: You realize Riot made Aurelion Sol specifically because the _community_ wanted a dragon champion, right? Same thing for non-human(oid) champions like Yuumi. They made them because the _community_ asked for something different.
Id assume youre talking about people on the boards and reddit when talking about wanted but i could be wrong. But if it is boards and reddit they are a very vocal minority due not every NA and EU player going on the boards or reddit and also that isnt anything compared to the sheer amount of players in asia. Also when asking for a non human champ i doubt people meant a cat, probably more like rek sai or tahm. Again i could be wrong.
DalekZec (EUNE)
: Which begs the question: do the players who play these unpopular champs they love even matter? Yay money and shit. But this pisses me off so much.
Yea no. What gets me is why make the champ and make me have fun playing them if theyre not gonna pay an equal amount of attention to them like other characters. Might as well just pump chamos that are guaranteed to be popular and those guaranteed to get the same attention.
: How are they supposed to know if a champion is going to be unpopular before they even release them?
I would about it by looking at which champions are popular in terms of skin sales, play rate across all seasons and time played. Then I would see what those champions have in common. For example the rioters that worked on them, the champions aesthetics, champions kit. After that riot would just make champions that are similar to those champions while maybe trying one or two new thing with them to test the waters but nothing that would really deviate from what makes champions popular. Then just fill league with that instead if unmarketable champions like tahm kench, maokai or aurelion sol.
: Ex-Rioter Stellari on the Divide between Unpopular and Popular skin sales
Honestly if this is the case riot should just stop making unpopular champions like ornn or ivern since they arent making them money and riot has made it clear that they are a business that needs to focus on popular champs because they make the big bucks. So what is the benefit of making champs like ornn or ivern when they arent gonna make them as much money and when they are made people are just gonna complain about them not receiving love in years? Riot should just double down on making champs that stick to the popular format like yasuo and lux and stop wasting everyone’s time with champs like ornn or ivern or Xerath. That way when people look at league they understand that this is a game for people who want to weeb out and have super flashy hyper mobile champs and nit anything else. Really sucks when you love champs like maokai and ornn but since they arent profitable due to playstyle or aesthetic riot just kinda sweeps them under the rug. Atleast this way it would make it a lot easier for those players to move on.
Bârd (NA)
: > **Stats** > > * Attack speed is no longer increased by 0.105 after bonuses. > * Base attack speed decreased from 0.695 to 0.600 > * Base attack damage increased from 63.5 (+3.3 per level) to 85 (+3 per level) Maokai is a lumbering (heh) giant. It makes no sense for him to flail around and hit you with a wet noodle. As such, his abnormally high attack speed has been exchanged for abnormally high base AD. High attack speed makes him *a bit* too good at triggering Sap Magic on CD. > **Passive** > > * Sap Magic procs no longer increase your attack windup. > * Sap Magic applies a debuff to the target that does 6-13% of the target's max HP as magic damage over 3 seconds and slows them by 25%. > * Sap Magic no longer immediately heals Maokai. It now heals anybody within 400 units of the debuffed target (or their corpse). Maokai can once again directly make his team more durable in fights, which is compensated for by how his personal durability has been cut a bit. It also gives him some % health damage, which I'll justify by taking it away from his saplings. >**W** > > * Maokai can reactivate mid flight (after a minimum of 0.15 seconds) to cancel the spell, putting it on CD. Because Quinn. > **Saplings** > > * Have been reverted to old Saplings. > * Base damage reduced by 10. Percent HP damage on your saplings is clunky. Saplings being empowered in bushes is gimmicky and I hate it. ARAM Maokai will just have to take it.
Personally i love his interaction with brush because its a cool take on maokai being a nature guy. You fight him near brush or in jungle and he’ll turn it against you.
Hi im 12 (EUNE)
: my question is why are you playing maokai though? you would be better off playing most other champions and its not like his exactly the epitome of fun either.
