: Why is there STILL no Linux client?
Bruuuh. You know the game is held together by spaghetti. Demanding a linux client is like going into a Domino's Pizza and demanding organic beef wellington. .. Well maybe not.. I heard it used to work but they shut that door because they said they felt threatened by cheaters using it (maybe invalidating anti cheat measures?). But there's no way they're gonna devote resources to support linux officially especially the way things are going. The difference between linux and the mac thing is that anyone who knows how to use linux probably knows how to duo boot free trial version of windows 10. You can't expect the appleheads to do that well with the way apple controls them. 😅
: As a human being I am offended.
> [{quoted}](name=H4H4 H1H1 H4H4,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=AIUz97HI,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-07-20T01:16:14.078+0000) > > As a human being I am offended. You human beings are so good at being offended :3
: Damn building a PC is way harder than people make it out to be
Best of luck to ya. It would be fun to see what you have going on. Gonna guess a specific problem based on the timing of this (and black screen). Is it by any chance with a Ryzen cpu? There's a possibility if you bought a Ryzen cpu that is a generation newer than what the motherboard expected (like a 300 series motherboard was released alongside a 1000 Ryzen, or 400 series motherboard was released with the 2000 Ryzens) then you try to put a Ryzen that is a newer model, well you CAN do that, but only after a bios update which updates the code on a tiny chip, (which is like a primitive section of the brain). Anyways. Because the board was likely sitting in a box well before the release of the newer cpu it would need bios update, and that would require a CPU it can already work with to get fixed. AMD has a program where you can request they send you a free, comparitively basic Athlon CPU to temporarily install to solve this, then send it back, and they don't charge you. Yeah. That is annoying. And if that happened to you on your first build, that is pretty unlucky. For example if you bought one of those super good Ryzen 3000 cpu, and then possibly scoffed at the price of the x570 motherboard, and got a 300 or 400 motherboard instead, that setup can work, but only after a bios update and you would need a temporary cpu to update with and that's most likely from AMD's program thing. It would be a weird and annoying snag for a newbie to fall into. Honestly with how confusing that could be, and the product segmentation possibly helping profits (as well as not mailing temp fix cpus) intel's practice of refreshed mobos so often starts to make sense.
: Why League of Legends fails to allow players to be versatile
I forgot purchasing additional rune pages was even a thing since they are sort of an obsolete feels bad purchase now and that I've had the full 20 from the old system because I'm an ancient player. Wow.. That's really dumb recent players are basically forced to make a real feels bad purchase or are made to edit rune pages every game using that unresponsive clunky interface and sometimes not have runes saved then given a default page or something, which I understand because I had a habit of always manually editing pages and I say it was easier in the past even though there was more clicks because the new interface generally blends into the client background and feels clunky to click. Pretty sucky. I said it before the release of the new rune system that rune pages should not be a shop thing anymore. But they've kept them around, so rune pages still acting as a sunk cost for some players that'll feel annoying to some to take those away. Should have down away with those rune page expansions with the other rune changes which was the proper time. Anti-user things like this is why you are now alienating your playerbase Riot.
: The Future of TFT
The game is repetitive and I'm kinda phased out of it myself but it's a very easily outlet to play something LoL (which is what Riot cares about) with friends. Like it or not teamfight tactics _itself_ is #2 on Twitch viewership atm somehow, so yeah... lol. This puts league as the most viewed game again combined with the regular mode. It'll deflate yeah but I think it is a success so far.
Sihari (EUW)
: There was a time, when I felt good after I bought something. I didnt feel like someone tried to cheat me, I didnt feel like I had to buy something I didnt want. But in the last two years or so, I start feeling that way. Almost every time I see something in the shop that tempts me to buy it, I have to look twice. And when I do, I start to see things that make me feel bad for buying the things I want... I dont want all that stuff in that bundle. I just want one thing. But I cant get it without also buying all that crap that I dont care about. I dont want to gamble, but if I want this one cute pet for tft, I have to. I dont want to buy a pass and then grind until my hands hurt on top of that, but if I want to have all skins from a certain skinline or champion to complete my collection, I have to. It makes me mad, that I have to feel bad about my decision, no matter if I chose to buy something or give it a pass.
> [{quoted}](name=Sihari,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=gIBmIa0q,comment-id=0014,timestamp=2019-07-18T01:07:44.016+0000) > > There was a time, when I felt good after I bought something. I didnt feel like someone tried to cheat me, I didnt feel like I had to buy something I didnt want. > But in the last two years or so, I start feeling that way. Almost every time I see something in the shop that tempts me to buy it, I have to look twice. And when I do, I start to see things that make me feel bad for buying the things I want... > I dont want all that stuff in that bundle. I just want one thing. But I cant get it without also buying all that crap that I dont care about. I dont want to gamble, but if I want this one cute pet for tft, I have to. I dont want to buy a pass and then grind until my hands hurt on top of that, but if I want to have all skins from a certain skinline or champion to complete my collection, I have to. > It makes me mad, that I have to feel bad about my decision, no matter if I chose to buy something or give it a pass. You summed it up so well.
: Wow they really want attack speed kennen to be viable, don't they?
