants the lane with an allied champion. It's hardly surprising either of them found a sweet spot in bot. That said > rework that was completely derailed because David Capurro absolutely refused to admit that his new Malzahar passive was a stupid idea that served no purpose but to make the rework unbalanceable. I fail to see how Malz's shield is why he went bot. Fairly sure he went bot because of his suppression (already had and was expected) plus he can hit W twice and unload a ton of damage on the enemy champions without building for it. The W imo is the problem, not his passive, which is why when Riot had the thread about, "What do Malz mains think Malzahar should be about?" I tried to point out he wasn't all about the voidlings and shouldn't be all about the voidlings because it wasn't going to end well balance-wise. Minion champions are always a pain in the ass- without fail.
Echoing (NA)
: [CCOS] March CCOS Entry Time! Enter Here!
http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/ZJkK66WV-jaret-the-cold-fury Got my entrant up and running, lore's still a WIP but the basics of both the lore and kit are ready and I'll be fleshing it out more as time goes by. (Btw for potential entrants, I have never failed to return the favor of a review with a review, hint hint)
Rioter Comments
: Ezreal really makes no sense theme-wise. He's got the gauntlet, but if they move the focus away from his explorer bit in the title it'll be weirder, but if they keep the explorer focus, he's going to have to be a jungler or something. Another similar one is Teemo. Sure, he's got an invis, but other than that he doesn't do much scouting.
Technically I would disagree to a degree. Ezreal's background is that he is an explorer yes- but it's implied he's done so well via quick wits and reflexes- things that don't come across well in a game. However, a character is more than their backstory. Relatively few champions work that way. His background is an explorer, his fighting style is based on his magic gauntlet. One does not invalidate the other.
: Huge difference, there are thousands/millions of Celebrities irl, and only 134 champions. There are probably a couple thousand rich and powerful people in Demacia alone, doesn't have to be another champion.
> Huge difference, there are thousands/millions of Celebrities irl Celebrity is kinda an iffy term- there's no hard definition of what qualifies so it's not very fair to call it one way or the other. > only 134 champions Exactly, Lux and Ezreal share common ground in that they've fought and explored for their countries in the League, often on the same side (at least back when the league was a thing)- compare that with her almost non-existent bonds with the nobility she may or may not have ever encountered and spent time with? > There are probably a couple thousand rich and powerful people in Demacia alone, doesn't have to be another champion. It doesn't **have** to be anyone. Lux could finish up her life as a decrepit old crone alone with a cat. However, it can't be denied that the possibility of her and Ezreal would make a superior story than her and "just some guy". The Demacian noble, by proxy, has nothing defining about him to make him interesting. The only way to make him interesting is to give him a background, a story, an appearance- all stuff Ezreal **already** has. Why fabricate another character when an existing one already is present and makes sense? By this logic we could make another Demacian champion and say that one could be Lux's new husbando- there's no inherent reason that the two of them being champions make it an unattractive paring.
: I see a huge problem in the whole part about being awoke by magic users... is Lux the ONLY mage in Demacia? The only mage in CENTURIES? Does this mean that Demacia do not actually have talented and powerfull magic users? Arent the guns of Lucian magical? Isnt Poppy a Magical being with a magical hammer that has been in Demacia since the begining, why cant she awake him? Or the magical users that "give" energy to Galio need to die? Seriously, If Demacia cant or doesnt have magical users, I can see why Noxus is free to invade Shurima, Ionia, Freljord and Piltover without the interference of Demacia.
To be fair, both their steel and their stone apparently has anti-magic properties, Demacian steel was mentioned to be very good at killing ghosts in the Harrowing and Galio is made of anti-magic stone. You don't need magic if you can ensure your armies can cut the magics down without extreme issues.
: But like I said, it makes teh world smaller. It's far more realistic for Lux to just meet some guy rather than fall for ez. It makes the world smaller if she falls for the piltover guy.
Not really. Celebrities in our world hardly fall for randoms. Ezreal's apparently world-famous and Lux isn't exactly a minor figure herself. If anything- Riot could spin an awesome event out of it about Ezreal working to gain the approval of Lux's family since he's not nobility in Demacia. He could have a minigame like that Blitzcrank grabbing game. I really wish Riot would just embrace the fact that they have an **entire world** they can tap into for content. Hell, the entire ship could form a fantastic story about how Ezreal struggles to fit into Demacian rules or Lux begins to find Piltover's less-disciplined lifestyle fascinating.