: Old ult was absolutely broken because of the teamwide damage reduction. That's one of the reasons why Mao was hated back then Like OP said if they ever bring it back they should remove the damage reduction and give MS boost/slowfield or just keep the damage absorb to himself
I was thinking if they bring the old back maybe make it so that he just store the dmg that everyone takes but no dmg reduction for teamates and at the end he uses that stored damage to damage the enemies and heal his team. Because then you could still kill his team while his ult is active but it still provides utility as well as the enemy being able to build greivous wounds to kneecap the healing. The two biggest issues i think with the suggestion would be that it would add too much power to maokai’s kit and force riot to take some power from other parts of his kit and players might still not like the fact that now if they dont kill mao’s team before the ult goes off its like a whole redemption for his team as well as a nuke and that probably wouldnt be fun to play against. So they could bring it back but fir the utility part idk if they could make it work without drastically shifting maokai’s power and his preception from the player base.
Aizo (NA)
: Hey! I'm a Grandmaster Maokai OTP and I have a few ideas how to make this champion more interesting
Honestly i love how maokai as is right now but ig he could use some quality of life changes. All the suggested changes are pretty good sounding except the W change. Last thing riot should be doing is bloating more characters with mobility. Maokai’s w now is cool because even though its a dash it has the requirement of you using it on an enemy and it having a relatively short range. So it gives maokai a means to actually stay on top of someone without letting him dash all over the place to dodge skill shots (unless you can target an enemy). I really think for the ult making the roots go faster would be nice or if they wanted to bring back the old ult but adjust its utility. I think if riot did bring back the old ult instead of damage reduction it would have to be something else but what that might be I really dont know since whatever form of damage prevention it is would probably feel terrible to fight against as well as making maokai too strong and requiring he lose power from other parts of his kit. Maybe it could be that when maokai ults he stores all the damage his teammates and himself has taken and then when it ends he returns it as damage to the enemy and healing to allies. But that would probably be hated to play against so in this aspect i really dont know.
Jaspers (EUW)
: I'm more on the Owl front for Aatrox (horned owl specifically for Aatrox, fits his wings and wise old things) but I like the idea of bat too. The 'dragon' thing is so cliched. Varus is anyone's guess, his ghost form in the music vid and spliced body show no signs of anything.
i like owl as well but i just say bat since his wings are leathery and he has the silhouette of one if you squint your eyes.
fròstý (NA)
: What did the 3 current Darkin look like before they were corrupted?
Mu take is Aatrox: bat Rhaast: hammerhead or goat Varus: scorpion
: > [{quoted}](name=SolarisCorvus,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ARTEbZ1E,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2019-09-06T06:56:18.161+0000) > > ok thats just moronic. How so? He isn’t punishable. This punishes him. Right now he litteraly gets caught out then goes “oops, stealth, dash, stun, regen”
look i fucking hate pyke but that change would just mean all dmg he takes is mana burn. instead they should fucking knne cap the regen rate and maybe the actual amount he gets back in the early game. for level 1 - 10 the regen rate of his passive should be down to like 25% of the original rate. That way if you hit pyke the damage actually sticks with him for longer than a microsecond. Also early the amount of health he can possibly get back should be like 10 percent of the amount he lost. The change you suggest would just mean that pyke would constantly be oom without any say into it. especially with it being 30 fucking mana per tick.
: > [{quoted}](name=KFCeytron,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ARTEbZ1E,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-09-05T16:14:19.812+0000) > > On top of 30 mana being an insane number that would drain Pyke's entire health bar after a single engage, that heal is Pyke's only defensive ability/steroid to deal with being poked as a melee squishy who can't even gain bonus health. Taric has extra armor with W and a heal with Q, Leona has armor/MR with W, Braum has armor/MR with W and an intercept with E, Thresh has armor with passive stacks and a shield with W, and so on. Most of those abilities can apply to allies, as well, while Pyke can only heal himself and it doesn't help him during an engage. Comparing Pyke's passive gray health to Taric is marginal, and comparing it to Braum/Leona is dumb because both of their bonus stats are tied to abilities and are temporary. The major problem when trying to compare gray health and the sheer lane sustain potential he has overs someone like Taric or even Tahm Kench, is that you can poke pretty much everyone else out of lane eventually. You cannot really poke Pyke away unless you force him to take turret shot. If you poke Kench enough, he's got to either blow his shield, or flee to heal, but he cannot do both, and he also doesn't have nearly any of the raw damage output or CC as Pyke does. Even Taric, who you make a comparison to, can be poked out of lane entirely, especially so against an AP opponent, and also, he doesn't have nearly any of the raw damage output or CC Pyke has. The problem with Pyke is that he can do too many things, and do too many things VERY GOOD, and he's also incredibly mobile. So he's either got to have good sustain, and less mobility, or keep his mobility and take a blow to his sustain. As it sits now, he's got MASSIVE team CC, large damage output, and his gold sharing is just astronomically overpowered, and all of this on top of his sustain and mobility. Something has to give, because he's not a healthy champion if he's so capable of doing all of this while also lingering in the lane for an abnormal amount of time so he can gain more XP while he's forced his opponents to recall because of poke. Pyke is absurd, and he's got to have his kneecaps blown out, and hopefully before they lock in World's.