It's actually the opposite. Attack speed items scale from your base attack speed. So this actually nerfs many sources of attack speed bonuses on him. And the attack speed nerf actually moves him from just shy of the best base attack speed to the lowest base attack speed minus some like Caitlyn/Graves/Illaoi. Actually it seems like 1/3rd the champ list sits at 0.625 attack speed base. The extra bit after E just kinda puts it back to how it was for a split moment. This does nerf his harass/CS'ing and minion control in the form of pushing some, which I know would have certainly affected me playing Kennen if I was active, as I used to rune attack speed quints specifically (better than some crappy 15 ap). It also affects the rate at which he can charge his W auto attack mark which is his most reliable marks for stun. Have W auto, and for maximum bologna, you either zone them from the lane entirely or press W spell right before it falls off, and by then you maybe have another W auto mark, which is the stun without having to land Q or E, which makes Q free to land, or just all in. Still, I don't think this fixes too much. Because AP Kennen does well in games with low durability champions (or meta), making his AOE more lethal than other times. Maybe shorter stun mark duration might be necessary. It's 6 seconds now. And you can reset it with W press if you are going about for zoning and stun and don't just auto tap it. [w auto] -> wait 5 second [W spell] -> (by second 10) either E into them or land Q or auto creeps for [2nd w auto] = stun + unload unused spells was my typical passive aggressive pattern. Minimizes counterplay yaay me But actually the attack speed nerf really does hurt his ability to push reset and overall control the lane and trade a little bit. But it won't make his laning phase suddenly bad...
: > [{quoted}](name=Emperor Mudkip,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=YEEoaqaH,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-07-05T01:30:35.745+0000) > > I dont mind assassins getting nerfed but they will also have to get buffs to balance them > some stuff riot can probably do is get rid of all true damage and %healthdamage from assassins or bonus damage, after that assassins would get hit hard BUT. They should get flat damage buffs so they wouldn't be too op anymore or be too useless, since they are meant for good early game and mid game. I think you missed the fact that this is in the TFT section of the boards. Your comments are talking as if OP was playing Summoner's Rift.
I found it interesting as a contrast from how assassins typically worked out in League before. Not that it really matters.
: Assassin needs nerf!
Assassins are pretty strong but they can be beat with some of the obvious stuff, helpful champs such as Kindred/Kennen/Lulu (arguably other op stuff), and other CC comps or tricks. I put my most valuable units in the middle of my team, not the back, sometimes on the side. Putting less important ranged champs or just the tanky bait in the back with the Kindred closeby. It's still luck who they target sometimes though. But if only 1 slips through then he'll probably die. Maybe if the assassin comp is too strong we also need to ask if assassins as smaller squads or standalone units actually perform their strategic function? They kinda do tho if they get to 3 and items. But some of the assassins basically just feel like tokens just to fill the comp. Even if they might be fine enough bodies.
Jamaree (NA)
: Phantom and Knight are both most definitely worth it.
Man. I can't believe these guys. Phantom is hella good. Always have strong success running Mordekaiser + Kindred with whatever I got going. It's stupid for a 2 set bonus. Do they not have any form of aoe going at all? Usually have something, like a static shiv or titanic or anything. By that point it's nice whatever it kills then it helps your team focus better. What dies in the first second? Their giant tank or their carry? It's w/e. Are they screwed, or super screwed? It feels unfair tbh lol. Don't see how an instant KO is situational. Yeah Morde is a bit weaker than the Darius or Garen, but not by enough that I care and still does a good job level 3, which judging by these opinions it must be an easier level 3 than those. I feel for Braum more, who manages to feel worse than the 1 cost knights lol. I almost feel Braum should be demoted and swapped with one of the Knights, tweaking stats.
Pyrosan (NA)
: I think League's way too forgiving when it comes to demoting people
You're probably right. They probably just don't want people to feel like they have to stop playing ranked when they breach their goal tier. But many do that anyways, and the quality of the games of the tier 4 ranks is also to be considered especially now there is 1 extra of them.
: I'm pretty sure hidden MMR affects your weighted RNG in TFT
Pretty sure there is mmr that affects who you are matched with. But I'm also pretty sure (like maybe even saw a loading tip imply it) that the amount of characters are shared so when a lot of people are vying for the same characters then yeah. So when you've been winning those characters might get more contested. Item rng is a complete crapshoot though. How is that even fair one guy can get 4 items by the first pvp round but others not? How is that even allowed 😅 Not even talking about how good the different item types are.
: TFT took all my friends
I'd be willing to bet interest in TFT will really wane overtime. Riot already knows this though and already put out a discussion how they plan to phase in new champions to keep it interesting. It's still a good addition from though Riot especially business wise because they needed _something_ different to hold player attention.
Terozu (NA)
: Tales of Berseria is such a great game.
