Neavu (NA)
: For real. I've been turning down real life stuff all month for Clash. This blows.
I feel worst for the people who took unpaid time off work like a couple people have said... how the hell can RIOT possibly make _that_ right???
: "Technical issues"? We don't even get an actual explanation? smh
Yeah I mean they could actually freaking explain what's really wrong??
: I would rather play the bugged clash game mode instead of doing nothing
Someone else in the comments said it was unplayably broken so.. Not that that's an excuse after having months to work on it.
: I would care less if there was a rotating game mode every week.
Wtf happened to that anyway? Somehow I missed them saying it was shut down but when I came back to game on weekends it never was up?
Démo (NA)
: either way they've taken in a billion fucking dollars. where in the foq is that money going if they can't get this shit figured out over the course of nearly 6 months since beta came out
Mostly to their owners' shareholders in China. That's how subsidiaries mostly function.
Porocles (NA)
: There's been some issues with clubs since its restoration today. Reach out to us in a [support ticket]( so we can investigate your specific issue, and see what we can do to help. We'll respond asap!
My wife has the same issue for her all-girls club, exactly as described above. She is very non-tech-savvy so I suppose I'll try to make time to submit a ticket for her tomorrow.
: Road to Pre-Season: Gameplay Systems Update
First Soul Shroud, then Emblem of Valor, Frost Queen's Claim, Will of the Ancients, Zeke's Herald, and now Aegis... goodbye my sweet aura-builds! Alas, you were too invisible to get me any credit for winning games, and yet too easy a way to do so. I will mourn your all. Goodnight sweet shield. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
emernic (NA)
: Maybe stop complaining that they are giving us a skin for a s*%& champion and start complaining that they allow champions to be garbage for extended periods of time. {{champion:6}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:30}}
Galio is a beast. Not sure why people think he's bad at all, just nobody plays him but me. Forever alone {{champion:3}}
phyrram (NA)
: I 100% agree. I always play as a group of 3 so this could screw everything up.
Come visit us in ranked-teams on the Twisted Treeline!!?!? {{champion:57}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:28}}
My first thought was "oh wow queueing there will shortening the hell out of my wait-times and focus on team-play!" I hate having to try to solo-carry when I play support or utility champs most of the time! Really excited to hopefully see a bit more strategy!
Sharkb8 (NA)
: LoL has 100,000,000 active players...
lol you are mistaken, because many of those players are just duplicate accounts for smurfs or for banned players lmao
Rioter Comments
: /dev: New001 on competition beyond ranked
I think most likely nobody will ever see this since it's 3-days past OP and it was a lightly-trafficed thread anyway but I have a strong-feeling about this. For myself, I really enjoy ranked teams, and my group of friends that I used to play premades with was fairly active for a while before ranked-teams were a thing. Eventually many of them got bored with the static scenarios offered by only having a single primary map(this was before the Treeline update years ago). Everyone was waiting for a new map that offered ranked because that was THE hope that most of them had for keeping League fresh. As one might imagine, most of them slowly drifted away, and while I'm still in-touch with them because we were all originally offline friends, I don't get to interact with them nearly as much as I once did. When Treeline was updated I managed to put together fairly regular get-togethers for ranked-3's: 5 of us were left and we could usually get 3 of us together to play premade ranked TT at least 2-3 times a week. Then Dominion got canned, ranked 3's got limited in the timeframes that it was available, and two of my players basically stopped playing the game entirely because of those decisions. Very rarely(once or twice every two weeks) I can now make a 3's team night happen for maybe one or two games. I think a huge part of the reason that ranked teams has fallen is because of stagnation when it comes to ranked map-selection. Some of us need diversity of options to keep us interested in the game over years and years of play. I love playing with the same groups of people, but I don't enjoy trying to make new online friends when I barely have time for the ones I have in my everyday life. I brought several friends into the game over the years and was the main person who organized my friends into playing as teams because I wanted to share the game with people, despite not wanting to make new online-only playmates. What I am saying is, a big part of the issue overall is that getting your IRL friends together online not only goes unrewarded, but also is not supported for long-term interest in people who want to play more than one game-mode ranked. If this is what Riot wants to encourage, then I think that it needs to rethink some of it's fundamental priorities, because what has been happening for the past 3-4 years simply doesn't keep people interested enough in the game to provide that base level of stability that is needed to maintain coherent teams. Gonna cross-post this on the boards so maybe someone may actually see it.