yea thats true. but OP's suggestions are just plain idiotic. What should be done is that pykes regen for levels 1 - 10 should be cut down to like 50 or even 30 percent of its orginal regen rate, that way you can actually get himout of the lane. Personally i think that pyke should have his base dmg cut in half. make him more team reliant than just burst and kill you by himslef.
: > [{quoted}](name=The thigh guy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ARTEbZ1E,comment-id=00020003000000010000000000000000,timestamp=2019-09-06T02:41:21.044+0000) > > *sigh* Pyke is an assassin. Not a tank. He should not be handed tank stats so he doesn’t build them. > > Honestly. I’m done replying to you. You’ve other nothing but delusions. _sigh_ Pyke is an assassin support but even squishy melee champions would like to live sometimes. The only delusion here is thinking that a melee support should lose the one tool they have to survive against two enemies, at least one of which will probably be ranged. It's about as intelligent as suggesting that Garen's passive should have an "actual cost" of slowing him by 90% while he regenerates. It's a terrible idea, backed up by nothing but rage at not being able to swat Pyke like a fly.
i really do feel bad for you man. I hate pyke as much as the next guy but this entire thread takes it to a whole new level of blind hatred. They dont want pyke balanced they want him removed because of how rage inducing he is. which granted he is at the moment but isnt helpful to actual discussion to game balance.
: Pyke’s regen needs a actual cost.
: That has always been an interesting, yet impossible and logically challenged idea. The idea that by mere belief of lessor creatures, something more powerful can be created. Aka, it may work in the universe in league where good lore is rare, and there are many logical inconsistencies that many choose to ignore, but the idea of kindred being created by the beliefs of others is actually absurd on its face. Even fantasy world building requires certain rules in order for that world to be consistent with itself.
well it seems to work for the warp in warhammer and 40k. Although they feed off emotions instead of belief but still worship empowers the chaos gods too.
Terozu (NA)
: Naga is the only god. Bit of head canon, but here you go: Kindred is both the strongest and weakest champ in lore, all things die, but some things are immortal. Sol is not a good, just a powerful star dragon. Probably has the most brute strength of any champ. Bard is at least as powerful and suggested to be more powerful than Sol. Zoe can rival Sol with her dimension hopping and time manipulation. Pantheon is ambiguously here. Then we have the Demigod and Spirits, Voli, Anivia, Ornn, Janna. Then we have the ascended. >Demons are ambiguously around here. > Then we have the other aspects, Leona, Taric, Diana. > Then we have immortal mages and Vastayan mages and yordle mages. Ryze, Lissandra, Neeko, Ahri, LeBlanc, Soraka, Lulu, Veigar etc. > Then we have normal human mages and normal yordles. Lux, Taliyah, Ezreal, Ekko, Kled, Tristana, Heimer etc. > And finally the normal human champs. All categories in the box are pretty negligible in power difference really. And the voidborn are scattered throughout all the teirs.
I always saw A Sol being powerful how a tank or a nuclear reactor are powerful because they have so much creative or destructive power that they can be directly responsible for major things such as destroying a city block or powering a city. Zoe and Bard are powerful in the sense of how a politician is powerful, they may not have the same raw energy and destructive or creative capabilities as A Sol but they have a wider influence since they can go between realms and make even greater changes occur by exerting their influence in a wider range.
