9NexterCz9 (EUNE)
: Which story would you like to move forward after demacia ?
Noxus, I'd like to see Mordekaiser's resurrection, meet the representative of Guile and see the plans of the Black Rose
: Hey Spideraxe, just to be clear, this is only head canon that I discussed with Kindlejack, since he was looking for a tiny nudge of inspiration when finalizing the design. **Tldr of the pitch** Each of the items that Pantheon wields as weapons/armor once belonged to a previous host of the Aspect of War. Imbued with celestial magic, they became holy objects, reshaped to reflect the god's power, and passed from host to host… until the Aspect of War died, and its power faded. Now whatever vestige of magic still exists within the objects must be ignited by Atreus’s will. Spear name: Skyfall / Host: Areion Shield name: Aegis / Host: Zeonia Cloak name: Solstice / Host: Astraea Helm: Nova / Host: Atreus
Thanks Slagle! Also excited to hear you're working on the non human champ from Reav3
Reav3 (NA)
: We do have a non-human in development right now, though it's still pretty early. Should, most likely, be sometime next year, assuming we don't ice box it since it's still so early in development
Is this one being developed by Jag, Newmilky and Jellbug
: We gotchu, Angry! * Guqin Sona and Iron Solari Leona descriptions are on the way in a few patches. * Full Metal Rammus should have a skin description (checks sundial) today. * Officer Vi will probably get updated along with all the other Officer, Riot, etc. skins. Eventually. Be patient for that one. Blessed be [Carnival Knights](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/player/na/Carnival%20Knights).
Hey Interlocutioner could I ask if you could share the names of the other items in Pantheon's arsenal
: Will Shyvana ever be in the Lux series? Also do you know who wrote Shvyanas new lore ? Thanks
The lovely Rayla 'Jellbug' Heide wrote for Shyvana!
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 9
Hey Meddler any thoughts on solo lane Trist
: I was the narrative designer for Jhin, I wrote that story, I was his VO writer and director.... Aaand I’m the writer of the new marvel ZED comic. So I can probably answer your question... Buuuut i’m not gonna!!! (hah!) The Zed comic is, not surprisingly, hyper-focused on Zed. But I will say Zed, Kayn, Akali, Shen, Jovn Tau, and Jhin are all on the cover... And it’s coming soon. I will say there’s a couple of big misdirections in that old Jhin story. I’m not gonna say what —but that story is gonna go down... and not in the way you might think. P.S. Getting rito attention is usually pretty simple. 1. Post on the forums (or reddit but u need a lot more upvotes to rise above the noise there) 2. Be polite and concise. Few people are gonna take time out of their day to be ranted at or read ninety pages. 3. Get enough votes/views to get on the “hot”level so we notice the post. (its actually a pretty small number.) 4. Hope that somebody actually has an answer. (Sometimes things are in flight and we don’t know or can’t comment... kinda like now)
Hey Odin could I ask if you’re gonna use any of the material Michael wrote for either Kayn or Akali for the comic
: When I work with Riot Earp, he's the champ. (But probably {{champion:20}}.)
Oh and back to the Aegis of Zeonia, could you share who Zeonia is
: Unofficially, yeah. Kindlejack and I named all of the items in Pantheon's panoply. That one stayed Aegis (hence the E ability name), originally wielded by Zeonia.
Could I also ask which project you had the most fun working with JAlbers, Panth, Swain, Nunu or the next new champ
: Myrmidon is the one with lava, Glaive Warrior the one with Carpathian mountains and the Dacian draco. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Hey Slagle could i ask if Pantheon's shield is still called the Aegis of Zeonia
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 19
Also can I ask if you have any comment to say on the Pantheon assets that showed on PBE
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 19
Hey Meddler can I ask if you know why jatt moved back to the esports side of Riot from the SR team since he had some awesome insight
: PROJECT Pyke is very, very disappointing
Riot has mentioned newer champs that get legendaries won't have as many new animations because they already have a very large animation suite like Nightbringer Yasuo
GenoXx (NA)
: How would you all feel If CD Project Red were to offer making a game out of League's lore?
: Please make an Ultimate, if not, then Legendary Ryze skin.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 12
Hiya Meddler could ask for your thoughts on if you think the larger pro play swing changes in the last few months have been successful like Tahm, Aatrox and Akali
: @Riot: Just wanting a bit of clarification...
