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Hello! I am a guy who really likes to try out really crazy stuff with my runes. whether its a counter jungle focused rune page with EXP runes to maximise my power gain. To taking crit damage runes on hypercarries to see those juicy 1k dmg crits lategame. My main concern are the two above mentioned stats, crit dmg and exp gain. Though exp runes could be problematic for obvious reasons, if they didnt have a specific niche everyone would take them. but that also would have been a problem with old runes, but it was partially alleviated by their huge cost, IP and opportunity. Id still like to see them come back in some form in reference to counterjungling, maybe if you steal a full camp you gain a bit of bonus experience, and tie it into smite somehow or jungle items? And also crit damage, it's sorta here in the form of gathering storm, but crit dmg is online as soon as you get crit chance, while gathering storm takes some time. Id like to see this implemeneted as well though i dont really have any idea how... maybe a new tree would be nice? IM just honestly really really sad that i wont be able to do stuff with these anymore. and of courser theres stuff like hynrid pen runes if i want to play udyr/ekko/akali or someone else with a hybrid build. or even hybrid runes on Shadow Assassin for a little bit of extra dmg. I know you guys wont be able to bring everything over to the new runes, but i just dont want to feel ignored that something i liked to experiment with is gone. maybe new items would help? that's all, thank you :D
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: Some of the stuff we're looking at for 5.18: Exploring Buffs * Zyra * Veigar * Syndra * Twitch Likely Nerfs * Fiora * Morde On watch/needs investigation * Skarner/Darius/Garen (where are they post 5.17?) * Devourer (too strong?) * AD Ezreal (too weak?) * Lulu (too strong solo, too weak support?) * Vayne (too reliably strong?) Odds are high some other champs will end up being worked on too, and that some champs above will end up being taken off the list as work on the patch continues. The above are some of the key things we're looking into though.
Hello! I was just curious if you can tell us any small details about the fiora nerfs? She is really fun to play but i agree she is overbearing. What should we expect?


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