: The real question is: If Aatrox is the “Godslayer”, can he actually kill Gods like Negakeburous?
At his current state I doubt it. The title god slayer is mostly just a title he gave to himself because he is a raving lunatic. Im pretty sure that rioters have stated that at the most he has killed demigods that are like Ornn, Anivia and Volibear aswell as having killed Pantheon. It would probably be more accurate if he called himself the “powerful being slayer” instead. Altough if later on in the lore he makes a deal with some powers that are above him that seek the same goal like the void he would fair a better chance.
: Ok fair enough. But how would death incarnate NOT be a god?
I always saw kindred as the embodiment of death on runeterra but nowhere else. They are powerful because most people in runeterra believe that the actual representation of death is a lamb and a wolf so by the simple act of alot people’s belief they are brought into being and are interwoven with the natural cycle of death. However that is only limited to runeterra because thats where people believe in them so On other planets or realms the kindred wouldn’t have influence but instead a psychopomp of another form. Also I dont think they can actually kill someone before they are meant to die but instead are just what is seen when someones time is up, otherwise darkin and ascended wouldn’t be alive since the kindred would be putting them down for perverting the natural cycle of life and death. So they are as strong as a law of nature like gravity, while very important as it dictates how life itself functions atleast in the lol universe with enough energy or power they can easily be circumvented or outright thwarted. That is of course how I interpret them and could easily be wrong depending what lore for them is released later.
: Aurelion Sol isn't a god, nor is Kindred. The only actual god we know of is Nagakabourous. In fact, while Aurelion Sol *may* be the single most powerful champion we've seen (Bard might be up there), Riot has this to say: >Aol Sol is, at best, a demi-god-- he serves only one reality and exists on only one realm. He mocks humans because they are as small to him as mites to us. BUT comparing him to Nagakabouros is like comparing a dung beetle to the theory of relativity. He's just pointing out he has a better view in the rug. [Source](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/icewate2?comment=000000000001)
I think I read somewhere that Bard is actually stronger than ASol because he travels between multiple dimensions and has power equal to him. Might be wrong tho.
: pyke. an assasin with stealth. mobility, fast heal IN COMBAT a hook, an execute, slow. stun
Just cut pykes dmg in half and make his healing out of combat. Also revert the gold changes to his ult. Pyke should be a utility assassin that brings cc but sacrifices damage.
: Nerf Vayne Please
Hey man dont get me wrong I hate vayne as much as the next guy but in that video her destroying you guys is on your team. Also jinx was 3shotting people which is of even more concern.
: How does Riot think a veteran Aatrox and Panth main feels about their reworks?
Altough the revive was crazy to balance I will miss the voice lines he would say when he was reviving. Maybe they should add them in when Aatrox is low on health or something.
: > [{quoted}](name=Small Tiddies,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4TAZvo9K,comment-id=000100000000000300000000,timestamp=2019-08-18T19:21:41.638+0000) > > Quiet brooding tactical war genius >>>>>>> Angry hell demon that only cares about slaughter and hatred of his enemies. What tactical war genius? His MO in his old lore was to just jump in and cut down the winning side of a battle, inspiring the losing side into a blood-lusted frenzy. Why did he do this? For no other reason than reveling in the ensuing war and slaughter, so it's really ironic that you gripe about new Aatrox caring about slaughter. He had no actual goal or motive, just war for the sake of war. New Aatrox is understandably angry, considering he's lost his divinity and been eternally bound to his sword by the Aspect of Twilight in ages past. He stokes carnage because he wants to bring the world to a self-styled apocalypse, in the hopes that it will give rise to someone who can permanently kill him and put him out of his misery. His rage is a coping mechanism of sorts, to make sure he stays focused on what he needs to do and doesn't lose what sanity he has left. Also, he has several out-of-combat lines of dialogue that are quiet and introspective, not unlike his old VO but with more character than just trying to provide a sales pitch for bloodshed.
