: Legitimate Taunting?
Is any taunting in chat really legitimate. Most of the time it just makes the other person look like a child and just results in them being muted and talking to themselves... and if someone takes the bait of someone talking shit in chat instead of ignoring it they were probably going to lose that fight anyway. Anyone who can't play this without getting triggered at the smallest thing is not going to do well.
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: The Tribunal hasn’t existed for five years.
I know you know what I mean, the mix of computer algorithm and Riot workers in charge of reviewing and punishing based on reports. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Kha taking smite in urf can be useful. Taking the ODD jungle camp grants a bit of XP as Kha doesn't really need ignite or anything else. I personally take smite on Kha and start ENEMY red and cheese the laners for a couple of kills, then proceed to lane.
I mean that would have been pretty cool if he did that, but the dude never even came to a lane. As for all the other people i've run into with smite they usually just lane anyway so i don't get the point. Like maybe the extra experience, but you could also take ignite, heal, shield or exhaust to help in fights and game the extra experience and gold from that instead.
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SoulAced (NA)
: AFK From Start
2k veiws and no comments or likes/dislikes...guess everyone is as vexed on this as i am sadly
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Elohaven (NA)
: anybody here code
I do, just graduated with a degree this year.
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łsaac (NA)
: Does Riot implement a system rigged against you?
Now that you mention it, it does pretty much feel like that. Get a few games where you win or even stomp the enemy then get a few with rage quitters, afks or even new players. You can even see it with your teammates. I am, at best, an average player(Silver 5 or less) and I've had, in just the past 10 games, team mates ranging from below level 20 to diamonds. Obviously when i checked the other teams they wouldn't match up, with the games with lower people on my team having golds and plats on the other and games with the plats and diamonds on my team, the other teams highest player would be my rank. I can understand why they do it, but just taking a second to look at it makes it seem so dumb.
: "We're unable to log you in because you may be offline."
So I honestly don't know what to say about this, but I just left the game open for awhile and it suddenly started updating and working again. I am hoping this is a global fix and it means it'll work for all of you now or soon, too.
: I just got the same problem. I decided to closed the client and then right clicked the desktop shortcut and clicked Run as Administrator and it worked. Hopefully it works for you!!
: I just made a thread about this too. Glad to know im not the only one having the problem. I even played just a couple of hours ago and it was fine. Not sure what the deal is
I hope someone gets back soon with a fix since it seems like a problem they've had in the past.
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: What if Riot just made messages with blacklisted words not send
There is a Language Filter option I believe where black listed words are already bleeped out. Even with that the fact that you can still be punished for saying such things in chat is not because they just "dumb bans", but because Riot seems to want to give players the ability to chose what they sya and what they see, while still punishing people who get way out of line.
: there is no secret toxic player queue. that is just what this game does to people
I guess I did word that weird. I didn;t mean to say that there was some secret toxic queue, just that I may have been put in low-prio queue without being notified. Also: > [{quoted}](name=EL HAMSTERO,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=HTGF9lcN,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-05-10T10:55:54.192+0000) > > that is just what this game does to people It is sad how much I am starting to agree with that statement after all these years.
Míellá (NA)
: I'm pretty sure that that isn't the classic form of toxicity, but them just having fun. Except that Vayne and Quinn, they are toxic.
I guess I can see the Sejuani maybe just trying to have fun (although I would still call ruining a game for 4 other people by intentionally playing wrong and throwing a game is kind of toxic), but the Kog'ma was definitely toxic with the Vayne and Quinn since he AFKed out of game after a few minutes and I don't mean quit or lagged out. He just went to spawn and walked back and forth every few minutes.
: Where are all these ARAM bots that are said to be infesting the mode?
I also have over 2k ARAM games and I've run into plenty of them. Even got some notifications that my reports of them got them punished, too. I wouldn't say they are "rampant" perse, but there are some randomly that show up from time to time. If you haven't run into any them I guess you are lucky cause they are pretty easy to spot since they do things even brand new players know are bad. Like running straight into enemy tower several lives in a row with no items, standing still and just autoing the closest thing to them even while being attacked, or just loading into a game and standing still in fountain and then move one step every ~4 minutes to avoid Leaver Buster kicking them.
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: Im having this issue now, what made yours stop? I've done everything. I've repaired the game, uninstalled and reinstalled, and it's still happening. I keep getting reports because i can't do anything in game except for alt+tab.. please help!
All you can do is send in a ticket to riot support and see if they can figure it out, their ask for the log from hextech repair tool. They told me it was just the latency of my wifi pretty much since I am at college and the wifi is pretty bad. Wish you luck.
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: Absolutely unwarranted ban.
Since you mentioned you got a 10 game chat restriction recently you account as probably being monitored more closely and the fact that you more fed a troll and repeated that you would report him instead of just muting them is probably what did it. It seems like a common thing for chat bans after looking at this board for awhile.
