: I'm gonna have to agree. I haven't even seen anyone take support items solo lane anyways. And what happens if the adc goes and dies or has to back? The support has to either a) starve or b) steal cs, then lose procs on items like frost queen's claim, and not fulfill the quest. I wholeheartedly disagree with these changes, and don't really know why riot though it was a problem in the first place.
ill see the occasional gp, nasus, vlad, and top lane karma, but thats it, and it's only occasional.
Rioter Comments
: IE scaling so well and getting 80AD is a bit absurd. Would 5 to 10 AD off of IE + a better unique passive on ER stop the crowding out issue? (maybe 1.5% missing mana is good in practice, but first blush on paper it looks so bad)
no, the missing mana is not good in practice. You can literally be at 0 mana and it'll take you several autos before most adcs can even use one spell. Even considering the originalER introduced late s3, the mana regen on this one is the worst.
: I went {{champion:90}} mid, didn't get LP because they don't know where he's supposed to be played anymore.
: technically not a full revert as well on the CDR department old ER gave 10CDR upfront and up to 30% in total if you had more crit chance. this new one just has an instant flat 20% cdr which I can only assume is where they've alocated it's power budget.
yeah, they probably should have done something like this again and gave it like 5 less ad than IE or something.
: Downvoted because I disagree with the 1:1 damage assessment w/ IE. IMO ER is supposed to be 'weaker' than IE as it gives huge utility benefits. If it is too weak in its current form it should have changes to its unique passive, not stats.
didn't necessarily say it has to be the same given ad, but ER as it is now is too weak and will almost never get picked. Bc the overall damage (including casting more spells) is that much lower than IE. Caster adcs, like lucian, sivir, xayah, ashe, still do not pick ER because its just so weak. Trust me that we want to, but in most cases you simply will never build ER. The build is IE, beserkrs, cri attack speed item, another crit attack speed item, lw, GA. And for lucian, he just ignores it most of the item
: It's far too weak. It needs more AD or less gold cost, or both. Just really weak compared to IE.
: > [{quoted}](name=Antenora,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=T4voPwMj,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-02-08T19:23:10.007+0000) > > 1.5% missing mana sucks ass. > > Revert it back to 3% maximum mana when you critically strike. is that really useful? it means ER mana restore won't be useful at all untill you buy a decent amount of crit which casters do not want or need early/mid game
it would still probably be better to be honest with you. I've been oom and autoed like 5 times on sivir and still did not have enough mana to use spells.
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: I wish there was variety in AP itemization, because as it stands you'll always get the same items
In general it's fine, it's just certain classes, like AP Bruisers, are the ones that suffer the most from itemization issues.
Rioter Comments
: I love it when sylas can press W and gain 270 hp with a rank 1 spell at lvl 3
if he didn't have it, he'd be trash. Unlike ad bruisers, he being an ap bruiser, does not have any sustain he can optimally build. So, he has to get it in his kit. If he didn't have a significant heal, he'd be worse than he already is.
Drincas (EUNE)
: A bit unfair
yep. this has happened to me before.
: I'm pretttttty certain it acts as though.you have zero stacks when stealing dar ult. It would actually be busted if he he had fully stacked dar ult every time he stole from Darius.
yeah thats the problem. it won't let you stack it so it ends up being the most useless ult you can possibly steal besides maybe zoe ult.
: Darius ult It's supposed to act as if the opponent you hit already has max stacks, kai sa ult some one NEEDS to have stacks before you can use it similar to kayn ult
well that isn't what happens with Sylas.
Rioter Comments
: Why Sylas, the Unshackled, is a breath of fresh air for Runeterra
I too love Silas, both his champion design and his kit. I just wish you could use e to also pull you to terrain, i know it sounds op but it just feels right. Also, he currently has an itemization issue that makes him seem weak even though his kit is strong.
: BPG Looking For Player Ranked Between Plat 4 to Diamond 4 Midlane Main to Fill Team Roster.
