: Poll: Which player behavior feels the worst to play with?
I would say Intentional feeding as having an afk will hurt you, but gold wise aside from having more players the afk is not really giving the enemy team kills so its just a weight. while with Intentional feeding the enemy team is getting all the gold and xp from killing that player over and over again and that in my opinion is setting you back more than having an afk
Acidalia (NA)
: star guardians companions as little legends
Yes. yes 1000 times yes, I would love Ahri's or Ezreal's familiar as a little legend
iLoveJogurt (EUNE)
: Anti remake strat?
only would work if its someone like Sol, or someone else with an aoe damage they can be hit with
: When is TFT coming?
It's out now on na
: I completed the game for the gold icon but didn't receive it. What happened?
its a gold emote, not an icon
: Most unfun champ to go against?
when your a slow imobile mage {{champion:101}} will just make your life a living hell
: That would be nice
You guys do realize that the client team and the login team are 2 different teams with different focus right? as the logins requires artists while the client requires programmers more so than artists
: shaco is still getting 1350 rp skins, so i doubt he'll get a vgu soon
only reason shaco is getting a skin now is because his last skin came out (before dark star) in 2015, and that skin was only a 750 skin
: List of Skins with Loading Screen Borders?
Don't know all of them but all list what i know, -Every project skin. -The 2018 and 2019 new years skins. (Kench, Nasus, Lux, WW, etc.) -The gen 2 star guardian skins. (The set that came with Ahri.) [Not the p.j. versions tho.] -The battle academia skins. [Active goes away on the 2nd] -The 2019 April fools skins. -All the skins that were once limited but became legacy (to name a few examples, the 2009 Christmas, and Halloween skins, and the first wave of striker skins,) [Urfwick and Pax Sivir also are here kinda.] -The ultimate Lux and Mf skins. -The Halloween 2018 skins. -The odyssey skins. -The 2017 and 2018 versus skins. -Most of the new legendary skins that have been coming out as of late [not sure when this trend started so if someone could tell me that would be great.] -The challenger and championship skins. [A few challenger borders are up till the 2nd on the pass store.] -The prestige skins technically have borders. And those are all the skins that i know have borders that I am aware of, if i missed any please let me know as these are only the ones that I am aware of. However I am pretty sure the borders wont come back after their first appearance as they are meant to be a little something you pay for the prestige and bragging rights imo.
: suspended for something so small
you really should of just muted them and reported them in the post-game screen
: Got Perma ban for a stupid reason
Oh I saw the 3 magic letters, so that is why you got banned because telling someone to kill themselves seems like a pretty fair ban is you ask me
: ***
This is player behavior and their are 3 main groups of people here 1 toxic people 2 people here to watch the toxic people and 3 people here to tell the toxic people why they got banned and they need to know this stuff to explain to the first group why they were jerks
: mind explaining instead of a plain no maybe theres a hidden psychology in skins
The pug,maw skin makes me want to get kog first, i just really hate that skin
Rioter Comments
: I have two questions: 1) When did mystery champion was removed from the store? 2) When will I be able to make a region change? Thx!
mystery champion was removed when the essanse shop ended and 2 when season 8 starts
: how do u get the project capsule?
Rioter Comments
: toxicity!!!
if you are leaving in games in progress then you are being toxic but for a different reason
fstar25 (NA)
: Botting in ARAM is ridiculous since open leveling
from experinse their has been a ton of bots in aram for a while when i play
: Ban appeal
Yeah you deserved it as they could not tell you said "kill yourself" as a joke with all your other stuff you said as telling someone to end their lives is not a joke
: Everyone bitchin' about Urfwick not being available when it is a retired skin. Riot has stated that they are looking to bring Gray and Urf WW back but why the hell do you think they'd just throw it in with all the other skins when it hasn't been available since it was discontinued? Use common sense before you post. It'll be coming back most likely, but they're not just gonna be like "Oh and here's URF Warwick after years of being retired!" It'll probably continue to be rare or they might change something about it (and Gray WW) so people who got the skin originally have some sort of marker stating so. They're not just going to throw it into the sale with all the other skins just because of the rework. It's a very special skin.
the first few years of the christmas, and harrowing skins were once retired after their initial release same thing with championship riven
: Since Jinx skin on sale can I get a partial refund on my orange essense
: Just the skin. The Master Pack was a release only special.
its still on the store i think under bundles
gabiio (NA)
: same :D thats noice ;) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
i got it from a chest
as an azir main, that wont work they just keep nerfing with no end
: i just bought kha zix this saturday... and my friend just bought syndra
Ryzed (NA)
: Nerf exhaust, but won't touch Zed nor lethality nerfs at all? Thanks, Blizzard.
this game is made by riot games not blizzard
: Check out Galio's PBE Gameplay
What was the main inspiration for his new visuals?
: but NA...???
this is the na news site
Jikker (NA)
: I remember when all icons were either earned some way or IP costs Since when are ingame icons worth ~$2.00?
and it has been this 2.00 way for a while like at least 2 years
Diodice (NA)
: So {{champion:31}} can have infinite stacks but {{champion:104}} can't have a cigar? I so done...
: *goes into the free champ rotation and sees {{champion:53}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:29}} and {{champion:143}} *.... What do I do that's too many to ban along with {{champion:164}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:107}} and {{champion:121}} ... Im scared
relax they will only be smurfs and people you are trying out a champ what you should really worry about is the new zyra skin coming out next patch
: Pretty sure it is legacy so you can only get it through hextech/mystery gifts at this point.
you can also get legacy skins when the vault opens or when the timed event opens depending on the skin
: ***
troodon06 it was out in 2014
Boomhour (NA)
: I guess both Lil Slugger Trundle and Project Ashe will be on sale from Feb 27 - Feb 28 ? Been waiting all month for those 2 skins.
ashe will be out in the early sale while trundle will be next week
: ***
the one time we are not trash who need to git gud i guess
: When {{champion:266}} has a really unique playstyle but constantly gets nerfed to almost being almost unplayable *cough* {{champion:268}} *cough*
git gud at azir
G3n0 (NA)
: ***
what is this? looks like a virus
: Legacy skins should honestly go on early sale. I really wanted Little Devil Teemo and Bewitching Tristana but couldn't purchase them during the event.
why then their would be no reason to get themin their events if you could get them cheaper 6 months later
: I wish every new skin that came out wasn't 1350 RP what happend to all the 975 RP skins.
a 975 skin is coming out next patch its called Festival Queen Anivia, not a leak i just look on the pbe
: Wondering if Blackfrost Anivia will ever go on sale. Have been waiting an eternity.
its a pre dragon trainer trist skin so nope
: If you guys go to: https://privacy.riotgames.com/en_US/data It will tell you how much you have spent along with some other information like lifetime kills, creeps, etc... $730 0_o
515.0 oh no, oh no, OH NO REGRETS
Terozu (NA)
: Except it was in smite first :b
still people would get mad over it
Terozu (NA)
: it could be the first mastery 7 skin.
but people could complain on how they stole that feature from hots as they already have skins that you can get for reaching lv 10 as the champ and saving up 1000 gold to get a free skin
: Still no love for my boy {{champion:83}} {{item:3070}}
please go look at the first bundle
: This game mode is one of the worst ive ever played.
have you played hexakill
: rito should give one promotion to buy skins with ip, that would be awesome
and it would devalue the shit out of said skins
: Still no {{champion:28}} bug fix?
no one would notoce because no one plays her outside of urf
Tract (NA)
: Azir survives yet another patch without a pointless rework :D
yay this makes me happy
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