: Why am I chat restricted?
you seem to have lots to talk about.. have you Tried Twitter.. thats a dumpster fire of opinions.. you should fit in.
: > [{quoted}](name=JedenVojak,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=0AvTYIEi,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-03-15T21:22:38.429+0000) > > No one is gay. Homosexuality is just an invention of hollywood to create drama. Homosexuality has existed long before Hollywood and more than just in humans, though.
True because captivity and abuse has been around. Dolphins rape but are they gay? its a abusive culture that it is used as dominance. there is a whole psychology about it. not all gays are gays. but sexually abused people
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: Zyra rising to almost 55% wr with this patch
You dont know zyra.. she is strong against weak players.
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: Is it just me or is it easier to carry as support compared to ADC?
the thing is this.. supports are the threat in bot lane early game. they are their so their little ADC can feed and grow up big and strong to carry the mid to late game. it has always been this way. Some people even argue giving the support the first 3 waves so they can get an item then allow the adc to farm.
: everythig is to small in game
did you buy a new chair or table? if so .. you maybe sitting farther back than you are accustomed to. try sitting closer to the screen.
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: How do players feel about reporting toxic players?
agree having a system.. disagree with the punishment vs crime. they over reach their hand on some things.
: WrongFully Banned for third party software!!!
they dont go into specifics on the program.. if you have a clicker program on your comp it triggers the cheat system. there are banned programs that arnt overtly obvious they are banned but have certain exploits in the code. good luck if you are honest about this.
: Need a 5th in silver or Gold for flex ASAP
are you looking for people.. or are you offering your services?
: I'll say once again... Feeding =/= inting
Some games.. ... man some games ... its literally as if the enemy has my number.. I am not a bad player. I try and play the map. Not that good at 1v1's ... but with that said my highest rank was D4 in S6. i truly, truly, truly understand this.
Aneirin (OCE)
: Wow, is not being able to harass people really so threatening to you? Unless you're part of the problem you have no reason to be upset about it
it is not that. it is where the actions of censorship will lead. I recommend watching "Tim Pool" on Youtube. He is a Left leaning reporter, but he doesnt taint the facts. Here is an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOcuDJajJ18
Ulanopo (NA)
: Your post would be a perfect example of what I meant by posts that try to make an appeal based on "It's not a problem to me..." The fact that some men experience harassment does not invalidate the experiences of women, who generally experience sexism at much higher rates and in significantly greater intensity. I'm leaving it up, however, solely on the basis that it's not disrespectful (barely).
There is no argument here. i wish you understood. Truly disagree with where this mentality will lead in the end. i am glad this is only a persons opinion and not in policy. And here is what i know... any situation that is brought up as a counter point will be brushed off or argued out of existence for this persons idea to increase regulation and censorship. If actual actions are taken there will be a silent back lash in the end. Sounds odd right?? silent back lash... that is because right now is a voice of warning. Continuing down this path is an ebb and flow till the tide takes the beach away. Females maybe the minority in the gaming community, but you will will be surprised by the things they say.
Elohaven (NA)
: Fizz and Zoe are balanced. Toplane is in the best state before preseason
MsrTheJoker (EUNE)
: Katarina Ward Dash
i thought katarina can hop to her daggers or other targets over walls?
Ulanopo (NA)
: Good evening, Just so everyone is aware, this thread is being heavily moderated. Please remain respectful of other posters and refrain from incendiary comments. Please also remember that discussing real-life politics and religion is largely forbidden. Please keep your posts relevant to League, the associated behavior systems or in-game experiences. EDIT: I'm also issuing a warning that any argument that essentially boils down to "it doesn't bother or affect me, so it's not a problem" will be subject to strict scrutiny. Thank you.
