That Way (NA)
: Silver/Gold Mid Laner Looking for a Solid Team!
> I know silver gold is low elo, but i consider my self atleast plat level. Cliche of the year! LOL
: Yougelly? You will be.
I don't get this. How is this person a rising star? I haven't heard anything about this person until this commercial promotion on the Riot Games client. Is this something that Riot plans on doing more frequently?
: 4 cool guys looking for other cool guys for party flex
hi jarebear, I can play support with you guys. Do you usually play around this time? ign spicykorean
: Forming a casual/ semi serious bronze silver team.
Application Ign: spicykorean Role: Top/Supp Do you rage or give up easily: No What champions do you enjoy playing: Mundo, Morgana, Thresh Hi Kyuki, This sounds like what I've been looking and I really hope that you guys play around the same time that I do! Here's hoping for the best! spicykorean
Μid (EUW)
: It's interesting how you are talking about the mature route but looking at the way you think about other people is very immature.
ßjörn (NA)
: Place for all Summoners! :D
Hi all, I'm an older gamer, and I'm looking for people who know how to be chill, but also know how to get serious when it's a ranked game. I hope to meet more of ya. :) Spicy
: > [{quoted}](name=Spicykorean,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=NcphH4EN,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-05-21T19:14:53.284+0000) > > Good luck Wayward! I would love to join and help but I can't make the times. The times are rather important, why can't you make them?
> [{quoted}](name=Wayward Killjoy,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=NcphH4EN,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-05-21T20:34:32.622+0000) > > The times are rather important, why can't you make them? I live and work in Los Angeles. I wouldn't be online until 10:00 PM your time. :)
: Looking to start a ranked team/flex team (Bronze/Silver)
Good luck Wayward! I would love to join and help but I can't make the times.
: Duo Partner
I love the name. :) Good luck in your search!
: Team looking for Jg and Top/Mid Laner!
Hi Hazelthorn, I like that you have a core threesome and you already know what you are looking for in a teammate. Unfortunately, I don't play as much as I used to, but I would like to try out for the top lane role. Hopefully I can catch you online to set something up. Cheers, spicykorean
Encnoir (NA)
: Looking for Subs for 5 man team (tournament)
: Looking for weekend gamers
Weekend gaming sounds good to me as I'm an old guy with a 9 to 5 job. I hope that our schedules can work out. Let's chat more in the game. spicykorean
: Looking for new friends! :)
you should post this in the EUW board. These are the NA boards. Good luck!
: LF Silver-Gold Solid Top, Mid, Jungle, & Support for Team
Age: 30+ Timezone: Pacific (Los Angeles) Whats your schedule like? (Job, School?): Full-time job, available late night only and Sat/Sun Primary Role: Top Comfortable Champs: Sion, Nautilus, Maokai What do you offer to the team?: I listen and follow calls. I have a thick skin so it's very hard to troll or anger me. I think practice is very important for organized team. Good luck!
: Looking for ARAM team
Same here! Just posted lol Good luck!
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: (ARAM*) ARAM club for ARAM players.
I miss the chat groups for lfg.
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thankarezos (EUNE)
: i guess you have 40 points? couse its 6th of november.
> [{quoted}](name=thankarezos,realm=EUNE,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=J4GlBR2r,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-11-06T21:00:14.872+0000) > > i guess you have 40 points? couse its 6th of november. If you say so. :)
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: G4 Top/Support Looking for Ranked Team
Diayumi (NA)
: Creating R5'sTeam Silver/Gold
Age: 31 Role: Top and Support Champions for that role (leave blank for coaches): Sion, Trundle, Morgana, Thresh, Nautilus Reconfirm you can play Thursdays, Saturdays and Sunday evenings: confirmed Reconfirm you have Teamspeak downloaded: confirmed. I'm a legitimate gold. No smurf. :)
: LF Gold+ Top/Mid/Jung
name: spicykorean position: top, support rank: G4 champs you like: sion, mundo, trundle, nautilus champs you hate: teemo, teemo, teemo
: LF SUP and TOP
: LF Top laner,ADC,and Support for Maxed Out Gaming
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Felo (NA)
: Stuck in Silver 2 and 3, LF Help to get to Gold before season ends
Kleptarc (NA)
: Need Top, Mid, and Support players for High Silver-Low Gold Elo
rank: G4 role: top and support time zone: pacific voice comm of choice: any
barays (NA)
: Looking for one more for ranked 5s
If you still need 1 more, I'm game.
Wolfchu (NA)
: [LF] srs Partner(s)! ^_^
ign: spicykorean age: 30+ time zone: pacific (los angeles hours available: M-F evenings 7pm, Sat, Sun voice comm of choice: any. I can use all favorite role: top then support rank: G4
: ranked 5s 3/5 lf 2 more discord/mic req
hi, I play top and support G5. add me if you still need more.
: LF Players For Ranked Dynamic Queue 5 Man (
: Recruiting for a new team for ranked
ign: spicykorean rank g5 role: support and top
: Recruitment for Serious Ranked Team 5s and 3s
IGN: spicykorean Role: top Sec/Fill: support
: Looking For Ranked 5's Team (for Ward Skin)
I'm game for team ranked. I play top and support. spicykorean
MrEnder (NA)
: Looking for some help through Silver 1
: lol
> [{quoted}](name=KawaiiKimchiSan,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=njG4pq5A,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-10-09T23:58:30.565+0000) > > lol love your name :D
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: 1v1 for skin plz have honor
weird place to post this. good luck buddy
: Look for ranked 5 team for wards
Hey Kyle, are you still looking for a team?
MrEnder (NA)
: Looking for some help through Silver 1
Hey Ender, Let's team up. I usually play tanky tops and don't feed. I'm currently firmly stuck in G5, so I don't mind helping a fellow player trying to break through to Gold. Hope to talk to you soon! spicykorean
: Looking to build team for ward skin
I'm game. G5 top or support spicykorean
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: LF Imouto To Rank With You're welcome.
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: [Darkness Awaits] Looking for Support and Top Laner Silver thru Plat
IGN: spicykorean Time Zone: pst Age: 30 Top/Support - Both Rank: G5 Champions you can play in this role - Top: Trundle, Sion, Shen Support: Morgana, Nautilus, Thresh
: Girls in Bronze/Silver I can't help myself. :D
: Gold 2 Player (adc/mid) Looking for Exceptional Players!
I'm only at Gold 5, but if you need a tanky support or top, I'm game. Good luck regardless! :) spicykorean
: Club or Chat for Older Players?
older than teens or college? working people :)
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