add my other account, robot takeover
: Add "execute threshold" indicator on healthbars for relevant heroes.
or sylas...it's so hard to pinpoint where exactly 40 percent is sometimes.
: *Laughs in jungler*
Rylalei (EUNE)
: Promos have autofill protection so unless you qued as fill, worst you can get is your secondary role, but since you chose that as your secondary you should he and to play it, shouldn't you?
i queued mid/adc. And got jg. Look up my acct, Robot Takeover. Its an only mid/ad with a bit of top acct. There are no jg games
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: Zed wasn't on 46% winrate what the hell are you talking about
uh yeah he was for majority of s8 into s9. 47 at the max.
Syrile (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Nea104,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gO45zvMj,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-04-10T15:46:43.964+0000) > > After the whole season 8, you still expect any reasonable action by this company? :D ^^^^ This. Expecting anything different must be a form of insanity by now. I think it affects me too... Even now, I sometimes think "OMG, they might do something right this time!! Oh.. they buffed Zed??? Nevermind."
He did need buffs. He was sitting at a 46 percent win rate practically all of s8. Even former challenger one trick zed players could not get challenger with zed last season. Hell, he was getting outraded by frekin kassadin pre-6. No bs. Read my posts to see why Zed is as strong as he is currently.
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: The Same Face is real
lmao i thought i was tripping
Rester (NA)
: The same thing can be said for most AP Champs, that they have to wait 15-20 mins before they can effectively waveclear because items.
oof, i highly disagree. unless you are an assassin, or vladimir, they all have great wc
Monlyth (NA)
: When you're playing Rengar and trying to get your 5th trophy from killing their tank
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Dr Dog (NA)
: it better be on the 3ds though cuz i aint buying a switch for one pokemon game tbh, it seems like thats whats been leaned toward lately but not having pokemon on handheld just feels not right
> [{quoted}](name=Dr Dog,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=0jH3Ooqf,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-02-27T14:48:37.337+0000) > > it better be on the 3ds though cuz i aint buying a switch for one pokemon game tbh, it seems like thats whats been leaned toward lately but not having pokemon on handheld just feels not right techincally, the switch is a handheld.
: Apex looks to be taking Fortnight's Crown by purely being a better game. Maybe that's Leagues Secret
id agrue that Dawngate was, however, their marketing was bad, and were EA owned. I bring EA into this, because even though game hadn't even been out for a year, was just about to release a ranked system, they shut it down because it wasn't making the amount of money League was. It really sucked because the game was really starting to gain traction, you even had teams like curse and dignitas starting their own teams, but nonetheless, it was shut down november 2014 after only being out for like 6 months.
: And this is a new issue.. why exactly? The item is strictly worse than ER was, yet you people complain now? I seriously hope more people start rushing this item because it's hot garbage first.
people were complaining even then.
: > [{quoted}](name=Thimes,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Aa1zzwg5,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-02-21T00:54:57.100+0000) > > Here are some of current Crit ADC win rates for you: > Caitlyn 48.08% > Tristana 46.48% > Jhin 48.28% > Xayah 46.68% > Only Jinx is decent and Sivir because she is good against AD-Casters. Ashe is at 52% Kalista is at 51% Twitch is at 52% Xayah is still garbo because they removed the crit on Essence reaver, so there's no point in building it to suppliment her kit. I'm still mad about how they gutted Xayah and left her to rot. Tristana is still garbo because her powerspike doesn't align with the new items, effectively making it a buff in some ways but a nerf in others. Jhin isn't a traditional ADC. His crit chance was lowered, and he relied on Infinity Edge to maintain late game relevance against tankier bruisers. Now he doesn't stand a chance past 30 minutes. Caitlyn feels lackluster because of the decrease in early crit chance, when she used to be able to get 2 crit items before Infinity Edge. As of now, her powerspike if using 1 crit item and Infinity edge is the exact same as her chance was before 8.11, and her ability to run 2 crit items then infinity edge has been taken away. As a result, she has to actually rush Infinity Edge first, which removes her attack speed headshot stacking power, and dramatically reduces her trading effectiveness. Kai'sa is in the same boat as Caitlyn, but even worse, because of the 100 AD and 100% AS requirement forcing her to go Infinity Edge first THEN Rageblade THEN the FIRST attack speed crit item. Good thing her kit provides her with plenty of AS steroid, poke, and dueling power because if it wasn't overloaded she'd be way worse than Xayah. Varus will never be good unless rageblade is good or lethality is good, so I don't consider him an actual crit ADC, much like Jhin. First of all, don't cherry pick information. You left out 3 ADCs who are doing well with the crit changes. Second, think about WHY the winrates are still bad. Each champion is still weak for a specific reason. Whether that be the item pathing forcing them to choose a new path/playstyle that doesn't offer the same power, or the items shifting the times when they are powerful in exchange for a much weaker other phase.