Symphonia is my favorite one, but I've only played 3 of 'em (Symphonia/Vesperia/Berseria). I only went 8 hours into Berseria though before I was like I'm gonna play Symphonia again, which it has been a while. Dig up an old save file, and this time go through and leave behind a highly prepared level appropriate everything unlocked save file right before each of the bosses. Why didn't I think of that before? It's one of my favorite single player games ever. With the 8 hours into Berseria which to be fair is too early to judge it, especially with the way the newer tales games in particular unfold more mechanics as you get deeper but I was like.. ehh. Well I got to a sea port type town, am level 10 only. So in like 8 hours you only go from like level 4 to 10. So my main character learned like 3 attacks that aren't that much more tantalizing to use. There's no mana costs, no basic attacks, instead you save up and manage souls in combat which let you use attacks more and "ult". I sort of like TP costs more if doing no items, although in Symphonia TP costs aren't balanced super well for that but w/e. I learned I can steamroll through hard difficulty level basic enemies by getting soul 4 then ulting on velvet (I think there's much harder than "hard" tho). But the bosses are like hp sponges, and often decide to not flinch when I hit them and then use a super painful ability. That's annoying tbh. Probably something I could do better about it but w/e. Like 5 hours in you fight a giant brick boss where only 1 attack from my character was more than 1 damage effective. And he's probably meant as a tutorial like thing that goes hey, the attacks you use matter. But c'mon though. The environments particularly indoor dungeons are empty like and one room from the next basically looks like the last. One time actually come out from a battle unsure which door I last came from. Treasure chests almost always have an item you already have. It's random stat loot but I actually always have that version of that stat loot too... I guess it's fodder for the crafting system. You can equip different titles and ok, neat, those actually have dramatically different effects. They are sort of confusing choices. I used the one that makes some attacks cheaper although I didn't quite confirm how effective it was. As for the characters. Past the intro which had some moments well they are now demon outlaws and it seems like all they can do is now run around and repeat again and again their ambitions mostly. I find the witch girl whose supposed to be funny super annoying. I'm worried their outfits will turn out more complex than their characters, a concern partially instilled from Vesperia where I didn't like the super childish and annoying cast of characters but again it's far too early. It might even be hypocritical when I might be able to say similar stuff about Symphonia too and it's true that Symphonia is not perfect either. But man attacking and blocking feels really nice in that game. And if you play hard+ and no items then you really have to manage mana, control the incoming damage with blocking/dodging, combos and space'ing out enemies with knockbacks and knockdowns. Keep yourself the player glued to or burning the biggest threat so your AI doesn't get themselves rekt. Spam button the healer to heal. You're basically playing the tank/dps/healer party as one in an almost fighting game so it's fun. The absence of freerunning makes some situations awk but it also means you can't run circles around the boss like clown fiesta. Though jumping over em repeatedly is sort of similar. Also the mage AI sometimes run into boss's face for actually no reason but to get wrekt and the only fix is to pause and switch to them. But oh well. And for the most part unlike later tales games the bosses won't instant pull out a 1 hit KO attack. The later ones actually do but actually a lot of them will warn you with dialogue, then you can barely run out. The bosses will have other very dangerous spells but you can cancel their existence with the team "ult" thing if you've built up about 150 hits since the last one. In a few late game fights it's almost like a race to build that back. But the hardest fights throughout the most part though are the ones with multiple boss enemies. If the game isn't too difficult you can just tunnel burn them each one by one, but if the difficulty is up the damage could be un-healable if they are free hitting your team's back or healer. You actually take less by splitting your team up and using the strat menu to "program" your melee AI fighters to fight something you are not, and try to keep the enemies apart. And worse case you can switch your team to only block mode while spamming your healer's heal button. As for the plot of Symphonia. There are some gut wrenching themes without going over the top. Actually if I were to think of some of the aspects in terms of the real world instead of a colorful game it's pretty gruesome (the prison camps and stuff). It seems like a standard RPG plot at first until it doesn't. And there are some aspects or dialogue that kinda don't make sense if you analyze too closely and some of the choices the characters make are like whyyyy are you still so worried about *that* but yeah. I'd say it's good though. But to be honest a lot of the alt characters in Symphonia don't feel as solid to play as the main one though. Tried to play Vesperia again a while back. Some nice boss fights and mechanics in that game but takes a while to get going. The supporting characters and mechanics are more fleshed out however. The plot doesn't really stand out in any way though. The cast is kind of annoying. If I were to try another one I think I'd be thinking about Abyss. Heard good things about it. Mechanics wise it sort of looks like an in between Symphonia and Vesperia, after all it came out between each of them.
Joneecc (NA)
: It's ridiculous. Why even release it if their servers aren't ready to handle it.
> [{quoted}](name=Joneecc,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=zTI2PMk5,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-06-27T00:36:47.971+0000) > > It's ridiculous. Why even release it if their servers aren't ready to handle it. My guess is it saves them money on adding more server infrastructure than they would typically need. There's a lot of hype to play this mode, maybe even from people who didn't currently play league. I'm sure after a few days it'll settle out. It might've been hard to predict exactly how much it was gonna be.
BoomXyros (EUNE)
: Nightblue3 streams are actually Pog now
That's not really surprising tbh. The drama and ban gave him attention, and if anything more league is just boring to watch. But it might be temporary still. Such _could_ explain why streamers might be favored.
: Riot dropping the ball on recent splash art, can we PLEASE talk about this??
You're right. That's really really off lol. Her head/neck/shoulders are floating way out from her ~~boobs~~ body. I was curious to see if this was really official. Well seems so. It only seems the prestige version is that messed up.
Bazerka (NA)
: TFT - What do y'all think?
It's a good addition to the game to get something different and not so sweaty.
: Hacked, Banned...
Hello Riot. You're probably losing players *forever* because of stuff like this. And you still don't have 2factor authentication in 2019 after 10 years in the market. One of my friend's League account was hacked once. But we were active back then and caught it.
