: Has Riot ever considered a champion trading system? I often get requests from random people I add to gift champions, and I can't or don't want to do that...but it would be really cool if I could trade a champion with them - get rid of a champion I don't like very much for one I really love. For me personally (and maybe for lots of people) the gifting system doesn't really have much value. I'm never going to ask random people for free things - that's trashy and rude. Most of my real life friends who play with me won't gift me anything, and I won't gift them anything either. So the entire system achieves nothing for me, it's just there, a code. A trading system could allow people who can't or don't want to invest money to benefit and gain what they want without having to grind to 6,500 IP. There could be restrictions, like this could only be done three times a season, or something of the sort. Also, champions must be at least six months (a year) old to be tradeable. This way new champions aren't exploited and just traded around, and Riot still makes money off new product. Just a thought.
They would need to put a lot of restrictions to ensure that the system is not abused. For example, champions can only be traded for a champion in the same price tier. Otherwise, you'd be getting trades from new players, like Annie for Kha'zix. Or possibly level 1 smurf accounts with champions that they should not even have yet (through trading to themselves). The smurf can then trade back the champion whenever they feel they need the champion on their regular account. This could be a huge turn off for new players and could impact Riot's bottom line as their market shrinks. Another issue is Riot likely wouldn't see much of a profit increase from this (if at all). Valve at least has base trade items in the way of keys and crates. These allow them to generate some profit from the TF2, Counterstrike GO and Dota 2 trade and selling markets. There doesn't appear to be an equivalent for LoL. Until one of those two conditions is fulfilled (most likely the second one) Riot probably won't do a trade system.
: "Ultra Rapid Fire" Q&A with the Play team. 4/6, 11AM - 1PM PST
I'm kind of curious about this, but did you guys during development of the mode think about changing the minions (and jungle creeps) to being URF themed. Things like golden spatula wielding melee minions and mini URF riding siege minions?


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