: Does anyone even take ultimate hunter in domination ?
I take ultimate hunter when I'm going in electrocute or whatever and the champ i'm playing is very ult reliant. I take the healing one only when i'm playing someone who'll be in a fight for a long time, like akali or something to augment her healing. I wouldn't take it on Talon or, like, zed or something. and taking ultimate hunter over relentless is supposed to be a tradeoff, according to riot. To answer your other question, they transferred it from sorcery because they thought it'd fit better in domination, not to mention ultihat just rewarded you for doing something you were going to do anyway no matter who you are (cast your ultimate). Also, they way it stacks means in some situations it can be stacked faster than ultihat anyway. Depending on how much of a fiesta your game is you can stack it at level 1.
: These two new items on PBE are making me feel concerned
Well, for spear of shojin, the bonus AD ratio's too high because it risks AD stackers to abuse it. Also the Jhin corner case. I think it'll be fine if they change it from bonus AD to base AD, since it's obviously a tankier fighter/juggernaut item. For atma's it looks pretty good, I like that it's an armor/MR item instead of health. beyond that I think the passive on it is reasonable considering its cost
: Leblanc burst is actually stupid
I haven't had any problem laning against leblanc since the revert, I just take barrier instead of ignite and rush defense. Shove lane so she can't gank and keep river warded. If you have hard CC save it for when she tries to W towards you so you can retaliate. Banshee's hits her hard as well because most of her burst is QRQW for the one-shot combo. Having that spell shield forces her to either get close enough with W to pop it or to start her combo with a chain, which slows her burst significantly. Playing against leblanc just requires you to change strategy and focus on survival so she can't take advantage of her great early. As others have pointed out she falls off hard late game.
: I feel that some changes to how shielding works needs to come soon after these Marksmen changes.
I remember seeing a board suggestion that healing/shielding an ally causes you to be considered "In combat" so characters that rely on being out of combat like janna can't shield someone without slowing down.
: Marksman changes coming to PBE in the next couple days
I have a couple of questions and a comment. 1: Essence Reaver won't have a dependance on crit, but will it still actually have crit chance? I like it on my Miss Fortune build that gets IE and ER and no other crit items. 2: With base AD nerfs, will you be putting a +5 minion damage on it like Dshield and Dring(as it was on PBE at some point)? Or something else? 3: > Fleet Footwork nerf A new B.F. upgrade, Stormrazor, A Domination keystone, Hail of Blades, Are these item designs exciting? https://imgur.com/jfqTUO0 That'd be a yes from me
: To be entirely honest, this is one of the things that we're not super great at. I wish we had the time to fix every bug in the game (or at least the major ones), but we run into a few reoccurring problems on that front: 1. Visibility - even if there are threads about important bugs we may not seen them 2. Repro Steps - even if there are reports, there aren't always clear methods for us to reproduce them so we can track down the issue 3. Time - as Beany mentioned, when looking at an allocation of value to time, delivering on new content almost always trumps taking time to fix bugs - especially when they can get really hairy really quick. We could hire more people to do this, or could allocate more time to bug fixing, but it would come at the cost of additional things being shipped - something that can be a bitter pill to swallow for a lot of people. I've been trying to think of ways to at least make some progress here, let me know what you think of this as a tactic. Essentially, reception to the bug fixes from Quinn that were bundled into a patch 8.6 was really positive - though it also took a decent amount of time for the designer to round up all the bugs/QoL changes, make the fixes, get them tested etc. I was wondering if going onto each of the subreddits for all the champion mains and dropping something like a: "Hey guys, as a community it would be great if you could build up and prioritize a list of bug fixes / quality of life improvements that you think would help make your champion feel better. I can't promise if/when we'll get to them, but if we're doing work on a champion, it would be far easier to just get to reference a list from the people that care about the champion the most as opposed to us guessing what fixes may actually help. If the community thinks something is important, and we know where to find it, it becomes way easier for us to actually commit to that work." Something to that effect anyway.
Since Riot plans on having big patch/little patch cycles, have you considered having one of the little patches dedicated entirely to bugfixes/QoL changes with easy changes like numbers if need arises? I don't mean to come off sassy or anything, it's a genuine question. Also, the subreddit thing seems like it'd be helpful. I remember something similar a few months or so ago asking for morde mains to compile a list of bugs, so I guess it'd be kinda like that but with smaller lists.
: Xin Zhao Support?
It could also be xin just spending so much time bot lane that the website thinks he's a support
: tenacity shouldn't be encouraged give me bkb
Imagining Master Yi with bkb is horrifying...
