: > [{quoted}](name=CaptainMårvelous,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Qk6MBEKs,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2018-06-28T01:58:01.426+0000) > > It's quite the same boat as Riot where people go "LOL <x>% WIN RATE DAY 1 TRASH CHAMP LOLOLOL" and drive home that feeling that it's not fun. Okay, but these are players, not designers. Players in any game have an innate desire to seek victory in said game, so it's perfectly natural for at least some to request buffs to any champion they're playing, nerfs to any champion they're playing against, and so on. This kind of behavior is normal, and can be found in any game forum. What is not normal, however, is for developers to pander to this kind of knee-jerk response with balance work that is liable to cause severe long-term damage, as has been the case for most champions that received buffs too early after their release. Sure, as players, some of us could exercise more self-control and look at things with more perspective, but it is the developers' job to look at these types of player feedback, and exercise proper design judgment on what truly needs to be done. Ultimately, the developers have the final say on their own game, and have access to their game's full data, so if they mess up, that is their own fault, and no-one else's. > [{quoted}](name=CaptainMårvelous,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Qk6MBEKs,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2018-06-28T01:58:01.426+0000) > > The thing is, however, I can't change Riot internally. What I can at least put forth is that maybe there should be a community change. The more we drive towards being against knee-jerk hotfix buffs, the less pull Riot will have. Does it completely fix the issue? Not at all, but we can at least try to encourage people to start being against rapid-fire hotfixing so that (in turn) Riot has less of a reason. Or hell, we can eventually start chastising Riot without someone going "No <x> was terrible he NEEDED hotfixes." And how exactly do you propose that? How do you propose to change the behavior of the Boards when moderators cannot even find the time or energy to properly sort through toxic threads on Gameplay? What you are proposing is to eliminate a behavior that is present on _every_ internet space relating to video games, and other game forums have paid, trained moderators working for them, often in addition to a separate team of community leaders. Such work would involve not only changing the minds of people already on here, many of whom are set in their ways, but also pre-emptively educating anyone who comes to these forums and makes a knee-jerk complaint thread, often without even bothering to read the rules or pinned threads. It's not going to happen, an I think as a collective we need to look slightly past our own little bubble, and realize that Gameplay is not actually that much different from most other forums, much less the stinking cesspool of negativity that Rioters and moderators alike have made it out to be. Moreover, the fact remains that all of this is very different from your first post here. It's nice to talk about how you want to improve the community, but it's rather more difficult to swallow when the immediate previous post was all about whole-heartedly agreeing with how Gameplay as a collective is hypocritical, and somehow has so much power over Riot that they've made themselves responsible for Aatrox's hotfix. Putting aside the backtracking, the fact remains that it _is_ possible to change Riot's minds on this matter, or at least it should be. I agree that if the community is vocal enough on the matter, they should be able to reach out to the developers and get them to stop making such poor balancing decisions. If you believe in this, that should begin with you contributing to the threads that push for that, rather than the ones that merely pile on more negativity with no payoff. If this kind of matter would require one to "change Riot internally" and would therefore be impossible to ever achieve, then there is no purpose to Gameplay, and you may as well close the sub-Board there and then.
Thank you! I'm glad someone said it, and so well too. You sir are the voice of reason here.
: Low logic always amazes me
Well, technically, if they go into lane and perfectly dodge and also consistently defeat their opponent, potions are a waste of gold.
Hibeki (NA)
: Reddit is no different, its entirely censored by moderators where if you post anything even remotely negative its removed immediately. If you slip under the radar and make it to the front page they wont take it down because of backlash. The subreddits is entirely composed of esports plus miscellanious crap, Its RARE to see a post actually about the game itself.
And that's why I browse this board instead of Reddit, despite the terrible posts.
Verxint (NA)
: Someday, in the future, human civilization will finally end
I recently played a game where my death recap had a blank box under the champion that killed me. I hovered over it, and the description was just the username of the person playing the champ. I was like, "Did... This person kill me with the power of their will?" It was amusing to see.
: The fact that people are downvoting makes me sad, really sad. People consider this normal and acceptable, and it frightens me.
