: Can we get a Taliyah skin please?
That Ult does look sick! She was released in May 18, 2016, its about to be 4 years in a couple of months. So many people have thought of awesome designs for her.
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: hey Meddler any thought about {{champion:163}} in the midlane ?
: If you have concerns about feeling unsatisfying, make sure to contact AzuBK about it. He's a pretty reasonable guy who will certainly take your concerns into mind and potentially explain his mindset as well. > It also seems like empowering Taliyah in the way this changelist does -- particularly her passive giving a flat 40% MS buff -- is asking for Taliyah to play in ways unfun for other lanes (e.g., roam early/gank L3 playstyles similar to those Riot just changed the jungle to prevent). This isn't as much of a concern for me personally. Taliyah is a mid laner, which means that her being off the map means her laner should be pushing, and her missing should be a sign for other lanes to play passively. That's just how the role works -- Aurelion Sol/TF do similar things at earlier points (both can have decent level 2 roams) > N.B.: To be clear, I'm aware her base MS was improved. I don't think it compensates nearly well enough for the loss of worked ground when it comes to q. 340 base movespeed has felt immensely powerful to me in playtests on her -- have you played the list on PBE? Don't personally agree that her teamfighting is significantly worse.
@Penguin @AzuBK I think you guys need to check in with some champion dedicated reddit groups to get a sense for how these champion mains feel with these changes you all impose. (Taliyah Mains Reddit group). As for Taliyah, she's my main champ and I feel after these changes all the time ive dedicated to playing her will be a waste. I, as well as most of the other Taliyah mains know how she feels, how she should be played, and how horrible it is for a lot of match ups and situation. Shes currently sitting at a horrible win rate, she struggles with nearly more than 2/3 of the mid laners, not to mention she just gets pummeled by any assassins or gap closers, which is why shes forced to roam. Making her move fast out of lane does not help anyone because she will lose out in farm and is under powered to help in team fights. The lack of AOE on her Q removes a lot of her team fight potential and as it is, her knock up on W is already difficult enough to land on its own on most capable players. You remove power by removing her AOE on Q, but instead of adding damage onto her Q as it is now single target, you instead make it so that it "refunds" its whole cost on a single rock. The extra base movement speed isnt equivalent to the ms she got on worked ground which gave her a percentage of ms while she is in combat as opposed to base ms that gets harshly cut in combat. Changing her passive from 5 secs to 2 seconds out of combat shouldnt be a power shift, this should have been default on her since she came out as a champion, her rock surfing is already underwhelming to use since you have to hug a wall, which most of the time will be wonky to try to maneuver to and often forgotten since people tend to click on minimap to have champs auto move to location. Champ like Miss Fortune has a movement speed passive that isnt relative to where shes standing. Taliyah herself has no defensive abilities except for using her W to knock someone off you if you timed it perfect and the enemy didnt dodge it or move past it. Taliyah should have received a stone skin type passive similar to how Yasuo has his passive shield for whatever reason it was given to him. As for the change to the ultimate, lots of players have already pointed out that the wall will most likely be disintegrating by the time she lands at the other end of it. I was extremely saddened as I saw each indirect nerf hit her after her mana cost nerf on her Q. Right after that runes were changed and she was never compensated, as it is, she doesn't really benefit from any keystone in particular so shes forced to take aery. She cant proc electrocute like she used to proc thunderlords, arcane comet auto misses if you land her combo since it knocks the enemy hit out if position, and she cant properly use phase rush either. She already suffers from not having a damaging ult so her lvl 6 isnt a power spike at all compared to her lane opponents. Then after the runes she continued to receive indirect nerfs to mana changes, new item changes, seraph embrace nerfs. Seeing these latest incoming changes, you may see them as buffs in numbers somehow, but they are nerfs in playstyle, laning, teamfighting, and enjoyment. Also, I feel assassins keep getting buffed and forced on to games because you all believe its more enjoyable for viewing, seeing "outplays" and flashy kills in hopes that they will be more used in pro play and gain more league fans and viewers, but this just kills a lot of the players who like mage type rolls. Mages are struggling hard to stay relevant. If they fall behind in lane they become irrelevant in the game, not being able to provide and fighting power, essentially only being useful for whatever utility they can bring. Assassins are among the most played champions, so chances are, they are constantly against you in solo q. Their win rate may not be extremely high because higher players in real teams know how to shut them down in team fights, but this does not make them fun to lane against at all in lane. Having an assassin in lane means knowing you lose lane phase and will be behind in CS, all you can do is try not to feed and hope your team can carry from their end. This is not an enjoyable way to play league at all. Ive been playing this game for years, but a lot of these unwanted changes are killing it. Listen to your players. Im afraid of what could happen to the future of E-Sports if league of legends is killed. As it is, you guys are spearheading E-sports and paving the way for its future. Apologies for the long speech.
: Proposal for Janna changes (nerf coin)
I think this change to Janna' s kit along with those nerfs are just asking to shove this champion into non-existance. Janna is not a poke/aggressive champ. Forcing her to use her W will not be of benefit to her, she will lose trade and get caught out. I'm not a support main but even I know this. Like OP said, she has her pros and she has her cons. These changes are just adding on more cons. Lately riot seems to be implementing nerds and buffs hard with little logic to them. Taliyah mana cost nerf hit her hard. Fizz buff was not necessary. Forcing a tank and assassin meta is disgusting.

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