New Aatrox’s voicelines have to be my second favorite in the game. The ones where he talks to himself and tries to motivate himself to keep fighting are some of the best in league “ To war Aatrox, we shall not let them rob us of our nobility. We shall stand and spit venom at our tormentors for eternity.” Really shows that he pushes himself in order to rage against the fate he was given to the point that he will do anything to achieve his goal.
: If you like Moba genre you shouls try Dota2. It has some learning curve and also some issues but it still less shitty than LoL. Smite is also very good alternative and I think it easier for lol player to get into. There are many good games which will get released this year so you have a plenty options to choose from. Me personally is waiting for CoD MW
id play dota but its pretty ugly and i prefer to have some sort of camera lock.
: Honestly I would have liked it if the Darkin were always sentient weapons rather than just Ascendeds who had to be bound to weapons because they were too violent.
I would even have been fine with Darkin being spirits or some celestial entities put into weapons. Idk but something about rhaast and aatrox once being human rubsme wrong the more i think about it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sillae,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=FBbpcONk,comment-id=000000000000000200000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-15T03:18:37.569+0000) > > Interestingly, to me at least, is that Asians used to be considered white as well, until someone started calling them "yellow." And Italians and Irish used to also not be considered white. "Race" is largely bullshit, essentially. ....... Also, Asians are never considered white. Maybe the Japanese because of their WW2 connection with Nazi Germany which they were called the "Honorary Aryan" and that was it (and if you see some hooligan comes at you and say that Japanese people are supposedly closer to being white or some shit, you know where they got their ideas from. Or maybe it was a general ignorance mixing the Ainu with the Yamato people where the former is indeed more white due to ancestry from Russia while the latter is the one that makes up the vast majority of modern day Japanese; Yamato people and Ainu were historically not on good terms because the former almost exterminated the latter like how the British colonists and later United States did to the American Natives). If anything, consider Asian people as "white" is a thing of today where people use it as an excuse to claim Asian people aren't facing social problems because they are """white""". Asian people currently face a very unique form of social challenge (in western nations) where they are discriminated just like any non-white but their challenges are ignored at every turn because they are supposedly "white enough" as a catch. This kind of mindblowing contradiction is in fact, a common theme throughout all social challenges the Asian people face.
Man all this talk about real world stuff. Gotta add some lol lore here so the thread doesn’t get locked. Aatrox is a sword.
: > [{quoted}](name=KestrelGirl,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=FBbpcONk,comment-id=0000000000000002000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-14T22:38:08.660+0000) > > You raise an interesting point here. But I feel like not a lot of people are really clued into the assorted facial features and other genetic quirks that might divide parts of Europe for instance. (When I find someone else who is, though, funny things happen, because I am essentially an Eastern European Jewish mutt and some people have a knack for figuring out exactly where parts of my family are from.) They're just things we take for granted, and it's always easier when skin tone makes it obvious. That's very true. Europeans are not a homogeneous group, but are typically lumped together as "white". We could go a step further and say pale skinned or "white" passing people from anywhere in the world, are referred to and accepted as "white". For "Black" people on the other hand, they are limited to just being West Africans and their descendants. When it comes to dark skinned peoples, lines start to be drawn, and it becomes less about skin, and more about individual features. It's strange to me.
Yup figuring race is a real bitch.
EdgeLady (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=KestrelGirl,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=FBbpcONk,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-14T01:46:58.035+0000) > > I specifically worded this to avoid you saying that. There's no way to get around real-world inspiration, especially when it comes to picking a character's physical features, and that's what I'm trying to point out. > > There's a pretty wide array of cultures and ethnicities that Riot draws from, but it took four black male champions - Azir (shown in his teaser), Lucian, Ekko, and Pyke (who's half Shuriman and half Buhru) before Riot decided they were comfortable making a black woman. Compare that to some of Runeterra's ethnicities being introduced by women (Illaoi formally introducing the Buhru, Taliyah shedding light on modern Shurimans, Qiyana introducing the Ixtali people). Which is entirely acceptable if and only if they wanted to avoid accidentally hitting any of the offensive stereotypes I've seen tossed about, but every time they release the occasional generic hottie like Kai'Sa, there is always someone asking "can we have a black woman instead please?" Now we have that. Right as Blizzard introduces a black woman in HotS, too, though Overwatch still does not have one despite frequent requests. (And Qhira looks like Blizz copied notes from Qiyana or vice versa. Even the name.) I don't think Azir counts; I think he's more meant to be Egyptian (North African)? Though we don't exactly have the most accurate visual descriptions of what they looked like, nor do we have an actual visual of what human Azir looked like. And also, Kai'Sa is supposed to be the same, even though she has a more typically-seen body build.
