: Why not just go to the bathroom before queuing for a game or during the loading screen? That would make more sense.
Because when you're playing in a group, most people want to keep going and don't wait on you, and if you go to the bathroom while your team is strategizing you're probably part of the problem.
: rename eve to lee sin and she will never get nerfed fixed
OJ191 (NA)
: I feel like eve stealth just has to go (or at least be heavily restricted), for her own sake
You realize it uh... is heavily restricted? It used to be ungoverned except by stealth wards or oracles, now if she's within half of screen of you, you see her. If that is too much for you it's because you aren't using stealth wards to utterly mitigate her. She's pretty balanced right now and if anything a little underpowered.
: Put together a spreadsheet for myself to see what the ratios looked like, and the mobility and cc creep is VERY apparent. I split the champions into 3 groups. First 40, middle 42, and last 40. I tallied each champion in terms of: Dash (can't cross walls, these are rare) Leap (free movement abilities) Charge (movement ability that requires a target) Hastes (movement speed buffs) As well as each type of CC (displacement, root, silence, slow, stun, charm/fear/taunt, polymorph, and suppression). Here are the totals. Format is # / # / # (First/Middle/Last). I've bolded the numbers that are significantly (50% or more) higher than the other 2, and used strikethrough on any numbers that are significantly lower than the other 2. Dashes: 1 / 1 / 0 Leaps: ~~5~~ / 9 / 11 Charges: ~~4~~ / 8 / 10 Hastes: 18 / 18 / 20 Displacements: 12 / 12 / **32** Roots: ~~4~~ / 8 / 6 Silences: **4** / 2 / ~~0~~ Slows: 26 / 23 / 27 Stuns: 9 / 12 / 8 Blinds: 1 / 0 / 1 Charms/Fears/Taunts: 3 / 3 / 2 Polymorphs: 0 / 0 / 1 Suppressions: 1 / **2** / ~~0~~ So, looking at the periods relative to each other, the champions post-release of the game are FAR more mobile than the initial 40. While movement speed buffs and slows remain fairly constant, the number of leaps and charges seen a huge increase (doubling in frequency). Also of note is that the first 40 champions only "excel" at silencing champions, with 2/3 of the game's silences between them (it was 5/8 before Kassadin and LeBlanc lost their silences). In every other category, the first 40 champions are equal-at-best in terms of mobility AND crowd control. Finally, the only CC category that has a truly major change in frequency is displacements. In the first 82 champions, there was roughly 1 displacement ability for every 3.4 champions. In the last 40 champions, there is 1 for every 1.25 champions. That's a 170% increase in frequency of abilities that forcefully relocate another champion, or simply knock them up into the air. Or, expressed another way, if you played when the game came out, the average game (with randomly chosen champions) would have 3 abilities capable of displacing your champion or an enemy champion. If you play the game with only the most recent 40 champions, the average game (same random champions) will have 8 of them. If you combine suppressions, roots, silences, stuns, charms, fears, taunts, and polymorphs ("hard cc" without displacement): Non-displacing Hard CC: 21 / 27 / 17 Displacements: 12 / 12 / **32** Slows: 26 / 23 / 27 Even merging Displacements into the Hard CC category, you end up with a noticeable spike in the frequency of heavy cc effects. Hard CC: 33 / 39 / 49
As much as I love your in-depth review, I have one issue. Kass and LB losing silence can't possibly make total champions with silence go from 3/8 to 5/8. Maybe I'm missing something basic and am retarded, but that's how that reads to me.
WolfBV (NA)
: {{champion:54}} ult can be stopped by xin zhao ult. The unstoppable force can be stopped.
> {{champion:54}} ult can be stopped by xin zhao ult. The unstoppable force can be stopped. Yep. Knockup is hardly ruining games. You know who the person is who has knockup. It's not a gamebreaker. You can avoid it or counter it. It's not something that needs adjustment. This guy is just angry cause he died to bad decisions and thinks that somehow translates to the game being unbalanced against him.
shppy (NA)
: There's a lot more than that if you count knockbacks/pulls/bumps(like Riven's 3rd Q), all of which are unreduceable and uncleansable (and able to be Yas ulted, cuz it's totally acceptable for Yasuo to be able to have his ult set up through no merit of his own). At my last count (which was shortly before Gnar, iirc), the number of displacements outweighs actual stuns/fears/taunts/charms (full but reduceable/cleanseable loss of control ccs). But Skarner doesn't have one; he's got suppression, and as ludicrous as it sounds (since it's an ult-only mechanic) that's not actually as hard a cc as displacements. Oh, and since no one's brought it up yet, displacements aren't *just* stronger than other cc only because they're unreduceable/uncleanseable... they also interrupt the victim's movement abilities (with the exception of 'unstoppable' stuff like Malph's ult), something other cc's don't do (except against Yas's E). That's another huge advantage displacements have... almost like displacements are Riot's half-assed attempt at fighting mobility creep (which in reality just phases out older champs in favor of the newer ones with knockups, just like mobility creep phases out old immobile champs).
Exactly. BItching about knockup is stupid. Many champions have it, it's very brief. It should exist. You should be aware of it. It's not something that's needs a monkey on a forum to defend because it's ruining a game. It's an element of play that is generally very well balanced. Riot is probably the best in the business at keeping their games balanced. They're active and attentive. This is just a guy whining because xin zhao knocked him up and he died.
iTams (NA)
: Can we please stop having knock ups on every single new champion?
Thank god you posted this drivel here because you dislike knockup. Maybe we should remove roots, stuns and ranged slows from previous champions just because you, like everyone else, finds CC to be annoying. So glad you post this garbage and bump my legitimate post about client issues off. Child.
: ... how far away is your bathroom?
You realize you have 60 seconds. If you can walk to your bathroom and pee then get back to your bathroom in 60 seconds, you probably should contact Guinness? My bathroom is 10 feet away, but sometimes people fastpick, and most of us chainplay games if we're with friends, so it's a really strong penalty with a very small window. I'm not proposing a solution, but this system is broken.
: The Pregame-no-pick penalty.
For the record I am an asshole and have lost an account in the past, but I generally try to do unto others... I've played for 5 years now and about 20,000 games. I don't think got my first leave until game 6,000. So this is why it bothers me. I don't do that, yet I get harsh punishments for taking a pee and getting some random fast picks. That's not cool.
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