Rioter Comments
: Garen deserves a large-scope rework
How about taking his villain passive and replacing his actual passive with it? Just change it to not be luck based, i.e.: Dealing damage to an enemy champion or epic monster (with basic attacks and abilities, for clarity) places a Demacia stack on them. At 7 stacks, that champion or epic monster becomes marked as a villain, causing Garen to deal 1% of their max health true damage on-hit with basic attacks and abilities. For his ult, remove the villain passive (of course) and keep it mostly the same, but add this effect: If Demacian Justice strikes a villain, it deals true damage instead of magic damage. If the champion it strikes is not a villain, it immediately declares that champion as a villain after dealing magic damage. Maybe also add some team interactivity by letting allies' melee attacks apply stacks and/or the true damage on-hit, ranged attacks apply half effect or something. This can kill a bunch of azirs with on stone- it makes his passive more exciting, adds strategy in when to use ult (for example, when fighting tanks it could be better to ult first so you + team get more consistent true damage), removes RNG and ~~gives me an excuse when I mess up ult~~ gives something to play around.
: > [{quoted}](name=Real Sexy Yoona,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=j2MuJz1d,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2018-04-12T23:36:37.493+0000) > > I feel like I want some champions to be as simple and straight-forward like Garen. It fits his personality and his identity as a Demacian who's naturally opposed to Magic. I'm a M7 Garen so it's not like I'm hating on the champion or intentionally trying to ignore him. > > Q (charging and silence) = shows his courage charging into battle and the remove slow/silence shows the anti-magic/Demacian side of him. > W (dmg reduction and tenacity) = strong dude and again, anti-magic. > E = I don't know how this really ties in to his identity. > R= Shows Demacian might and justice to those who oppose Demacia (villain). It's pretty dramatic and cool. > > I'm not saying Demacian Champion = No CC/Magic/tricky Skill Champion. That's simply not true. > > It's just that Garen is the most iconic Demacian in League of Legends and embodies the ideals of Demacia. He is the might of Demacia. While Noxus might use whatever means to win, not Demacia. Demacia fights with honor and dignity. Which is why I like how Garen is straightforward and doesn't use tricks to fight. (Doesn't mean a total lack of skill expression either, especially with the active part of his W) > **Garen fights fair even if the fight is unfair for him. ** > {{sticker:garen-swing}} demacia hates magic? what about lux? edit: nvm, when to the lux lore page and found this "Luxanna Crownguard is a powerful young light mage from Demacia, an insular realm where magical abilities are viewed with fear and suspicion."
Apparently there's some sort of secret magical society that serves the king or something. I don't fully remember the lore, i read it when it came out
: If he's going to have the best map mobility tool outside of Quinn's ult, then there should be a drawback in that he has to commit to jumping instead of cancelling it mid hop when realizing it may not be a good idea to go in. Fix the bug, don't let him cancel out of it.
If you're talking about live talon, he can't cancel it mid hop unless he gets cc'd, but if you're talking about the proposed bug mechanic, OP means while you're running towards the wall you can hold down the key to backflip _instead_ of going over. Like warwick Q. He doesn't mean being able to go backwards after jumping over the wall.
: Instead of fixing Talon's [E] bug, why not add it as a mechanic?
I'd love this, then his E could actually be useful in lane! Could make for some cool looking turnarounds too.
Rioter Comments
: On the topic, when did Riot make it so we get 1 gold on death?
I don't remember, i think it was the start of preseason or when season started. I don't think it was documented either. For all I know it's a Mordekaiser bug.
: > 1 - 10 - 1 But he has already hit the 10 death power spike
those 10 deaths are 10 free gold; the enemy team's really in for it now.
k wìx (NA)
: I do think Riot should look into making Precision more viable for 'AP' style champions. It feels like it only caters to 40% of the cast currently.
I agree. In the top 2 branches there's only 3 runes that are either good to "not useless" in it (unless you're playing Vlad, in which case overheal might be useful sometimes). There's also not a good AP keystone in it but Riot just added a fighter/juggernaut keystone so it'd be unreasonable to expect that. Presence of mind, which is getting changed eventually Triumph, which is generally good for snowballing champs Tenacity rune, which is the "not useless" one because most mages are gonna die if they get cc'd anyway At least the bottom tree can be good on anyone though. Maybe the 2nd tree, legend, can get another rune that's actually appealing for APs. Can't really think of much it could be besides adaptive damage or CDR though, and the sorcery tree already has both.
: Ah, correct. Thanks for telling me!
I'd just like to point out that thresh being a support also makes some sense considering his lore. He's originally a prison warden who tortured artifacts for lols, so he probably doesn't have actual combat experience, hence being a support.
