: Depends on what you want to get it can be worth it. You get 200 tokens right off the bat, 3 orbs that can contain great stuff and a daily that gives you 18 tokens pluss the ability to gain 12 points per SR win and 6 per loss, 8 per ARAM win and 4 per losses. You can spend your tokens in Orbs that cost 200 tokens each which is a pretty good prize if you grind it out, some of the chromas and borders for skins but the most important of all and the reason i personally bought it for... **100 PRESTIGE POINTS FOR 2200 TOKENS** meaning that if you're willing to do the grind, you can get one of the prestige skins that would otherwise cost 100+ dollars. Also the fact that if you play enough games you get 25 free prestige points, in the following events you can repeat it and eventually get another prestige skin since riot seems to be loving releasing them.
Thanks for the help! I was actually trying to go for the Lux Prestige Skin! :D
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: Guide to MSI 2019 Trials
I'm confused! Please help me! New Mission will come every week? Is it worth buying the Trial Pass? How or Why not? I was only able to collect 75 tokens and then i never saw any mission popped up.
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