: I understand the design philosophy behind Pyke was an Assassin Support
I think he's fine and a good and fun design. His heal just needs to be halved.
: With people becoming more and more familiar with Sylas, we need to talk about AP Bruiser Itemization
this is exactly the same thing I was thinking of regarding sylas. He feels like an ad bruiser with ap ratios, but in order to be successful, you have to build him like a mage. Very fun champion and im still playing around with runes and masteries. So far, building him like fizz/ekko seems to be the most successful, with either aftershock, electrocute, ffw, phase rush, or comet depending on match up and playstyle.
: Lucian has been 52% winrate 25% playrate for weeks
oh please, you can deal with lucian. But how can you deal with something you can't see, that you can't build against, that you can't outscale???
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: > [{quoted}](name=Bears Dont Care,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EGEmz81T,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-01-23T22:22:12.180+0000) > > Lee sin does not belong in that list dude. He is still arguably one of the best junglers in the game. Cassiopeia, Braum, and Tahm Kench also do not belong into this list, both of them are completely usable in SoloQ and strong in many situations.
Rioter Comments
: Goodbye Diana we gonna miss you <3
good riddance. Can't say I enjoy getting straight one shotted in the blink of an eye post lvl 6.
: PBE is a terrible place for any sort of balance feedback. Population is too small. Games are too uneven. We typically completely ignore PBE winrate data as it almost never lines up with what things look like when they go live. It's great for finding bugs, crashes, and performance issues. Also great for collecting feedback on things like visuals, sounds, and higher level gameplay concepts. I found a ton of use in the feedback gained from PBE when I was working on Rengar for example. You could say that "everything that goes to Beta goes live" but if that were true there would be a lot more crashes and framerate issues after patch day.
something I've always been confused about, wouldn't the PBE offer a larger population than internal testing though?
: > [{quoted}](name=Dynikus,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=uoEzAQzY,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2019-01-08T23:58:50.009+0000) > > He&#x27;s not designed by CertainlyT though. Design lead was squad5, same guy who designed ivern and ornn My bad then, but I still stand by it being a pretty overloaded kit. It almost reminds me of Basko from Dawngate mixed with Rubick from Dota.
: Everything else is fine but {{champion:518}} buffs wtf ??? Is it just me or is she the most overpowered champion with the highest ban rate right now ? At least from what I have seen in high elo and twitch streamers, the champ is nonsensical, harass machine, aoe 1 shot machine and also has utility and is also good both early, mid and late game. Typical overloaded RIOT design from last few years.
it's probably bc her q and e are really only good for laning phase, the damage on her kit sans her ult falls off too hard.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Hey Riot I fixed galio for you
i dont agree with this sorry. At least not the ult and w change. I'd rather not have him go back to being annie status again (useless unless flash is up).
: We're going full circle
they stated that crit damage will be a fair amount, so im hoping it's like 225 percent instead of 250
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Crit Item Explorations
I am really conflicted on the proposed changes. I know adc's need changes, but an IE Reversion or even the 2nd version described of IE scares me. I really don't want to go back to when adcs could two-shot zed before he was in even in ult range. I feel like Essence Reaver should just be reverted to its previous state. I know Riot is trying to maintain the item as both an adc and bruiser item, but these changes still won't have many adcs, the class this item was designed for, building it. Reverting it back gives several champions a different potential starting path.