: Why do people ask for the laser turret back? Are you the people that never played the game when it was around? They do zero freaking damage. You can be a Sona with zero defensive items and tank that laser for 6 consecutive seconds and lose like 30% of your max health having cast ZERO abilities. The hilarious thing was people did not complain about turrets "doing no damage' UNTIL THEY ADDED THE LASER INTO THE GAME. After they got put in the first time, people were like wtf no damage ashe just walks under turret and kills me with auto attacks alone then she walks out, this turret sucks. The only thing I could reason as to why you'd want them back is you are so desperate, that you are of the belief that "anything is better than what we have now", even though what you think you want is not what you think it is, it's actually just worse.
If it's on an item, they could buff the laser damage. It looks like you misread the post? This is more about updating Ohmwrecker than wanting the bullet turrets reverted. Anyway, I was around for the laser turrets. I understand why they removed them, but I just think it'd be cooler if it was on an item to give it a 'wow' factor as well as make it useful for some situations. Yeah, the laser will do 0 damage of someone steps into it and steps right back out of range, but that's the point- temporarily make it more dangerous and intimidating to do things like I mentioned in the post- stall a dive while you wait for help, or use it during a seige to try to kill minions faster. I think there's a damage point where dives are still _possible_- you shouldn't survive Lee and Diana jumping on you when you have a sliver of health back, but by combining the proposed active with a decently full healthbar, you should have a reasonable chance of surviving the dive or scoring some kills if the enemy decided to risk it. (Besides, the lasers looked kinda cool.)
: Actually wrong there have been plenty of items (only two) that stemmed from that same rewards system you are talking about. Grez's Spectral Lantern and Zeke's Herald were both also from the refer 1000 people to league to have an item named after themselves with Ohmwrecker somehow being the only one surviving the cut every season to pass.
Well, Zeke's got reworked and is useful enough on some champs I guess. {{item:3050}} Can't really argue with Grez though, maybe one day he'll get his item back.
: Anyone found good use for Spellbinder?
It stacks up pretty quickly while you're just clearing waves and stuff. By the time you can teamfight you'll have a respectable amount of stacks, and you don't really NEED 100 stacks to use the item. Just use it whenever you need/want it.
: I like this, but only if it would also keep its current item and change its effect based on if the target was an ally or enemy turret.
I didn't suggest to keep the current active because it would be the main reason to buy it, and it often isn't as useful as expected, at least to me. Most tower dives don't last very long and people can usually tank it if they aren't super low. Besides, it might affect power budget for its stats. Any particular reason you want to keep the active?
YuGiHo (NA)
: what if riot just removes the item, people have been posting on how to buff this item for years and it still has not received any changes.
They can't just remove the item because it was part of a rewards system from a long time ago, so they have to keep it in the game no matter how unpopular it is. They can, however, rework it, like the Total Biscuits of Rejuvenation/Everlasting Will. That's why everyone suggests things instead.
Rioter Comments
: I can't figure out how to get out of silver...
Well, one suggestion that I'll make is to always have backup champions for every lane, preferably more than one. You don't need to be as good at them as your main champs, but you should at least be competent with 2 for every role- or 3, or even 4 if the champs you use happen to be popular picks/bans. Second is map awareness, though you're a jungler so you should already have that down. If you don't, IDK what champs you use, but general map advice: Start the game by asking someone to ward whatever buff you're not starting. Ask early in case they ignore you, cuz you might need to put the ward there yourself. While you're farming, constantly look for gank oppourtunities/ location of the enemy jungler on minimap, and that scuttle crab is pretty important. There's lots of places you can ward to get the location of the other jungler, especially since green knife got deleted and people are less likely to take oracle's. Buy control wards too. put them in places people aren't likely to look, but will still give valuable information, such as red side's red buff, the bush opposite the red buff's side (sorry, don't have a picture, but hopefully you get it). Keep the jungler in mind at all times, and react accordingly. You see them doing red buff with that ward you placed earlier? Yay, free dragon and/or double kill! etc... Use that practice tool to test out different route's clear time/ health levels, too. You might not have an optimal path. People asked for a sandbox mode for years, use it! As for the other champions, I'll give some suggestions for offrole champs to learn but i'm running out of time: Support: {{champion:25}} Do you know how to land a Q? Congratulations, you can play morgana at a basic level. However, the actual reason for picking her is to counter lethal CC like blitzcrank, who's still common at low silver because you still can't quite trust your adc to dodge and position. {{champion:117}} Just because I'm a terrible Lulu doesn't mean you are. She's a pretty straightforward peeling adc who's better than Janna in some cases, though she still takes practice and is a kinda common ban. {{champion:201}} In case your team needs a tank. Just stick close to your carry and make sure you point the shield in the right direction and peel. ADC: {{champion:51}} Very safe AD, for when you need to play defensively and farm. Stay safe. {{champion:202}} Another long-range AD. Relies much less on orbwalking than others and has some CC at a distance in case you need to stay WAY far behind. {{champion:21}} Massive lane bully, build can be unconventional, but is bad against teams that can easily interrupt her ult. {{champion:22}} The most typical of the ADs, has lots of range and utility. {{champion:110}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:18}} Some of the strong ADCs right now, but more dangerous if you really know how to use them. Out of time, but for mid/top you just need to stay safe, ward and not feed. (probably play shen if you're top, or another tank) ...And for the final strategy, though this one really sucks, you can try to wait until the meta shifts to accomodate junglers/your favorite champions more for freelo. Only villains do this, though, and you won't actually become a better player this way. Good luck!
