: Spear of Shojin doesn't look like a spear anymore
It looks very much like Guan Yu's Quan Dao.
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: Skin Idea: Warring Kingdoms Darius
That is Xu Huang not Dian Wei
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: Champ Update Exploration
The pantheon rework makes me wet.
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: RP Giveaway!
Guardian of the sands Xerath
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: [POLL] Velkoz skin "The All Seeing Eye, Sauron"
I don't play Vel'Koz but, after buying this I would main him
NayNays (EUW)
: Visual update and Xin Zhao
This is just Lu Bu from Dynasty Warriors. Considering Lu Bu is more similar to Jarvan I'd prefer to have a Zhao Yun type rework for Xin Zhao.
Solasian (NA)
: Warring Kingoms Yasuo
I've had this thought multiple times. Also a Zuo Ci TF skin or Xaihou Dun Master Yi.
: Sweetheart Annie makes ten Annie skins. Seriously?
We need skins for champions like Zed, Zac and Syndra.
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