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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 9
I like that. "Fair play is not something we care or strive for in our new game mode. Get fucked by RNG nerds.". What a joke. This is why Riven is still godtier and your game is in the dumpster.
Barkley (NA)
: I've noticed that the TFT is much less toxic.
I think it's mostly because TFT is a trash mode that has even less balance than SR right now. Who can take a game mode seriously when Riot has proven themselves incapable of balancing even something as simple as autochess.
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: Ive certainly heard people say this. Thought about doing this, but i started this season in b5 again and its just.... taking too long. Theres only so many times wanna punch myself. When new season starts every year, where do you usually get placed? Im guessing below gold, but how far?
Give me your account information and let me boost you to Gold. As long as Riot is allowing people to do it through Dynamic queue, they shouldn't have a problem doing it the more work-intensive way either.
: Dear riot trying to kill the game.
To be perfectly honest, I'm ready for Riot to kill their game and collapse as a company. They're becoming Comcast- "We know what you want, don't argue with us on it."
: Played with a Rioter today...
Only time I had a Rioter on my team, they went 0-8 with Sivir in a ranked match and then proceeded to try and ask me what I could do to make the game better. Disabling chat. Disabling chat would be better. So we don't need to listen to them lying to us.
: UPVOTE if you agree you should get "LOSS PREVENTED" if you have an AFK ruin your game.
If you have an AFK purposefully in your game, they need to get banned from ranked for 3 weeks. After that, perma. Done, 100%.
: Hey guys, we know there are a lot of players who are really passionate about solo queue. We're not trying to be dishonest or dodge this topic. Radio silence on this the past couple months has been painful, we know. We hoped to come out with a direct answer to this, but working through the problems players are facing on live now (consistency around position select, queue times and matchmaking for high MMR) is taking longer than we initially expected. We did a bad job at managing expectations around this and deserve the heat we're getting around that. That being said, solo queue does not directly address either of these problems and could suffer from the exact same problems. We'll be honest: there's definitely a world in which solo queue doesn't return, but we'd rather keep it on the table as we work through these issues before making a final decision.
How exactly does Solo queue run into the same exact problems, of people waiting too long to play against premades? Just the NAME fixes the issue. SOLO QUEUE. No premades, no stupidly long waits because nobody likes your failure of a queue now. Radio silence is a purposeful choice in companies, and by you guys doing it -constantly-, it just establishes how little you actually care about the player base, compared to your "E-sports".
: > That said, as we continue our work, we're concerned about the impact solo queue will have on matchmaking as a whole, and we’re assessing how to best proceed. Looks like you guys are getting an early start on backtracking about solo queue. Will it be the next update when you announce no solo queue or will we have to wait for the one after that?
Why not just cancel Solo-queue like you did Ao Shin, and stop dragging us along on your stupid little "5 man premades NEVER get matched with solo queue" lies. Be more like Trump, have the balls to tell us what you're actually (not) doing, instead of lying to our faces constantly like Hillary.
: Is there a reason the upgraded yellow trinket was removed altogether?
The biggest reasoning is because Riot doesn't know what the fuck they're doing. Blatant callout.
: And people complain about the lack of supports in dynamic queue. The irony.
Every person playing support in Dynamic is either a support player, or a mId laner who got their second role, so they just build AP.
MaddMan (NA)
: my 100 game, 72% win rate leona would like a word with you. \(T)/
You're silver like 90% of the rest of the people, myself currently included. If you were at 72% win rate, you'd be at least gold or platinum.
: Why I'm starting to hate being a Support main
I like how the support main brings up viable grievances, such as how vision is completely useless right now because you can't actually buy wards, and how snowbally the game is, and everybody's reaction is "play mid or jungle". Yeah that's now how that shit is supposed to work. Bring back buyable wards, true vision scanners, and remove a shit ton of AP ratios from "supports" who just build AP and instantly chunk people down with Thunderlord's Failure.
GigglesO (NA)
: I would have actually sided with OP on this one. That is at worst passive aggressive. Honestly if what he says is true, he was a victim of something that is actually quite common. I know I'm going to get down voted, but every game I get to ban, I ban Lee Sin. I've been a victim of the same exact thing. Except in my case, he didn't even have Lee Sin as his pick intent.
Riot doesn't care about solo players though. That's why they introduced dynamic queue. So they could completely fuck over people trying to play the game alone. 4 people reporting 1 and getting him banned? Well it's a team game, guess he deserved it.
: It's pretty obvious NOBODY likes Katarina
Looking for actual constructive discussion here. Kat is a broken idea, simply because it's 100% feast or famine with her.
