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: Many silvers and bronze my friend
And nothing comes of them
Khoto (NA)
: Yeah I've been having the same issue and have tried various things and nothing has worked so please let me know if you figure out how to fix it.
Ive been to riot support a couple times myself but they have just run me in circles with no solution.
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Too Ton (NA)
: Why did Tristana's winrate go down?
While it is kind of a buff, She takes about 5-10 more minutes to get online with the mega DPS with the change, Now you gotta wait longer, and a team that pushes hard should be able to beat he team before the power surge
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: You should add the p2p system for linux users, and then make the game native on linux in that order.
: If your going to Pax Prime do you have to buy tickets for the lcs games there or does the ticket to pax cover that
Im pretty sure Pax ticket covers it
: Next mode needs to be "Friendly Fire" mode. Where you can accidentally damage your teammates and heal your enemies!
How about a free for all game mode?
EpM5 (NA)
: how about a game-mode where champion abilities are randomized ,for example if there is a thresh and twisted fate in the team thresh might get twisted fate's q
Maybe as you pick champs when you enter the game it scatters everyone on your teams abilities around, then you need to figure out who should really be the ADC because if your normal ADC gets all AP skills he may want to build AP
: Imagine Katarina with a Sion stun.
: A mode where line skill shots have infinite range would be cool {{champion:101}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:53}}
How about to all characters add 3000 range to all abilities. ALthough it will make {{champion:82}} unkillable
: The Doom Bots have left the building!
My favorite moment was smiting a dragon as annie malz galio ziggs and zyra tp'e to dragon, short story i took 5 ults and died before i could hit flash to try and run
Statikk (NA)
: 1. Urgot 2. Poppy 3. Mordekaiser 4. Yorick 5. ??? - can't decide =/ Once again, my personal opinion. I think the above 4 have incomplete/confused identities/roles within the game and have flawed play patterns that offer very little counterplay.
I see my baby mordakaiser on your list, im curious any hints on what your thinkging
: Sounds good, but it should be 6v6 and 3 people on each team have to be the same champ. All on Howling Abyss of course. We'll call it "6v6 URF DOOM 1/2 All For One Hexakill."
on SR i hate howling abyss
: last time froggen crushed with it...
: ***
Theres nothing wrong with being a "nerd"
: How is playing a video game athlectic MAKE UP YOUR MIND LEAGUE OF LEGENDS league of legends pls why you do this to me
Its not athletic in a literal term, It is however considered a sport.
: Ok sorry League fanatics, downvote this as much as you want, but isn't it KIND OF sad that a college is recruiting League of Legends players? There's no future there. YES, it's a great past time to play when you aren't busy, but a college team?
Its not sad, Most collage "Athletes" do not play professionally, in the end they move on and go do a normal job. It will be no different here
: One For All: Mirror Mode ending soon
Good I did not like Mirror mode as much as I did the original all for one. Mainly cause every hasshat wanted to play nidalee or karthus and thats all we did
: Pentakill Rises
"slaughtered millions of Teemos" Please tell me they are about to go extinct?
: We need One For All combined with URF, anyone else wanna see 10 lasers every 24 seconds? XD
Nocturn would be more fun, eternal darkness for real
ketchup (NA)
: Is everything going to be green on green? It makes it really difficult to see the skittles if that is the case!
ha skittles XD I thought I was the only one to call them that
: this tribunal thing does more harm than good..banned players just turn around and make new accounts thus ruining the game experience for legitimate new players that have to deal with all that toxicity. When are you people going to learn that change comes from reinforcing POSITIVE behavior, not "punishing" negative behavior.?? if you want people to change, give them incentive..the carrot before the donkey gets it moving much longer than a slap on the butt. {{champion:201}}
Well remember this, when you get banned you have to make NEW accounts. It takes time to rebuy all your champs and elvel again. once you get to level 30 and get decent at the game you get with people that DONT troll. they want to keep the account they have spent $100+ on skins
: Oh and get rid of the count of a loss in promotions for a que dodge, just like a freebie or two a week or something. That way, when it is Riots fault i am not the one who loses out.
*Cough* you mean trolls not riot *Cough*
: What if riot servers crashes you and we get banned for it? it happened twice to me yesterday
If riot servers actually crashed... You would have gotten loss prevented/game wiped from match history. Chances are it was your connection
Tomby (NA)
: I just wanna be able to report niggas you feel me {{champion:48}} - Tomby <3
Was the racist comment really needed?