they actually put the crit back on ER.
: I'm gonna have to agree. I haven't even seen anyone take support items solo lane anyways. And what happens if the adc goes and dies or has to back? The support has to either a) starve or b) steal cs, then lose procs on items like frost queen's claim, and not fulfill the quest. I wholeheartedly disagree with these changes, and don't really know why riot though it was a problem in the first place.
ill see the occasional gp, nasus, vlad, and top lane karma, but thats it, and it's only occasional.
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: IE scaling so well and getting 80AD is a bit absurd. Would 5 to 10 AD off of IE + a better unique passive on ER stop the crowding out issue? (maybe 1.5% missing mana is good in practice, but first blush on paper it looks so bad)
no, the missing mana is not good in practice. You can literally be at 0 mana and it'll take you several autos before most adcs can even use one spell. Even considering the originalER introduced late s3, the mana regen on this one is the worst.
: I went {{champion:90}} mid, didn't get LP because they don't know where he's supposed to be played anymore.
: technically not a full revert as well on the CDR department old ER gave 10CDR upfront and up to 30% in total if you had more crit chance. this new one just has an instant flat 20% cdr which I can only assume is where they've alocated it's power budget.
yeah, they probably should have done something like this again and gave it like 5 less ad than IE or something.
: Downvoted because I disagree with the 1:1 damage assessment w/ IE. IMO ER is supposed to be 'weaker' than IE as it gives huge utility benefits. If it is too weak in its current form it should have changes to its unique passive, not stats.
didn't necessarily say it has to be the same given ad, but ER as it is now is too weak and will almost never get picked. Bc the overall damage (including casting more spells) is that much lower than IE. Caster adcs, like lucian, sivir, xayah, ashe, still do not pick ER because its just so weak. Trust me that we want to, but in most cases you simply will never build ER. The build is IE, beserkrs, cri attack speed item, another crit attack speed item, lw, GA. And for lucian, he just ignores it most of the item
: It's far too weak. It needs more AD or less gold cost, or both. Just really weak compared to IE.
: > [{quoted}](name=Antenora,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=T4voPwMj,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-02-08T19:23:10.007+0000) > > 1.5% missing mana sucks ass. > > Revert it back to 3% maximum mana when you critically strike. is that really useful? it means ER mana restore won't be useful at all untill you buy a decent amount of crit which casters do not want or need early/mid game
it would still probably be better to be honest with you. I've been oom and autoed like 5 times on sivir and still did not have enough mana to use spells.
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: I wish there was variety in AP itemization, because as it stands you'll always get the same items
In general it's fine, it's just certain classes, like AP Bruisers, are the ones that suffer the most from itemization issues.
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: I love it when sylas can press W and gain 270 hp with a rank 1 spell at lvl 3
if he didn't have it, he'd be trash. Unlike ad bruisers, he being an ap bruiser, does not have any sustain he can optimally build. So, he has to get it in his kit. If he didn't have a significant heal, he'd be worse than he already is.
