Ralanr (NA)
: He was supposed to be a tank anyway.
And he was a tank. He had problems, sure. But his passive and shield were in my mind the two things that really made galio galio, they were unique and interesting, and his ultimate was a gamechanger. Now he's just any other {{item:3111}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3512}} building champion. His kit may mesh well and work better altogether now, but it's less creative and less interesting by far.
: I love people like you. 1. See new rework to a champion with an abysmal play rate. 2. Be in the minority of people that think old version was better. 3. See 4 main abilities without any actual gameplay showcasing their potential in a game. 4. Have no experience playing the new version, bases opinion strictly off basic ability showcasing. 5. "Terrible rework".
I'm sure he's strong, and I'm sure he's just fine to play. But the fact remains that they took a cool unique champion with unique abilities and a cool theme and turned him into another generic standard tank.
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: Would changing his E to a spell shield help?
I don't think tacking a spell shield onto his current E is a good idea, and I don't think replacing his E is very good either. I think the ultimate needs changed more than anything. The passive magic damage is great, it is part of what makes jax the grandmaster he is, the problem with jax is his ultimate active. It really needs to be able to be used more reactively. Should it be a spell shield? I don't know, but I do think the duration and cooldown can both be lowered so you can use it when you really need it. Possibly nerf or even remove the base armor and MR and buff the scaling to encourage jax even more to build to the situation. Possibly remove the flat armor and MR from it entirely and change it to % physical/magical resists, to bring some more reliability to jax.
: I disagree, I think his kit is perfect the way it is
His kit is fine, it just needs some small edits, and has for a while. Did you even read my post? I specifically said that I think his kit is fine and has aged really well.
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: Riot cannot fix the bot issue without giving up some of their income. Can you remember what it was that was said by them 2 year ago?
Then delete it, it's just a festering eyesore at this point.
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: Can't do shit with singed right now.
It just feels like every team has so much crowd control, or else they're so insanely beefy that can just ignore me. Vi, shyvana, warwick. These fuckers who just steamroll your team alone and don't need no squishy to help them. It feels very helpless, with everybody dying while I'm running around doing absolutely nothing because I can't keep up with both the damage and tankiness of these top tier picks. The meta feels very stacked against me right now unless I pick somebody who can snowball fast and end fast.
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: Sorry, it isn't fun when someone plays Singed just to run around and be an asshole.
Singed is built from the ground up to be the champion that triggers and tilts the enemy. Why do you think they put his laugh on his flip? That's literally his identity, he's made to piss you off and WANT to chase him, regardless of how bad of an idea it is.
: Why not make Hecarim's E a skillshot like Warwick's ult?
I wasn't aware hecarim was even the strong right now. To be honest, hecarim needs an update anyways, he feels pretty dated.
: Honestly there's no real reason for Aatrox when Jax exists. Their kits are so similar that they really dont both need to be kept around
I think you mean Xin.
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: I take it you haven't seen the "Mega Cho'Gath" buffs on the PBE yet?
that is exactly what this is a response to.
: Flex ranked mmr system is completely broken, what is being done about it?
I think the problem is that you're looking at their rank without considering their MMR. Your team may have lower ranks, but their MMR may be equivalent or higher. And vice verse, they could have MMR lower than their rank. I don't think ranked gives a shit about your little badge, all it considers is your MMR. And I would bet if you compared the average MMR of your team vs their team, it would be pretty damn similar.
: Any one Else Getting SUPER LOW FPS
Dan31L (NA)
: Awesome idea for the TANK / VANGUARD rework. Riot please listen.
Amumu and singed have literally always been AP bruisers, not straight tanks. Maokai already rarely builds AP unless he's snowballing massively. volibear doesn't even build AP, not only that but he already has awesome base damage And jarvan is not a fucking assassin. How long have you been playing, a month or two?
Seekêr (NA)
: As someone who mained cho last season
It's going to happen regardless of how the community feels, that's just how riot does things.
McFatal (NA)
: Prime example as to why everyone hates top lane and finds it dull
I mean, I play swain, but that's just because he's a shit ton of fun. I also play yorick and singed. :u
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Derfel (NA)
: "Malz players who plan ahead will still be able to make some sick space-crab plays"
We don't give a fuck about the voidlings and never did, give us old malz back, give us old space aids back. Nobody wanted his shitty passive on a main ability.
