: Just looked through a bunch of your logs, and unfortunately as far as I can tell it simply looks like you are having standard connectivity issues. The most common source of this type of problem is your internet provider having inconsistent service. In a bunch of your games, I was noticed pretty substantial spikes of packet loss, which seemed to persist for extended periods of time(10+ seconds), which would explain the symptoms you described. My recommendation would be to contact your internet provider and see if they could sort out their consistency, as nobody wants to play online games when internet connectivity is an issue. Sorry I don't have better news for you, but it looks like this is most likely related to the wonderful complexity that is the internet
Such is life in Alaska I guess. 1gig connection and still suffer from packet loss. I'll probably just take a long break from the game until whatever problem is going on gets sorted out for me. Sorry that my logs couldn't have at least helped you on your problem.
: this does, I should get a chance to more meaningfully look into this tomorrow. One thing that would help is repeating the above process the moment you are disconnecting/lagging/whatever (the timing of it is actually EXTREMELY important). The other thing that would help figure out the issue is if you could provide an r3d log of a game where this happens. Copy pasting steps on how to do that from another post (sorry for potential bad formatting!): a. Navigate to the folder where you have League installed on your computer. For me it is: Local Disk (C:)/Riot Games/League of Legends b. Navigate to Logs c. Navigate to GameLogs. For me it looks like this: Local Disk (C:)/Riot Games/League of Legends/Logs/GameLogs d. Open up the most recent folder (you can sort by date modified to find the most recent one), and open the text document that ends in 'r3dlog' e. Copy the text document to your clipboard (hotkey shortcut is press ctrl+a and then ctrl+c f. Paste this to pastebin. Go to https://pastebin.com. Click in the text box just below ‘New Paste’ and press ctrl+v g. Click the ‘Create New Paste’ button towards the bottom left of the screen , and then copy the URL from your browser. Here is what an example url will look like: https://pastebin.com/t1t93uZK h. Provide that URL in your post
That first .DMP I linked was from the exact moment I got DCed in that first game because I went in to a fresh game to capture a good log for you. I went ahead and played another game tonight and tried to create a dump file as close as possible to the drop time for tonight's game. It happened around the 6 minute mark tonight. Here is the file: https://www.filemail.com/d/ugahskqudrtqjem I also grabbed the R3dlog file from tonight's game for you. Here is the pastebin for that one as well: https://pastebin.com/yCuHY02Y The disconnect happened and Renekton got his first kill on me as the result so that should be a pretty good milestone for seeing the area of the game time that it happened. I believe it was 5.5-6 minutes into the game. Hopefully this helps :)
: How is the drop happening? Are you disconnecting and then getting booted to the client? Is the game freezing? Describe what you see leading up to you dropping. I'll try and look into this today to see if it something specific with you or a bigger problem.
It's a staggered disconnect. First I realize I am no longer in control of my character as right clicking and using abilities are no longer registering. Then, while I am no longer able to input any commands, I can still watch the other 9 players perform actions for a solid 15-20 seconds. After those 15-20 seconds it goes to a classic disconnect where every character and NPC is just idling in place and eventually the "Attempting to reconnect" prompt pops up. About 50% of the time when the attempting to reconnect prompt happens, the game will auto reconnect within seconds. The other half of the time it results in having to use task manager to shut down the game because just force closing the game causes the client to not realize I am in a game still and it doesn't give me the option to go back into the game unless I fully dump the client and restart LoL from the executable. Hope this helps.
: If your game is freezing at ~5-10 minutes, look here
Been having a 100% chance to drop in my games since the last major patch, at least once per game. Have been desperate to fix it and couldn't find any solutions anywhere. Followed the directions linked in this thread. Hopefully my problem is related to the one you're trying to troubleshoot and it benefits us both. https://www.filemail.com/d/tmmgacnmkvsxyfv


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