You are going to allow this SJW bs to sit and remove other content? This is literal bait. it has been shown that Misogynistic behavior occurs heavily in the female community when they are in front of the internet. example: https://www.businessinsider.com/half-of-the-sexist-harassment-women-face-on-twitter-comes-from-women-2016-5 the sad part of this whole movement is if you try to search for some results they are basically riddled with man harasses woman.. or 'Raciest' woman harasses (insert here) but the reality is there are so many women who harass other women on line more then the males do that as an action. it is the victim mindset. ever hear the saying "No one knows you are a dog on line"? i take it as no one knows who or what you are on line till you tell them. even then why type anything out? when i played WoW for 7 years i had 2 moments someone tried to be creepy because i played female avatars. This is literally minimum and from my experience this person sees so much of it because she looks for it. people honestly dont care for the most part what gender a person is. lets look at Remi.. the female pro player.. who was benched during her teams qualification into the LCS. after she was in the LCS she wanted more money than the males because she was a woman and said she could be their link into more of a fan base. that is insanity .. this is insanity. for all whatever .. let her post that she believes this, but for you to put your seal of approval on it is sickening. limited freedom of the boards i understand. their is border line and there is purely bad taste. (ie CP) for the most part as long as people arnt pulling in odd fetishes and blatant above 21 or illegal material i understand. i personnel feel the victim culture is a horrible life style and should be nipped. As far as this is concerned i understand that this is a CA company that is trying to appeal to the NA scene which is slowly going away. If someone brought this up to me in the way she worded this in an environment i was moderating of i would show her the door. I have seen real victims and the people that want to be such make a mockery of it. This damaging mentality will only set back progress being made.
: LF Level 15 or lower
Hit me up and i will switch over.. anyone else wants to complete the missions.. bring them along.. we can do the full. ARAM is going to be the pvp game mode for the end. currently on .. ign: cansema
: I don't like Tyler1 anymore
Notice how ... when he didnt play league.. he was nicer.. The meta shift has frustrated him.. his one trick is not working out.. if he wants to get back to his streaming ways he needs to take breaks..
: > TLDR: No single word/phrase merits punishment on its own, and chat is evaluated holistically. I disagree, I can easily get banned from saying a singular word/phrase without the use of hatespeech or promotion of suicide.
there are trigger wards that fall under the racial bias sorta thing that is a huge selling point in the american music industry.. but i would highly recommend against it.. not because i understand the difference of people.. but because currently this game is moderated by a quasi SJW mentality that they are trying to appease the loud minority. also their headquarters is in Cali... the corner stone of future venezula
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SanKakU (NA)
: Looking at your match history to try to figure out what the problem is. You win a lot, so it's not like you're not climbing, right? Must be painful losses when they come. Well, you could try buying Ninja Tabi sometimes and stop buying Sorcerer's Shoes when you're supporting. You could also consider rune page changes, it's something I've done even when I had a great page sometimes it can be improved.
i do win.. but there will be a ceiling i will hit because the wards are cleared out too fast. its not fair to have risky wards placed with no reward. Assassins shouldnt receive an item that gives them safety plus high damage. We have wards and sweeper lenses. Giving them a brain dead tool is not fair.
: Pretty sure a rioter said recently that they refuse to buff turrets because a 5 game match can get too long for the viewing audience. Literally balancing a game for millions of people based on .001% of players.
bobety (NA)
: Excuse me...
the list that you must be apart of: KDA- CS- Warding- Objectives- if you never took out a tower or killed a dragon or baron.. you arent getting a S. 3 deaths is normally acceptable CS .. i have gotten S's with 50-100 cs.. put a ward down.
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Foxstep (EUW)
: The moment zed finds you (a squishy) alone he outplayed you already. He had better vision controll and therefore wiped you out. If you died it’s absolutely your fault
dont you dare talk about vision control when one of zeds core items is {{item:3147}} buy this walk around .. it pops.. 'o a ward is there.. and another one and another one and another.' one shotting all the vision. ooooo vision control.. such bull shit... the danger of getting that ward in that position is not worth it anymore when they can just wipe them out that easy.
DeMo3501 (EUW)
: Pyke the Support
fighting against him .. my views are .. he appears relatively tankie for an assassin .. i know that may sound odd.. but his sustain is surprising well with the health recovery.. he seems to thrive in the middle phase of the game.. Late game he has all these kills and just seems to not have the tools to handle other champions late game.. He has 2 key things that seems a theme when he is in a game. -he gets lots of kills. -he kills the moral of the enemy team -causes a stale tactic game in the end for any hope of the other team to win. -so if you havent won by 35 mins with him.. good luck. (as a support main i have had games just getting deleted even thou i was full tank.. so dont compare disappearing off the map as logic to say he isnt tankie.)
Felbhu (NA)
: Can you remove Zilean's ultimate?
What would a bomb throwing old man with a clock glued to his back have as an actual ult.. seriously.. he is kinda of a design mishmash.