: They need to add that if someone is gone for at least 10 min then they get a 1 day ban (not more than 1 day, its a little overboard if its more than 1 day)
Bans scale based on amount and severity if you get 2 1 day bans in a row you deserve longer on the third one
: Well I hope that you make leaverbuster be able to tell if someone leaves or if someone disconnects because of lag
When the servers are the issue your game "never even happened" If your lagging its likely your connection to riot servers
Paka Van (NA)
: But what if you absolutely have to leave a game? Say, something comes up after you start the game and you have to leave right away but you had no idea this would happen. I hope LeaverBuster also monitors frequency
It does monitor frequency. If you play like 50 or so games straight then leave one your fine. Now if you leave every 9-10 games it starts to stack up
Hoson (NA)
: IP rewards :^), summoner icon rewards as well !
IP no, if you get rewarded for tribunal people will spam punish button to get IP. Summoner icons doh for streaks riot plz!
gafrump (NA)
: Let the people who get reported a chance to counter the accusation it is not fair. people should be able to defend themselves when they are accused of breaking the code I don't feel comfortable people pointing fingers and my fate is left up to some random person or riot employee who does not know me.
Its left up to many people, not just one. The tribunal works on those people deciding wha is good for the community. Obviously if you tell someone to kill themselves you should be in trouble. If you make sexual/racial slurs you should be banned. Solution to getting banned. Stop doing above things
: Can we make a way to distinguish between someone who just suddenly quit and a game crash or a disconnect. My computer(hp 2000 AMD E-300)isn't will always take like 2 mins to load up and sometimes the game will crash on me. So will there be a way to distinguish between the 3 i don't wanna be banned for my computer being just too slow.
Sorry but just like any other game, you shouldn't play it if your computer cant reliably run it.
Godsike (NA)
: I don't believe there should be a punishment for bad behavior. For trolling and feeding, yes I do believe there should be but some people are just born aggressive or competitive. So... yeah... BAN TROLLS {{champion:48}} AND FEEDERS {{champion:40}}
So its ok for people to rage at someone who had a bad matchup/game and tell them to go kill themselves? No just no
: gayyyyyyyyyyy i got banned in a game before i read these new changes faggot rito
Thats your own fault
: for issues in pregame and postgame chat i usually printscreen and then use a free image host and post the link in with my report.
That is a good idea and i shall do this for now on
: my only issue with leaverbuster handing out the bans is that sometimes during champion select i lag(cannot see picks/bans until it is too late and i get kicked from the lobby and get leave timer). I am worried that that may cause me to become banned from games with this new system, even if it is temporary. I hope riot adresses things like lag before they make too many drastic changes to the system that could potentially cause issues.
Just dont do this after the third game, you only get queue suspension timers for first three. and it resets every 16 hours
: Riot needs to include a full game replay of the match so you can actually see whats happening in the game instead of just reading whats being typed in chat. I've seen matches where someones reported for intentionally feeding and in-game they're actually being forced into a 3v1 lane fight for half the game because their team is trolling them by never calling mia/afking/ignoring the lane.
And you expect the servers to survive this?
: Logged in to downvote. Sick of this community and their stupid memes.
Wow man, so sick of the negativity in this community
: How will they communicate with each other??? Translator in the microphone?
ping ping ping and basic broken english
: Nope. There are few reasons why FF is so strong on junglers. 1. It has any scalling into late game. 2. On hit heal, when you have ~50 stacks at 40 minut (which is not so hard) you heal for 60hp each hit. And most likely you have AS around 2.0. GL with killing that jungler without heal reduce effect. Cut this amount by half against champions. 3. Spirit line has almost no use at late game. Almost becouse it's still better than empty slot -.-
Thats the trade off I think {{item:3160}} was going for, early game weakness, late game power. Now that late game power also comes at the cost of loosing lane pressure if you try to rush it out. You cant carry a game as a jungler if you neglect to gank lanes and let them fall behind.
: You think that jungler should support all lanes. This a subjective statement. Some people play jungle to carry games. I think that {{item:3160}} needs to be toned down, but in end game or amount of stack to make it. I would be interested in FF giving 2 stacks for kills and increase the required stack number to 30 (or more).
how about make it simpler, 1 stack but max at 15.
: @WizardCrab, I Summon Thee
I would like to have the option of try before you buy, a button that launches a game hosted on your computer with just you on the rift so you can walk around look at your skin/ see if you like using the abilities on champs
Dalvorn (NA)
: LoL Client Maneuverability
Intended or not, I dont lik it. Leave us where we were plz
: I sort of picture something like [this](, but I'm going to go work on some concept art for this. What a fantastic idea!.


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