: Hacker still around in my gmail
As others have said change your email password, check and disable if emails are forwarded to another email. And also use 2 factor authentication app on your mobile device. Google authenticator. Or Authy. Authy can be installed on your desktop too if it's a bit more convenient. Still needs a mobile number to setup I think. But maybe I would suspect your device is possibly compromised and while you can try to scan and clean your system that way, the best option is more nuclear. Reinstall your operating system! It's actually pretty easy. Just inconvenient. But it's good knowledge. Of course, first, move data you really need to preserve onto anther device or cloud or something, although that kind of compromises the cleanliness of this process I'm not gonna say it's necessary throw away your most precious data. If you are on windows 10 all you need to do to reinstall windows 10 is search media creation tool microsoft and download that from microsoft. Have a USB drive that is 4 GB or greater that has nothing you mind deleting. Run the tool and have it install the ISO on the usb drive. The USB drive will become a sort of computer system that can install windows 10. If you have a different hopefully uncompromised windows 10 computer to run this on even better. Do it there instead. Now first hold up. Some disclaimers. Most likely your device is from an OEM manufacturer like Dell or Hewlett Packard. They actually probably have some sort of system restore scheme on the harddrive you might be able to use. It may or may not work nicely. But if you reinstall the normal way you will probably lose some of that "OEM" type software stuff that works with the machine. Cooling management. Or gimmicks. Honestly these things are usually not that useful though. If it's a laptop there's a chance it's possibly useful. Could be something like keyboard shortcuts that change the screen brightness or something. But if it's a desktop it's probably worthless or inferior to other options. It might not be possible to get these things back easily if you do a totally normal reinstall. And it's also possible the 20-30 ish digit windows key your computer has will not work on a new install. OEM keys sometimes do that. Sometimes they have played nicely for me though. It's probably on a rectangular sticker on your device somewhere. Oemkey.exe from neosmart technologies might also find your windows key. Might. The windows 10 key is only to make your system official though. It's technically unnecessary. You can still install windows 10 for free without the license. They just make it so you cannot switch desktop backgrounds and change a few other settings. And then after a while you get a watermark asking you to purchase windows 10. At any point you can input a valid windows 10 license into some menu after the install, however you got it from. It will tell you if your old windows 10 key is legit before you do anything permanent in the install process though. If it's wrong it won't continue. If it's right it will. So you could intentionally try an incorrect license key with like a typo first to assure yourself. Okay... after media creation tool fixed up your usb you are ready to restart your computer. Try to enter the bios screen when it restarts. It's based on mashing a keyboard key when the computer starts up. If you don't know it you may have to look it up for your computer if you can't see it really fast on the screen. Once in bios look for "boot" or "boot settings/options." Then move what your USB drive got renamed to to the top of the list over your harddrive. Save & exit and restart computer. It should then boot into your USB drive, instead of your normal harddrive. If you change your mind after this go back to bios and put boot how it was (or just remove the USB). In the blue install menu it'll ask for the windows license. Here you can test if the one you have is legit. Or you can go without the license. Then it will ask you about install to the harddrive(s) your computer has. You can delete all the partitions (you moved your data out safely right), click new, let it have all the space. Of course, install windows to the fastest harddrive you have (ssd). And yeah. Once you click accept here you are committing to a brand new install.. It will do stuff. Then it will restart and cortana will bug you for a while through this process. Then you'll end up on a fresh windows 10 desktop with standard graphics drivers. You'll have to go reinstall your graphics drivers for AMD or Nvidia. All your games and programs. Etc. But most likely your computer will be sanitized and run a little better than before. But what if it's your phone compromised.. Well. It has a similar process I guess. Easier actually... Yada. Android can factory reset itself without needing anything else. Often good enough. No clue about iPhones tbh.
: I cannot beat Aatrox
Imagine getting downvoted for an honest thread.
: Yuumi is too affectionate to be a cat
Everyone. Post cat videos to disprove this.
Madjack01 (EUW)
: Poll: which rework did you vote for?
It seems like Fiddle is probably gonna win just because he's more different than the others. The others are bruisers therefor they are splitting up their votes between them, causing them to lose to Fiddle. Similar effect basically happened way back when they'd put multiple US presidential candidates for one party on the ticket vs. the opposing parties' one. 3 *X* vs. 1 *Y* therefor *X* votes gets split therefor all of *X* lose to *Y* easily.
Unagi2 (EUW)
: How to get S rank with Ziggs?
It's mostly minion kills per minute.
Cherysse (NA)
: Rework Nasus
Interesting ideas nevertheless.
: Karthus's Emote will be released along side Annie and Evelynn Emotes in patch 9.5!
: There's no support champ that gives a shield. Just a shield.
I guess that would be kinda boring. E: **SHIELD** - gib shield HMmm. W: **DASH** - do dash Q: **Shoot** - attec
: It's 2019 and for SOME REASON we can't see our ping until it's too late..
You can make it yourself actually. Open a new text document and paste > ping -t And save it as anythingyouwant**.bat** I haven't touched it in some time but I think it still works. The ping is still right. I believe the ping in the time=xx You can look up that IP address in google and find it belongs to Riot Games.
: Yo Riot, yall gonna forget about the Karthus emote? Cuz I'm not gonna forget about it.
