: While I agree that Sunfire does not create deep combat patterns, I don't think that everything in league should create deep combat patterns. Sunfire punish the opponent to stick to a tank, which makes sense in a good teamfight: a successful team should kite the tank, not stick to it to DPS it. This is a good pattern enhanced by sunfire and other AOE around the tank. Also, I agree that Sunfire is great to push minion waves when you have no damage. It could be interesting if sunfire damaged turrets as well. My point is: It is great if some items are useful for macro-play, even if not great at micro-play. I think it would be great if Leagues reward both macro and micro play (not only micro play) Being skillful to win 1v1 with Yasuo/Zed is one thing (micro). Being skillful to coordinate a 5v5 as a team is another (between micro and macro). Map awarness, map pressure and objectives focus is another (macro).
It's ok that some things are more passive. That is why Sunfire the item has existed since the dawn of lol. It's less ok if everything about a champion's base combat pattern consists of 'stay near enemy' though. We're not trying to make tanks into Yasuos but they could use a little bit more intrigue in their combat
N Komaeda (EUW)
: I am... Very interested in how you are going to add the cavalry / warleader part to Sejuani. Some things to really consider are: * She rides a boar. Where normal "knight" style designs would use a horse, Sejuani goes totally badass using Bristle. Unlike normal horses, this could make Bristle to a much more "forgiving" mount that, say, Skaarl. Where Skaarl would hop around the battlefield, Bristle would trample people. I would love to see the toughness, strenght and overwhelming power in Sejuani's kit. * In her kit, I have not noticed that Sejuani fights for basically everything. However, turning her into a Vi-styled champion wouldn't work either. I think the balance point for Sej as a warleader would have to do with leading the charge. I like to consider her as a more forgiving Kled; They both lead the charge, disrupting the field whilst slamming around with their big weapons. However, where Kled focuses on himself (except for his Ult), Sejuani could seriously lead a powerful, yet stoppable charge with her team. * Her E seems extremely out of place. Sejuani is not a mage, as far as I've noticed. She relies on strenght. Her E does not fit at all, if you would ask me. Overall, I'm really interested to see what Riot does to her, and I'm very much excited!
We're not trying to go too ham in the cavalry theme. Don't expect to see huge changes in this regard (like Kled and so on). We do want to get more of the 'unstoppable' 'mobile' feel to the character. We have no intention of changing Sejuani to Sona-on-a-boar. She will synergize with her allies, but we want it to feel like THEY are helping her, rather than the other way around.
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: Yorick W should grant assists :( (Maybe a 0% slow?)
It already grants assists for enemies inside the wall. However the wall needs to actually appear, if the target dies before it comes up you won't get the assist.
AhmCha (NA)
: Ok serious question this time, what would you guys say the skill floor/ceiling is of the new Mori? Cuz when I saw the rework I was like "Fuck. Yes." So I was wondering how many games you'd think it take to get used to his mechanics?
The character's mechanical ceiling isn't that high, but his strategic ceiling is pretty decent. You would also need to get used to how the AI works and manipulate it to your favor
: I'm a developer, so my question is to whoever primarily worked with the AI. Somewhere it was stated that Yorick's maiden has the "smartest" AI to date. What truly makes the AI unique in its "thinking" beyond the simple logic of.. if alone in lane ...if minions are dead ......make ghouls ...if enemy champion comes in range ......attack them ...push lane I know this is an insultingly oversimplified logic, but I'm just trying to figure out what specifically makes this maiden smarter than, say, Mordekaiser's dragon AI that can be commanded to gun down a separate lane (with the exception you must actively tell it to keep pushing).
Well we said it was 'smarter' than the Walkers, not that it was the smartest AI do date. It's probably less complicated than some of our bots since the Maiden does not kite or retreat, buy items etc. The Maiden takes into a number of factors to understand what would be most beneficial for Yorick (generally, there are some intentional limitations to make the Maiden die at some point) and tries to take appropriate actions. (Also Morde's R is not an AI since you command it,) So stuff like.. when she thinks Yorick needs help, and when she thinks he doesn't, When she thinks its a good idea to push down the lane, etc.
: Which part of his kit took the most effort?