: Minus shaving a few ad off the final total ad you get from a crit build, crit was returned to the same stats as pre-rework. Exception being how i.e. works with some being true damage instead of 50% more crit than it has now. The cheapened cost of crit largely remained or returned to pre-rework values. So I'm sorry to break it to you... but adc's got a bargain of a deal. Equivalent would be adding back all the extra hp that tank items USED TO GIVE but don't now and keeping the current armor values of tank items while keeping cost the same. Now imagine something like that being done and seeing posts by tanks complaining that rito screwed them over; that's basically what adc's are stupidly flooding the boards with right now. Most of them are parrots not even knowing what they're talking about and just copying and/or modifying what they've read without looking into it. Sorry, but you're wrong. Adc's have gotten a far BETTER deal than many other with reworked items. Tanks: we're putting more power into your resistances... and then introducing more true damage with conqueror and crit so that those resistances mean nothing. Assassins: we're nerfing lethality and turning it into scaling armor pen that is dependent on your OPPONENT'S level (so if you put them behind you get little value out of it... because you did your job) and because others abused it and it created an unfun adc meta. Bruisers: we're nerfing your core item of cleaver because adc's abuse it. We're playing favorites with which bruisers are broken and which are ok or crap... but mostly we're gonna nerf shit because people don't like that a few are too good... rather than just fix the overtuned ones we broke in the first place. You don't go full damage? You can't kill an adc because you need to 1-shot them or die trying... anything less and you won't have the damage to 1-shot, won't have meaningful dps, and will never be able to catch the adc again before you die... about 2 sec later. Build tankier? Tanks can't even tank a late game adc and they have 4 armor items and tabi - you really think it's worth you getting armor besides tabi and maybe ga? Dream on. Mages: ok, so we're making all your crap weaker so you can't 1-shot someone mid game or late game unless you're hella fed. But hey, we're making items cheaper for you. Congrats, now your maxed out build is about equal in power to having 4 items plus boots before and you can do maybe 80% of a full glass cannon enemy's hp bar. And then if that squishy is an adc, they'll lifesteal back to 75%hp and kill you before you can finish them off. Oh, and even if that doesn't happen, your contribution to a teamfight will largely be over at that point unless you're a dps machine like ryze or cass. Think of every reason adc's hate yasuo and yi if their team doesn't know how to peel a fed yi. Ok... that's basically what an average adc is to everyone else most games. Only... you can't peel an adc. You can only do your best to kill them fast.
you're mistaken my friend, their dps was kept relatively the same against tanks, but they are now much weaker against squishies. This would be a fine trade off; however, tanks are not played in solo que as majority of them get the D in lane or aren't as efficient junglers. Then, they nerfed both the ad, attack speed, and passive on stormazors. AND YOU'RE FORGETTING THE FACT THAT IT TAKES THEM 3 ITEMS TO SPIKE NOW, in a game where you will seldom reach the late game. They got hard nerfed.
Dr Dog (NA)
: so they're nerfing neekos q but not her ult?
if you've ever played neeko, you'd realize that in most situations, it takes skill and perfect timing to get a good one off. It also forces her, as a mage, to get in the middle of a teamfight. There are several times I get blown up before I even get the chance to finish my ult. And yes, I know you can build zhonyas, but it slows down your power spikes so much.
: Even if Lee is "fine" right now I still have a burning hatred towards him for the YEARS of favoritism buffs to keep him top tier. Lee isn't top tier? Let's just double that ult ratio and call it a day. Who cares if Lee's RQQ combo is absolutely braindead and oneshots squishies, it looks flashy. Ugh. Especially that season where it was ONLY Lee and Elise. Absolute cancer for laners. Can't remember which season that was.
i believe it was s3. Back when elise was so strong, she was also played top lane.
nelogis (EUW)
: Zoe It's literally a playstyle that got removed 3 times in leagues history Old Nidalee AP Rek'Sai Legolas Varus "bUt oN tHe FoRtH tRY iT WiLl wORk GuyS"
not to mention the rng of her passive, or how hitting one skillshot can auto win her the lane...or how you can't flash away from her because....she'll just still your flash and flash on you with w damage ! lovely champ.