I'd bet good money it's because Tencent, a Chinese tech company which owns the majority of Riot shot the Karthus emote down. I heard in China bones or skeletons are taboo or something hence why Karthus is a shadowy clothed figure in their client. Wait. Was Karthus used at worlds last time?
Vanisic (NA)
: Computer Help?
Yeah, that's the problem with this vague error message. It could be a lot of things. :s You could find it crashes on different operating systems (windows/linux), and rule out different hardware components. But maybe at the end of the day it could just be your Power Supply Unit (PSU) that manages the computer's power intake. And the only easy way to know that is to replace it or maybe place it in a different computer (not like that's more convenient... or nice to other perfectly good computers!). Getting a good PSU replacement is not expensive but it's probably pretty annoying as someone will have to remove the old PSU. And its wires. The wires.... And plug in the new stuff. Again assuming it's a desktop. If it's a laptop you pretty much just have to pray it's software or a new battery might help if such a thing is at all possible. Well actually RAM and harddrives are replaceable if it's that. What is this computer anyways? After checking for harddrive issue with crystaldiskinfo (mentioned above) I would still totally go with the run linux test. Because maybe it's just something in windows. Linux is a free open source operating system. Basically its code must be available for the public and free to use (most cases). So some nerdy developers make their own operating system and there are many of them. Though a few are developed by big companies. It runs a lot of the backbone of the internet and its servers. Anyways. I would recommend installing Linux Mint Cinnamon using a small program called "rufus" to install linux on a flash drive if you have another computer to set that up on. Then you plug flash drive into the old computer, then turn it on, get into bios option mode with a certain key (depends/google your machine maybe), and put the USB drive as the top priority in boot options. And your computer will load a temporary linux system running your flash drive instead of the harddrives inside. Maybe in here try web browsing for some time and then run a graphical stress test... doing something. IDK. A portion of steam games will run on linux without fuss. Never actually tried that on a live usb though. Hope USB has some space. It could crash if it runs out of room. Maybe just find something graphically demanding on the internet. And it wouldn't even rule out a hardware problem entirely. Linux might just act differently to a problem. Or maybe it would be the harddrive you would not be running on. Note the linux live usb will probably revert itself to "fresh" after you turn it off. It's normally temporary. But there should be a persistence mode which makes the USB system retain data. You can even access your window's files. But it might eventually bug out if harddrive is the broken problem. And window's might block you from taking data if it has fast boot on in windows power settings (it's on by default, I always turn that off). Sorry for your computer troubles :s
Vanisic (NA)
: Computer Help?
Hmm IDK. Is this a laptop or desktop? Best I could do is make sure the hardware inside is securely seated (mainly gpu, if it's a desktop). Probably not that though? Well actually, if it was me I would see if it still crashes running linux to attempt to rule out if it's software or driver related. But it's likely hardware related though. **EDIT: Maybe especially so if it has progressed to be worse. Seems to smell like hardware problem.** It's really a whole thing though, especially if your computer is not functioning (you might not have another and could be here on a phone, IDK). It could be a bit risky to install if it could randomly crash. Of course you can test running on just a live usb but w/e yada yada.. The motherboard battery thing is so your computer can keep time when turned off and remember settings for your bios to startup your computer and such. I don't *think* that being bad would render the system unusable but maybe I'm wrong. Another option if your cpu has basic integrated graphics is see if your system is stable running on that instead of a graphics card (which is probably what it uses). That's assuming this is a desktop machine. This would involve opening up your desktop computer and unplugging and removing the gpu when the system is off of course. Relatively easy actually unless it's a weird machine. Then plugging your video output into the motherboard if your system supports it. You'll have an office level graphical performance but could rule out a gpu driver or hardware problem. And definitely a long shot maybe quickly dart into window's power management settings and switch to a different one. But all that is troubleshooting and there might be a more obvious answer and someone more professional would know better. Might be better to just go to them. Edit: I like the guy's answer below. RAM or HDD issue can quickly cause instability.
: If Halo Infinite really lives up to the promises made, please reward them with a purchase
It's gonna have to be a good PC port then.... only so much of a splash can be made on just the xbox platform.
: Would this laptop work?
You know what, even the intel integrated gpu will give ample performance on league. I was worried you would spend like 800$ and it would be sub 60 but I looked it up, it'll be fine. I've climbed to high ranks way back in the day on worse specs. But yes the AMD vega 8 > intel 620. The AMD integrated graphics is even playable on fortnite and a lot of modern games on low.
: Would this laptop work?