Walker spawn mechanics and rules surrounding them And the AI
Séars (NA)
: ***
He would take whoever comes his way, in a way like a trundle
Devoy7 (EUNE)
: That's not really what happened in the spotlight, you said that turret priorities the maiden but at 6:00 Yorick was pushing mid with the maiden, the turret killed the 4 goules then transferred to the cannon minion leaving the Maiden untouched? On the other hand, it worked right in the bot lane split push at the end. Am I missing something?
Its siege>walkers>maiden>normal minions,
ElraphaX (EUW)
: how many minions do you have to kill to spawn a grave? Is it random? Also, does the maiden have a speed boost with Yorick's E?
12/8/4 atm, also its deaths not kills (you don't have to kill them yourself) Yes
Devoy7 (EUNE)
: First of all, great work on Yorick, seems like a fun champion to play. I just have one concern, do you really think it's logical that a champion has an ability that can push an entire wave all the way to inhibitor turrets and there is noway it can stop unless an enemy champion comes to lane? Even if it has a high cooldown, this is a game changer in late games when TP is down for enemy team.
Not necessarily, that is one of the reasons turrets priotize the Maiden over normal minions. Also the Maiden's damage is reduced when she is away from Yorick, making it so enemy teams should have time to respond to the pushes. Yorick can overcome these restrictions by timing the push with a siege minion etc. but this should give more warning for the enemy team. Also remember that the Maiden is a big portion of Yorick's combat power, so the enemy team should be able to win the teamfight if everything else is equal
: With Yorick's theme obviously centered heavily around splitpushing and dueling, do you think he'll eventually reach a state similar to Aatrox and Tryndamere where he is hardly ever played due to the prevalence of teamfighting in the game? He has some utility, sure, with his wall and slow, but for the most part I feel that he is going to just end up forgotten again. Do you think this is a problem, or do you believe that the relatively small niche of splitpushers is a necessary and healthy aspect for the game? Are there any potential changes on the board to splitpushing as a whole to make it a more viable strategy? Curious to hear your thoughts.
IMO splitpushing is absolutely necessary for the game, we cannot have a diverse roster of champions that offer different gameplay experiences without having them be good at different things, including dueling and teamfighting, otherwise everyone starts feeling the same. The issue we have not yet been able to fully solve, is how to make splitpushing more engaging and fun for all the players in the game.
GerAvos (EUW)
: What is the reason he has to prepare his mistwalkers with graves now, instead of being able to spawn them instantly like before?
Instant spawns were problematic because it led to a lane where Yorick made a walker, enemy killed the walker, Yorick made a walker... rinse repeat. Enemy was constantly annoyed by the extra work he had to put in, while Yorick never had a chance to actually feel like he had an army.
Nykeé (EUW)
: So where do we see fair counterplay to the essentially bot splitpusher when it comes to key late game team fights? Is it honestly healthy to have a one button bot summon to create an unequal mad advantage, and why not let something like Tibbers roam free like this? I think I'm just concerned with the health of this champion, as I can only imagine his permaban status for a long time before he gets nerfed into oblivion to compensate for literrally adding an AFK farmer to one team.
The biggest balancer is that Yorick sacrifices quite a bit of power to set the push up, and the Maiden pushes rather slowly on her own. Hopefully this allows enemy teams time to react and a clear way how to do so.
: ok, here I come. //Gameplay 1. What gave you the idea of giving him a destructible wall? 2. Was there previous kits/abilities that didn't made it into the final version? 3. Did you guys try anything crazy in terms of abilities (new abilities that turned out to be blatantly broken) //Lore 4. What was the reasonning behind making Yorick in some sort of priest 5. Where is Yorick originaly from? 6. Who is the Maiden of the Mist? Someone special to Yorick that died? 7. How come the corpses transform into mistwalkers (Which a clearly different from the original body)?
//G 1. Since this character was going to be at his best in a skirmish (due to the nature of minions) we wanted to give him a spell that guaranteed a certain degree of utility, be it teamfights or not. A wall made a lot of sense with his necromancy theme, and the destructible part was added to create additional counterplay + make it ok on a juggernaut
Ýones (EUW)
: Hey! I am really excited for this yorick rework, I love juggernauts, so could you answer even one of these questions? :) 1. Could his old ult be resurrected again with a new support champion or something? I think its concept is really cool, but just for the wrong character. 2. Any scrapped ability? (I've heard of the one where you resurrect all dead minions into mistwalkers. Tell me *more*.) 3. When is a new yorick skin coming, that poor guy hasn't gotten one in literally years.