: yall dont get it like havent yall got in a game with a shaco or a wukong or garen that you cant do sh*t about
I never had much trouble with anyone but Zed really: either avoided them, ganged up to take them down, or counter-played them depending on my champ. As Reav3 pointed out in the original post: a lot of the champs that got picked a lot weren't really that rough if you played some of the less obvious choices. The main reason some seemed op was because of people not exploring the huge numbers of champs available, so within that limited pool they WERE op! That being said: Rito, please remove Zed from all game modes plzkthxbai. ^_~
: Well i remember reading on the forums the other day that they are planning on doing something for dodgers, like they wanna make the penalty for leaving something like 30 mins or more (don't crucify me, i'm going off of a crappy memory). So that being said, i feel like that might be a good deter for people who would want to dodge.
@Reality Suks: I doubt that would happen, I mean... if you're stuck in a normal game with a champ you aren't sure you wanted it makes sense but... in URF; might as well spend 20 minutes seeing what the hell you can do with that champ, eh? And if you get rerolls and/or trades like in ARAM I don't see it as likely to be a problem much at all compared to wasting a bunch of time either way...
: I Agree, Urf was meant to Be Fun Not Balance, i never cared for the stagnate Meta i just cared about having Fun with a champion that i want to play not one that i dont know and end up feeding(Not Fun) To Be Honest i'm More Disappointed than i am Excited about Urf, its Just not the same now. Also i think there might be more dodging when people dont get a champ they like.
It's possible but it may also mean there's more players who were frustrated before playing it now. We don't have access to Riot's statistics, so I suppose we will see given a few weekends of it hopefully.
: actually, a lot of people have been complaining on how only "OP" champions are being taken. It was always Sona bot and zed mid. there was a stagnant meta. however, im more ahppy that they're putting urf back than i am over the all random aspect
Seemed like they generally got banned, but I agree. Maybe the mode just needed 5 bans per side...
: Why the fuck are you getting downvoted xD. Those things never work and are a waste of time :P
The OP seems to either have sock-puppets or a fairly small number of people helping. Either way, same deal.
: how many fake accounts did you make to upvote this?
Looks like approximately ten... from the votes on the various comments here. Wonder how many I'll get? ;)
: Ethernet vs. WiFi: Ping, Packets, & Playing Better
My wife says she would pay to watch two all-star teams of pros play on slightly low-end gaming computers with slightly cruddy wifi-connections! It would be amazing to see both the forced-errors, and the rage-faces that would ensue from them having to deal with things that average players have to deal with multiple times per game! Do it Riot: Pay-per-view All-stars: Potato-rig challenge! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Heyo, WiFi can have better performance depending on the provider. However, it's far more likely to look at your local hardware to see if your WiFi is good or not. Are you on a USB dongle that barely has any power to the antenna, and thereby needs to be within 15 feet for a good, stable connection? Do you have a laptop with a pretty strong build in antenna? Do you have a PCI-e wifi card with multiple antennas? How about the router? Is it the generic router your ISP provided? Those usually have low range and low power and low number of bands for your WiFi to connect and operate on. Or did you spend some money on a new router? Multiple antennas? Is it SUPERCHARGED™!? **ULTRACHARGED**™!!!? How many other devices are connected to it? Is there another piece of equipment that can cause interference nearby, like a cordless phone, a microwave, etc? WiFi is great for convenience. Watch TV, download a game from the couch, check your email or FB from wherever, since most internet requests don't really care about lost packets or delayed packets, it'll just get sent again. Buffering is awesome for tasks like that. However, games really need packet 1 to come before packet 2, which comes before packet 3, etc. WiFi makes it somewhat often that your game has to be put on a very brief hold while you get one singular packet again, and then super-speed chugs through the other packets it was waiting to process to get back up to proper time again. Using an ethernet connection prevents most sources of interference and loss from your environment. At that point, you will only lose packets and have ping spikes if your router/modem, ISP, or Riot has issues, not because your cat plays with your WiFI dongle and causes a ping spike. (Of course, he could play with the cord and gnaw through it, but that's another story). If your WiFi works perfectly fine, awesome! No need to do any changes, enjoy it :) But if you're seeing some spikes, possible disconnections every now and then, you may want to look at improving your WiFi connection at home, or possibly testing out an Ethernet cable and seeing if that's any better.
