: Lfp who need clash team --High Silver to Low Gold--
I'd be down to support or adc preferably. Ign: Sorrett
: I was banned for calling someone a manbaby and telling them to stfu. Btw not a 14 day ban, it was a perma ban....
I'm sure this is the only thing you ever did too lol
Sorrett (NA)
: Looking for Gold-Silver Top Mid Sup for Clash Team
I sent out friend requests and I will invite anyone I can for games tonight in flex 5s. Thanks for the interest in joining!
Sorrett (NA)
: Looking for Gold-Silver Top Mid Sup for Clash Team
Thank you for all the responses! I will be reviewing OP.GG and I look forward to adding you all and hopefully getting to try out some games tonight. I will aim to be online by 8pm cst.
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Hibeki (NA)
: Amazing how people think it's pure coincidence the bell curve of this game is whack
All we need to see is LP gains be almost nothing if you are at negative win rate overall. Also tie LP gains and losses heavily to the mastery system. You get a good grade you get good LP or very little lost. This would help sort out the game and encourage people to play their best in all games.
sKingEan (NA)
: Ranked: People who play it without a Mastery 4 On their Champ
All we need to see is LP gains be almost nothing if you are at negative win rate overall. Also tie LP gains and losses heavily to the mastery system. You get a good grade you get good LP or very little lost. This would help sort out the game and encourage people to play their best in all games.
All we need to see is LP gains be almost nothing if you are at negative win rate overall. Also tie LP gains and losses heavily to the mastery system. You get a good grade you get good LP or very little lost. This would help sort out the game and encourage people to play their best in all games.
: 2017 All-Star Vote: How to choose your dream team
Sucks can't vote for other regions anymore ๐Ÿ˜‘ I watched a lot of EU and LPL ๐Ÿ˜ข
: The Dade Award: Who earns it?
: The Hai Road
I had so many of the same feelings when he was pushed into retirement. I hope Hai is back for a long time and I hope FLY keeps on winning. Great article that spoke to me as a fan and older brother. Thankfully I am still better than my little brother at league though even though I am garbage as it is lol
: Also great thinking posting this in general discussion instead of the dev corner. You know that thread will get downvoted to oblivion as all the players speak the truth and dismantle your perception that ranked was good this year. This way you can safely just ignore the problem.
this was the best season of ranked yet so you can take your opinion and bad attitude to some other game. Nobody will miss you.
Kabum (NA)
Sent a request let me know if you are interested. Am an adc main
: I want to join a dynamic group team. Silver 4 Mid/Top Main
: Plat 5 support looking for adc MUST BE PLAT
I could always use a dedicated sup
: for those of us that are in silver i would like to see more equal gameplay: this meaning someone who is in a higher elo (im silver 4 fighting gold 5) and like wtf when our team gets crushed because our top or whatever lane isnt able to fight someone who is just better than them
That's just MMR. It's unfortunately too easy to not denote divisions so they drop their MMR to almost bronze and still stay gold :/
: plat is where the boosters stop, so yeah, the garbage kids who don't belong there are going to be toxic af. Dynamic queue made boosting so easy, now tons of idiots out there do it. One of the many reasons that DQ needs to go.
It's just the troll one tricks that run crap like heimer/Teemo top and decide at plat it's time to play azir mid when they don't have the skill to do it. Check the next plat feeders stats and 9/10 times they are some trash one trick now changing roles
: I completely agree with this. Ranked should be competitive. As a silver II (when i am not pinballing back and forth between silver IV due to matchmaking luck), i see way too many people who simply give up as first blood, and either start "passively" feeding, or just command everyone to surrender at 20 and refuse to make any further effort. Surrenders should be restricted or punished in ranked in some non-permanent way, enough to make people think twice before mashing surrender - teams can make impressive comebacks by defending, but not when half the team is crying like a firehose. Matchmaking should really be cleaned up, and (this is a sentiment i hear a lot) the bar to play ranked should be a bit higher. I am seeing people with under two months of experience in my games, and most of them are very confused or lacking in basic knowledge from experience.
I'm sorry but you wouldn't be silver still if you were good enough to move up. It's not about luck. It's about skill.
: Riot get it through your thick skulls. NO ONE WHO PLAYED LOL BEFORE THIS SEASON LIKES DYNAMIC QUEUE. Getting rid of it for the high tiers and leaving it in for everyone else is DUMB because NO ONE WANTS IT. You are so close to realizing that hey, our dumb idea isn't popular, maybe we should go back to what we know people liked. You're just lying to yourselves. You've already pushed away half your player base this season, do you want to lose half of whats left? Then stay the course, you colossal morons. Stay the course and continue to treat us like we don't know what we like. Like we don't know what keeps other players interested in the game. See you on the soon to be completely barren fields of justice!