Unfortunately, it will usually take more than facts to convince people, no matter how strong or irrefutable they are.
DarkRooster (EUNE)
: I am always coming on ranked dead ready, i know my champion like my fingers, i know about every build, rune, champion, aspect out there, i know rotations i know where is everyone and could be on map, i know about objective focus and so on, so on, and i am ready to hit back high diamonds this year. But sometimes in exactly situation like this i press no... why ? Because fuck you guys, thats why, you all sucked, didn't even know 10% of what i just mentioned, hell you probably picked your champion first time ON RANKED, i was doing well and you all just gave up in first 5 minutes of the game, and because you all gave up and started playing even more lazy and bad than before, we are 100% losing with this attitude. **You want to know why i pressed no ? Because all 4 of you fucked my game and you should suffer for it.** Yeah i know i am spiteful, i should be smarter and move to next game, but sometimes i just want to pay back, sometimes getting my little revenge means to me more than time management.
Attitude certainly plays a big role. I had a game where I was losing my lane, I was making mistakes, but I knew what I was doing wrong. I felt that if I changed my strat up I could comeback and gain leverage on my opponents. Meanwhile, my jungler, so ever observant, took every chance he got to flame me for whatever mishap I made. I ignored him cause I could tell this guy was just a tilter, as if he had to find any little outlet to shift the blame for his losing game. Ya know, the kind that believe they are above reproach. Unfortunately, he also did this to my bot lane, who were just having a though time. Sadly, our ADC was getting tilted by our jungler's flaming. Eventually when the option to early surrender came around, the jungler didn't delay to initiate it, and basically everyone else followed suit. Everyone became disillusioned with the game, but even though we were losing, I felt like my team was just not working at 100% because they fell into a negative attitude. So I said no. Also, I was pretty mad with that fucking jungler. All he did was flame, and give everyone a hard time. I felt sorry for bot, but no way this fucker will get out without some sort of pay back. Anyways, down the road, I decided to roam bot. I didn't do much, but whatever happened, it gave my ADC courage to fight and he performed in a stellar fashion, completely killing everyone in the lane. After that he took tower, and started roaming. Little by little, he started to gain traction and got pretty strong. The jungler, still only able to see down a narrow tunnel, decides to surrender again. This time, I was backed by the ADC, and we denied it. He said in chat "No. I think we can win this." I was pretty glad he said that, it felt like climbed out of his rut and was invigorated to play to the end. Ultimately, we won! And no thanks to asshole jungler. Well, he got some kills, and probably drew attention away from the enemy. But, seriously, it sucks when people just get tilted and then just completely give up. They use the score as an excuse, and just place no faith into their teammates. TL;DR -- Attitude has a strong influence on a game's outcome. Also fuck flamers that just bitch the whole game, and then demand others to surrender. When you start flaming, you become part of the reason the team is losing.
Fearless (NA)
: We can, but I don't think we should. We had iterations of nullifying orb that were much more inclusive, and they very quickly became mandatory. This left us with the options of either restricting the Rune to be more situational or remove it. I believe it's important for a number of mages to have a way to plan for a lane where the range disparity against other mages is a defining element of the early game, so I would prefer we don't remove the option outright. When we tested weaker general versions of the rune, it stopped being understandable. Shields that pop in reaction to damage tend to get crushed by the incoming damage, and this is especially true at small values. That being said, I know physical assassins are a constant source of consternation on these boards, and we have seen that this is even more pronounced since 7.22 dropped. We always expect balance to be a bit rocky after changes this large, and we're definitely knee deep in the chaotic, unoptimized state right now. You're likely to see some small nudges to individual runes or champions for the next patch or two as we let some of the dust settle. If I could make one small suggestion, there are a number of us watching the boards right now, looking to talk about the state of the game and Runes in general. This can be really hard on gameplay boards because of the exceptionally negative hyperbole that tends to be so prevalent. It doesn't help that dissenting opinions are also frequently downvoted into oblivion (as there are a few examples even in this thread). I personally love to talk to players and do so on a lot of different platforms, but boards is sadly one of the most draining. I figured it might be worth pointing out that we'd really love to talk on here a lot more about Runes, if folks are open to having actual discussions.