: PBE is testing 2 version of Ahri, let's vote which one we prefer.
: Honestly, ADC's, not all mid laners can roam.
Sometimes the matchup makes it impossible to roam. Once my team was blaming me for not following ASol... while i'm playing viktor. All I can do in that situation is shove lane as hard as possible and ping MIA Edit: Meant to type impossible to follow
ZJD123 (NA)
: New Poll: Who should Riot nerf for 8.6?
~~Nerf everyone who deals damage to me~~
: I think it might be Akali. Not sure.
I don't think it'd be akali, she already has a food theme skin. pizza sivir's been requested pretty often tho
AzuBK (NA)
: LeBlanc Mini-Revert Context
Not a LeBlanc main, but will there/can there be an indicator on her health bar for her passive so both players, or at least the LeBlanc player, will know (pretty much) exactly when she'll go invis & make a clone? I remember this being a popular request pre-rework and this would be the perfect time to add it.
: @meddler: health sustain vs. grievous wounds
they should just remove GW and balance healing around there not being GW to counter it
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=yZfYArlene,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IvaOEH8v,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-02-26T22:50:51.685+0000) > > These buffs are actually **Jhin**sane FTFY
Okay guys, yall know how many upvotes he needs.
: > [{quoted}](name=Dont Bann Zoe,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EM6nxTQw,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-18T23:59:02.977+0000) > > Very well written. I'm so happy that you shared about that here on the boards but so sad that no one is going to give enough importance to the words you are saying. I feel your pain and I totally support this post. > > Unfortunately people here have a lot of fear about Soraka and don't usually upvote posts made from people that are either not popular no don't agree with a popular opinion [soraka should be deleted]. But your love is honest and i can feel ya. > > Maybe that post could see more recognition on reddit! I'm up voting it regardless. Thank you for at least caring about it.
I hope a rioter sees this for you! maybe you'll get lucky tomorrow since they aren't usually on the weekends... You got high ranks before, so your chances are pretty good, i think. And if this doesn't work, you can go onto a Meddler post.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 2
Hey Meddler, what's up with the health regen things from before? Like, how some champions would have something like 1.0524 health regen... why was it like that in the first place? I know this is pretty irrelevant, but i've always been curious as to why it wasn't just like 1.1 health from the start.
: Ryze's R channel is now canceled when you use stasis effect
Maybe this means they can actually balance him for soloq, since he no longer has a near-guaranteed escape
: One of the issues I have with some of your classifications is that they don't capture what role I want to pick a given champion for. Let me point out a few examples: - Huge lost opportunity to call out Utility Carries like Ashe, Sivir, Jhin, Varus, and Kalista. - I would never pick Jhin for similar reasons to picking Ezreal to similar reasons to playing Riven. The Ezreal Lucian dynamic is fine, they both sit in similar niches as is where Lucian affords more offense to Ezreal's kiting potential. However, neither of these champions relate to Jhin in any way other than their Marksman traits. Which in turn has nothing to do with Riven, who isn't a Marksman at all. - I have no clue where you're drawing the line between AP Carries and Battlemages. Is it over gold earned? Because Ryze and Cass, and Aurelion all don't even make that much gold over the course of the game. Is it over relative bulkiness and survivability? Depending on the meta (or Rework in Ryze's case), Cass and Ryze get very bulky as their mana based builds invite defensive options. And what the heck is Viktor doing in this mix? Shouldn't he be in a Burst Mage classification, since his job is that of bursting squishies down? From what I can see, you might as well merge both of these classes since they both effectively do the same job, Magic Damage over time. - Support-Mage is redundant as fuck I can't help but feel like, especially with the Skirmisher/Marksman/Spellblade sections, you're focusing too hard on the inputs and not enough on the outcomes. I would never pick Ashe for the same reason as I would pick Kog'Maw even though the vast majority of their input, how I play them as right clicking immobile Marksmen, is largely the same, so putting them in the same category seems odd. In this vein, Riven shouldn't be anywhere near, say Varus (who'd I assume falls into the Spellblade section). Riven's role is that of a hypermobile duelist, and contrary to your apparent evaluation also happens to be extremely reliant on her auto attacks so she should be a Skirmisher no matter how you spin it. And if you do want to go with the input half of the argument than the output, then Kite Mages should _definitely_ be a separate identification from Battlemages because Ahri in the same category as Vladimir is odd at best and dumb at worst.