In the shurima lore video you see not bird azir. And hes pretty black looking. I think the whole shurima region is supposed to be a mix of inspiration from middle eastern and ancient Egyptian culture and myths. So take that as you will.
Reav3 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=N1C Jeddy017,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=u95tmZGx,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2019-08-15T18:26:38.750+0000) > > By non-humanoid, do you mean something that is more than just a cat? yes
Frog man voodoo shaman that uses totems. I will wire for 7.36 monies if you do this. Make it so.
: I usually do not swear, but I am unable to express myself otherwise. ####**_~~This is a fucking good idea~~_**
: Probably the issue I've enjoyed the least. Other than the fight with Jarvan, every time Sylas interacts with anybody, I felt like he is in he looks like he's chilling with some friends or something. His smile is so casual in almost every panel, and I find it hard to buy he's this tortured character raging for revenge we met in the previous 3 issues. He's just like _"¡Oh sup Jarvan! Gonna kill you and stuff. Are you free on Friday? if not it's fine, we can do this on Saturday"_ or something like that. I honestly thought he was gonna be super angry when the king was found dead. Like... he's been plotting to kill him for **YEARS** and yet he shrugs it like... _"Oh well, I guess he's dead now"_ and it just felt really weird. Lux attacks him and he's like _"Well, screw you too"_. I thought he was gonna have a bigger reaction. They had formed a bond that came across as very genuine and the payoff of the bond breaking felt very weak.
I think its in character for Sylas. He’s having fun right now because he’s finally able to get his payback. He’s still angry but he can finally let loose and move around and do magic stuff. As for Lux Sylas is probaby heartbroken in his own way but you have to remember that the years of him being persecuted and mistreated in almost total isolation has led him to have a very radical mindset. In Sylas’s eyes if you dont absolutely agree with every thing he is doing then youre just “swine” . The moment Lux shot him he emotionally let her go.
Jaspers (EUW)
: No one killed the King, it's a ruse. No sign of significant wounds. ;-) Billy Tan's work as good as ever. I'm not still not sure on Sylas' plan, kill the King who was for making things better. Kill the Prince who was too until Sylas did things. How did this man get so many followers is such a short time? He's a murdering criminal and just because you are a mage doesn't mean you side with him, it seems writen very black or white in regard to whose side you should be on. Sorry to draw the parallels again but even in the X-men, humans vs mutants, Xavier is the side of good, trying to make things better, there are humans trying to make things better, while there are Sentinel and Magneto as well. Anyway, Sylas is angry confused over the 'death' of the King because it undermines his authority. He's the leader yet the King is killed by someone else and he doesn't know who? Some leader. Still a madman however.
Im assuming a mix of mob mentality,anger and maybe gratitude/respect for the man that freed you. A good number of mages are probably just like sylas in terms of mindset and the ones who arent really sure about it must trust him due to sylas actually being able to break out and give them freedom.
: Sylas is not acomplishing anything in Demacia. He has influenced the civil war towards the mages and he will be put to blame for the king's killing. The people of Demacia, after all this is over, will despite mages even more after what they have done and even the common folk that are not against them, will start having doubts about trusting them and the high class of Demacia will be free to issue even harsher laws against them. Sylas has done more wrong than good without even realising it
Thats totally within Sylas’s character though. Sylas carries himself like some sort of martyr for the people and acts like his actions are just cause he has a sob story. Sylas is just using the revolution as a means to disguise his violent lashing out against the people that imprisoned and mistreated him.