Oh hey, I know you(ish). Cool to see a post from you on the boards and such a useful summary as well!
steevieg (NA)
: So you spend another $25? That's pretty crappy
If they can afford to pay the pointless premium that Apple charges for it's name and what it stands for, then they can afford to pay an extra $25-50 on peripherals to wire-in. These are the same people who blow money on temporary "skin boosts" so I fully support them being in the game!!
Spartor (NA)
: And this is probably example A on why league might be dying. People like you are so caught up in a solipsistic mindset and are just hateful inside. You cant appreciate what you have, but would rather focus on the negative aspect, like trying to make everyone think that league is dying and Riot is terrible. If you ask me, you have a serious case of bronze rage.
Liked for using "solipsistic". {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: The actual reason league might be dying is because the toxic autistic people ruin so many games, it's making the normal people leave the game for other games such as Overwatch.
Toxicity sucks but it's way less than it once was. That being said, using "autistic" as an insult is pretty damn toxic. I assume you were using yourself as an example?
: Doesn't that completely discount any NON high-ranked players? Bronze-silver queues were almost always fine (where my friends and I play pretty much exclusively). It wasn't for the ranks, just being able to group up with a team name and draft mode, and now we just can't a bunch of the time. This particularly seems funny since, uh, wouldn't that imply that Dynamic queue is kind of terrible? Basing it on anecdotes from challenger and all that...
This. Maybe they should just change the ranking system to something unique to Treeline: Wood, Stone, Metal, Crystal? People would take it for what it is: it's own thing.
: To all you doubters of what Riot Cactopus is saying. I am testimony to it. The "only time" that I ever played ranked 3's was in season 4. Myself and two of my friends q'd our first game around midnight eastern time. We got an insta q. Went into the game, got #rekt in less than 20 minutes. We q'd again, and immediately got placed into a game against the same team, with the same results. This happened literally 6 times in row, same team, same results, with an insta q pop. We were literally the only two teams playing 3's in the middle of the night on a Tuesday. The other team felt so bad about #rekking us, that on the 6th game, they surrendered as they were killing our nexus at 13 minutes. We have never played on twisted treeline since because it was stupid.
So... why don't they just have the queue shut down during low-population times automatically?
: So, I talked to some of our lead game design guys, and I have a funny anecdote which explains why we can't make ranked TT permanent. Because the queue was available all the time, there were some times late at night when SO few people were playing it that two teams could just queue up and feed each other wins to boost each other straight to the top of the ladder. It was so dead, and so few people were playing it, that they could actually queue up in the general population and get matches against each other reliably all the time. So, honestly, the ranked ladder on TT wasn't worth anything because so few people were there that it was being taken over by cheaters. Making it a scheduled queue solves this.