KrazyDo (NA)
: I am a Foreigner and I got banned for type my own nick name???
its probably because when you delete the first and last character of your name it because something different. 虫仔/庆重 > Cockroach/Qing Qing Now i am no expert but i dont think we can have that kinda language here. Although i do recommend the LPL servers. You can be as raciest as you like and its fine. Welcome to NA.
: Riot needs to not be so strict on player bans.
Left over policies from Riot Lyte. Was hoping they would trash the bans and just perma mute people. seems stupid to delete accounts due to peoples mental problems. Wish they where more strict on the boosters and scripters. i hear they get a kick back for those things though so.. who knows.
: > [{quoted}](name=BLACK REALM GOD,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ay4EmH0T,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2018-06-11T05:39:38.249+0000) > > have you seen this video? :P > > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fyq844xq2yY Did he kiss the girl or not?!?? Do I have to wait til next season? Cliff hangers are bullshit!
no he didnt. he was a noob also. they picked different directions in life. He got caught up playing hard and loose. Most his life was in and out of jail. In his days of freedom he spent most of them living in him parents basement till he died of a DUI at age 24. The girl she had a darker history. Her memory of the boy lived on. She found comfort in naming inanimate objects the boys name and would spend long hours behind closed doors. She picked up a eating disorder of mountain dew and skittles. Her body was in such a weakened state that the moment she stepped outside her muscles failed and she fell down the stairs. She scraped her knee, but due to her poor health she bled out before assistance could arrive. Her dog was put up for adoption. He had a chipper face and a waggeley tail. an older woman adopted him. She so happened to be a philanthropist. They traveled the world seeing the opera house in Australia. They walked the great wall of china. Went sky diving. He spent most of his life either in high end hotels or cruise ships. The old woman died of old age and her companion, the dog, was confused why she never came home. He received a large portion of wealth that was willed to him by this woman. the care giver took an interest into the dog. The dog without a friend picked up a hobby of politics. He later became Governor of the small town he grew up in. He had a wife and 17 puppies at the time of his passing. he was able to meet some of his grand pups as well sharing his stories of worldly travel. His autobiography was praised as inspiration and was used as motivational material in college classes and around the world. A quote i will never forget reading that has inspired me for the years to come, "Sniff sniff, bark, BARK". To me that quote means the life to me and has helped me through the ruff patches of my life. i hope it gives you equal inspiration.
: Reminder that pirating games is bad and illegal.
thought league was free.. also i have bought things that i have been lied to about the content and the forward looking statements have fallen flat. This do unto others things ... it appears that some people manufacture defective products and ask premium prices for it. sounds like theft to me.
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Freeeazy (NA)
: Enemy Twitch adds me after game to tell me to kys and flame
Do nothing. There is honestly a disconnect with just moving on over stupid stuff that people dont grasp. The Terms i use for people who feel their mission in life is policing the actions of others over the internet has been deemed offensive even though it is appropriate to point out that i would like to use that world. it seemed to have upset you. so the best advice i can give you is... Take a break from the game and reflect a bit on your life. Go outside. do something to remove this stress that you have pent up in your underused body.
: Stalin was responsible for 6-9 million non combat deaths during his regime. So ya. He did do something wrong.
i dont hear those 6-9 mil people complaining about it.. Do you?
: One week suspension because of my name
Stalin died in 1953.. anyone who has ever met the guy (i bet money on this), doesnt play LOL. The man was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his contribution to the WORLD. How in the world can RIOT over ride the whole country of Sweden? Sweden people are (To my best understanding) the most tolerant people in the world and highly educated. Look how they open the doors to any people in need. The man helped end WW2.. I bet the same company that would force a name change like that also has Che Guevara T-shirts in their closet. For some reason supporting a Terrorist, Baby killing Coward is perfectly fine.. , but the moment Someone doesn't let you in their country during the winter... BAM!!!!.. they try to erase you from history. Its almost as if Riot is building a wall. Reagan does not approve of this Riot. I guess i cant expect much from people that drink soy latte. sad what this world is coming too...
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Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Riot is a small indie company so they need all the money they can get. That's why they only make skins for popular af champs for example: {{champion:103}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:134}}
is that a joke or no? look up Tencent the chineese company that owns Riot gaming.