Potentially, although it requires a bit too much understanding on the ally's side to make work. Not to mention the clone part was pretty awkward. I could see an actual resurrection or animate dead ultimate being possible though.
: I noticed that with Kled and now with Yorick, the player has some unique background music. For Kled, it's when he dismounts, and for Yorick it's whenever he's close to the Maiden. What is the reason behind this design decision?
Coolness! BUT there were actual reasons as well, for Yorick we wanted him to immediately understand when the Maiden has died, since it's very easy to lose track of your own character, let alone a minion. Compounded by the fact that she can move far away from him.
: On PBE i remember that when the maiden went near a turret the turret prioritise her immediately . On the other hand , on the spotlight we saw the turret priotise minions first . What exactly is the case ?
Siege/super minions > Walkers >Maiden > Normal Minions
: How did you create the Maiden as a concept for Yorick (Wierd phrasing, I know) Basically, How did you come up with the Maiden and How did you attach her to Yorick's kit
It came from a desire to have moment of power for Yorick where his summoning powers were ungated, but still have different ways to play around than 'run from him'. Making it a separate minion allowed us to attach a lot of the functions it has that make it unique.
: Think we could actually make his wall generate some graves? Only having Ult to make mistwalkers for teamfights seems really lackluster.
The ability to carry Walkers into teamfights is intended to help with this, alongside the reality of having too many separated cases of summons caused a lot of clutter and confusion. If he is too lackluster in teamfights we would probably look at buffing Walker survivability first.
: Semi-serious questions: • Is Riot still blaming _players_ for Old Yorick's lack of popularity (that he's a gravedigger and ugly instead of Riot never giving the champion any real support after launch?) • Why another monk as we already have Udyr and Lee Sin, (along with the four ninjas, Karma and Master Yi)? • Why does New Yorick look like the WWE Undertaker, circa the "Ministry of Darkness" era? Serious questions: • Who is the voice actor for New Yorick? (I've heard Keith David and Jim Cummings, but both are priced too high for Riot's usual VO budget.) • What is the reasoning behind the lack of control over the ghouls? • When will we see this new expanded lore for New Yorick? Is this going to go with the next installment of the current tale (post "Shadow and Fortune")? • Was New Yorick intended for other roles other than top lane split pushing? • Should we expect something this drastic to Galio when this team gets around to reworking him? Should Galio fans fear the same sort of complete dismantling of their favorite champ as well? • With all the changes to the original champion, why wasn't a Traditional skin considered for those of us who will miss the green guy?
_What is the reasoning behind the lack of control over the ghouls?_ Call made relatively early due to a mix of 1) realistic tech controls 2) how much micro we wanted in the character 3) his position as a frontline, as you would need to control Yorick himself a lot _Was New Yorick intended for other roles other than top lane split pushing?_ Top lane was the main consideration, with some jungle. _Should we expect something this drastic to Galio when this team gets around to reworking him? Should Galio fans fear the same sort of complete dismantling of their favorite champ as well?_ Probably similar degree of changes to Galio also, all VGUs tend to be this big in scope
: What was one idea for Yorick you had that you wanted for the rework but couldn't fit?
Raising allies as undead. We could not find a version that was satisfying and fun for the raised ally but also did not cause Yorick's entire power to hinge on said ally / said ally dying
: I've been wondering about how the new ghouls typically behave for yorick in the jungle? Do they actually follow him around or do they just march off to the nearest lane whenever possible? Also about how far away can ghouls be brought to life from they're graves?
In the jungle, they follow Yorick around. Not sure if I understand the second question, but Yorick;s raise spell (Awaken) has a radius of 1000
: So, what's up with his W rank up increases? They're kind of really unsatisfying. Why did you make the decision to have the ability only get better with every other rankup?
More or less a balance call. 3 hits were proving to be too strong at rank 2. And 2.5 is the exact same as 3 as far as the ability is concerned. The cd gain is pretty major though, since it is a utility spell that can be very strong in the right circumstances
KFC Owner (EUW)
: This is a popular question! Scrapped abilities?
Passive used to make allied champions that died become a controllable (by the dead ally) Walker that would explode on enemies like Kog.
: Since Yorick is revolved around split pushing, do you think that the next big meta swing is intended to revolve around making split-pushing the best strategy?
