GigglesO (NA)
: Stage a Protest?
Honestly, I only support this just to actually see if they will actually get nerfed if people decide to ban these champions every game. Be hilarious if they didn't
: What's the point of a ranked system in this game?
I wish to say that while players are at different levels, they will mostly play the same. After all, mistakes are inevitable. From what I see from the rank system is consistency. Yes, a grandmaster player will be better than bronze, but they will overall do similar mistakes the bronze player does. The rank system is a joke in general. The main point is to have you grind the game. Sure, you can improve on the game and find fun in it. Suspecting a very competitive experience? Likely not.
: Annie Should NOT Get Mobility.
I think my overall issue with Annie's change to Molten Shield is that they reduced the damaged reduction and the cooldown. I know they put in MS since it is a powerful tool and "being fast is hype", but I personally don't believe she shouldn't have MS. As you said, Mages mainly lack Mobility tools besides runes and items. I personally would have liked if they have done like a damage reflection or an increased of her dmg reduction. This will give her survivability and help her push in a different way besides MS.
9NexterCz9 (EUNE)
: Which story would you like to move forward after demacia ?
Personally, it would be Bandle City. Would like to know more about the city.
: I never liked the theory about "Yordles are the manifestation of a place", but the lore of Veigar managed to explain why yordles act like they act. Yordles seems to ""learn"" or ""absorb"" the "lifestyles" of other creatures... they arent the "enbodiment" of a culture in particular. Poppy "copied" Orlon and the founders of Demacia, that is why she acts like a Demacian soldier. Tristana "copied" militaries in general, so, she is acts like a generic soldier from no particular place. Kled "copied" the Noxian warriors etc. And Veigar... well, he was kinda forced to "copy" Mordekaiser. The interesting thing about this is that... Even if Veigar wants to be like Mordekaiser, it seems that there is something about the "good Veigar" that is still present in the "evil" Veigar that we know now, at least to some extend. (Considering that, im interested in seeing what will Riot do with Rumble specifically... because he is kinda a "Yordle supremacist". Maybe it has something to do with this "core" personality (the "good veigar" mentioned before) that yordles seem to keep, regarless what horrible things happen to them.) Is this "core" personality strong enough to regain the "sanity" of Veigar? Or it can be twisted even more in a future? I guess that we would get the answer to that if Veigar and Mordekaiser meet again... But honestly, i dont think that they will.
I do agree that Veigar has that "goodness" in him. It is, however, more so in a different perspective for me and not really the reason why I see his action isn't as destruction as Mordekaiser. Veigar, I believe, has dissociative amnesia. Specifically, generalized amnesia where the loss of memories is related to their past and identity. So the good Veigar isn't completely gone. Just blocked away. Because of it being blocked though, I can't see that being the reason as to why his actions are mostly half-assed vandalism and unintentional helping to the people who are decent/good folks. On a different topic, It would be quite cool to have a Yordle who is an actual antagonist. Veigar is more so of an Anti-Villian and others like Kled stay more so in this selfish yet neutral ground. So long you don't bother Kled, you are fine type of deal. Rumble could fit into that role well if Riot wants to do that.
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