I have been here since season 1 and dynamic is the best ranked experience I have ever had. You don't speak for everyone.
: Wrote my masters dissertation on toxicity in league because far more based on skill levels than actual communication. The way people act or perform has far more of an impact on other players and their moral than anything else. I used to get so frustrated at people, like seriously I've been permabanned like 15 times but now i drag chat off screen and literally play how i want and just play rather than getting caught up in the drama. on another note, WHY CAN'T WE DISABLE CHAT? all of the tools to communicate are there, i want an option to have it completely removed. I submitted a ticket and requested to be permanently chat restricted a few years ago cause i literally in 100 games of being chat restricted climbed faster than i ever had D1 on 2 accounts... But now i sit here and meh drag chat off screen and hope i don't get frustrated enough to pretty that damn enter button.
This needs to be a thing. It just leads to problems for me and I have never been banned but lord have mercy if you try to flame me lol. Anyways everything can be done via ping
: Thats a really interesting perspective. You're enjoying this season of ranked more than the other 5? Thats very interesting because its so vastly different than what I think. I think this is the WORST season of ranked Thanks for your opinion pal
Yea if they go back to solo/duo I am just done. I can't waste my time dealing with random trolls in every game when I only get time for 2-3 a night max.
: Or they troll and don't give a fuck if they win or lose their just having fun
What stops a solo or duo group from doing that? The system can't control individual players actions or attitudes.
: [opinion] Why restrict SOLO Q to diamond+? Lower elo players want Solo q too!
My vote is other because I believe dynamic is the best system. I have played the old system and quit the game because soloq wasn't fun. I have every champ and more ip than I could ever use, so normal is not worth my time and isn't fun. I also have a lot of friends and I like to play with them. The teams system was crap and you can't swap people in and out enough to get consistent play. This is my 6th year of league and this has been the most enjoyable season. I really don't understand the hate for dynamic. I really feel that it can be an issue in diamond and up but I feel most people are scapegoating their poor play on premades. I play premades all the time and I don't flame the solo 1 or 2 people but I can tell you that I generally carry them and my friends every game. Now I just don't run the risk of having multiple trolls or afks because I just have to carry my boosted friends and not boosted ransoms. TLDR: Dynamic 4 life Also if you think dynamic is screwing you over and you are lower than plat, you are just really bad and deserve to stay where you are.
: So I feel I need to say something about the ranked system, I love playing league and I get really into it, but when I go 8-2 in my promos and get fucking bronze 3 and my friend goes 3-7 in his and he get silver 4 that's a little ridiculous..... Like I play all the time and I made it into and out of silver 4 times already this season. I am currently bronze 1 79 lp and no matter how good I do in my games there is always people in the game that feed or give up or afk and riot says that the fix it, and maybe they do fix a lot of these kinds of people but there are still so many. I get that people have off games including myself but still the fact that is so hard to climb makes you think does riot even care about lower Elo player? I don't want to rip on riot because I love playing the game, but when someone has passion and drive to make something happen in their game and they are constantly getting fucked by people who don't care or are even there to lose you the game...... Yeah it's demoralizing so for the 2017 season I think something needs to be done in terms of cleaning up the ranked experience.
Sorry man but if you are good enough you won't be bronze. I clear bronze on my smurfs in an evening. It's not riot it's your play.