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: Anyone Else Feel Like Class Updates Aren't Very Successful?
They try to do way too fucking much at once. the updates should be staggered more, not massive blobs.
: I definitely remember in the old thread where they ASKED Malz mains what they valued about him and the major emphasis was: The AoE silence that was unique The spreading visions And the ultimate The voidlings were nice and people didn't want the AD build to vanish, but a majority of the comments were not about Malz focusing on the minions at all.
They could have removed the minions entirely and almost nobody would have given a shit. Remove the current W, move power from the minions and ultimate into Visions and make it space aids again. Make the ult more focused on the suppression and less about the damage. Replace the current W with some sort of utility to tie it all together. Perfect.
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: its mean to give you a chance you personalize/customize based off of your play-style. its really only unfair when one player had them all unlocked and the other doesnt.
The problem is that there's pretty much always the one correct rune and mastery setup for every champion, and everything else is either subpar or completely inconsequential. It feels like another irrelevant system at this point, like honors.
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: Then why call it support
They'll still be fucking support, there's a lot more to support than being a ward mule and I wish the community would get over this shit mentality.
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: How do I buy a new rune page in the new shop? I can't find them anywhere.
Were extra rune pages removed? because I have looked on every slot in my shop and don't see them anywhere. Gameplay tab only has runes and IP boost, they're not on bundles, accessories is just hextech shit, icons, and ward skins. Am I missing something? Or is my shop broken?
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: They need to buff her in a way that doesn't strengthen her solo lane potential
they've been trying to do that for so long though, she needs a rework or she'll never be balanced, same as ryze.
Meriipu (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sorgklaan,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ATuIIgca,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-10-19T11:04:35.910+0000) > > she's a pretty subpar support too though I have heard that too though I would not say I have not played support since like season 5
Listen, I like lulu, she's a ton of fun. But I feel like she has just been a problem for too long and would benefit from some sort of mild rework. She's either way too strong, or completely subpar, and I think she's always going to be like that with the kit she has now.
Moonlaster (EUNE)
: Riot please get our rengar back!
Doesn't seem like a nerf so much as a rebalance, distributing his insane damage over a bit of time. He gains charges easier, and I'm assuming he will end up with a lot more damage in extended fights, but less instagib potential.
: Champions You Just Can't Play
Most assassins and most marksmen. I don't mind rengar, and I don't mind corki. besides that I stay top, jungle, or support and play mostly just tanks or bruisers unless the team needs something else.
: > [{quoted}](name=Meriipu,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ATuIIgca,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-10-19T11:00:36.190+0000) > > Lane lulu- Stopped reading. Go back to Support where she belongs, or experience the nerf bat again.
she's a pretty subpar support too though
: How many of you are bronze and silver?
I spent last season climbing to silver, and got there with a 70% or so winrate. Season 6 was complete shit though, after the mage update I quit playing until today because I wasn't having fun like season 5 and the game was just stressful and miserable. Seriously, season 6 was so shitty and unfun. So now I've started playing again and I hope to complete my goal of climbing to gold in ranked in season 7. I think I can do it, after/if I get to gold, I'm going to be done with ranked and just play standard. So yeah, hopefully season 7 is more enjoyable and I can actually have fun playing the game I love again, because season 6 was just an absolute clusterfuck of broken shit.
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: I've spent about 6k on league up until dynamic queue was implemented. I've spent zero since then.
I haven't even played. Correction: I have played one match in like, two months?
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: The indefinite banning of Tyler1
Good riddance. All these disgusting apologists deserve the same.
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: I thought those Olaf buffs would really help him out.
Well, his winrate has gone up a percent. 48% top and 46% jungle. But still pretty lacking.
: Take a break when you lose ranked. Trust me, the eagerness to go back after a loss just to earn that LP back is tempting, but you'll most likely lose if you do.
I was doing that last season. I just feel so impatient this season for some reason.
Calabok (NA)
: its a normal pattern. don't read into it.
Last season was so easy though. I essentially went from B4 to S4 with a 60-65% winrate after I got my shit together. But all my champions are weak this season as well. :c
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