: League Netflix Series
I would totally say yes except that whenever movies attempt to portray videogames it always ends up being terrible. Hell the best reviewed videogame movie is angry birds 2. If it wasnt gonna be done terriblly then by all means make some series exclusive characters that interact with champions from time to time and call it a day.
: No one's going to mention the fact that Sylas pulled Morgana's magic out of the petricite walls of the place to bind J4? What this implies in regards to Morgana and Kayle? It's interesting to mull over, because we haven't had much indication that Morgana had thrust herself into civilization, let alone managed to enter the palace and have one of her signature spells absorbed by the walls. Why was Morgana in the palace? Who was she trying to bind? Isn't she supposed to be a hermit?
I honestly thought that Sylas pulled void magic from the petricite. Since he was talking about ancient beings and it being purple. It being morgana’s magic makes more sense though because if it was void magic Jarvan would have probably melted right then and there. Sylas too for that matter.
: Well Idk what to do then, because the damage makes him an Assassin like he is supposed to be, and the cc makes him a Support like he is supposed to be.
Doible down on the support aspect. Insane burst damage isnt the only thing that characterizes assassins, otherwise veigar with enough stacks would count as one. The playstyle of the assassin which is using the tools provided in their kit in order to get to a target and get away without being deleted is what differentiates assassins from other burst classes. I just think in Pyke’s case instead of his job being to kill a squishy from 100 to 0 it should instead be to cc a target from within for teammates to kill or get close to low targets for the execute. Rakan is in a very similar boat as pyke except with alot less stabbing and he is considered by many to have an assassin playstyle.
: Then he's not an Assassin.
yea the movement speed thing was a typo but he has so much utilty that he shouldnt do as much dmg as he does do. He's an assassin in the sense that he can get in and out of fights but he shouldnt be able to do as much burst as the typical assassin since he has alot of cc and survivabilty
leakinb (NA)
: I'm really sick of Pyke
just cut pykes dmg in half and gut his movement speed. he shouldnt be dealing that much dmg as a support. Also remove the gold change and maybe reduce the amount his passive can heal him for in the early to mid game. I love pyke so much, hes one of my favorite champs to play but right now hes so poweful that i cant play him.
: Would the Watchers Spare Lissandra?
nah The watchers whole reason for trying to destroy the world is because it bothers them and makes them aware of existence. If Lissandra were to stay alive then that means that there is still something thats making them aware. Its like an itch i guess and they wouldnt stop until they got rid of it completely.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Takane Enomoto,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QOln6Zhs,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-08-10T16:54:24.980+0000) > > meanwhile us enchanters are kinds just rotting in jail for being healers/buffers I demand justice for all the Sorakas and Jannas of the world!
man i was with you until you said janna and raka. those champs and their player base deserve the worst.
: Can we nerf Pyke already?
They should revert the gold buff and nerf the base and scaling of his q and e.
: I think this can be enfoced by by requiring a mix of minmum mastery level (say 5) and mastery points like (hard to pick a good number) but at least 50k. This not only prevents new champs but people taking existing champs into ranked with little or no mp points.
> [{quoted}](name=La Belle Sauvage,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2rIiOHME,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2019-06-13T16:23:45.574+0000) > > I think this can be enfoced by by requiring a mix of minmum mastery level (say 5) and mastery points like (hard to pick a good number) but at least 50k. > > This not only prevents new champs but people taking existing champs into ranked with little or no mp points. There is a huge problem with that suggestion though. If that were to be implemented then new players would not only have to grind to level 30 and grind BE ( assuming they dont just buy champs with RP) in order to get enough champs to be able to play every role in ranked in case they get filled, they would have to grind to mastery 3 with each of those champs in order to even start ranking. This would of course lead to more cases of players choosing the one champ that they have at mastery three despite what role they might be and lead to more ruined games. Honestly there really is no way to implement a system of that sort withtout ruining some aspect of the game for players. Also this problem doesn’t exclusively affect your team but the other team as well, so chance is on your side ( assuming youre not the player first timing the champ) because at the most you have a possibility of getting four of those players on your team while the enemy has a chance if getting five of those players on their team. ( I just copypasted this response because you had the same idea)
: Yeah i had many games like that. Guy with below 2k. points brings SHACO, and plays so badly, that even bronze elo would beat it. Similar mid happened more times than i care to count. I think the best would be simply prevent bringing champions with less than rank 3. If you pick it you get a warning, and if you don't switch before game start, then you autododge. Accounts with same e-mail would automatically share this data. In case if you got multiple accounts on multiple region.