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: Jinx x Ekko
Holy shit he has an annoying voice. Why did they get a 10 year old to voice this guy.
Azukus (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Strawberrycocoa,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lfX0XEPH,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-04-12T20:42:37.066+0000) > > This isn't a movie, no one is watching in reverent awe as Zed puts his shades on while the explosion detonates in the background behind him. Being able to dump your kit then flee before the enemy is finished off only to have a time bomb finish things off for you is terrible and not at all fun to have to deal with. A Zed who leaves the battle before his enemy is dead shouldn't be getting a kill, he should be cursing himself for not finishing the enemy off. Um, that's what his ult does. He's a flippin' ninja. Legit, every anime that has a swordsman does it at least once. There's so many things to complain about (Annie's ult), yet here you are complaining about something can has so many counters to it. You complaining about Zed's ult is like complaining about playing versus a Katarina. It's so simple. Have your support save Exhaust for Zed if he's THAT troublesome. If he's so darn difficult to beat, save an ability for him.
You are the type of player that Riot needs to hire. So that we get more shitty weeaboo champions with 0 counterplay like Zed/Yasuo that will slowly kill this game and make way for actual developers to take over and either fix it, or create an actual balanced game.
: Is Kha'zix ever getting buffed?
Riot has proven time and time again they have no idea how to balance their game, with Assassins being the most prominent display of ineptitude. They literally cannot pull their heads from their asses long enough to realize that Assassins who are designed on bursting people down from 100%-0% with no room or time for counterplay is inherently lazy design. In fact, they have the gall to say those types of assassins are "healthy", as is the case with Leblanc and Zed, two prime contenders for "look how keyboard smashingly frustrating these two champions are to play against!". On the other end of the spectrum, there are the "assassins" so weak that they literally cannot compete because they lack the aforementioned 100%-0% capabilities; IE KZ / Evelynn. These champions, Riot just refuses to acknowledge, as they slowly but steadily neuter half of the champion pool, while making sure their champions with the big "flashy" plays are consistently top contenders. Don't get your hopes up. Riot has become Comcast; if it doesn't make them any money, they'll just do what they want, because they have a monopoly on the MoBA genre.
Here's the thing; does fixing this issue make Riot any money whatsoever? If not, you can bet that they're going to ignore it. Riot is the new Comcast. Doesn't matter how often customers complain, since they're literally the only dominant force on the market right now, they can go on ignoring their playerbase.
Atuko (NA)
: Don't really like the direction this game is going.
There is no incentive to play anything other than the broken champions, because you get punished massively for doing otherwise. Riot is a new company that has 0 idea of how to balance their game, and it's showing. They hire people who are clearly inept (Ghostfailure), and balance around the .0001% of their players that they deem matter. If you're not a pro, you're worthless in their eyes.
: Champion Concept: Senna the Vindictor/Lantern's Light (Lets Revive her)
We don't need any more black champions. Affirmative action has already been fulfilled by one broken ADC.
: "Kill Yourself": The Phrase and the Harm it Does [Please Read]
The damage is does: Absolutely none. Words can't hurt anyone.
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: I just had the worst Cho'gath player on my team...
That sounds nice. Except for the fact you fucking LOST. That by default means it was a terrible game. No matter how good their attitudes are, if they are shitty players, they ruin the game for others and should be punished for that fact.
: > [{quoted}](name=Raleko,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=sYVkQtEj,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2015-01-17T00:52:09.206+0000) > > I don't think that should matter. Actually, it's one of the only things that really does matter. If she's not picked at the highest level, then it means that there are certain drawbacks which they consider greater than her strengths. Balance is based on high-level play. It's meant to show the state of a champion when used properly against competent opposition.
Except the highest level of play doesn't mean shit since they're the minority.
: I have a ton of fun playing him, so you can shut up there. Second, he doesn't have an absurd win rate, he has really really good matchups, as well as really really bad matchups like any other champion. If you actually try to play the game instead of complaining, you can deal with him. He's been nerfed in all the right places. Go away.
Except for the fact he's still universally banned or picked in nearly every game. And his W nullifies skillshots with absolutely no backlash to him. Just because you have fun picking a champion with absolutely 0 counters to stomp games, doesn't mean everybody else does. He's toxic, and deserves to be gutted.
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: New StreamerGirl
Your face looks like someone hit you with a brick. Get a boob cam or don't post this again.
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: Can some one f*cking help me..
You're bad. That's what's keeping you down.


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