Vbvb124 (NA)
: Is Darius A Good Champ To Solo Carry Out Of Bronze
I have an easy way you can climb. added you.
Ryythm (EUW)
: Climbing out of bronze as supp main
Don't try to "carry" your team. This will lead to you trying to play the support role as a carry. Instead, support your team and allow them to carry. This will take more games than other roles usually. You have to ask yourself how you can better make your adc and other teammates stronger and safer.
: Can you plz buff 3-inhibs + Baron??
oh, hi Ozzy. I'm on your friend list
emPyriaN (NA)
: I suck at league
If you are ready to try ANYTHING, add me. SoulNibbler. currently plat 2 My methods are not difficult, and you will win games, but nobody ever listens. They take what advice they agree with and otherwise do whatever they think is right. Only willing to coach you if you are willing to try shaco support. I promise that you will move up immediately though if you put your mind to it. BTW, trying to have as large a champion pool as you're talking about is part of what's holding you back. _**"I just want to be able to play a majority of champions and stuff, that would be so cool even if I can't really play them well"**_ -- you're already playing a majority of champions but not well. You don't seem satisfied with that. 900 hours your way. Try mine if you want.
: At what point do you abandon an account?
If you are gaining 11 , losing 22 it means your MMR is MUCH lower than your visible ranking. This is hard to achieve anywhere except iron. In any case that's what's happened. It's not permanent. When you start winning games, the ratio will become closer top 18-18 in no time. No need to abandon the account. You will move up if you start winning, and your LP gains will go back to normal too when your MMR matches the visible ranking.
: Ranked
It is your fault. No one game is your fault, but over the course of time, your average win/loss is going to be very much dictated by your play. The thing you're seeing has been the same story as every new player since the game started. OTHER people fed, not me. Other people are the reason we lost.... The thing is, 4 out of 5 people on your team ARE NOT YOU. Therefore, 4 out of 5 people who feed are not going to be you. Four out of 5 times it's not a glaring feeding issue on your part. But 1 out of 5 times, IT IS YOU, and you are not carrying the other games either. That's why it feels like it's not you, but really you are the same skill level as the rest of these people around you. I could get out of iron if i played with my toes, and the time will come when it will be the same for you. Just enjoy the game and try to improve.
: someone please help me understand my last ranked game.
it's his first game of the season on this account. He is just higher skill level, probably on a smurf.
: B3 Support looking for Team/Duo
if you are willing to try some unorthodox methods, I can get you out of bronze easy. I reached a high point of plat 2 as a support main last season
: > [{quoted}](name=G Master Hung,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=4BW1iwXU,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-02-19T17:44:33.930+0000) > > While I'm not super high Elo, I'd be willing to give you tips on champs since I've been playing this game for 7 almost 8 years. If you want I would be willing to coach you, my main account is @EvilRubberDucky. Add me and we can play a couple of games and I can give you some pointers. sounds like a plan, :)
I am Soulnibbler formerly as high as plat 2, ended last season plat 5 I think it makes sense to say that you're not ready to climb as soon as you hit level 30, but there is no reason to not start playing ranked. Playing ranked will help you gauge your skill. I would rather not even try to coach anyone who just hit level 30. They haven't had time to even realize what it is they don't know. People need time to fail before you can show them how to succeed. Without that, they have nothing to compare it to. Your ranking will move quickly (and probably fall from your initial placement ranking) in the beginning and you need to get that baseline to see where you are trying to climb from. You have to feel the frustration of getting your ass handed to you before you can realize that you're improving.
xAshur (NA)
: IQ Test
I think there is such a test. The test is : can you get out of bronze. You failed that test. You are with other people that failed. If the bad players weren't in bronze, where the heck would they be??
: Why is Maokai considered to be a bad support?
He was popular as a support for a short time. Just because something isn't popular doesn't mean you shouldn't do it.
zCh0 (NA)
: Getting banned for telling my bot lane DUO to stop dying.
If their deaths are intentional why would it help to ask them to stop? I think you know they were having a bad game and that their deathswere not intentional and you just saying "stop dying" is not helpful. In fact, anyone who can just "stop dying" at will but still be doing anything outside of the base should probably be challenger, since most deaths are not intentional. The short answer is to stop saying that stupid shit any time someone is having a tough game. The more they try to hide from action the more their level will fall behind and the more they will die anyway. Stop calling a bad game intentional feeding. Stop saying you are going to report people for having a bad game. YOU are the problem. You didn't get banned for doing this shit just once either.
delawn (NA)
: Anyone awake and in bronze want to ranked duo?
Anyone with gold skill level should win 75%+ in bronze. Why would such a person want to duo with someone who is bronze? For that matter how do you even get into bronze without intentionally feeding if you have a gold skill level?
: > [{quoted}](name=SoulNibbler,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=cctxgsAo,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-21T01:12:39.515+0000) > > If i have the right op.gg, it looks like you are level 31 and unranked. is this you : http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Breezy+Boyy ? This is so obviously just a smurf account I made that it feels painful having to respond to this.