On the dissenting opinions bit. Have you guys considered removing the forum feature that hides heavily negative comments, or comment arrangements by upvotes? If comments that touch on the other end of the spectrum, or even play the role of devil's advocate get downvoted into obscurity, and that's a problem, why not change the system so that maybe the comment with the most votes (negative and positive) is placed at the top? Or something along those lines.
yoshi2790 (EUW)
: > Only "counterplay" vs an autoattack is to be far enough so that they can't attack. > dude, you gotta outplay the cursor
Sometimes it's not even the cursor, just automatic attacks while moving
Ravore (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Velzard of Koz,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ies3u403,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-10-21T21:18:31.547+0000) > > I am more concerned about the Did you know facts about picks and bans that's basically "Sometimes we fuck up balance so hard it questions intelligence and we are actually proud of it, lol, more broken champz for non-diverse pickz huehuehue" The ardent censor meta hit RIGHT before worlds and they couldnt do a heavy patch or it would ruin worlds...You keep saying they're proud of it but riot admitted ardent was in a poor state and they tried to touch it up as much as possible but they cant overhaul a way people have been playing and mess up the esports scene....I hope you're proud of yourself bashing and talking out of your A**
Weird, didn't know ardent was picked and banned, or was even a champion.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Riot, you need to hold the marksman class to the same standards of counterplay.
I wonder if disjointing projectiles was a thing in this game would it present more counter-play to ADCs?
Agilio (NA)
: Predictive Tier List for Patch 7.20
: its bad when it introduces a level of communication that isn't present on my team. camp doesn't necessarily have to be about counterpick, its more about premade. counterpick was just used as an example to show how much of an advantage one can have and still lose due to a constant 2v1 and a level of communication that i don't have.
Communication is pretty important in a team game, and I won't say there's a lack of advantage by the pre-mades. But, it's really just a luck of the draw kind of deal, and even if you knew that there was a pre-made, you wouldn't really be able to do anything about their communication advantage. I guess you could try to level the playing field by actively communicating with your team with whatever means you posses. But well, the results of your efforts will vary depending on the people you are paired with. I was mostly irked by the example, cause in my ideal world, no one should have an advantage against another purely based on picks. Especially in a game that locks in your choice which the enemy can see before hand. Camping the lane with a poor match up sounds like an equalizer, where advantage of pick and advantage of communication could create equal footing. But, Riot should just make a queue for solos only or something.
: "why is their jg camping my lane?" oh wait nvm, its a premade, i already lost this lane, even though i had the counterpick with a champion i main.
Lol. If anything, that's a good reason to camp your lane. I don't get how auto losing because of champion choice is somehow okay, but two players working together is bad.
: Anyone else a big fan of seeing Twitch R and melt entire teams in worlds
Strong champ melts teams. Who would have thought?
: Im pretty sure If I came and created the same discussion I would be downvoted. Just because he got fanboys does not mean he can be an asshole to everyone. Sure I was toxic. I always handle toxic people the same way they act. If you are nice Im nice to you, if you are toxic im toxic to you.
"An eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind"
: Yeah totally just off meta
I guess items should get the rune treatment
: Evelyn seduce people to kill them, Ahri seduce people to fuck them, pretty obvious which one is the whore here. Eve is more or less baiting, Ahri on the other hand...
Hey, this game is rated T. She can't do that anymore.
: Shen Skin Jebaited
Money, was they're thinking.
: in that case ... yasuo and vayne should be getting a skin every week .. if it goes with popularity
Yasuo did recently get a fancy event skin with a log in screen, and Vayne has one of them crafting only skins.
: Riot Loading Border Shenanigans!
I guess. But these borders look much more intricate and flashy than anything they've done before. Technically the project borders were free, but It felt like it was done to get you to buy them before the sale. So, you kinda had the choice to spend an extra 375 RP for the borders, or not. That's 200 more RP than what you would spend on these.
