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Kuro SF (NA)
: [BUG] horrible client lag in 9.24
Same with me. In game seems okay, but within the client, it is incredibly slow and laggy. For what it is worth, I was seeing this before the patch today.
: Ranked 5s queue returns during scheduled windows
How about give support players a valid chance to rise out of bronze? Then I will start caring about ranked teams.
: We want Solo Queue
I want to lose LP in ranked relative to my performance as opposed to losing 10 games and bottoming out every time I play. I think RIOT punishes us all. No solo queue is your punishment, apparently.
: Dynamic Queue is boosting. The terms are interchangeable.
I would love to be boosted. Bronze is depressingly toxic. One death, insult your team. Win a game, insult the other team. Lose the next game, insult your team.


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