> [{quoted}](name=Breezy Boyy,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=cctxgsAo,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2018-10-21T02:16:12.993+0000) > > This is so obviously just a smurf account I made that it feels painful having to respond to this. So you're complaining about being silver 2 after 5 years, but it shopuld be obvious that your account is a smurf, but the "smurf" is ALSO silver 2. Why would that be obvious?? That your ""smurf"" account also happens to be silver 2. If shit is so painfully obvious to you. Why is it not painfully obvious what you're doing to stay in silver? You've been playing longer than me and I'm plat, but yeah sorry it was painful to reply about your "smurf" account. (there are not enough quotation marks in the universe that i can put around the word """smurf""")
: How is bronze this hard??
You're playing a lot of draven. he's a lane bully but you're not able to pressure. you're not successfully bullying the enemy team. you need to get 2 axes spinning and then successfully bully the enemy laners, but all you are doing from what i've seen is farm, but your farm is no better then the enemy laner's. maybe draven is not your thing. offered to teach you the support role, which i think is easier to play , but you can't expect to keep doing things that aren't working for you and suddenly get better results overnight.
: Man, I Was Fucking Stupid When I First Started Playing
If i have the right op.gg, it looks like you are level 31 and unranked. is this you : http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Breezy+Boyy ?
: I'm level 150 and I'm in bronze 3 LOL
How would you climb in 4 matches a year??? "Idk if I'm retarded or if this is normal" -- maybe both?
: 5 minutes worth of advice from a friend may not be enough. Getting out of bronze is super easy. if you're not climbing it means something is wrong. Don't keep doing the same things that aren't working and expect it to suddenly start working for you. add me if you like : SoulNibbler
> [{quoted}](name=SoulNibbler,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=bi8zvXv9,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-10-16T08:05:25.427+0000) > > 5 minutes worth of advice from a friend may not be enough. Getting out of bronze is super easy. if you're not climbing it means something is wrong. Don't keep doing the same things that aren't working and expect it to suddenly start working for you. > > add me if you like : SoulNibbler I am in fact also plat. Being plat doesn't mean you understand support or even the macro game. Sometimes you can get to plat just by being able to kill the whole enemy team. That's probably not an option as a support main, so you need to understand what needs to happen in the game. I made a quick overview guide. There is a lot more to understand, but look a this : https://www.twitch.tv/videos/324961213
Brreezyy (NA)
: Silver 5 ADC main looking for help to get gold
I am currently Plat 5, but i have been as high as plat 3 earlier in the season. Last minute climbing is hard, and really gold 5 is a lot better than silver 5. It's a lot of improvement. Even if you could win 75% of your games, it would take about 75 games to get to gold. Even then, 75% win rate is hard to get. My experience is that a 75% win rate in silver 5 is equal to a 50% win rate in Gold 5. In other words, if you suddenly started winning 75% of your games, you can expect to approach about 50-50 as you get near gold 5. If you feel like playing a few games or chatting, you can add my silver account StingsWhen I PvP
: LF other smurfs currently P3
if you are looking for players that are higher skill level than their current ranking, then basically you are looking to get boosted while simultaneously saying you don't want to boost someone else.
Escobad (NA)
: LF a Smurf to Help me get into Gold
: Climbing from bronze as a support
5 minutes worth of advice from a friend may not be enough. Getting out of bronze is super easy. if you're not climbing it means something is wrong. Don't keep doing the same things that aren't working and expect it to suddenly start working for you. add me if you like : SoulNibbler
: carry me to gold, i want the skin XD
I suggest looking for someone who can teach you to BE gold, instead of carry you there. I know if it was me i'd want payment up front, and i doubt you'd be willing. You want services up front and why should they be willing? even with 100% win rate, it would take 35 games to make that climb; - at 75% win rate, it would be 70 games. That's like 35 hours of game play.
: Hard stuck bronze
what role(s) do you play? If you are committed to getting better, I am committed to getting you to a higher rank. feel free to add.
: who thought of that shit?
Yeah, i see this on the latest patch too. I am a shaco main. I find it very annoying.
: > [{quoted}](name=SoulNibbler,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=g9mqgc4G,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-10-05T15:41:11.578+0000) > > I've seen so many games where people insisted we had no chance. I voted no, and we ended up winning. You never win if you foreit. You are the troll. you are the problem in this story. Survivorship bias much? Now tell me how many games you failed to turn around. I ll wait.
How many would it need to be? You lose 100% of the games you forfeit. I'm not saying there is never a time to forfeit, but if someone on your team thinks there is a chance, then play on. You signed in to play the game, so just play it instead of whining.
: I call upon those who can get past gold and have wisdom for me please... *OOOOMMMMM*
The LP you get will be based on a comparison of your team's MMR and their team's MMR. if you are outmatched you would get more for a win, lose less for a loss. Sometimes your MMR can be SLIGHTLY higher than your visible rank; in this case your average opponent will be higher. Your visible rank will always gravitate toward your MMR. In short, it all will work out the way it's supposed to.
