: Did they nerf Orange essence again? Or is it really that bad in general.
Mathematically, the OE nerf means it's never worth to buy chests when you can just buy skins directly. Its good for people who just slowly collect OE from free stuff, but probably isn't what was intended.
Hayaishi (NA)
: Clearly adc's sole purpose for existing should be to be hunted by melee champions and assassins for sport.
You joke, but I think that IS a big part of why they're kept mandatory. They ensure there's a juicy target for the hunter, all else revolves around that. @original question, they should have medium but consistent damage in order to whittle down teams over the course of a fight. Not bursty, but having the highest damage potential over 10+ seconds. They're a win condition in teamfights because of what they can bring if they survive the whole thing.
: One of the biggest problems I see moving past this season and beyond
Good thread. I'll add an anecdote: look at the mobafire guides from s3 or so, the longer ones that wrote whole manifestos about strategy for choosing your starting item, gaining vision and bush control, tracking jungle timers, building for lane matchups, different 2v2 cases when junglers get involved... there was so much, and that was before even getting into macroplay outside of lane. Now the vast majority of that stuff has been removed or rendered irrelevant, and if you try to do anything strategic you're just trolling because your opponent used that time to faceroll with burst damage.
: I wanted to believe, I really did... but one of my favorite series is about to go to shit.
FWIW there were offhand mentions of time lords switching gender years before Capaldi. Watch the first couple minutes of that 11 episode where the tardis is a human and calls herself Sexy. Pretty sure people have found similar in the original show too.
: Can we have a permanent pve mode?
If this must be a game where the fun comes from completely stopping your opponent from playing a video game, pve is the best way to give us that.
: Well Chess doesn't have a piece called "Yasuo" which tries to 1v5.
I had to make a chessbot for a class. Nobody said it had to be a GOOD chessbot, so i made the king go full Yasuo as soon as he got a pawn out of the way.
: Same. Been playing since season 1, and my knowledge in the strategy this game once had is useless now.
This. Used to be I'd read essay after essay about ward placement and bush control and lane matchups and a million other things. Totally useless now that it's a game of monkeys oneshotting each other.
: You survived for 3 seconds how! Teach me your ways of incredible survival
BleKz (EUW)
: Making Kha'Zix mid an option without buffing him in the jungle at all
Full cd refund on minions would be pretty wild, kinda wanna see that tbh
: Does anyone remember or miss the good old days when people played offmeta stuff in normals?
With all the damage creep, i dont know that what you do when picking a meme champ could be called "playing" so much as "looking at a gray screen"
: [UNPOPULAR OPINION ON BOARDS] Let’s not beat this male sexism thing into the ground, okay?
Hear hear. Even if the thing had been handled well we'd still see a lot of rage here because of anti-sjws feeling personally threatened (and that's not a sentiment reality provides them many opportunities to experience). The fact that riot screwed up so badly just makes it more tedious to argue against them. There are plenty of ways to make part of an event aimed at women without being unfair. Don't even have to restrict attendance because you can pick the subject matter, and even if you need to, just let guys in if there are seats left. It'll be really interesting to see how the boards react if riot does this properly.
: Zed blinks through multiple walls? tf he is not that slippery lol. are you by chance flashing when he ults because that doesn't really help.
W before going in, Yommus and then R to gapclose, not terribly hard to get that far from a shadow and then blink to it. OR just save W for the escape, at which point he can go over consevutive walls.
: Pretty sure that's more of the teams fault then Zed's dashes anyone with a dash can do that. Replace Zed with Vayne and there you go.
Show me a vayne jump into 5 people and then blink a screen away, over multiple walls, the moment there's a problem
: Being good at Zed can require a high skill level, but being bad at Zed still allows for easy exits out of bad plays while still offering him a high amount of dps without hard to hit skill shots. Edit: unless your team has a lot of CC, but good CC doesn't start happening until you get in high ranks. Edit again: this thread about Zed can actually be applied to most high mobile assassins.
I once saw a truly terrible zed player who messed up in nearly every possible way, except he always managed to escape to his shadow so he was never punished for it. Even at that level of ineffectivity, he forced out a good amount of team cc and forced us to play conservatively to deal with him; easily carried his weight just by playing that champion.