Drincas (EUNE)
: A bit unfair
yep. this has happened to me before.
: I'm pretttttty certain it acts as though.you have zero stacks when stealing dar ult. It would actually be busted if he he had fully stacked dar ult every time he stole from Darius.
yeah thats the problem. it won't let you stack it so it ends up being the most useless ult you can possibly steal besides maybe zoe ult.
: Darius ult It's supposed to act as if the opponent you hit already has max stacks, kai sa ult some one NEEDS to have stacks before you can use it similar to kayn ult
well that isn't what happens with Sylas.
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: Why Sylas, the Unshackled, is a breath of fresh air for Runeterra
I too love Silas, both his champion design and his kit. I just wish you could use e to also pull you to terrain, i know it sounds op but it just feels right. Also, he currently has an itemization issue that makes him seem weak even though his kit is strong.
: BPG Looking For Player Ranked Between Plat 4 to Diamond 4 Midlane Main to Fill Team Roster.
: I understand the design philosophy behind Pyke was an Assassin Support
I think he's fine and a good and fun design. His heal just needs to be halved.
: With people becoming more and more familiar with Sylas, we need to talk about AP Bruiser Itemization
this is exactly the same thing I was thinking of regarding sylas. He feels like an ad bruiser with ap ratios, but in order to be successful, you have to build him like a mage. Very fun champion and im still playing around with runes and masteries. So far, building him like fizz/ekko seems to be the most successful, with either aftershock, electrocute, ffw, phase rush, or comet depending on match up and playstyle.
: Lucian has been 52% winrate 25% playrate for weeks
oh please, you can deal with lucian. But how can you deal with something you can't see, that you can't build against, that you can't outscale???
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: > [{quoted}](name=Bears Dont Care,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EGEmz81T,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-01-23T22:22:12.180+0000) > > Lee sin does not belong in that list dude. He is still arguably one of the best junglers in the game. Cassiopeia, Braum, and Tahm Kench also do not belong into this list, both of them are completely usable in SoloQ and strong in many situations.
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: Goodbye Diana we gonna miss you <3
good riddance. Can't say I enjoy getting straight one shotted in the blink of an eye post lvl 6.
: PBE is a terrible place for any sort of balance feedback. Population is too small. Games are too uneven. We typically completely ignore PBE winrate data as it almost never lines up with what things look like when they go live. It's great for finding bugs, crashes, and performance issues. Also great for collecting feedback on things like visuals, sounds, and higher level gameplay concepts. I found a ton of use in the feedback gained from PBE when I was working on Rengar for example. You could say that "everything that goes to Beta goes live" but if that were true there would be a lot more crashes and framerate issues after patch day.
something I've always been confused about, wouldn't the PBE offer a larger population than internal testing though?
: > [{quoted}](name=Dynikus,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=uoEzAQzY,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2019-01-08T23:58:50.009+0000) > > He&#x27;s not designed by CertainlyT though. Design lead was squad5, same guy who designed ivern and ornn My bad then, but I still stand by it being a pretty overloaded kit. It almost reminds me of Basko from Dawngate mixed with Rubick from Dota.
: Everything else is fine but {{champion:518}} buffs wtf ??? Is it just me or is she the most overpowered champion with the highest ban rate right now ? At least from what I have seen in high elo and twitch streamers, the champ is nonsensical, harass machine, aoe 1 shot machine and also has utility and is also good both early, mid and late game. Typical overloaded RIOT design from last few years.
it's probably bc her q and e are really only good for laning phase, the damage on her kit sans her ult falls off too hard.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Hey Riot I fixed galio for you
i dont agree with this sorry. At least not the ult and w change. I'd rather not have him go back to being annie status again (useless unless flash is up).
: We're going full circle
they stated that crit damage will be a fair amount, so im hoping it's like 225 percent instead of 250
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