The most important component for video gaming performance is the graphical processing unit (gpu) The asus laptop you linked has the least "gpu" possible. It has an intel "integrated" gpu. Which is bundled inside the cpu so the machine can output the basic visuals we expect to run on the desktop. So it's not even a full, separate, dedicated gpu. It can play league which is an old lightweight game, and I'm not sure how well tbh, but I would expect it would be disappointing after dropping hundreds of dollars on it. A machine like that is meant for casual and office use. Supposedly machines without a dedicated gpu tend to have better battery life and power efficiency which also means less heat/noise. The lowest end modern laptops with dedicated graphics (gpu) would be the ones with nvidia's MX150. This chip is a few years old but I've heard in the past year they've released neutered version of it that barely makes it better than integrated graphics. The next step up is the laptops with nvidia gtx 1050, with 1060, 1070, and 1080 laptops being the much more expensive ones (but far more powerful) A 1050 machine should be plenty for your needs. - You might find it's quite annoying how many of the available entry level "gaming" laptops have to look "edgy" to market to prepubescent 13 year old boys. But there's also the acer brand stuff. Which is pretty cheap for the specs you'll get. But is also known to come to feel a bit cheap. But you can find something with graphics that isn't edgy, although they do have their predator brand for a bit more $ **IF** you have a monitor lying around you might getting your game on (did I just say that..) with a desktop much more affordable. Else you have to be particular about which laptop you pick. Not that getting a laptop is a wrong choice. Some people just need that. Just stoking the idea process. As I said before a gtx 1050 should be plenty for your needs. That's from nvidia. The competing company AMD sells "rx" gpus. And an rx 560, 570 or 580 would be plenty for your needs (preferably the 580! with the 560 being a bit weak) RX 580 is in the ballpark of the 1050 or 1060 (idk exactly but close enough)
: We nerfed him since he was 58% winrate up until around silver MMR. We typically focus explicitly on plat+, but there are certain bounds at which we take action for lower level play as well. Doesn't make it easy, or feel good, Internal metrics still have him around 54 in low MMR, and around 53 high MMR. I'll need to double check those metrics though, since the post below this from ShirukuSama has him sitting at 47% according to lolalytics which is a pretty big discrepancy between what you guys are seeing and what we were looking at. Makes for a painful perception mismatch for sure. For context usually the delta is closer to ~1-2% between external sites and our own dashboards
Ughhhhh. I don't like winrate balancing.... " Oh no, it's 3 percent above tolerance levels! I know it's not gonna be a popular move, and will cause pain point over there but now we have to act." Sorry for the grouch-a-phrase. But. I am curious about this though. You said his winrate was very high up to around silver (so presumably starting from bronze), did even the players you were addressing the pain point for Want Yorick nerfed? Like, if you were to randomly poll a large sample of those players in all the regions before the changes would you have gotten a majority that said " Yes, Yorick is overpowered." or more importantly " Yeah, Yorick should be nerfed." I mean I will concede this point if such data were to say that those players said they wanted him nerfed or if on these boards actual non-smurf players of the skill ranges in question _who recently played games with Yorick_ agreed bellow (feel free to speak up boards!). Even if (or especially because?) them being players that read the boards would make them a small subset of players with their opinions influenced by the boards (whooaa!). ( And I'm not even saying you need to collect that data) Don't play the, well Yorick wasn't popular enough to cause major influence to those player's opinions. _If that's the case then was it actually necessary to take action yet then?_ Another Yorick thing I had been annoyed about at some point. When his rework came out I saw an early Riot quote stating they did not believe philosophically pet micromanagement was a fit in League. So you're just choosing not to offer that. For even one champion? You're basically deciding for your players that that's not a fun way for a someone to play the game. On an unpopular champion. And. It'd be a tougher sell on a brand new champion maybe (or maybe not, maybe it's just more difficult to convince your marketing department that). I mean. Okay. It could be annoying. I mean. Maybe it is right. But idk. But it's just so hugely disappointing for me because his ult creature is really cool (and could be even cooler mechanically). But the AI is sooooooo dumb and limited. Hardly effective against competent players. Only contributes if you manage to pin them. And in this age that's just instant death anyways. I just instantly knew this champion's fate when I read that. And his wall. That you can destroy cool. Interesting. Fine. Not a breeze to aim (approve actually. skill) But there is this thing called Trundle pillar in the game. Like. Huge range (at the time?) No aim required. Indestructable. Absurd slowing. Also has an ultimate with basically no counterplay. Oh no! He compared the abilities in separate kits. That's blasphemous. Come on though. You can so long as you're intelligent about it. How do you expect someone to balance and create all this game then. You don't? Anyways. Like. Is there any wonder why Trundle kept surfacing in competitive matches. Counterplay issues. Yorick's the opposite. But yeah. In my opinion since Yorick seems to have a really effective skill floor maybe the micro bad and no fun philosophy should be reconsidered. I confess though. I'm sure Yorick's nerf wasn't too significant. I don't even keep track anymore. --- I almost went on another Tangent you probably wouldn't want to read. But the sum of another thought. I think maybe it's time to consider the cow isn't sacred anymore and try major changes to like summoner's rift. The puzzle feels solved. It's no longer a puzzle anymore. It's a test who can perform the solve faster (but in the case of the game better usually min maxing unfairness). I guess it's pretty risky though. Maybe a graphic update again at least. You have just a few maps. Or at least bring dominion back. And try cross server matchmaking to keep smaller modes alive (I know the tech guys maybe shake their head grinning at such an idea). I know it will be a trade off of lag. Worth it for less serious modes imo. Maybe cross server potential might have other unexpected benefits.
: Mysterious Jinx Teaser on Twitter
It might be a new skin, but I think it's worse than that if you're not into that. I think what it might be is they might have some sort of Jinx Avatar cast at worlds. Or am I crazy?
Loboshl (NA)
: So today i manipulated my company into giving me a $1.50 raise
: heimerdinger
*insert obscenely muscular heimerdinger here*
: Is it me or Assassin's no longer furfill the criteria of "High Risk"?
