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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 20
For Teamfight Tactics: Item drop rates should really be standardized (no variance) with how important they are in the game. Just keep the actual items that drop random, which will keep it so there are still "better" drops, but that you can at least work around picking up "worse" items by using the carousel to at least make items that are passable, or to try and get the most bang for your buck (miss out on recurves? Drop a Morellos on Garen/Darius or fill out a Bloodthirster, or something.) Nothing feels worse, currently, then having 0 items drop from PvE (actually had it happen where an ENTIRE GAME I only had the items from carousel -- and it was a long game as I took third,) meanwhile some lucky player is sitting on FOUR additional items after the first PvE wave.
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: Sorry to bump this, but I wanted to bring something new up here: I logged in this morning to find that they have now removed the legacy client without bringing item sets over. So now there is no way to update or create item sets. In the survey I answered a question which asked if they were ready to fully move to the new client and I strongly disagreed with that since it is not finished, and yet they still did it. What the hell? They should know this is a crucial feature of the player's experience. They even pointed out they were getting a lot of feedback about it in the link that Paladin shared here. Riot, what are you doing?
Until they implement them in the new client, you can use this website (!/editor) to edit your item sets the old fashioned way.


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