: Zed is way too over played, can we all finally admit it is because he is very easy to play?
Accurate. Also he's remarkably immune to consequences. Everyone else has to play like a beast to not autolose against Zed, meanwhile he's hard to mess up on and even if you do, you still have excellent waveclear and roam potential. I get that riot tends to be scared of 9 yearolds picking edgy champions and feeding like maniacs, but this is a bit much.
: A slew of people are now mad over DZK being fired.
Re your last point: people are comfortable making those jokes because they're understood to be harmless. It's expedience derived from the knowledge that your slippery slope will never happen. If somehow there was a serious anti-white sentiment, that humor wouldn't work anymore so we'd stop. About the DZK thing, I could go either way because Riot fucked this up fantastically. I more or less agree with your summary. Though I find the vitriol here pretty telling; I can comfortably predict that if Riot tries a perfectly sensible event aimed at women, and no drama happens, we'll still be flooded with similar rage threads.
: Does Riot realize what they've done?
Pissed off one crowd by trying. Pissed off another by failing so horribly I can't fathom what this was supposed to accomplish. Great PR rito
: League of Knockups (New Nunu)
Guessing its inspired by the mario party minigames where a snowball sends you flying into the stratosphere
: What is the meanest (legal) thing you've done to an enemy team to get a win?
Used to main naut support, but cycled through jungle champs before picking to confuse the enemy team. If i had a duo we'd whine at each other in allchat as though i was forced to support, which made the enemy team play sloppy bc they thought it was a free win. Low elos love trolling ingame bc they think an odd enemypick is impossible to win with.
: The game no longer has any strategic elements.
Reading the comments im realizing that this game has turned into what bozos always thought it was. When the optimal way to play looks just like most low-elo wtf moments, there's a problem.
Anin777 (EUW)
: Remove the sole objective of destroying the nexus and League is the same, soooooooooooo...
There are times in league where you do things other than fighting people to the death the moment you see them. Less than there used to be, but they exist.
: Any good alternatives to League?
Two unconventional picks: Clash Royale is a simplified portrayal of league's lategame map macromanagement. Gwent is a card game but it's all about coming up with odd playstyles and then executing your win condition while screwing over your opponent's. Both are matchmade p2w; there's really no reason to put money into either since you just get matched with people with the same power level, and you get plenty of free loot just for playing. Both are 1v1, which is a good thing imo, dealing with teammates doesn't add much to a strategy game.
Anin777 (EUW)
: >braindead manic gameplay Can't be talking about fortnite lol.
I mean you CAN do clever things in fortnite, but at the end of the day it just comes down to quickly killing everyone you encounter before they do the same to you. Which is how a lot of ppl like to play any game.
: Ivern is the perfect example of going back to the ROOTS (Pun intended) of league of legends
Exactly. Sadly thats not what people want though. Why pay attention to your enemies when you could just turn them into a fine red mist?
: Negativity towards the State of the Game goes far beyond the boards.
Riot: but the casters are still hyped about everything that happens!
: Runes are boring, viable champion pool is small, no counterplay, game sucks @RIOT
I'm starting to see the value of jumping to a different game every time you get ranked high enough that everyone's using antifun meta strats. Had a great couple weeks in Gwent until i got high enough on the ladder that it's the same 3 decks over and over.
: People say puns are just bad dad jokes.
I thought bad dad jokes were called dad jokes
Bârd (NA)
: If an assassin can't 100-0 somebody, then that is just a useless champion since they would have neither damage or utility. If an assassin can't 100-0 somebody QUICKLY, then that champion will **never** be played as an assassin. See tank {{champion:245}} and bruiser {{champion:105}}. If an assassin can't get in and out quickly, then that champion is a **Diver**, not an assassin. See {{champion:164}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:62}}. If a champion can't clear waves, they aren't a viable mid laner. This is especially true for assassins, who need to shove the waves to roam. For most assassins, being made unable to lane mid via removal of waveclear means the champion is dead. {{champion:238}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:7}} aren't exactly great top laners/junglers. {{champion:555}} is not a fucking assassin. He's a damage/pick oriented support who **looks** like an assassin.