: >Itโ€™s taken us too long to get here and we apologize for the delay. Its okay, you guys only wasted a single season. Thats fine if you guys can realize your mistake after a year. I guess... Jk what a terrible business unit. It took you guys a year to determine DQ was a failure? Nice detective work sherlocks. > Diamond and Master tiers to solo/duo. This is a great incentive to get the fuck outa plat. Finally I can play solo games. Why are you only giving solo q to diamonds + though? I'm sure ALL PLAYERS would appreciate solo q, not just diamonds and above. >Weโ€™re also currently closing in on our final designs for the 2017 Ranked experience I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of changes you guys thought of when stoned outta your mind. It cant be worse than last season can it? Idk you guys constantly suprise me. Who woulda thought that you guys would be stupid enough to remove solo q, the lifeblood of League from Day 1. So I'm eagerly looking fwd to seeing what your new ideas are for this season, and how you'll improve it. Heres an easy way to ensure you guys dont fuck up again this year: BRING BACK SOLO Q. >we made too many trade-offs this year No, tradeoffs mean that there were pros and cons. Some things were taken while others were given. There were no trade offs in ranked this year. It is strictly he worst season of ranked in the history of this game. Ranked doesnt mean Jack shit this season and its no different than normal games. And there were no tradeoffs because you guys didnt improve shit. The only thing that might be moderatly good this year is choosing roles. Everything else was an utter shitshow. >reveal of our end of season rewards. Yeah right, you better just forget about it this year. You guys fucked up, just annull the season instead of trying to salvage it. Ranked rewards my ass no one gives a fuck about ranked this season man, you think you can buy our loyalty with a skin and Dynamic boosted border? >Our long-term vision is to be a global sport, At the cost of everything else that isnt esports. Fuck you guys in low elo we dont give a fuck about you and we will NEVER balance for you. If you're not a LC$ player we dont give a fuck about what you think about balance. >Weโ€™re committed to continuing to improve League for you. Thanks for sticking with us. This is the only part I believe, because Rioters are usually bright people. Idk how drunk the management was to remove the lifeblood of League (aka SOLO Q) which has been a tradition since the start of this game. We have no trust in you guys not make other similary retarded decisions. How can we trust you ever again when you went ahead and ruined ranked for us, completely?
Completely disagree with you on every point. I have been playing since the beginning and quit league last season because ranked was so toxic. The game was not fun at all. No ability to select roles and only playing with one friend while just having to ignore the rest of your friends. The team system was completely broken and there is still no support for 3v3. I came back because of dynamic and this season has been the most fun and successful season. I play alone or with up to a full queue and it is consistently better than any past season. Maybe some people like soloq only but it will destroy the game for everyone who doesn't. Dynamic is the perfect mix where if you want to play solo you can or you can queue up and make friends. I know I will get flamed but removing dynamic will ruin the game for people like myself.
: Riot Pls: Ranked Pls
I hope this doesn't mean dynamic is going altogether. If it is this might be my last season playing. I only came back this season because of the positive changes to ranked. I guess I will just have to wait and see.
: > [{quoted}](name=C9 Feel The Bern,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LzfV1KMW,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2016-04-17T17:36:58.091+0000) > > Outside of high elo its just a bunch of people that are probably actually bad and they are salty because they are losing more games because good players are banding together so they dont have to deal with feeding scrubs shit anymore. Any time i have ever done a 4 man the rando we picked up was utter garbage even if we let them be the jg they just make horrid choices etc not quality at all. It's simple. Dynamic que is a system that measures your success based on wether or not you can find 4 competent friends. It by nature disadvantages people who want to play anything but 5 made, and to a greater degree depending on how solo you are. This is not a practical or logical way to run a game when you can simply have separate ques for people who want to play solo, and people who want to play group. This is a competitive game; people play because of that feeling they get when they put in the work to improve on something then get rewarded for it. If you start measuring people based on arbitrary things that requires no effort, or unrelated meaningless effort, then the game will become uncompetitive. You're essentially being judged based on wether or not you have friends, are outgoing enough to voice chat and make relationships with random people online, wether or not you're willing to force your existing friends into a competitive environment... There's a reason why all the biggest, sustaining games are competitive. It creates the most dedication and investment. If riot wants to go the casual route and not reward people for self reflection and improvement which any player can participate in regardless of arbitrary circumstances like 'number of friends', it'll be easily overtaken by the other flourishing competitive games which do this.
This statement is so bs it literally made my jaw drop lol
: I think either way, 4+1 is layout with the most chance of someone not having a good time because of their teammate(s).
Who the heck was having a good time with soloq though. Did everyone get their minds wiped? Soloq was the most toxic environment I had ever been in. I had to report people in 3 out of 5 games. I am not saying that the way ranked works now is perfect but it certainly isn't worse. I solo climb all the time. There's people saying 30-1hr queue for rank in gold.... That is a lie. It's never over 10 mins.
Elikain (EUNE)
: * Says that people shouldn't jump to conclusions, assumes Riot is always lying, never in the middle * Has made 2 top threads about this issue, 3 hours apart regarding the issue but didn't ask the right questions * resorts to reverse psychology to make someone else do the work for him on the questions he clearly wants answers to What a fucking hypocrite.