This is almost entirely due to under-support by Riot and the unfortunate focus on SR, which, while occasionally fun, many people view as just a game-mode and not a complete game. Riot seems to play lip-service to this when many people are pretty bored with it. This is where all of the calls for new game modes being made permanent came from (hello "give us URF back!" crowd) and constant frustration with the player-bleed due to no support for Dominion and Treeline. Hell I know a guy who quit when he found out Magma Chamber was officially scrapped. My suspicion is that Riot/Ten-Cent's sustainability plans simply involve appealing to new players as they age-in to target age-bracket rather than trying to expand demographic appeal through new modes. Which makes a certain amount of sense given market-saturation in the field. Why I don't understand is why, instead of doing belabored maintenance on supposedly dying game-modes they don't try to reinvigorate them through promotion? Why not have official tournaments or rewards for the mode? A lot of irregulars logged into Dominion queue when it was announced it was being shuttered simply to see if they could get that icon(despite it being fairly clear from the announcement that that wasn't an option)! Or maybe a segment on unofficial tourneys by professionals for Prime Time League? Or pro-play events being broadcast by the Esports team? I'm not saying any of this would necessarily work, and it's totally possible that a mode can die and people who haven't give up will be disappointed. It's just extremely frustrating to see a mode die to Riot seemingly not caring about the mode. Saying that a mode is shrinking and maybe should have been a rotating mode both ignores it's history(it was popular enough to warrant a map-rework at one point!) and becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Because who wants to put in the time to learn a mode that is apparently slated for the chopping block? It's saying to the Treeline populace "beatings will continue until morale improves". Going to be hard to keep them coming back. Just as it was with Dominion.
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
Serious bug/issue here: Skarner has no passive on the map. Which is extremely frustrating because he'd be solid if he just... had... SOMETHING for a passive
Minarde (NA)
: >Allowing mastery points on other maps BUT NOT Rank 6/7 tokens. The restriction is absolutely absurd though. Riot's reasoning is that a high competitive standard is necessary for high Mastery levels, yet they exclude ranked Treeline and include blind normal SR. That sends a terrible message to Treeline players when Riot is publicly claiming that a ranked queue is somehow innately less competitive than a normal queue. The claim might be true in a practical sense due to playerbase size and dev support differences, but enforcing it as a natural truth is completely ridiculous and harmful.
I agree with you, but I am honestly really wonderfully surprised that we got mastery on TT. I was living in fear that it was going to be killed-off like Dominion, but this would seem to make that a lot less likely. So while I do think Treeline needs more love, I am also happy that it's getting any at all!
: What about URF vs Doombots?
I suggested this the last big convo about game-modes, with the notable addition that Doombots should actually be Doom PLAYERS vs URF players, with teams randomly determined. Champs could only be selectable from the Doombot pool so you wouldn't know beforehand whether you were playing on the Doombot or Urf side. I'm hoping this gains traction as a special thing that maybe Riot could figure out over time how to actually tune for it to be fun... or at least try it out in-house on their test-servers to see how well it might(or might not) work... Main reason I suggested this, is that I thought the same thing you did, but given the limits of the AI, I realized that it would just be URF players mopping the floor with the bots, given that coordinated teams could pretty handily beat them anyway. Thus the idea of Urf-PvP-Doom.
: Really excited for this patch, but bummed because I liked my old Tundra Hunter WW splash(best art for him and the reason I bought it) and the new one looks pretty lousy; no bloody jaws and weird blur-effect with a... lantern?? As bizarre of a re-splash choice as the Chrome Ramus one that went from awesome to bad a year or more ago. Very frustrating that lots of skins are getting awesome upgrades but a few random ones seem to be getting downgrades. Maybe it's just that my aesthetic sense is drastically different from what the art-director for those champs thinks is essential to them but it's really annoying because it keeps happening to my favorite skins. If splash-updates change, maybe we should be allowed to trade them in for another of similar price or get a refund-token or something? I've rolled with a lot of these for years and now they are lousy.
Wow, that Veigar Greybeard. Used to be awesome and was on my shortlist of skins to buy. Now it looks like it was drawn by some high schooler. I mean... it's ok for a newer artist on Deviantart but... very very unprofessional looking. And the old one looked amazing. Guess I'll keep my money on this one. Thanks for the full wallet Rito(or Tencent since this seems to be maybe "orders from onhigh").