Probably not, although I would not want to speak for the Live and Systems team. I personally believe split pushing is a strategy best when it is seen in moderation.
: can we expect a new yorick skin as fast as taric? that poor guys hasnt got a skin since 4 years
I would hope so, I've seen some wild ideas flying around, although I can't speak for the skins team
Ralanr (NA)
: So when did you decide to change his minion mechanic to a passive rather than have them be separate abilities? And why remove his lantern? I imagine it was an iconic part of him.
Rather early, as we felt one of the issues with 'old' Yorick was that his summons felt like afterthoughts to a spell. Since we wanted to refocus the character around his minions, making them their own thing made a lot of sense.
: Obviously we want the best bug from this. Maybe the most insane version of his kit.
I had a version where the Mist Walkers were unlimited & the ult caused all dead enemy units during a time frame to become Mist Walkers. Anyone with a skillshot was unplayable.
: Now that Yorick is done and skins can now be made: Crazy Cat Lady Yorick? Ok real questions: 1) What was the hardest part to animated? The graves? The cape? The Maiden? 2) Any hilarious bugs during testing?
1) The caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaape. Our animators are triggered to this day whenever we mention the thing 2) We had a bug where the Maiden and the ghouls would march 'across' the middle of the map in Twisted Treeline, and I could not for the life of me figure out why the AI was behaving that way. It turned out that TT has a 'mid lane' that connects both nexuses in the game logic. So my AI for 'go down nearest lane' was causing them to go down this 'mid lane'
Meep Man (NA)
: "Remember my name, for someday I may not"
: The only thing that everyone wants "You will remember Yorick Mori"
The quote 'Remember me, for I no longer will someday' (Can't recall the precise quote) is intended to be an homage to his iconic line.
: Oh boy I'm on time! Uh, so what were some other notable ideas you went through for the poppy rework? Any testing with funny bugs for her rework? A bit off topic, but and how is Aoshin coming? <3
There was a 'ride the giant' ult where she climbed onto the target and could periodically yank him toward a direction. Way too much clarity and frustration issues. NOT LIKE THIS
: I'm trying to identify the new poppy, and you know skills speak very out loud for champs, like i love chogath and darious ULT, it really adds to their lore and to their personality. One thing that i have been trying to figure out, is to how POPPY's passive speaks about the new POPPY? my conclusion is that since she is trying to find a hero even though it seems that she just have not looked in the mirror after she whoop that monsters butt in the comic, which was awesome btw, is it that by her throwing the shield shows that shes not really the one down to fight, unless you get in her way? (excuse my English, second language) Thanks in advance
I feel it shows the scrappy and resourceful side of her (no one who got formal shield training would throw it!) where she gives it everything it takes
: RIP Poppy passive. Will this ever come back with any other champions? It was subtle but it gave me a lot of happiness to walk away still alive and leave my enemy going 'WTF!?'
Not in the same form and power level no.
CodeDeath (EUW)
: Hey, my second thought on her new ult was like: "What did they smoke to come up with this?" Sooo, how did her ult come to be? Especially the thing with being drawn to his own spawn pool.
We were looking for something that really played up the 'disproportionate power' part and asked ourselves 'what is the most visually impactful feat of strength we could have in the game?'
ZuneDai (EUW)
: I have a few questions. 1. What took so long? :P (I am quite excited for the rework though) 2. Do you think she will become a viable pick for major championships in the future? 3. Since I have started playing with her in season 3, I have always imaged her with a "magical girl" skin. Seeing as the hammer is magical, she is unaware of being a "hero" herself and as she gives off a sort of Tsundere attitude (also let's not forget her looking like she came out of an anime), do you think there's is any chance she'd get a "magical girl" skin or something similar to star guardian lux? I can see her fitting that quite well. 4. On poppy itself, is her attack range increased from before? 5. With what does her abilities scale? I know w scales with magic and armor (the passive I mean), but her q, e and r, are they AP or AD? (seeing as she is using a magic hammer) [I can't do PBE] 6. When will she be implemented in the normal League of Legends?
1. I think she has the tools to become one 2. I will refrain from commenting here to hide my true inclinations 3. Not now, we may do it depending on how the currently ongoing attack range increases are going 4. AD mostly 5. Hopefully with the next patch!