: > [{quoted}](name=SpongebobIsLife,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=I3KBUUGJ,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-12-19T15:06:19.610+0000) > > no they won&#x27;t, they&#x27;ll tell you adc sucks and lucian and ez are the only playable ones. I know that Ezreal and Lucian are the only viable adc's which is why im saying crit should get some sort of revert. However, just because Lucian is one of the 2 viable adc's doesn't mean he isn't overpowered.
he really isn't though, he just craps on other adcs bot lane (sans draven), because they are bad. Try picking a mage, skirmisher, or assassin into him bot and I can almost guarantee you will win. I've played zed bot, neeko bot, and even ryze bot into him and utterly dumpstered him. I'll say it again, Lucian is only strong bc other adcs are too weak bc they take too long to scale due to heavy kit nerfs as well as crit nerfs. The fact that hyper aggressive supports are meta atm makes it easy to luc to get fed and snowball in an already very snowbally game. It's not luc thats broken, it's LoL.
: > [{quoted}](name=SpongebobIsLife,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=I3KBUUGJ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-12-18T22:27:50.267+0000) > > of course, bc 90 percent of the community is gold or below {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} it's still part of the community, and they all agree on it, even high elo players would tell you Lucian needs nerfed and crit needs some sort of revert
no they won't, they'll tell you adc sucks and lucian and ez are the only playable ones.
: Riot didn't gut crit. They changed crit over half a year ago and it was bad. So they went and basically un-nerfed everything about it except a measly few ad on i.e. was dropped while adc's simultaneously got a major buff to IMPROVE their early game with crit. So in the end... adc's actually got BUFFED to be stronger in overall stats... not weaker. Newsflash: adc's aren't the only carry or damage role and need to stop being babied and treated as such. You complain zed can 1-shot a single enemy in a teamfight? It might take 2.5 sec longer, but an adc does the exact same thing with equal lack of counterplay to anyone that get's cc'd and peeled off them for half a second. You don't even need iceborn ezreal anymore to be untouchable as adc because crit or spammable dash and bork gives you more movespeed than melee champs so they literally can't touch you except once when they use a much less spammable gapcloser plus potentially needing flash too to get on you. And if they don't 1-shot you 100-0 through any protection you get from allies? They're dead. No counterplay... dead. What would make game healthier? Drop some damage or durability from a few problematic bruisers and fighters, remove or gut in-combat movespeed from crit itemization, and drop damage of top and mid tier adc's by 5-15% depending on which category they fall into. Last I checked... it's league of legends - not league of adc's. But once again adc's and Riot seem hell-bent on recreating the fantasy world of ardent censer adc's rule every single role meta. Adc top. Adc jungle. Adc mid. Adc bot. So fucking dumb. 4/5ths of your player base tends to want to play something other than adc and have it meaningful. You know what stupidly buffing adc's brings on? Everyone else plays enchanter or a tank. And you know what everyone including adc's tend to hate? A tank meta. Which is caused by stupid adc's being selfish and thinking the world revolves around them and whining until Riot stupidly breaks them with huge overbuffs. And you know what the tank meta creates? Shit like conqueror which I believe tanks, midlaners, and adc's all hate to deal with fed bruisers jumping on them and blowing them up with conqueror. Well guess what? You brought that on yourself whining for buffs adc's didn't need and don't deserve. So maybe take a lesson from history and stop asking for crap adc's don't need and excusing them when they are too strong. You might not like the eventual knee-jerk reaction.{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
no they hardcore nerfed it. I mean, they did need some nerfs but I think it was a bit too much. The damage is flat out just lower, and instead of spiking at 2 items, you spike at 3 , but that 3 item powerspike is relatively weak. Stormrazor was pretty strong, so they nerfed the ad, the passive, and the attack speed it gave, nerfing the only relatively good thing they got out of the changes. Plus stormrazor is an obsolete item after you get IE. Overall, it was a huge nerf.
: for comparisons sake know that he has almost double nami's winrate/pickrate, and she wasn't even touched since preseason. lucian actually got a buff, so for him to pull this off with higher stats, yet still being able to claim its "because his opposition is sub par" is ludicrous, because in nami's case no other enchanter was worth picking, and she already countered tanks earlygame. note: yes she 100% deserved the nerf.
well the thing she had nerfed was pretty op though, that one ability did damage while allowing her to soak up all the damage in a trade. it still does tbh. I'm not arguing that lucian isn't strong, but I do not think he is op or needs a nerf at this moment, this is from an avid adc and mid lane player, high plat, former diamond.