: Patch 6.8 notes
Really excited for this patch, but bummed because I liked my old Tundra Hunter WW splash(best art for him and the reason I bought it) and the new one looks pretty lousy; no bloody jaws and weird blur-effect with a... lantern?? As bizarre of a re-splash choice as the Chrome Ramus one that went from awesome to bad a year or more ago. Very frustrating that lots of skins are getting awesome upgrades but a few random ones seem to be getting downgrades. Maybe it's just that my aesthetic sense is drastically different from what the art-director for those champs thinks is essential to them but it's really annoying because it keeps happening to my favorite skins. If splash-updates change, maybe we should be allowed to trade them in for another of similar price or get a refund-token or something? I've rolled with a lot of these for years and now they are lousy.
Osmoney (NA)
: Pretty random but, how about some new items or altered current items that build from a {{item:3155}} or {{item:3101}} as there is only one for each right. They are pretty cool items that could potentially be popular items if implemented in some other way.
I would also like to have this on regulars... {{item:3170}}
: Because then if one team is behind they will just get someone to AFK so they dont lose lp.
"get someone to" to me just reads "flame and troll until someone gets tilted so hard they quit". I don't want to play in that League again... it used to be a lot more like this years back before a lot of their player-bahavior programs had the somewhat moderating affect that they've had.
: You know, it's funny. The old Taric seemed to me like he was probably a homosexual, but with the rework, I have to agree with you. Now, he just seems like he loves beauty in general, and doesn't really take gender or the like into account.
Or species... He's a 51st century kinda guy!
: its all about your personal luck. ive opened 3 free chests this month and i have 6 keys waiting.
Luck... and the bug that reduced your chances of getting keyfragments in normals if you were playing in ARAMs or Treeline.
: Hell i havent had a key frag drop at all this month - and i've had SEVERAL S and S- (one S+) ranked match... such BS... (the fact i spent $40 aside...) i was earning them at a decent rate before i did that...
If you play a lot of ARAMs, the same bug that kept you from getting keys there actually reduced your chances of getting them in normals. That could be a big part of the issue. Should be fixed with this though... in theory.
: there might be regulations for another country about tobacco/alchohol. They said they wanted splashes to be the same across all countries and different countries have different censorship laws.
This is an excellent point, although personally I'm not sure why they can't just have him with it in some countries and without in others... it's not like having very slightly different splashes effects gameplay.
: don't worry they're also taking away gentleman cho'gath's pipe and the WINE IN HIS GLASS ??????????
Except they haven't... it's still there after the patch dropped.
: After reading this, i realised that taric is a stripper in the splash art. And ezreal is there. Gj rito i like this update{{champion:44}}
Oh wow thank you for pointing that out... Magic Mike Taric. Gonna have to spend more money on this game...
Rioter Comments
: I think the annoyance was more that the in-game Draven head joke (for some, at least) actually interfered with gameplay. TBH I didn't log in in time to see it in action, so I'm just going off all the salt posts about it.
It actually made the game unplayable for me because my machine is on the edge of toaster-status(perhaps this situation indicates that I'm finally jumped over that edge). Even after turning my graphics settings down the last step to the lowest one, I was still getting FPS from 2-20 with occasional full-on graphics freezes. Which means that until the "event" ends, I can only play Ranked, and without warming up at all. It's pretty maddening really. I agree somewhat with the OP that I appreciate Riot trying new things, but I also agree that this wasn't really much of a "thing", just a cruddy temp reskin that harkens back to the map-reskins they used to do seasonally, so I'm not sure it really counts, and in fact seems more like a step backwards in time, rather than forwards. Also slightly salty because Draven as a concept and meme has always been really irritating to me. Now he has literally made 2/3s of the game completely unplayable for me. THANKS DRAVEN!