> [{quoted}](name=The Kombinator,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2rIiOHME,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-06-13T10:52:50.230+0000) > > Yeah i had many games like that. Guy with below 2k. points brings SHACO, and plays so badly, that even bronze elo would beat it. Similar mid happened more times than i care to count. I think the best would be simply prevent bringing champions with less than rank 3. If you pick it you get a warning, and if you don't switch before game start, then you autododge. Accounts with same e-mail would automatically share this data. In case if you got multiple accounts on multiple region. There is a huge problem with that suggestion though. If that were to be implemented then new players would not only have to grind to level 30 and grind BE ( assuming they dont just buy champs with RP) in order to get enough champs to be able to play every role in ranked in case they get filled, they would have to grind to mastery 3 with each of those champs in order to even start ranking. This would of course lead to more cases of players choosing the one champ that they have at mastery three despite what role they might be and lead to more ruined games. Honestly there really is no way to implement a system of that sort withtout ruining some aspect of the game for players. Also this problem doesn’t exclusively affect your team but the other team as well, so chance is on your side ( assuming youre not the player first timing the champ) because at the most you have a possibility of getting four of those players on your team while the enemy has a chance if getting five of those players on their team.
Bro its only the first day. Give it two weeks before complaining about the champ.
: Morde sitting at 70% ban rate, 13% pick rate, and 56% WR even with 0 expereince on him
First the ban rate is because he’s new. Second the winrate is probably due to him being a new champ and people not knowing how to play against him or how his kit interacts with theirs.
: Please, I beg, stop allowing new champions in ranked.
Well technically its not trolling. The guy playing morde might have no idea or might have played him om the pbe, you never know. Riot’s reasoning for allowing new champs in ranked is that they dont want players that only play ranked to wait even more in order to play their champ and it doesnt really do much to help first picking because some guy could easily play yasuo for the first time and have no idea what he’s doing.
: Don't ever think your rank invalidates your opinion, but always be prepared to back up your arguments. Your friend is right Zilean is a decent pick into Tahm. Most ranged autoshoving AP lanes are good into him. Malz, Heimer are other good examples. My problem with the argument that "you should play those champions to beat him" is that you're effectively crippling your team by being forced to pick a cheese pick just so you don't lose to him. Not saying that's your argument, but I've seen it used in this thread.
With a champ like Zilean idk if that’s really crippling the team. Since its Zilean if he makes it to late game he can just focus on boosting and peeling for his allies and win teamfights.
: > [{quoted}](name=SolariusCorvus ,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=5B1OgOfk,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-06-13T03:03:56.848+0000) > > I think riot should give malphite the Ezreal treatment where they give him a visual update and maybe change one of his abilities slightly. I like where they were going about changing his W to add an auto reset. I feel like they should change his Q to become him chucking a rock Or maybe he shoots out a skill shot that sends out a quake in a line, slowing anyone it hits or damaging minions in that and stunning the champions hit by that quake. When he increases in size, the Line skill shot gets bigger maybe? And his E should maybe change to become a knock up or slow That way he has more utility, not dependent on his ult to make plays and putting him up there to possibly be played in the pro league I'm not sure haha{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Id love notthing more than a malphite visual and gameplay update where they modernize his kit and have him be a part of the world of league. Especially now that his region is ixtal they could possibly include mesoamerican influences. Maybe they could take inspiration from bacabs. Those were mayan versions of Atlas who held up the sky before running away. Maybe Malphite was tasked with holding up a monument or relic but failed. Idk im just rambling at this point.
: Kingdom Malphite Finalized and the process behind it
I think riot should give malphite the Ezreal treatment where they give him a visual update and maybe change one of his abilities slightly.
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