: stop trying to defend a broken champion with irrelevant facts. Lucian has high pick rate because of how good he is, high ban rate because of how good he is and high winrate because... HOW GOOD HE IS! He is a lane bully, strong early game, mid game, late game. insane mobility for an adc, high wave clear and all sorts. Argue he's not op all you want but ask 90% of the community and they'll agree Lucian is overpowered.
of course, bc 90 percent of the community is gold or below {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
saltran (EUW)
: >Adcs were actually BUFFED https://ih0.redbubble.net/image.575234151.9556/pp,550x550.u1.jpg
Rioter Comments
: once every several minutes. or twice every several minutes. but being an assassin you can still get out and kill them next time. Assassins do too much damage in the first place assassins in video games only go in to kill low already low hp targets have super long cooldowns and end up using basic attacks after they blow their spells to contribute. to other pvp games. League is looking at assassins from PvE games and saying that looks fun lets have that in our game where they have super squishy assassins that do tons of damage and jump around the map (same with mages and Marksmen) but then they take away the part where the class is super squishy like where a mage will have 1200 hp at level 100 max level versus a fighter with 13k or a tank with 35k hp. and league mages have 3k hp league tanks have 3.5 k hp
i disagree with your view on assassins. In all the pve and pvp games i've played, they are a class that comes in, bursts real hard, and then dips until he has another opportunity to strike. And, exh meant in a teamfight, which generally happens every several minutes, you are useless, and you probably already blew cds to get in range, so you either die, or you leave having achieved nothing. I agree with the rest
Hibeki (NA)
: The empowered E can be used just by going through creeps, its not difficult. If you only hit one bloom, youre just bad.
it is not different than laning against a lux man. if you don't watch where you are positioned, it's easy to find yourself binded. Also kind of the same scenario with the ryze and his e. I'm sorry you hate having to use skill in this game.
Hibeki (NA)
: With that much utility? Youre delusional. ATM she had higher burst damage than assassins and mages yet three times the utility. Those are actual reasonable base damages for abilities on a skirmisher You forget she also has .9 ap on Q
the only way you'd ever hit that damage with q, is by hitting an empowered e, ink which case, she probably deserves some nerf on her bloom damage ( slight), but that's really all she needs. Majority of the time, she will only hit 1 bloom, not two. Plus, her ult is a very risky ability, you are an immobile mage putting yourself in the middle of the fight and the shield really isn't enough. I think the base damage on her rank 3 ult could be lowered 550 or 500, but that's about it.
: I know it was higher what im saying is one exhaust on each team out of 10 champions doesnt exactly scream im broken abuse me even 2 on each team doesnt. Not like heal when it was over powered or flash which is over powered or electrocute/ thunderlords decree. Again tempoary moment of strength for miniscule stat shred much perferable over all these massive pen items that also have big damage on them. and comboed with other items for big damage.
i mean, if you picked an assassin, mid and support would both rock it and pracitcally invalidate your existence lmao, ahhh good time.
: She also needs a cooldown up on her ulti, her w is perfect but ult cooldown needs up
at rank 1 it's a minute and 30 seconds. The only reason it seems so low is because cd is so rampant between items, and runes.
Hibeki (NA)
: Every single number needs lowered by about 40%, and im not joking. 500 base damage > 350 base damage 220 base damage > 140 base damage 170 base damage > 110 base damage 650 base damage > 350 base damage If shes gonna keep the 1.5 secon stun on R, the AOE morgana bind, and the jax R magic damage (which makes no sense being on a stealth ability btw) these are actually reasonable base damages for a utility skirmisher
you'd practically remove the champion from the game.
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