MaddMan (NA)
: do you know how awesome a announcer pack would be to buy with RP in the shop, would be? Get a male and female version. Get a few different champion ones, Sona, Nocturne, Draven, Kog'Maw, Rammus. A few celebs. Blakinola, SivHD, Snoop Dog, the Parents off Charlie Brown.
Oh man my wallet is so thankful that Riot hasn't done this. "Sorry, son, we can't eat this week; Riot released announcer VO packs and we spent all our food money".
Rioter Comments
Vhan8765 (NA)
: Am I the only person who really doesn't like Draven that much even? :^)
I've hated Draven since he was released. He's just an avatar of everything that is wrong with the League Community; arrogant, annoying, and think they are the best, regardless of all evidence to the contrary.
: You say Nah, but 80% of the community want urf, and are starting to dislike Draven because of this "event". And its pretty sad to have to dislike Draven because of this.
I've hated Draven since he was released. He's just an avatar of everything that is wrong with the League Community; arrogant, annoying, and think they are the best, regardless of all evidence to the contrary.
: Guys. I wish Urf was out now too. But they've been saying for months that it would not be coming out April 1st. It will be happening at least 2 times this year though on a rotating basis.
Nothing to do with URF for me anymore; my toaster can't handle all the Draven-heads because it's a laptop, so I only get 5-20fps on any mode with the Draven-heads. So... it's completely worthless for me, and also, Draven is annoying and stupid to begin with. Regardless, this was a miserable April 1st "event". I can barely even play it and it's just an annoying and crappy skin-job.
: > [{quoted}](name=Nevvb,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=VsuE4vvn,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-04-01T14:39:01.088+0000) > > Its sickening how people can side with riot. Its really disgusting never seen a company and a bunch of fan boy sink so low. Really sad. And you are disgusting for whining about something that has already been stated and repeated. People are just about NOW NOW NOW. If you payed any attention you would be hugely aware of rotating gamemodes coming in with URF that will allow us to play URF for much longer and several times during the year. Stop acting like they owe you anything other than keeping the servers running for us to play the game.
I agree that he is being a douche and whining stupidly. That being said, acording to the dev-thread about rotating game mode, we'll probably only get URF mode for two weekends in any given year, under the system as currently described. This does not equal "much longer" or "several times". So while I agree that people shouldn't feel so entitled or be so douchey, it's also true that Riot has mishandled this pretty badly from a commercial/community-relations point of view(at least in my opinion).
Elwynn (NA)
: Its sickening how people can side with riot. Its really disgusting never seen a company and a bunch of fan boy sink so low. Really sad.
Dude, I want URF mode and think that the way they are doing rotating game mode is a pretty poor trade off, but you are really being a dick about it. It's possible to disagree with Riot's decisions without ascribing villainy to them. So... maybe they've handled this whole thing poorly. It doesn't mean they don't care about the players(they clearly do), it just means they often make really poor decisions regarding community engagement because they are poor at community analytics. So maybe they should have done this Draven thing and turned on URF mode in the afternoon with this being the first weekend of the new system. Maybe the new system should actually be live all the time and just update weekly, rather than just being on weekends. Regardless, that doesn't mean you should be a douche. Stop being a douchey crybaby just cause something didn't go quite the way you wanted.
: I logged in just to bump this post because I too would be able to spend little time on the weekends to play the special game mode. would be nice to get an official answer as to why it was set up this way.
I feel as if whoever planned that element has been privileged to have weekends off for so long that they don't really think about how many people work on weekends, sometimes much more than other days. Pretty much anyone in a service-industry(**approx 25% of ALL jobs in the US**) is busier and is likely to work longer hours on weekends because of half of everyone being off and wanting to get their shopping/eating/barhopping/whatever done on the weekend. Regardless, it seems that if the mode is rotating weekly(thus alleviating the burnout issue they had with Dominion), there's no good reason to not keep it up all the time, unless there's some technical reason... in which case they should explain that so people can accept just a couple of days/week a bit better.
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