: Why is this game dying?
its your elo... the golden elo is around Gold 2. people actually are nice there. when i couldnt carry games back in the day i was trying to get G5 at the wire of the end of the season. literally had a few games in a row with people acting as gate keepers whenever i got into my promos where they would throw the game to prevent anyone in their promos from making G5. its a struggle. simple words but hard to do: Learn to carry.
: Why the heCK does dodging champ select in your promos get rid of your promos? SUPER TILTED NOW!!!
its it really a display of your skills if you just play the easy matches? i know its competitive and i know everyone wants to win. Sometimes its just time to push through it. (Not one of these people) think about the people on the 15-20 wait timer before they can queue up. when you dodge you reset their wait time. I have had dodges on my team then the re-queue i get my champion banned. it is a loss. think of it as a solo surrender. you admitted you couldnt or wouldnt win that match so you just walked away. sounds like a surrender to me.
: The games i keep losing are because top lane on my team feeds and the enemy top lane carries the game. really would like Supports powered so they are no longer support centered champions, but solo champions. If they geared supports like solo laners there would be an interesting meta created.
it leads to the point of... one player cant actually win the game, but one player can ruin the game.
: Please Riot i am begging you, gut Botlane's influence on games
The games i keep losing are because top lane on my team feeds and the enemy top lane carries the game. really would like Supports powered so they are no longer support centered champions, but solo champions. If they geared supports like solo laners there would be an interesting meta created.
: Riven at face value seems like an easy champ. She isn't. It's very hard to get her mechanics down. Often why you either see 10-0 riven or 0-10. As a newer player you should learn someone simpler up top. Maybe Nasus or pantheon
Pantheon is more complex then he appears.. just send him to Nasus and let him stack for 30 mins and carry.
: _<Removed>_ Riot is balancing the game for LCS because LCS players as well as high elo players have a fcking hard time dealing with ryze, with taliyah, and guess what? **WITH ARCHANGEL TOO** if you really thougth that the item was balanced then you probably need to think again, since the fcking mage work we all knew the item was overtuned as fuck they nerfed the shield it gives, but what do you want to do when a class has an item giving a trillion of ap, mana, and 20% cdr in addition to a shield _<Removed>_ if anything riot is making the game ten times more fun with the archangel nerf which i thank them a lot _<Removed>_
hey .. 1%er .. dont care... i want to have fun at a game not live in the game.
: There is a simple truth about this game you should accept. Some champions have a mastery curve that, if you don't get good or coordinated enough, will not be effective at the level you play. Rek'sai became a strong pro pick because her passive and ultimate required coordination to be very effective. On release she was like an assassin character and she did a TON of damage. This had to be tuned down because her utility was too high for the damage she dealt. When they changed her to a tank there was a similar problem, but instead of SoloQ it was pro play that she was too strong in. So shifting her more into a bruiser was a good move. You wanting an overtuned champion so it's more accessible to you is also unrealistic. So I repeat: Git gud.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEpla8mveww If 1 ward is that important at high level play.. verses 98% of the player base. people who are that good with champions will be in the top and not effect the lower levels. it literally makes it frustrating.