None based off of who's working on what
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 5
Hey Meddler can i ask for more of the thinking behind adding mobility stopping to Ahri E, because doesn't go against the original thinking that charms shouldn't stop dashes. Why not do a systemic pass on charms to allow them all to stop dashes Also how did Qiyana land so far
: @Riot Has Fan Art Ever Become Official Art?
Yes, just this February Riot Hylia's Heartpiercer's Fiora was finally added in game.
: When do some of the planned changes (Akali, Swain etc) go on pbe?
Here ya go https://twitter.com/markyetter/status/1144648889774903296?s=21
iiGazeii (NA)
: Are the Akali changes being tested by RiotRepertoir making it into 9.14?
Here ya go https://twitter.com/markyetter/status/1144648889774903296?s=21
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 28
Heya Meddler can I ask if you guys whats early expectations for Qiyana
: What Do People Do in Mitna Rachnun, Anyway?
I always thought they just sat around playing cards with Morde until his eventual resurrection
: Riot looks to make money and makes skins for popular champions even occasionally throwing out skins for less popular champs but since it makes them less return for the effort they cannot in a business sense always justify it. As far as their priorities they are doing a good job. Its not what you like but it doesnt mean its wrong
To add to your point, Riot Lexical, a producer on the skins and chromas team, mentioned that a popular vs unpopular champ skin profit was roughly 100 to 1, so if they could 1 mill off an Ivern skin they could make 100 mill off of like an Ahri skin
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 20
Hey Meddler do you guys want to do another life of s patch thing
Iloonio (EUNE)
: Any changes for Swain in the works?
King Cobra mentioned he's looking into making Swain's soul frags perma increase damage
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 14
Hey Meddler could I ask if you have Update on the Kayle changes August is looking into and what you feel is Qiyana's main weakness
d00mface (EUW)
: If you could take one object from the world of Runeterra to have what would you take?
: Cougar or human?
: It’s the time stone duh
Now the image of Thanos ripping it out of her head like Vision is in my mind
: Would he still get a shield from E1 or is it all moved to E2? Personally I think it would be better for e1 to still give a small shield so E1 feels decent to use
Poked Squad5 and he mentioned all of the shield is moved to E2, E1 would essentially just be a short range dash that triggers passive
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 24
Also have you changed posting patterns since I noticed it went down to 1 post a week and deviated from the usual Wednesday and Friday posts
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 24
Also do you have any opinions on Sylas, since Squad5 mentioned you guys have some changes planned
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 24
Hey Meddler do you have any further context on the Janna changes
: Does Yuumi's release increase the chances of riot giving Omen another try?
I don't think so, a lot of Omen's aesthetic went into Rek'Sai and the gameplay went to GP and MF
Meddler (NA)
: Wukong Prototype on PBE: Additional changes
Hey Meddler could I ask if you plan on changing the way Wukong dashes with E now that the other images can be targeted, in order to really confuse players as to who he is dashing to since I believe on live it always spawns one to the left and right of him
: What does it take to become a Narrative Writer at Riot?
I remember from the job listing a few months ago, from Riot for a narrative writer, that a minimum of 4 years of work as a writer or similar experience in a games industry related creative role be required to work at Riot.
: League's Evolution into an Abstract Anomaly
This brings me back, good old nostalgia. I can't remember if this was played in draft or on dominion but it gave me the chills either way
BenJe (NA)
: Professor Graves Splash Art
I believe it's a bug Riot is aware of
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 17
Also do you have an update as to when we should see some the item shop work Scruffy announced
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 17
Hey Meddler, Zhanos mentioned he was going to revert most of the Diana changes, are you guys going to look into larger scope work for her then Also did you see TL vs IG
: Small Diana Gameplay changes coming to PBE
Is the AA reset on ult still there from your last round of changes
Meddler (NA)
: Prototype Wukong Changes on PBE Context
Excited to test these changes Meddler, could I ask if you want Wukong to be more assassin-y or bruiser with these changes
Rodsquad (EUW)
: What colorstory is your favorite?
