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: Sion Champion Update Q&A [COMPLETED]
The change of kit is a much larger shift than any of the other re-works. what made you guys decide to go with such a radical change instead of either retiring the champion or splitting him into two champions. i mean, the new sion is something on the order of half the old sion - they aren't really that similar except for the shield and the w's passive. are we going to be getting a new champion who's focus revolve around the half of sion that has been eliminated with this rework - i.e. an ultimate revolving around lifesteal and attack speed or is that portion of sion dead forever?
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ZL1n (NA)
: ALL FRIEND in friend list are gone. Does anyone know what happen?
the rumors are that Riot along with several other gaming companies got hacked. They're currently having Server Issues - be patient and expect them to fix it at some point
: Extra ban in pick ban phase?
if you're going to increase the ban phase i'd make it so everyone playing gets a ban. fair's fair. i read a post a few months back that suggested a complete revamp to the picks/bans which sounded really interesting from a strategic/tactical view point. having part of the bans at the start and others later in the pick phase - i think the guy referenced Smite or Dota i don't recall. that said i'm pretty happy with draft mode at the moment knowing that odds are riot will rebalance things again in the pre-season and a lot of these OP champs are temporary or just haven't found appropriate counters yet.
: More new champions, skins and summoner icons?
it was actually Riot's intention to put out more champions and skins then they did last season (season 3) but thye ran into issues in development (Lucian) and this delayed them significantly. as for skins - Riot has significantly upped their game as far as skins are concerned - now i've heard several people in the community complaining about the lack of lower tiered skins (Personally i don't see the appeal for skins with just a different color) nor do i really get exactly why Riot has decided to not produce anymore of these 520 skins - but i understand the desire to put a quality product and i'm guessing that it has to do with both that desire and cost efficiency me i'm happy with the way Riot's been running the game and i have no problem with any of their decisions and am generally pleased with others. that said - more icons would be cool
: Blitzcrank should not exist. I don't want to play a game with a Blitzcrank in it.
hey man, so i've been playing blitz off and on for a few years and he's fun. he's far from an instant kill. but i find having played him for so long i can get inside blitz players heads and dodge him more easily. really knowing the range of his pull is key. in reality aside from a with a pick team blitz isn't that useful. he brings a lot less utility than say thresh with all of his cc - but he has a few pretty standard counters. firstly is blitz is countered by warding. if you can see the pull coming - then it's a lot easier to dodge. control the bush! secondly is mobility - don't be so predictable in your movements. if you watch the pro's they move around a lot to bait out the blitz pull. third - winions are great shields, use them effectively. alistar is a pretty hard counter to blitz. he pulls you. you knock each other up. and you're ali so you walk out still tanky. or if you're adc is any kind of paying attention then he jumps in and starts wailing on their ADC. lots of options there. ezreal - EZ is a soft counter to blitz - but his arcane shift does let him escape the blitz pull pretty easily. not as squishy as he looks - blitz is squishy at early levels - but he's not as squishy as he looks - and since he's a one trick pony it's better to just ignore him until the fight is over - i find a lot of folks focus the blitz once the fight is engaged - it's a big mistake. be willing/prepared to change your play. blitzcrank does require you to adapt to him - he just does. he's a great champ but he's not OP. if you or you're ally can't land hooks then he's useless. similarly. if you can avoid the hook playing against the opposing blitzcrank, he can't do very much and you win the game. just dodge the hooks - it's easy enough. if you play support/top lane. intercept the hooks and use it as you're initiation. that works too. but seriosuly - blitz is not that bad.
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