Yeah. But it's largely the result of the removal defense runes the game had for seasons which the game was balanced around, as overpowered as they were. The way Riot added _certain_ resistance to certain champion classes when season 8 started was not an adequate response. It strikes me as a lazy and inconsiderate response as the defenses a champion needs isn't **really** tied to what they are. But what the enemies are instead. It was nonsensincal imo compared to an equal amount of each armor/mr to ranged and maybe a bit more for melee. I'm sure the intention was to decrease time to kill. And I thought it was very funny at first during preseason. But I was like, " they're gonna dial it back... Right? There's no conceivable way they can leave the game in this clown fiesta state for an entire competitive season." But I also thought they wanted to go this way so I am not surprised this small indie game design company did not dial it back at least a little bit. (they opted for bandaid-ing resolve, which wasn't quite the source of the issue) The resolve tree is not as good as old defense runes. But it also shouldn't it be. Because everyone would be forced to spec defense at least off spec. Which largely kills the system imo. And that is the design flaw with the current rune system. But yet I would still prefer specing boneplate in the off spec for the tryharding because living is op in league of legends. I don't think we should go back to having the same base defenses as s7 or before though. But somewhere in the middle. It really shouldn't have taken a whole season to tune that. Unless they just wanted a clown fiesta season to say we had it.
: Unpopular opinion: don't buff tanks
Right on my man. I had to log in to give this upvote 100
: Why are there so many submissions that aren't even close to the emote art style lmao do they not understand what these are supposed to be
> [{quoted}](name=SugeMinPikk,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=BEGAQOk0,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-07-30T16:47:44.660+0000) > > Why are there so many submissions that aren't even close to the emote art style lmao do they not understand what these are supposed to be That's for Riot's artists to worry about. Let's not do _all_ of their work!
: TO those MORONS who don't ban in champ select...
But banning a champion could move us to another timeline where we lose the game. How do we even know?! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
: Building A Computer! Nerds Please Help!
I just made scrambled eggs. For power supply my recommended brands are seasonic, EVGA, and corsiar maybe. Seasonic are reliable from what I can tell. Long warranty. EVGA is similar, and are also known to be more consumer friendly that other pc part brands. I complained to EVGA that my power supply was making a tiny squeek or "sonic dash" noise I called it under certain conditions and they offered to replace it. I didn't though because I figured out it wasn't the power supply and I also fixed it. Anyways. Back to motherboards there are three sizes. Two you may want. ATX is full sized board. mATX is slightly shrunk but still fits into standard cases. For most people mATX is perfectly fine, it basically is just missing the 3rd pci slot. And who at home slots in 3 cards or expansions these days? Amateur crypto miners I guess. Also mATX tends to be lower cost at the entry level side. Both ATX and mATX fit into most standard pc cases. The special one is ITX also known as mini ITX. These go into special cases for small form factor pcs. These are MORE expensive and make compromises so these are for geeks like me who might think to try to make a nintendo gamecube sized powerhouse. So yeah. Once you decide your cpu on pc part picker it should filter in only compatible motherboards when you go to choose that. Then you can pick based on price and stuff.
: Building A Computer! Nerds Please Help!
For ram use the PC part picker website. I'm actually about to do it for you in the [link here](https://pcpartpicker.com/products/memory/#s=402133,402400,402666,402800,402933,403000,403200,403300,403333,403400,403466,403600,403666,403733,403800,403866,404000,404133,404200,404266,404333,404400,404500,404600&Z=8192001,8192002,16384002&L=0,160&sort=price&page=1) but in system build under the memory tab click all the ddr4 speeds. DDR4 is what you will put in a modern day computer motherboard. Your old computer probably uses ddr3 or maybe even 2!! Anyways. You are gonna have to choose if you think you need 16 gigs of ram or 8. 8 is still very live-able right now. It really is. But some triple A games already might sometimes use more, but probably non essentially and your computer can cache that extra usage in a thing called a page file. If you want to be future prepared you will want to get 16 gigs. If you need to save now cause ram is not cheap you can still go 8 gigs. Going two sticks for dual channel will perform slightly better than one, but it's not noticeable really. But get dual sticks if you are investing more than the minimum here. Then I cap the CL latency thing at 16. 14 is mostly the best for ddr4. That usually means it is made with samsung's stuff. Now. Just get something that isn't 2133 MHz speed. Go for 2666 MHz at least or something. With lower CL rating the better. DDR4 RAM pretty much should work whatever board you pick so whatever. But it honestly doesn't matter if you get the cheapest speed ram there is if you don't activate xmp in bios. And it's only a couple percent difference anyways. Oh. And there aren't many, but watch out as some of them are SODIMM sizes which are for laptops.
Nsane (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=DrCyanide,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=YJw1AUuh,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-07-21T13:28:42.475+0000) > > You likely can use the same case, saving yourself a little money. Depends. Assuming it was a pre-built system, if it was from Dell or any of the bigger manufacturers, they usually use a proprietary form-factor case/MB.
> [{quoted}](name=Nsane,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=YJw1AUuh,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2018-07-21T15:21:13.420+0000) > > Depends. Assuming it was a pre-built system, if it was from Dell or any of the bigger manufacturers, they usually use a proprietary form-factor case/MB. Yeah. Especially if it is SOO OLD. He said ten years almost. I recommend he picks himself a new one. He can get great cases for 50$ or less even these days.
: Building A Computer! Nerds Please Help!