Back in ye good olde days before Burst Per Second, assassins put out respectable damage but could function without needing to oneshot. Catch a MF by herself, you do 60% with your combo and then keep autoing or wait for your Q to come up. She would shoot you in the meantime, but the damage difference meant you would end up winning the fight. Now you either oneshot with the initiation or die to 4 autos.
: What does ''Int'' mean
When anyone on your team does anything whatsoever that you don't like, its inting. When an enemy runs it down mid, you clearly carried because you're the next faker. ...atleast according to how i see it used now
Proxy345 (NA)
: Players from 2013 already knew what the game would be like in 2018.
Have LCS play urf and bloodmoon exclusively, then we might get our game back...
: Yasuo windwall should instantly kill an ulting yi
: Except Yi has enough mass to not be displaced as easily as, say, a hot coal (or whatever it is Annie throws on her autos). Now, if you have an ulting *Quinn* run into it, that would count as a knockup, because it'd be an upward air current to launch her and Valor higher into the air...
> [{quoted}](name=DuskDaUmbreon,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=PllQoO3k,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-06-18T18:27:21.366+0000) > > Except Yi has enough mass to not be displaced as easily as, say, a hot coal (or whatever it is Annie throws on her autos). > > Now, if you have an ulting *Quinn* run into it, that would count as a knockup, because it'd be an upward air current to launch her and Valor higher into the air... Aurelion Q says hi
: Experiment: Community Patch Notes
Soraka: E damage reduced at low levels, but the silence is instantly applied to enemies entering the circle, and applies to enemies that are untargetable or in stasis, preventing them from queuing up spells. (I'm not a fan of raka as a champion but this has bugged me for years)
Yenn (NA)
: This season has completely neutered skill expression, can we get a new balance team?
Yeah, its super boring. Ironically, removing skill expression is a good bandaid for terrible matchmaking. Winning in champ select is easier to control than an awful teammate. Its just not worth ruining the game over.
Velasan (NA)
: Yeah the issue with situations like this are that really high damage means lack of skill expression. It turns into who pressed their buttons first. Sort of like if Blood Moon was the main and only game mode. No vision and everyone is an assassin insta killing eachother. It's especially bad when your team feeds (or you feed) because damage is so high that it makes hard to risk anything without getting exploded. Add lower vision to that and you can't even see objectives to contest them. The team that is ahead gets all the scrying plants/scuttles. Tank metas may have been frustrating when a Sejuani could sit on you during a team fight, but what's worse; a Sejuani who does low damage trying to keep you out of a team fight or a Sejuani who can't tank anything and yet is being encouraged to build damage who will blow you up instead? At least when tanks are tanky everyone gets to play out their role. They added higher AP scalings to Zac, and Sejuani is getting the same treatment next patch, and AP Malphite is already popular this season.
Accurate. We play this for the pvp, and when you instanuke someone you aren't playing pvp with them anymore, and they're just playing Gray Screen. People want to be able to just jump on someone and blow them up without having to worry about counterplay, because that's a simple way to win... but that's what singleplayer games are for, since they let you do it way more often and without anyone wanting to do the same to you.
: Any relation to spaceman spiff?
The calvin reference, yes. So many versions were taken and that one naut skin is an "empty" spacesuit so here we are
Yenn (NA)
: If your champion can't 100 to 0 someone in 3-4 seconds, it's not viable in top, mid, or jungle
When does the 3-4 seconds start? When you get vision of them from 2 screens away and turn on all your mobility to just run them down and oneshot? I see mages that are unviable because they die during their ability animations, now. When you see a Syndra/Veigar having to run from squishies because they'll get oneshotted in the middle of their combo, something's wrong.
Âquarius (EUW)
: Oneshot Everyone, as Everyone.
I saw an anecdote about how when designing an enemy AI to feel "smart" giving them more health actually helped because they'd have more time to appear smart before they died. Instead this oneshotting just strips away pvp interactions. Food for thought.