: Summoners code what? Toxic Community.
Hovering your name, unless it hasn't updated, says your only 21. You have only begun to play this game. As far as communities go, LoL is one of the worst for toxic behavior, but you can report them and Riot is dealing with reports and punishments. The leveling from 1 to 30 has been the most toxic portion for years because it is full of new players who do not really care if they are punished or smurfs who again do not care if they are punished and if you are running into a lot of people who do not realize that the priority job of them staying alive is on them, then that furthers the point even more. You can't really point out "a critical flaw" with the game that you have only begun to play. People have already pointed out the mute system to you and you seem to already know about the report system, those are in the game for this specific reason. Reporting for the "tantrum", saying "You let me die", repeating the spam in chat, and "ping spam" can all be reported with valid reasoning put in the report description. All of your complaints are already addressed in the game and Riot is actively addressing them through the report system.
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eboy2914 (EUNE)
: SAME, so annoying, tried doing full repair, didn't work
I full repaired and it worked for awhile, but it now its doing it again and even worse then before. My last game took me 10 minutes to even be able to load in and move and there was still random delays on it even while at 40-50 ping. My friends also tried the full repair. it did nothing for one and it fixed it for the other, but the whole game crashes for him if he alt-tabs now. This whole thing is weird.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ahris,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8ccLkxck,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-03T22:10:07.889+0000) > > Xerath was never bad and he is banned quite a lot in competitive now. > > Pretty broken right now if you ask me. Uh...? He was hot garbage almost the entirety of season 6 because poke damage is useless when it gets shielded/healed up. The only other thing he brought to the table is a weak stun and that's clearly not enough to be a good champion in a meta like that. r u ok?
Statistically speaking, Ahris is right. Xerath may not have been a top 5 pick, but he had a decent win rate, while being a fairly safe pick due to his long range. Now he is very strong, even oppressive, in game. Although he is not the worst offender since Malzahar exists as both the best mid and top laner right now as far as win rate is concerned...
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Asamas (EUNE)
: The honor it's not about dmg and kills. It's about staying cool is you got totally shreked in the early but didn't blame or get toxic; calling for good picks like Baron, EDragon or back door; just being friendy and over all a nice dude (the adc honoring his supp). So your point doesn't make much sense. I wen't 7/4 Syndra last game and made some compliments and jokes and overall was a good teammate and I got an honor but not "stayed cool" (wasn't camped or smth), not "great shotcalling" (didn't really said anything regarding strategy). I got a GG <3 one. I was a nice guy (not that much kills or over all carreing) and I got one honor. So GG <3. Stay cool and don't claim that you deserve 4 honors every game. I am not saying that you don't deserve an Honor but maybe for the other guys playing together on one lain with someone else was more enjoiable that playing with you the whole game. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
I feel like you read half the comment then thought you knew everything. I understand what the 3 honors are and what I am saying is that if there even if you shot call right, aren't tilted easily and are friendly no one seems to vote for those people if they are with a group they will just vote for party regardless of what the party member does. You comment doesn't even make sense with that I said to begin with. i gave examples of what those people did in the game and yet they got 3 honors, but they did nothing you seem to think they did. If someone gives you examples and asks a question about the examples and you just ignore it and talk about something different it useless info for the discussion.
: Why does Ornn scale with 5 different things ?
He has very strong options for teams (increasing CC duration with Brittle, giving every character on team a stronger item to build that the other team can't have without him and being able to buy items without every backing) and as such the rest of him has been whittled away to make room for such strong abilities. Riot used what they call a sort of "power budget". His utility is so high with what I said before that it used most of his power budget so to compensate they split up his ability scalings to lower his damage output.
Onandaga (NA)
: Master Yi could use some sort of anti-CC effect on his meditate
They designed it specifically so that it is weak to hard CC. Without the hard CC he can just decide to stand there healing with 50% damage reduction for 5 or so seconds. The counters for yi are hard CC champs and a team that follows up. that's how it was designed. Giving him anti CC on top would get rid of his main counters and just make it that much easier to snowball on one of the simplest, but strongest hyper carries in the game if you get kills early.
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mvpBP (NA)
: 14 day suspension
Your post is confusing, did you say toxic stuff back or not? At first you say you did, then you say you said nothing. I agree that they also should have been punished, but If yous said stuff back, even if it wasn't racial but was still toxic, you also deserve punishment.
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: So is "ggez" even punishable? Not a single punishment was issued on my reports
It is slightly annoying seeing someone who doesn't deserve a win saying "ggez" after, but it doesn't really do any harm to anything. Especially if that is one of the few things they say in the game, which is how it usually is. It is not really toxic and they could probably be reported a million times for just saying "ggez" at the end of the game and not even get a chat restriction, so no it probably isn't a punishable offense.
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: Bannable logs?