: To start off, you're 100% correct in expressing frustration when you feel the game **you** play is negatively impacted by balance decisions that are made focused on the highest levels of play. You're opinion is one that's certainly shared by a large group of players, but it's also only one of several of the demographics that make up our playerbase that we're trying to serve with both solo queue and the professional scene. Let me elaborate: Group A - Just wants to play League doesn't care about the pro scene Group B - Enjoys League, tunes in occasionally to watch the pro scene (usually for big things like playoff finals, MSI, Worlds) Group C - Enjoys League, watches LCS religiously (every weekend they make time to watch every game or atleast the games with their favorite teams. Group D - Used to play League, doesn't anymore, but still watches the LCS because they like the pro scene Group E - Never played League before, but I friend told them it was pretty cool and got them to watch a few games. *These groups are not all encompassing, but what I'm trying to outline is that the number of people that care about there being some amount of focus put on pro play balance is far greater than just the players that actually play professionally. Now, more direct to your point, I have a desire/goal for a future where we don't have to make as many changes to champions based on their performance in pro play nearly as much as we do now. Right now we're beset by two conflicting goals, we (Riot) really want pro play to be as exciting as possible, and professional teams really want to win, more or less regardless of the tactics. Why these conflict is that the path to victory is often one of min maxing for risk/reward - which manifests as choosing more generically strong champions with less pronounced weaknesses, and then out macroing the shit out of your opponent. Why choose Zed when you can pick Ryze who's proven to have far fewer weaknesses when playing in a low ping, highly coordinated environment as an example? In order to make Zed a more likely pick in pro, we'd likely need to buff him drastically to overcome his weaknesses/counterplay - which is a surefire way of putting him in crazy territory for our average solo queue warrior. Since that isn't really a great option, we need to find another way. We're currently putting some brainpower in how we could help shelter pro play from specific points of imbalance, letting us put less focus on pro play in regards to balance and focusing more on the regular game. It sucks to have your champion heavily nerfed, especially when it's for something you don't care about, we totally understand that, and ideally we can find a world where that can become less of a thing that we need to do. Potential avenues could be exploring changes to the drafting phase beyond 10 bans. There really isn't much to talk about yet though. At the end of the day we highly value League as a spectator sport, and we'll continue to make changes that we believe help achieve that. We just need to make sure we're doing our diligence when we're making big changes that could impact the way the players actually engage with the game and make sure the cost is worth it. I stand by our decision to remove trackers as an example, as I firmly believe the value in terms of "quality of game" we get both in pro and normal was worth the cost of removing that one item. To close off, we simply can't shackle ourselves by only making decisions that all players will find agreeable, as doing so would mean we should probably just stop making any meaningful changes to the game period, and that's not a world that I think we should be moving towards. ps - the archangels change is only archangels. Once it's upgraded to Seraph's you get the full 3% ap again. Right now it's simply too good as a rush item when it's intended to be more mid/late game scaling power spike.
4 out of 5 groups seem to watch LCS.. how are you making money on those groups again?? because it seems your business model is about the people that actually play the game. and you dont explain why people are a sometimes LCS watcher.. The game is getting tuned to upper level play.. making mid and lower level play frustrating.. so its a processes of slowly breaking the addiction. playing less.. then watching a few games of the pros to see the state of the game and realizing it was a good thing to step away. contribute Zero money into the company. once you put up a pay wall that will be the end of league. its not rewarding.. its not satisfying.. They are pros. seriously F them.. with some of your 'PROs' i know they have been boosters. they have been the driving force of tearing the game apart and you didnt IP ban them. and now you are catering to them. You (Riot) have let the wolf in the hen house. Get your game on track. it took forever to revert Kog'ma after that extremely frustrating time that he was being abused by scripters. literally if anyone gets to Diamond 4 they will start seeing the Scripter boosters in full force in that elo. That is a problem. IP ban them. Dont give them jobs. Dont allow them to make a living off this company. Pro is short for Professional. to be a professional it also has something to do with they way these people present themselves and bring respect to the game. its not only about being skilled it is also about be respectable. to demonstrate that playing fair is rewarded. instead a ripple effect occurs. You have now Franchised your game to bring in income that way. you no longer have the fear of literally cancer players being able to walk into your wheel house using your rules to get there. You have the gates and the keys to this kingdom, why tolerate that? Also post some numbers of player base over the years. i just want to see 3 graph covering 2010-2017 i am deeply curious. #1 NA player base #2 EU player base #3 over all player base. because what i am finding is a peak of 100mil players monthly one year then a drop to 81mil the following year. drop of 20mil players (Give or take) seems like a considerable loss. WoW is around 1.8 mil with NA/EU and i understand the major market of this game is KR and other asian areas.
: I really dont give a damn about LCS balance
Agreed. They really need to stop with focusing on LCS as a core balance goal. Some champions i dont even touch because they are individually so weak that i cant even learn them. Certain champions require a "Coordinated team" to be effective now. but then again releasing an over powered champion playable in worlds seemed like a good idea at the time as well i guess {{champion:223}} Cut the nose off to spit the face i guess.
: Got perma banned meanwhile all trolls I got in last 100 games are still playing
you could just find something else to do? Crazy idea right. Learn programing. make your own game. make a business around it. sit in your mansion and tell your trophy spouse about your day of playing tennis and drinking wine.
Elewd (NA)
: One for all would be way more fun without banner of command.
then please tell me how to deal with 5 {{champion:63}} as a melee champion. i like to have fun too.
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