: Is something ever going to be done about Relic and Allies?
People have been saying this for years now, idk why riot doesnt think its a problem. Theyre probably concerned about using it to hardpush but really, in what world is that going to matter outside of laning? Even for clearing supers its nothing special.
: Why does Yasuo instantly get compensation buffs and passive rework
They're terrified of the feeding capabilities of yasuo mains. This explains most of the balance decisions regarding popular "edgy" champions.
: Can we talk a bit about Essence Reaver and the fact that its more of a top lane item than an ADC one
: Please stop Training wheels buffs.
A lot of the edgier champs get to keep their training wheel buffs indefinitely, or get more later, because Riot knows they attract players who'd feed their little hearts out if it weren't nigh impossible.
: PSA to teens: Defensive driving is fucking important, so don't treat it like a joke
Accurate. It's not a matter of doing what you're obligated to do, its a matter of making sure that whatever some dipshit does to cause an accident, you can avoid it. I get that the league community tends to be happy to fail as long as there's any sort of excuse, but dealing with that shit is a huge pain even if it ends up not being your fault.
: I used to think immobile champs were easy to play.
Having to think about where you stand is more interesting than going wherever the hell you want because you can just fwoosh away at a moments notice imo. Meanwhile anyone who can kill mobile people is an absolute nightmare for immobile ones.
: The game's now balanced around uninteractivity, around inevitability. If Yasuo gets one or two kills, he'll start snowballing extremely hard. If toplane Quinn or a midlane assassin gets one or two kills, they start roaming around the map killing everyone. If a jungler dies early in a duel for scuttle, the game is now a 4v5 and that jungler is basically a walking jungle creep for the enemy team. If a botlane feeds and no leads are made by the feeding botlane's team, the game is over. If midlane feeds any said champion that snowballs hard, the game is over. If someone on a team feeds and has a useless build, the game is over. If your team gets wiped once and you weren't ahead, the game is over. If League of Legends continues down this path, Riot is over.
Accurate. And to be fair, uninteractivity is what people gravitate towards. There's so much going on in the game, and opponents are extremely unpredictable, so it just makes sense to not want them to matter much to your plans. Riot needs to ACTIVELY push back against this trend instead of enabling it. People would rather win than play the game, be it winning in champ select or using a strategy with no meaningful PvP outside of facerolling and bursting everyone because you got ahead as a lane bully. It's regressive and Riot needs to stop enabling it with powercreep and statchecks.
Brija122 (EUNE)
: Jhin & Poppy draw
Toppien (NA)
: im tired and sick of zed
You either go mid and lane against zed, or play a different role and let your midlaner feed a zed. I know its partly bc norms is infested with zed onetricks who get off on stomping people in the mode that's for learning new champs, but there's a reason they gravitate to the guy. He's too hard to punish and too strong against weak players.
: I feel like most of the people that complain about League are actively trying to NOT have fun
I mean that probably applies to a lot of these threads, but there's also just less of the game to play now. Strategic elements have evaporated because once someone starts snowballing, you can outplay them all you want and still get blown up by whatever unavoidable instant burst is currently in this regressive meta. Or rather, real options to outplay in that situation no longer exist. PvP games need tension to be interesting. When a huge portion of time is spent where it's hard to even imagine what the losing side could do to turn things around, there's just no tension. Add the fact that assassins and botlane are in a current state of fully preventing the other from playing the game, and you get a lot of wasted time that's just really difficult to enjoy. Tldr its not impossible to have fun... its just way harder a good amount of the time.
: How do you fight zoe?
Impractical but satisfying solution: pick nasus. Hit lv6. She can't come near you because Wither is a death sentence, and you can apply it while she ults. She can't kill you, and can't really escape long-term if you chase/dive her.
: NOT EVERYTHING IS INTING. You lose because you are "too good for this team"
Game is so much more fun when you acknowledge how bad you are, ridiculous that kids act like this. An important life skill is being able to see something as a virtue without assuming you have that trait. And now the boards have invented the term "inting in champ select" to describe... getting a mid matchup that doesn't let you contest the first scuttle. Amazing.
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