Leaving Weh'le by Michael McCarthy
: By your definitions then champions like Cho'Gath and Kog'Maw can also be considered humanoid, no? It feels like the goalposts have moved here, especially since the 2017 chart which was the first major statement of "monsters aren't resonant" included Hecarim among the eight champions they counted as monsters. How come the classification has changed but the argument has been left untouched? ------------ Rammus seems to consistently be a roughly middle-of -the pack jungler despite seldom being touched, and when people who aren't avid league players think about the game he's probably one of the most iconic champions around. On release he seemed to be getting plenty of content dedicated to him, too. Was he popular/resonant then and has since ceased to be? (If that is the case, it suggests that rather than monsters not being resonant there is a separate issue) If we continue to constrict the definition of monsters to exclude those who don't support the notion that they aren't resonant we're left with such a small group that there is little point in making generalizing statements about them. It becomes essentially "champions whose kits aren't good and who aren't well characterized aren't popular" instead of "monster champions aren't popular." This isn't just something I've seen here but in every conversation on this subject I've had. ---------- I feel your argument here is working with a strangely constricted idea of what a monster is. What is "full monster?" Is it being a complete animal? Because Aurelion Sol has a far more human personality than Hecarim or Kha'Zix yet is near-unanimously seen as a monster champion (because he supports the notion that they are unpopular?) At what point is a design too far removed from the human form to be considered humanoid (thus apparently removing the thematic resonance they had?) Must a monster crawl along the ground? ------- I agree with you that the overall theme of a champion is important. And I believe that is where the majority of monster champions fall incredibly short. It's likely in part because of how dated they are. (I also think Yasuo is a good champion who has a well earned place in the game but don't tell the boards I told you) A champion is a complete package and the way I often judge them is as just that, a whole. A great kit can be ruined by poor writing and an uninspired design. Like making yasuo's kit a lizard for some reason. The best champions sell a fantasy and Riot has been absolutely killing it in that field lately (Aatrox now that his kit woes are being addressed just feels so... amazing to play. I get into the moment. Same with Sylas and his ult making me feel clever and adaptable.) The problem is that there is no fantasy being sold with most of the monster champions who have been left to rot (either it's implemented in a way that restricts gameplay like Kog'Maw or there is dissonance between what the champion promises and what they deliver when being played like A. Sol). It feels dishonest to say that monsters on the whole are unpopular when those that are are suddenly no longer considered monsters and the rest have been left in an abysmal state for a number of other reasons. Skarner, for example, has so much to offer as the misunderstood but compassionate monster. Like Frankenstein's monster he is hideous and terrifying but also surprisingly intelligent and emotional. He's been thrust into a world vulnerable and confused, only to be abused and feared by humanity who he seeks to understand. His kit doesn't communicate the fantasy of being a misunderstood creature. Nor does his VO. His relationship with hextech gemstones and his human-like mind mean he could be a fantastic and compelling character with gameplay to match. Sell the confusion, the fear, the anger at the injustices he faces. Make his fighting seem almost reluctant. (semi-detailed example because I've been mentally cooking up a skarner post recently) Instead what we have is big superpredator who chases people down. He doesn't sell a fantasy other than "this champion comes in the shape of a scorpion." Of course it wouldn't be resonant, but that's not based on the fact he's a monster it's based on the fact he is poorly executed. Like Yasuo's kit, lore, personality, and design sell the betrayed but skilled drifter seeking vengeance and redemption, monsters need an identity other than being a monster. If a human champion was released whose identity was that they are just a person, and their kit was also designed to communicate that they were just a person, it too would be a failure. Monsters offer things that most human champions can not. Much like how a human character is often defined by the weapon they use and how it reflects them as a person, monsters use their own strange physiology as weapons. When I'm fed on Cho'Gath and I'm lumbering towards the enemy team who are scrambling to find an answer to my presence or arrange themselves in a way that keeps them safe, I'm in the moment. I feel powerful when I hit the demolish proc for nearly 2000 damage on a turret lategame. I'm the giant monster whose inexorable advance they must work together to halt. The problem is that those moments are rare and usually I feel like a big piece of meat that the enemy team is smacking around. We remember monsters, sometimes more than any other character in their stories. They are reflections of humanity in a twisted mirror. I think if they were approached with anywhere near the same standards of quality that we see human champions (including the high standards of skill expression rather than trying to keep all of them simple and noob-friendly), we would see that resonance isn't the issue and overall design+lack of content have been.