: How to get better
Re-read your own post and look how much emphasis you're putting on the teammates you get. You can't improve their play, only yours and the more you fixate on their mistakes the more you overlook your own. YOU are the problem. You just need to figure out why.
Savior78 (NA)
: 1800 ranked matches BRONZE PLAYER needing HELPPPPPPPPP please!
Your "main" account has like 5 games played with a handful of champs. Your bronze 5 account has hundreds of games. You don't have a Gold 5 main account. You have a Bronze 5 main account and access to a second account that got boosted to gold and that you never play because you know you can't maintain gold 5. ANYONE with gold 5 skill level will instantly be winning 75% + of their games in bronze 5. This is obvious to anyone reading this. You can't play hundreds of games and still be in bronze if you have gold 5 skills.
: I LOVE having my games held hostage by one fucking troll
I've seen so many games where people insisted we had no chance. I voted no, and we ended up winning. You never win if you foreit. You are the troll. you are the problem in this story.
: Looking for plat and above to help me get better
I am a shaco support one-trick, plat 3. If that seems interesting to you, you can add me, SoulNibbler. While i could also teach you general game concepts , it would probably be more interesting for both of us if you were interested in learning champ specific stuff. (for shaco support) If not that's ok too, no need to reply.
ettt (NA)
: please read this and help
: Forming a Bronze and silver team
support main : StingsWhen I PvP
: Should the new Iron Divsion have it's "material" changed?
: What is the easiest way to just win one game in bronze??
SoulNibbler , plat 5 add me if you want. focus your champion pool to your best 3 champions only. I'm sure you know what items to buy, but i have doubts that you understand the macro game. The game is not won by being up by 2 kills. People in bronze tend to think that they are up by a kill or two and they deserve to win.
: Confused/rant please help.
what is" Rìku: shaco supportr to Rìku: must be nice to have a jgler " was there a shaco support?
: Looking for a coach / experienced player to rank with.
add: SoulNibbler -(plat 5) edit: You are not even level 30. you don't know the fundamental and it will be awhile before you are silver 1. -- probably several months play 30 ranked games, then add me.
Dr Kai (NA)
: Looking for a coach
: How To Get Into PAX (If You're A Man)
"non-binary" is just some made-up bullshit anyway. Just saying you'renon-binary would be exactly what every non-binary person is doing. Nature is binary, man or woman. This binary system evolved for the purpose of reproduction. Even people who have physical or mental abnormalities are genetically xx or xy, male or female. So again, you would be just as justified as anyone to say you're non-binary.
AhmCha (NA)
: Why is the community being punished because some of your employees are creeps?
Gender discrimination? Absolutely fine as long as you're discriminating against men.
: Gold 3 Adc Main Lf Support Main to Duo with. Add me if you wanna play.
: How long does it take for MMR to balance
If by "Balance" you mean for your mmr to be proportional to your visible rank, it pretty much stays balanced. it never strays far unless you are bronze 5, or at least at the border between one division and another. Probably not long ago you were bronze 5 and your mmr got lower than b5. It's not going to take 100+ games . these people don't know what they're talking about. give it a dozen more games and it should be pretty close. keep in mind other factors affect how many points you get for wins and losses, like the mmr of the opposing team.
Cunky (NA)
: If you're hovering Nunu & Willump in my ranked games, don't get mad at me when i ban it
I am a shaco support main. No sympathy from me. Stay silver, kid.
: Curious
No one in Bronze knows fundamentals. Basic mechanics, build knowledge and macro game will get you out of bronze fast. most people with more than 100 games have the basic mechanics. Build knowledge is just something you can look up. You don't even have to tailor your build to the enemy team, you just need to build solid choices in bronze. Other than that you have macro game and not one bronze player understands what they should be doing.
: Silver
Muxxik hit it on the head.
: How long did it take you guys to reach Gold and higher?
Took me about 2 years to get gold 5. I've heard of people doing it in 6 months. Currently plat 5, this is my 4th season playing. ~ SoulNibbler
: I need help in ranked
It looks to me like you either get fed and win or feed and lose. This means you probably go in like a maniac without regard to whether you can win. Try focusing on farming more when you are behind. Don't try to force ganks to happen. After 16-17 minutes, put farming on the back burner and focus on taking turrets as your primary priority.
AndyJBomb (EUW)
: Looking for a decent player (gold or higher) to help give me some advice on getting started
I am SoulNibbler , but i am plat 5 on NA. I will gladly help you, but honestly, at level 8 the main thing you need is just more games. The first thing people start to improve before level 30 is mechanics, and that's just about practice. After you have the basics there, and play a few ranked games after level 30, then it's time to learn more about macro game, etc.
: looking for smurfing support in gold
Added you and you were a bit rude to me. - Why? I am plat 5, you couldn't even just say "no thank you"?
: The summoners I get qued with.
I am a plat 5 shaco support main. It's possible that the "wrong champs" are more about your attitude than actual playability of the champ in a given role.
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