It seems fairly toxic to me, but I would have given a 14 day ban and not perma. Unless you already got 14 day ones recently.
El Lobo (NA)
: I did I'm hoping I can get a explanation or reasoning why it went straight to perma banned
: Does riot even care?
It sounds like you are talking to someone who has no idea what this game is so it is just a echo chamber that point since they'll probably just agree with anything you say. From what i can gather is you got a stuck in a lane you didn't like and told him he was playing wrong (i will say I agree with following the meta since it is proven to work the most effectively and often) even though it is their right to play however they want, no matter how weird or inefficient it may be. A video game is meant to be played for the fun of the person playing and if that guy was auto-filled to support when he might not have wanted it he probably just wants to have fun in the game. The report system seems to work just fine for me and 99% of other people. You just got mad at them not playing meta and got punished, you served the sentence and are still here so just move on to the next game.
: Honor is a complete joke.
I feel like muting automatically in games, especially Ranked games in lower and mid ELO, is fairly common just from not wanting to deal with flamers and such. If he flamed you or whatever then mute him back and report after the game and move on to the next game.
El Lobo (NA)
: Perms banned without a chat restriction, warning or a 14 day ban
Submit a [Support Ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) and see what they say. They do not need to give you a reform card and are completely in their right to ban people without warning in their terms and conditions although they very rarely do. It is most likely had nothing to do with chat and was too toxic to warrant a 14 day ban or you may have been hacked. they tend to "perma-ban accounts" that they think may have been compromised, happened to me about a month ago. If that is it, the support will help reset password and you'll be good.
: I believe honor 5 should be a percent of player base
Limiting it to a percentage would not work and might even have an opposite effect. If I know that only, lets say top 10% are allowed to have Honor 5 and I just got Honor 4, then I see my chances of ever getting up there as being slim to none since I am just a normal player, only player a few games a week out of boredom. So I would not event try to be honorable at that point, as long as I am not a complete asshole in game (or just don't get caught being one) then I'll stay Honor 4 and still get the rewards, but I no longer really need to be "honorable" to anyone. On top of that, what constitutes "honorable"? Even just among my roommates I know we honor people for different reasons. I'll personally always honor someone in my party (randomly if more then 1 person) or a good healing support, while I know one roommate solely votes for the person who he things did the most in kills or objective pressure (if it is him he will vote for no one) and the other only votes for party members and never votes when playing alone. Streamers would probably have a very easy time of getting Honor 5 if you limit it to only the top percents since they are typically always voted for even if they are not necessarily the most honorable or most useful. The whole Honor thing doesn't even matter anyway, as long as you aren't Honor 1 or 2 you are pretty much on the same playing field. All it effects are random item drops and , don;t quote me on this, I think once you hit Honor 3 the drops do not increase for Honor 4 or 5.
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Dragfin (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Myozthirirn,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=haaow3Ge,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2017-07-07T20:02:39.348+0000) > > It says it in the name Riot &quot;Game&quot;s > > Game: > 1NOUN. An activity that one engages in for amusement or fun. That's your definition. What is the very first rule of The Summoners Code? There are 6 rules and not one of them is to have fun. Having fun is a given in any game but when your idea of having fun violates any of the rules of The Summoners Code, technically you should eventually be banned.
On the other side of the coin, the same can be said about you guys. They may ruin your game or something by "not trying", but you can also ruin their game by getting upset about a video game like that. You also pointed out above: > Please link where it says that in the official RIOT writing about how to play the game. It is true it does not say the game is supposed to be played for fun, but it also does not say the game is supposed to be played solely for the entertainment of the guy (you) whose only idea of fun is winning. You can't say that what they say is wrong when there is not standing on what you say either. Everyone plays games differently and just because they are not sitting there sweating in their chair in normal or ARAM doesn't mean they aren't trying. Ok, have a nice day.
you should...you know...stop playing then, good luck
: thats cause i did nothign fkign wrong wrong....go spectate every fking LOL RANKED GAME and ban everyone that is toxic and in 2 days u will have 30 million permentent bans thats rigth cause every ranked game always has 3+ people that swear and rage and are toxicc and that is soemthing u need to accept, and i didnt start this fight, they did and i got triggered so i responsed cuase im a fkign NORMAL PERSON and i get permenent banned and they dont that is ouright bullSHIT i wnat proff they got permentent banned or i am gonna troll this communnity boards,.
A permanent ban is warranted by multiple offenses. You may say this is the only game, but perma-bans are not given out till you have had at least one 14 day ban and that also requires typically a few 1 day or 1 week bans before it. Also if you think that everyone is toxic like this and does what you do then just look at all the comments disagreeing with you in this thread alone, there is at least 5 others besides me here and i can say I have at least 10 people I know personally and have played ranked with who don't do this either which leads me to believe it is not every single person who plays this game.
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