Sharjo (EUW)
: Apparently Galio's made out of Anti-Magic stone, which can be seen in a lot of Demacian Architecture
Also ties with Demacian steel supposedly being magic-resistant or something as well.
: If I mained Galio, I'd feel so disappointed now.
> He looks SO DIFFERENT from how he was To be fair, there is a lore reason behind this, Demacia has anti-magic stone and that's what Galio is made of. That's why he's no longer dingy-looking.
: In the old days "If you can't play every role at least decently, you're not ready for ranked"but now
This happened to me just today actually. Not Ranked mind you- but I queue'd up as Support primary and, as usual, threw the second slot into Fill because what did it matter? I was going as Support- no way I wouldn't get it. Lo and behold, I got filled into Bottom, not Support. I haven't played ADC in months I don't think. But I tried. I knew going in I was in trouble- I hadn't looked at ADC itemization to know what was good to build, I hadn't been playing as the ADC against Supports, it's the exact opposite playstyle of what I'm used to since it's literally the other half of my usual experience. I actually didn't feed in lane. I CS'd poorly due to inexperience and lost tower year- but I was still trying my best. Back in the day I totally DID know how to use every lane at least moderately effectively. But thanks to the new system I've become overspecialized, I've lost my ability to perform all roles well. It's kinda why I like Blind- it's genuinely a crapshoot for what you get. But I did try. I didn't quit the queue. I didn't throw the game (Although my team did after a certain bird-carrying marksman went 9-0 top). Being able to play every role well is an advantage, not a detriment. Sometimes you don't get the role you want- and when that time comes- you need to know what to do.
: "With Power and precision..." Riot on Ashe
> hitting 3 targets at a time 2.5 times a second To be fair, you're factoring in Runaan, hardly something specifically odd on Ashe. Archers firing multiple arrows in rapid succession and hitting a target IS precise and focused.
Jústic (NA)
: Chill out satan
It's even better if you push with two of those bad boys. Your own personal bodyguards.
: you're forgetting the rest of the juggernaut roster. {{champion:106}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:83}} (sort of) {{champion:102}} {{champion:72}} all enjoy attack speed, but most of them are forced to either get Triforce for it, go jungle and get bloodrazor, or go without it entirely.
> [{quoted}](name=Big Lincoln,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=45APIZAe,comment-id=000200010000000000000000,timestamp=2017-03-03T05:25:07.919+0000) > or go without it entirely. Volibear gains attack speed from his W Udyr gains attack speed from something Olaf gains attack speed from his passive Trundle gains attack speed from his field Yorick I will give you but he's supposed to throw minions at you for maximum damage, not hit you a lot Shyvana I do not play so I can't comment Skarner gets increased attack speed via his crystals Remember though, there's really no champion that doesn't scale with attack speed, you need one that very much benefits from it over say- raw damage or tank stats. Which to be fair is what the thread's about but we've had nothing but complaints for what- two seasons now?- about items that give defensive and offensive stats. {{item:3157}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3814}} They seem to bring issues. But beyond that- recall that many of those champions enjoy Triforce because they actually don't require supreme attack speed. They instead just need enough to get the pattern of spamming abilities to get the Sheen proc on an auto. Skarner for example is meant to keep using his Q to proc Sheen- more attack speed doesn't truthfully benefit him since his damage is specifically gated through Sheen. In contrast, Shyvana has on-hit effects that deal a lot of damage, so she needs attack speed more.
: I absolutely feel the same way. This actually happened last night. Was poking an enemy ADC as Naut, soaking a bit of damage, no big deal, then when I turn around to get back behind my wave, Naut flips out and starts turning every which way trying to path around the minions. Feelz. Bad. But then I got to thinking for a second and figured, well, that's part of the cost/benefit of playing the way I did. I went for the poke through a minion wave, and got caught because of it. There's the potential for unique item choices and summoner spell choices based on these lil creepy deepies and what you know about how they move. Once I got to thinking about it as a mechanic in the game the same as bushes, turrets, etc, I got more comfortable with it. Still. Getting destroyed because of those little hooded jerks makes me feel like the bronzie that I am.
Personally I think a cool item for Supports would be one that lets you redirect minion agro to an enemy champion.
Sharjo (EUW)
: The Hour of Need - New Demacia Related Teaser
Getting some real Final Fantasy Alexander vibes from this.
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