I think i just realized why league has been so enjoyable lately! If these salty SoloQ fanatics are boycotting the game the rest of us don't have to deal w/ their toxic behaviors and bad play! I hope all of them just quit and we might have a decent community for once :){{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
: nothing angers me more than knowing i gave this company 60 bucks
LOL is that all you have put in? That's at least what I probably do monthly lel
: I would like to start this post off with the fact that I do not think Dynamic Queue was a bad concept. I do however think that it is unbelievably disadvantageous in a game that already depends on your teammates to not afk/feed horribly/throw to be 5 single players (maybe a group of 2 and 3 singles) to be against a group of 4-5 all on comms. As I have experienced, things like grouping and spotting out enemies or inferring where enemies are becomes incredibly frustrating as you watch your teammates die when you ping where the enemies are. If this game is going in a direction that you need 5 people of about the same skill level together to be able to play a competitive match then I would like that to be known. But if this is a game where you play alone and can see how highly ranked you can get playing by yourself there needs to be some version that does not have huge groups to play against (i.e. SoloQ)
Did you never have bad teammates die when you warned them in the other system? From my experience of playing Dynamic alone and w/ groups people are just as bad but you get your roles and less people troll. I have never had anyone pick outside their role since the system started. Also I feel the banning is superior. Nothing sucked more than a player going afk through bans then coming back and locking in their first choice. I really want to know how having 9 random people in a game with you is different b/c of voice coms. Everyone can get Curse Voice and chat w/ random teammates if they want. I want some real facts on why this is such a travesty.
Unova (NA)
: The way things are as of right now, i can't stand it. I want to be able to play Solo Queue if i'm alone and if i have a party i want to play dynamic queue. However, when I'm forced to play dynamic queue regardless it becomes a little irritating. I shouldn't have to play with premade 4's if I'm in a ranked game, being the odd one out. It's bad for communication, which is a key element in this game for those of you who aren't high enough on the ladder to know. I'd also like for Riot to re-enable team ranked as well. If I'm in a premade 5 with friends and we decide to play a ranked game, the outcome shouldn't affect my solo MMR. They completely took out the friendly team element of this game. Can't be competitive with friends because they're all trash. But can't play competitive period with them.
How is playing solo with 4 random people helping with communication? How is it any different than with a premade? Pings are sufficient to communicate everything in a game. I am not trying to troll I really want to understand how it would matter at all.
: dynamic q destroyed my league experience bring back solo q already fck u riot
In what way? Can you not queue up in ranked with 9 random people? Is it a technical bug? Are people not respecting call order in champ select?
Quepha (NA)
: Solo queue would add nothing to the game. You can simply queue up solo in dynamic queue and you still end up as 5x solo vs. 5x solo something like 95% of the time. Even when you are playing with a pre-made you still have about the same amount of agency over the game's result as you would if you were all solo. Hearing Redmercy talk about how the heart of League of Legends is about personal achievement... he's joking, right? League of Legends is a 5v5 strategy game, at its heart it is a team game and success in solo queue comes down to how quickly you can come together as a team with 4 strangers more often than it comes down to an individual's mechanical ability and decision-making (especially when it's at odds with what the rest of his team is planning). Are pro tournaments about random players dropped onto the field for a death match? No. It's about 5 people who have been practicing how to play as a team and coordinate their actions and strategy for the benefit of the team and that is League of Legends at its purest.
Idk I got a lot of LP gains from games where I lost but had a great kda.... Oh wait you might be right I think it is a team game!
: I do not usually post on forums, but this issue I feel strongly about and wanted to say my piece. I began playing at the end of season 2. My wife and I have a group of friends we play with almost nightly. Back then, I had time to play 6 to seven games a day if I chose. Since then, the time we have to invest in this game has dwindled to where we only have time to play 1 to 2 games a day. I used to play a lot of solo que and I enjoyed it. However, as the time we have to play the game we has dwindled, we found ourselves running into the problem where the group of people we play with would be torn between playing a normal as a group of 4 or playing as 2 duo questions in ranked. With the dwindling time we have to play, this resulted in us drifting away from league. Not to mention the mid or feed mentality in the old draft system was enraging. When dynamic que came out (as yes I know the difference between new champ select and dynamic que) we were able to play with our friends and generally get the lanes we love. For this thank you riot. I like playing this game and you solved many problems me and my friends were faced when playing: do we pay ranked and not with friends, do we deal with toxic solo players who won't let us play the lanes we want, ect. This new champ select seems to have solved the "mid or feed" mentality I ran into in solo que and dynamic slows me to play ranked with my friends (and have them carry me). Thank you! Also, my experience in the old solo que compared to what I see in dynamic que us a greater focus on team play. I see teams grouping and fighting in a more coordinated style than in the old system. I guess some old solo que players could abuse the lack of team play to get wins and climb the ranked ladder, but I am happy to see more coordination because I think it makes for a more competitive environment. I still get paired with jarvin IV s who rush zzrot and are useless, but thus is still much less than I saw in the old solo que. I would like to thank riot for listening to what my problems were and providing me with more enjoyable games with my friends.