I agree, I think that’s incredibly unfortunate most monstrous champs come from a time when champs have marginally less depth in any of the 3 pillars of gameplay, lore and visuals. I don’t think anything short of a VGU, due to all the hype thats built around them and promotional stuff, can get players interested in Leagues monsterous champs due to all the baggage associated with them.
Arakadia (NA)
: Perhaps I am being too optimistic that monster designs can resonate with people and have likeable themes.
I don't think you're wrong to think that, there's a time and a place for monsters like every other thematic out there. There are people who really like them, some real die hard mains for like ASol, but I don't think monsters will ever truly have a broad appeal, but that doesn't mean Riot or any other company should stop making them
: The near-ubiquitousness of certain monster monster champions in league matches when they're actually viable doesn't support that claim. When Kha'Zix was strong he was everywhere, hecarim creeps his way back into the meta and is super common every time he's powerful enough to compete. Rek'Sai comes in and out of the high elo scene based on how playable she is. (but all three often get excised from the meta for long periods of time and don't have the tools to compete with the increasingly mobile cast of human champions) Humans/Humanoids aren't dealing with the baggage monsters have. Take Lux or Ezreal, who are ALWAYS playable and sometimes extremely strong. They aren't abandoned to be weak for long peroids of time. It's a safe investment to fall in love with those champions because you know you won't be abandoned. You'll have places to spend your money, no shortage of content to be passionate about. If you love skarner I hope you like Guardian of the Sands and maybe one month of viability every two years. The damage has largely been done, but the monsters not being compelling has been a self-fulfilling prophecy. They would be less successful because everybody who loves those champions would enjoy the skin but dread the knowledge that what would follow would be a years-long dry spell of content. Monsters have so much room to be made compelling. The movies manage to do it. Stories manage to do it. Monsters tend to get a bigger following than the humans in their stories. It's not that they are monsters that makes them unpopular. It's that for some reason their kit has to be a gimmick and their lore is either barebones or so generic it understandably doesn't catch interest.
Well Hecarim and Kha'Zix I would consider as humanoids, Hecarim being a centaur dude and Kha'Zix being bipedal, so I don't think they carry the same amount of baggage Rek'Sai has, someone whom I would consider a true monster. Even when she was really strong, like a few weeks ago, her playrate didn't massively shoot up, maybe in higher elos and pro play but I believe they pick more for power then resonance. I agree that there's potentially a bad feedback loop of players not wanting to invest in low playrate champs because they won't get a ton of content, but what drives Riot to create content is players investing in them (real chicken or the egg stuff). Again I'll agree that it certainly doesn't help that monstrous champs are tacked with niche playstyles like ASol or the representation of their lore in game (VOs) make it hard for people to catch interests like Rek'Sai's screeching. However back to the Hecarim and Kha'Zix points, I feel as though those champs have higher resonance are because they have more humanoid traits that players can identify with, I think it's truly hard to go full monster and really make players care about it. This isn't to say that all humans/humanoids are auto popular because they're humans, we have some real niche ones like Ivern and Zilean, but I think the overall theme of a champ is just as important as gameplay or lore in making a champ popular. For example Yasuo, whom despite the boards complaints about him, I think is a champ Riot knocked out of the park, and he wouldn't have the same immense popularity had he say been a 4 legged lizard but had the same gameplay and some how the same lore. He probably would still be popular but not as imho.
Arakadia (NA)
: I do think however if you gave a monster character the most fun kit and a spectacular legendary they would be much more popular. While it may not be a primary cause there most certainly is connection between the lack of attention from Riot and the popularity of monsters.
Kit maybe, even the shine of a high tier skin wears off after a while, personally I do agree that it doesn't help most of the monstrous champs in League have a pretty niche playstyle i.e ASol and Skarner. But I feel as tho if you do give an incredibly fun to kit to a potentially low resonanting monster, you get stuck with people who really like a kit but hate the theme
Meddler (NA)
: Probably hitting PBE next week as well. Context post tomorrow or early next week.
Are you able to share the scope of the changes, are they as big as Wukong or something like Aatrox and Tahm
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