Siachi (NA)
: From a gameplay standpoint, I'm wondering about her passive. While the rest of her kit showcases a very 'in-your-face' kind of attack style (You can even use an uncharged Ult for a simple Knockup), her passive doesn't seem to fit with this style besides the shield. Do you see this passive as something of a catch-up mechanic if Poppy falls behind, or is it something more like "Poke enemy down before going all in". What other variations of her ultimate did you try out? I'm sure you had a crazy idea or two.
The shield is intended more to create zones where fights happen (although it also serves poke, fallback and item synergy) which is why the shields love flying into walls. It will drop much closer to Poppy in teamfights though. One I remember is a global ally targeted AOE knockback that had separate cooldowns for each ally. I was toying around with the idea of her being a superhero who swings in to save civilians in disresst
: Hey there! Why does the ult make the enemy untargettable, even when it's only used for the knockup?
Power budget and differentiation. We wanted to keep this from becoming a better Lee Sin R or the like
: Sup guys, good work on Poppy. So, Poppy's personality has gone a pretty significant change. She went from this really rough-around-the-edges and no nonsense character to a fairly cheerful girl and perhaps a bit naive about her current mission and who the hero is. Was this change something that was really difficult or did you guys know right off the bat that Poppy needed a personality rewrite?
We knew we needed to move her personality beyond just being angry and stubborn relatively quickly. Finding a noble Demacian hero that did not feel like a mini-Garen, that wasn't easy.
Piols (EUNE)
: I have two questions. 1. What happens when Poppy ults enemy while she is between enemy base and enemy champion? Does it push them towards Poppy's base? Doest it just knock them straight into the air? 2. Do you think that Poppy can make any play as support? For me her new kit could fit this role.
1. Depends on how long she charged 2. From our testing her lane was rough as a support, but I wouldn't be surprised to see people make it work
AdanYEva (NA)
: Can Poppy's Q be changed? I think it can be better, for example: instead of what it did pre-rework, and what it does now, have Poppy swing her Hammer horizontally dealing damage and moving opponents to the direction of the hammer. Similar to Vi with her Q, anyone hit get's clumped, this way Q and interact with E much more smoothly, right now the combo is E + Q, but it just feels so lackluster because Q isnt good on it's own, you need E to use Q effectively. The proposed change can make Q really stand out and make Poppy feel like a true Hero.
Cool Idea! That was actually the very first Q prototype I tried (although mine switched direction every cast). After testing, it made E too easy to hit and required it to be balanced as so. We wanted hitting the E to be less hard combo-y (at least with normals) so we could pay out a lot more on the successful stuns
: I kind of feel like her old ult was a big part of her identity and I didn't see anything about why it's being removed from the game. The "1v1 me bruh" feel was really fun.
Nerfing Diplomat Immunity to a balanceable level made it either feel too similar to other spells (Trynd etc) and lose what made it special. Sheer power level was very important to Diplomatic Immunity feeling like Diplomatic Immunity
Solash (EUW)
: So while creating the new Poppy, did you guys come up with or conceptualize any cool ideas for a future skin? I may or may not have sketched out a couple possibilities with my rather amateurish skills... http://i.imgur.com/d4sNCkx.jpg http://i.imgur.com/o8POG3d.jpg (Patent pending)
There were about 20,000 sports skin ideas thrown around, with slugger being the obvious one
Xulsigae (NA)
: That actually worries me. What makes her a hero is the hammer now. It's the same problem of Trundle and Ashe with an item making someone special rather than themselves.
Well _**Poppy**_ clearly thinks its all in the hammer, that's for sure :p
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: Does the new Q reset AA modifiers and does it work on towers? Will we get Viktor the tower killer?
No and no, that's Ziggs :p
Gavran (NA)
: Can't tell us what your ult plans were? Love these updates by the way. I adore Viktor's theme, Creator Viktor is totally sexy but gameplay wise the only thing that ever felt *really* satisfying to me was his laser - but I LOVE that laser, so bringing the rest of his kit up a bit will hopefully (and seemingly) result in a more cohesive champion that I might see myself maining pretty soon.
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Meep Man (NA)
: I heard earlier that you guys are going to be putting in more crazy ideas on the PBE since patch 4.15 will be after Worlds. Does this mean things will be released earlier in concept and this could be released onto the PBE soon or does is this just an update to fuel our excitement and need for the EVOLUTION?
Hmm i don't forsee this being on the PBE this month at least, still lots of work to do
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