Looking at it, I see where you're coming from on a lot of points. Decided to just delete the support section. However, about looking at the input, that's what I was basing the sections on, because the point of it was that I don't think all of the marksmen should be in one group just because they're ranged AA-ers. I grouped up Jhin, Ez, Lucian and Riven all as spellblades because of those core similarities: How the champion works rather than the end result(In that case, relying heavily on both auto attacks and abilities to deal damage). This is why I put Vayne and Draven in the same group as Yi and Yasuo, and why Anivia and Taliyah are next to each other. As for the battlemage distinction, yeah it's over relative bulkiness, although more built into kits than itemization (though I guess that'd make ryze a battlemage anyway). Sorry for confusion. I put Viktor there because he tends to move around a lot during fights instead of just casting his entire combo at once (in my experience, usually), though he still does often enough that it's relevant. And yeah, it'd make much more sense for the battlemage section to be split. I just grouped it up because it was taking a while, honestly.
Sierana (NA)
: Looking for advice or input for ranked for mid lane and jungle
If you don't mid often, you can take someone like ori. As long as you're good with her (as in, not bad) you can just farm, harass opponent and stay safe. after that your e, ult and zoning can make you consistently useful.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: We're likely to need to make different systemic changes to allow non adcs to function in the botlane alongside a support. We could very well see some new gameplay options emerge in regards to champions in off roles, but things like objective tuning, income streams, itemization, champion synergies etc that make it hard for players to just take a champion that "could" be viable in another role and then actually take them there. If we were to see some pro streamers suddenly start playing things like Camille bot with agro supports like Leona or Alistar - we'd probably see a huge surge in those specific pairing/s crop up in games, but players tend to wait until they see something be successful until they themselves take the risk. Insert "I saw Scara do it on stream" here. :P
I think it'd help if you used the new "Adaptive" mechanic to help AP's in bot lane, but built into kits. EX: Janna shield give however much AD or AP, adaptively, or do neat little things like have Lulu's MS boost (Forgot what it's called) give either Attack Speed or a small amount of AP based on bonus MS for the duration, adaptively.
Rioter Comments
: Arcane Comet On Teemo
I'm going for AP Ashe. It'll be even more hilarious with that comet!
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=KoKoboto,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Oxy3B3LM,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-09-14T14:01:16.877+0000) > > You can't go full out into one stat as hard anymore but you can do other things like... go into debt, and other stuff. Sweet. I love going into debt!
Sciela (NA)
: Why do I do better playing trolly champions?
Well, a couple of things Either it's easier to remember the good games if you're having fun, or... The other team probably doesn't know how to deal with anything even slightly off-meta. This is the main reason off-meta tactics seem really OP, then if they become mainstream tactics people will practice against them and learn But being positive and having fun is the ultimate goal of the game anyway! It can be nice to get a break from the Salt Factory.
: Meh, these can be tuned, such as around level. But if that were possible, it would be funny to see before it got patched.
Or have some sort of "Heal tax" kinda thing where it deals less damage if it was recently affected by a demolish
: Yeah Ritos been pushing jug Diana a lot lately. Miss her in mid lane :(
Diana mid isn't bad, I've played her a few times the only difference is that it sometimes takes an extra second to kill someone early game
Eggbread (NA)
: New Rune: Ultimore- Are You Ready For...
LOL, if you think they'll be bad... {{champion:64}} 21 sec {{champion:99}} 17sec, _8 on kill_ {{champion:43}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:43}} **_12 SECONDS MAX_** Not to mention Kassadin unless they make special rules for him (they probably will).
Lugg (NA)
: Negative, it increases the CD AND max CDR 5% to at the start of the game and then adds 1.5% each time you use your ult, stacking 10 times. So you can get up to a 65% CDR. So basically Lux can ult every 10 seconds when maxed out.
To be clear, the max 5% CDR is ONLY for the ultimate, along with the rest of the bonus.
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