: To be fair, playing the most OP bullshit is fun. It's actually pretty fun playing Nidalee and three-shotting people at Level 1 before healing to full for free at Level 2. It's actually pretty fun playing helicopter Hecarim and destroying entire enemy teams. It's actually pretty fun playing any mage, and being able to spam their abilities with no repercussions and instantly winning lane by throwing out every ability you have on whatever enemy comes into range. Sure, playing your favorite champs might be fun, but winning is fun, destroying the enemy is fun, and feeling like you're in charge of the entire game is super fun.
: It'd not matter because you can still just assume that someone from last game, whoever they were, might be on the enemy team and ban whoever they preffed
Right, but at least in that case, it's more of a gamble. I guess the best solution for now is to just wait before your next queue.
Violett (NA)
: Here's my champion roster, I don't play any of these in ranked except...
I think you should play ranked anyways. You never know, you might get higher than you think. In my opinion, there's more merit to a player that climbs high with a non-meta champ. If you can make it far with what's perhaps considered a handicap, then I believe you'd be considered better than most.
: They don't show enemy summoner names in champ select specifically to prevent this.
I see, thank you for the reminder. But it seems like the problem still occurs, in accordance to what op has said. I wonder if changing allied names to a codename while selecting a champ would be too troublesome.
: Re imagining league of legends without armor, magic resist or damage reduction (just health instead)
Interesting idea, but I'm against it. Essentially, the existence of these additional stats create more diversity. Be it builds, choices, strengths and weaknesses. It allows the game to be more... Dynamic. Simplicity is not necessarily the same as clarity, and I feel that over simplifying things makes it more... Well, boring. So, here's an example that could highlight why it's nicer, in a way, to have armor and mr: It boils down to the fact that damage is split into different types. Mainly, Ad and Ap. So, let's say, Darius has, I dunno, 100 bonus armor. He can tank ad better, but if he still has base mr, essentially he's weaker to magic. So it creates a scenario where Darius has a more exploitable weakness. This would allow players to well, play around Darius choices, and choose to take advantage to them. If defense was solely based on health, then choices like these wouldn't exist, which in my opinion would make stuff more boring. Now, I get the whole clarity bit. Yeah, it's not super apparent how damage is affected my armor or mr, you have to dig a bit. Maybe do some math. But, I kinda like that, it makes me think that I'm not only fighting my opponent with skill but also with wits. Also, you bring up how new players could have trouble with it, and understand that. But, I believe knowledge of how the game works is very important, even without knowing how a specific stat works. Champs are a good example. Chances are, you'll struggle against a champ you have no idea about, versus a champ that you know really well... So new people will just have under go trial an error. tl;dr Armor and MR makes the game more dynamic, offering the player more choices.
: Id Rather Restart Matchmaking Than Be Re-queued With a Team That Knows My Pick Intent
If you feel like this happens too often, then I recommend waiting a bit before entering another match, to the point of declining if you're matched up near instantly again. Actually, are enemy summoner names shown? I actually can't recall... They should just hide that until the game starts. Hell, why not Allied as well? And just assign names like summoner 1,2,3 etc. Or, alpha, Bravo.
: Boy i sure like how this game is centered around adcs
Actually, the game is centered around destroying the Nexus.
: Quick Question about Skin shards.
According to some posts I looked up, yes, you do. I unlocked DJ Sona from a random skin trade and I got all the icons. Pretty sure you will. But I'd say it's pretty worth it to unlock that skin through shards regardless of avatar icons.
Dokkaebi (EUNE)
: How can you main Amumu for a year without getting bored?
Cause Amumu doesn't just need a friend, he needs a good friend.
: Flash Is Such A "Required Summoner" That It Should Be Removed
While it would be interesting, I feel like removing Flash would be like removing a sole Jenga piece that's in the middle of the structure. Half of the thing will collapse and then would have to be put back together. I say this, cause I believe there are some Champs who rely on Flash, in terms of engaging or securing the play they want to perform. So if it was removed, they might have to get compensation, potentially. Which would be a pretty big hassle, and then almost the entire player base would have to adapt.
: Summoner spells should not be locked behind level.
They should at least make flash available from the start since it's so imperative to the game.