If you are going with intel cpu you should get a 6th or 7th gen i7 for cheap or an 8th gen i5. Buying a 4 core 4 thread for a gaming PC is slightly dated and it will be holding you back a couple years from now or even now actually. (I'm seeing there are no deals on 6th or 7th gen intel. so nvm. Get 8th gen pls) With no mention of cooler anywhere it sounds like you intend to use the intel stock cooler. Those things are the literal worst. Do yourself a favor and at least get [this cpu cooler](https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103107&ignorebbr=1&nm_mc=AFC-C8Junction&cm_mmc=AFC-C8Junction-PCPartPicker,%20LLC-_-na-_-na-_-na&cm_sp=&AID=10446076&PID=3938566&SID=) . It keeps my i5 4460 very cool under full load on "silent" fan curve. With lower temp cpu either it can stay boosted longer or you could set slower fan curves which makes your computer less noisier. 9.99 is very cheap for a cpu cooler. For a more mid range cooler I would recommend the [cryorig h7](https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA85V4FU2360). It's good enough for any cpu at stock or light overclocks. A tad overkill on an i5. Honestly the AMD cpus were garbage with the a10/fx bulldozer piledriver crap, but the latest ryzen ones are extremely competent now especially on a budget. The other week they had ryzen 7 1700x for sale for 188$. That's an 8 core 16 threaded cpu. But that was during July competing with amazon prime day sales. IF you consider amd for a moment you want to look at the ryzen 5/ryzen 7s. Those 6 or 8 core cpus (with double the threads). Also, they come with more competent stock cpu coolers than what intel provides. Still fine to replace them though. Not saying you need to but all Ryzen cpus can be overclocked on any "50" or "70" motherboard (not the 20 stuff). The IPC "instructions per cycle" are a bit lower than intel, so they are a bit less on equal gigahertz but it's made up by the fact you get 12 threads on a budget. And while clock speed is king right now for pushing framerate particularly on older games the ryzens perform more than adequately and intensive games in the future or even now will be wanting that "widened workload." ALSO, since this is for gaming if you probably don't want to be messing with your cpu clock rates you will want to look at the X rated ryzens. Those are sold at higher clock rates. The motherboard you get will depend on what cpu you have. Intel and AMD use different boards. 6th gen intel apparently go into h110, b250, or z270 motherboard. From what I can see 6th gen intel cpus are depreciated out of the market and there's no deals so skip those. They are after all several years old. 7th gen intel goes into. Actually the same boards. Intel historically has done cpu 2 generations per set of boards. But I see 7th gens are also not a good value. So for intel you want 8th gen. These were a big jump anyways. For intel I highly recommend the 8600 for 216$. These go into z370, b350 and h310 motherboards. The 310 are the bare bones budget variety. The 350 the mid range. A little nicer. Not actually very much more expensive last I checked. The z370 are what you need if you want to overclock the k variant intel cpu. You need both a K variant and a z370 to overclock the intel clock modifier. It's not really worth it if you have other priorities. But in general the higher end motherboards use nicer components rated to last longer, you can plug in more stuff to them, have their bios more optimized for overclocking. And look subjectively nicer. Stuff you don't need at all to be happy with your computer. I recommend you use https://pcpartpicker.com/ to assist you in assembling your choice parts! I'm tired out now.
Memtoe (EUW)
: New PC with low fps ONLY on League
Is it most league games? Constantly? After I helped a friend build a new gaming PC [intel 8700 with a gtx 1080] last December he encountered tragic fps issues at the end of a match. I had heard that windows game mode is a possible cause. Afaik he never had the issue again after disabling windows game mode but idk if it's just a lucky placebo. Windows + A -> all settings -> Gaming -> turn off "game bar" Like maybe it's clashing with nvidia shadowplay or sumthing idk. But if it was that the issue would be more common. Though this issue has popped up infrequently for some time. Well since it's league only the ball is on Riot's court still.
: A (hopefully) thoughtful discussion about funneling in 3v3 / 3's / Twisted Treeline
On a side note in my opinion the lanes start out too short that it reduces interaction. Also another opinion some champs that can go through thick walls to gank lanes from mid are annoying. Especially since Rek'Sai for example can pop out of the top lane dot bushes stealthily. A _possible_ option to combat this is a some kind of objective for vision in the middle there (not sure if optimal solution). A more hack solution is to make the wall super impassable to most except maybe Kayne [or not](his wall approach is telegraphed I think) Grander scale map updates would be nice. If I wanted to be even more experimental I would try switching to a 5 minion per wave format with like faster moving minions or something in a attempt to encourage a higher tempo lane phase and mid game. Very experimental ideas though. I guess you can't have them outrun champions though.
Prandine (NA)
: Please bring back Dominion as a permanent game mode.
On another note though I think the stupid high burst damage the game in general has would suck some of the fun out of even dominion too. Not disagree'ing it would be good to have back though. Dominion doesn't actually need the fragile base defenses we have now at all as the game mode already does a good job of throwing you and the enemy into fights. Dmg shouldn't be this stupid on the rift either but I can understand why they tried it.............
Prandine (NA)
: Please bring back Dominion as a permanent game mode.
No. No fun allowed. You must die-hard on summoner's rift like everyone else! Let's not update the map visuals ever again or keep new game modes around for any reasonable amount of time. It's too expensive for a small indie company. All we need are balance or game system changes :D
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