I had the same issues and now it is so much better. I am glad I am not the only person who is loving it :)
: If you think SoloQ will mess up DynamicQ, let the community decide.
First off there hasn't been "solo queue" in a long time. All the normal people with friends could do was just duo and leave 3 friends in the lurch. There is still no good explanation offered of why solo queue is better than dynamic. I see lots of whining but this is eerily similar to the bronze players talking about elo hell. Either way if it's dynamic or solo and you play alone you have 9 random people in a match and you need to beat 5 of them.
Ruloh (NA)
: The problem with Dynamic Q, and the reason higher elo players get stalled into match making (due to their gradually declining pool of players due to skill difference compared to the rest of the community) is the support role. People get sick of supporting, and without supports (or fillers), matches essentially can never start until one becomes available. On a positive note, it does promote "team" play which is what the game is pretty much all about. If you want to play a game on your own, pick up an RPG or something along those lines. The whole point of making a game that can include other players is to _play_ with other players. With that in mind, no one wants to play with, much less rely on a total stranger in a game that makes you feel vulnerable. Especially when it matters on a competitive level. And even if it's someone that sucks, at the very least players can take a little comfort in the fact that by the end of the match, you can at least say you had fun or laugh it off with your friends or newly found buddy. Instead of getting pissed off or stressed out only to begin getting caught in a flaming/afk fiesta full of over competitive minds that don't care that you could be learning, or adapting to a higher skill base pool of players. Don't get me wrong, when I play ranked I'm totally geared with the mindset to win and play at my best. But staying stuck in that mindset devalues the fun and whole point of playing the game in the first place. Not to mention all the bad mannered emote spamming you have to deal with when you could be losing those matches you're taking seriously. By the next queue you're probably tilted because of it, or possibly mad. And guess what? Carrying that attitude into future games just increases the chances that at some point, you're going to end up fighting with someone and being more miserable before you finally quit. Unless you're one of those trolls that for whatever reason just enjoys ruining people's fun and time (get a life man :( ). Back to my first opinion though, I do like Dynamic Q and what it does for me and my friends. Even for ranked when we sometimes get a single random with us (assuming they don't tilt and pick a fight). But unfortunately it's a flawed system and is undeniably a problem for a good portion of the players who also have a right to wanting to play solo. If nothing else, it's crappy because it relies on having someone to fill the support role whose pool of players is THOUSANDS of times smaller than other roles.
Yea but for the people who group up you know they are pretty much required to have someone support b/c the solo people are 80% top/mid players. I really don't see the issue when you can still queue up solo if you want. It's not like it forces you to play with party. I think it has the issues of the old one but it has much less intentional feeding and afks. Also people respect the role assignments which is fantastic. No more pick order vs call order arguments that ruined many games.
cmd01 (NA)
: Afk games are one sided. 4-5 man premade games can be one sided. With afk/intentional feed rates way down i am sure that you are experiencing fewer one sided games caused by both factors combined. One cause to much affect is still larger than two causes to little affect. I believe dynamic queue is a giant leap forward followed by a little step back. (Still a relatively large step forward)
mogonk (NA)
: Why there will never be a ranked Solo Queue.
I don't get the fuss at all. Just go into Dynamic queue and put fill and it will be just as crappy as the old solo queue guaranteed.
: Promotion Tournament Schedule
Also can we get coverage and a bracket at the LCS page?
And how is that different from solo queue?
: I and money others on these kinds of posts have said we will not buy RP until solo que comes out. I still enjoy the game, however Riot has made some incredibly poor decisions over the past months and there is very little i can commend them on lately. I will still play, however I will no longer support them monetarily. If this trend continues, i probably will stop playing altogether.
I hardly think 200 people not buying rp will matter against the thousands of people with friends playing and enjoying dynamic queue. Dynamic best change ever. Solo queue is the reason I quit for 5 months last year b/c it is toxic.
: Riot, if youre not going to do something, atleast be honest.
i really don't see dynamic as a failure. It is nice to be able to play my roles and be able to play with my friends in a real competitive match. I mean do none of you have any friends or what?
: Don't start these Fantasy players
Thanks for mentioning Zion. Real fun week not knowing that. So I had Impact and Zion. FML


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