: Give "Bonus healing and shielding power" a name already.
Coming up with a name can be fun! Let's see... Invigorate? Invigoration, maybe? How about, augment? What about Willpower? Isn't that usually the stat in RPGs that affects healing?
Rioter Comments
: You're not quitting League.
I've been playing League since right after beta. I've been playing less and less and it may ultimately end in me giving it up. All of the negative aspects about the new patches and the game in general have not been fixed or worked through. Right now it feels like the only thing keeping me from completely giving it up is my knowledge of the game. It's so familiar to me that I never feel lost while playing it. But that's pretty much it. My friends used to play League almost everyday but they all have been dropping the game. Frankly they are what kept me playing. However they all tell me that since the game is really snowbally in nature, the fact that champ select can determine a game, and that stats superceded skills it's simply not as rewarding or fun to play. I partially agreed, but without friends playing solo is pretty much torture. Overwatch is looking good.
DaliaTM (NA)
: It will be truly outrageous... http://i.imgur.com/VXJ9To7.png
: This would be great, but clarity.
: Truly Outrageous
Brascus (NA)
: They need to make his VO a bit more outrageous too, everything else so far is spot on once they fix the V neck to go down to his crotch like in the splash.
In the splash it doesn't reach the crotch but it does reach the belt buckle (rather lager buckle). I see what you mean, its not as open in the model.
Rioter Comments
: Ashe ult should have a freeze visual effect like Sejuani's ult.
In the Official Cinematic trailer (the very first one) Ashe shot an arrow that hit Warwick and encased him completely in ice. I don't see why this visual effect can't be redone in the game when she hits someone with her ult.
: I'm kinda sad that it doesn't have ALL the adc's :c {{champion:119}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:29}}
It's probably an old image. The Tristana on there looks like the old version, she hasn't been reworked yet
: Does it ever feel like All Random All Mid (ARAM), doesn't feel random at all?
Yes! I mean, no! It doesn't feel random at all! I had three games in a row with both Soraka and Warwick. Then I occasionally get that annoying as shit Ezreal who mocks my team because he thinks hot stuff with that champ. After you look at this guy's wins and it shows like 1k wins or so... It's like screaming Aram account. Sorry, I needed to vent about this. I just want to play casually and have fun, but then these ass hats come in and just want to win at any cost and quickly shift the game into try hard mode.
Saruyan (NA)
: Can we change the name of Voice of Light(Aurelion Sol's R) to Voice of the Cosmos?
Maybe... Voice of Aether? Voice of the Cosmos sounds good, but I think it should be something less wordy... like without "the". Like Cosmic Resonance, or Cosmic Voice
Nekusen (NA)
: Which champ is more fun to use, Jhin or Cait ?
I'd say Jhin. Fresh animations, fun abilities and an awesome personality. The one thing you might not find fun about him is his reload mechanic and lack of mobility. He does have a movement speed enhancer but not a dash like Cait.
Raoul (EUW)
: Yoricks Winrate... Dafuq?
Well 20% damage reduction sounds pretty awesome when you think about it.
: Wonder, just for experimental sake... if
Well I'm probably wrong but what I think is that people who play ultra safe characters (Not every person) tend to have fragile egos. So they'll seek whatever means they can to not die yet also be able to outperform their opponents. If they, say, die or lose due to under-performance they will act very defensively and place the reason for their lose on everyone else to protect their egos. If these abilities don't allow for the player to blink back to safety, the arrogant people might just shift to something else. However, I do agree the disengage of those champs are a problems. It feels like fantasy fulfillment.
: Move which u have so much fun pulling off
{{champion:78}} Blocking a {{champion:64}} from ward hoping away >:3
Frius (EUNE)
: malzahar W null zone
Because we can't have mages that shred tanks.
Gusicles (NA)
: When is the Taric rework being revealed?
: Good Underused champions?
{{champion:83}} I don't see this guy at all. I've played him top, and while his early game is a bit of a struggle he later can become a hard to kill sob. Just remember his passive will give you 15% damage reduction and a %15 increase to Yorick's damage if you have all ghouls out (20% with your ultimate).
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