Manxxom (NA)
: There is one kind of champion with a concept I most undoubtly want to be in the game.
Since most Wendigo depictions have exposed bones, a champion modeled after one would have to be severely changed since Chinese servers don't allow bones/ have problems with skeletons.
: Welcome to Teamfight Tactics! ...What is it?
Since there is a limited amount of a given champion, do they reenter the pool once they are sold or the owner dies?
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: Reached a Point Where Mobility & Inflated Kits are Ruining The Game For Me
League has arguably been in a Fighter and Tank meta since its beginning and still continues to show prominence with the recent emergence of Fighter bot lanes which is good for the game itself, as it expands champion choice in roles they aren't usually seen, however also suppresses the players who enjoy playing marksmen especially if they play competitively as they are stressed to keep up with the meta. The reason Riot introduced such high-mobility kits into the game is because tanks and fighters abused the majority of champions who weren't mobile as they had little to no outplay potential. They still did significant damage while facing little risk or repercussions ie. Garen, Darius, Malphite. Being able to at least escape from this is only fair. I agree there is bias from the community towards high-mechanical champions but it's not necessarily a bad thing. High-mechanical champions are preferred because they are simply more exciting to play than a champion with no mobility to most people. However there are some extremities like Talon that still need work in terms of their acute escape potential. I actually think Riot did a great job with the newest champions and visual game play updates.
Bravyan (NA)
: Sprendel, The idea behind the champion is good, but I have a problem with the passive. Riot tries to stay away from passive damage, by this i mean damage that occurs for no cost at all, the only exception is {{champion:136}} , and his comes with a risk of a mage being very near another champion and he has no bush stealth. Also, his ult sounds a lot like Lissandra's ult as well, and all of the other abilities are almost the same in themselves. It is a good foundation, keep working on it.
Thanks, I changed his passive so it only slows, but also eventually freezes champions if they are in it for too long. His ultimate is a delayed stun that synergizes with his Q well, instead of Lissandra's instant invulnerability or single stun with AoE, he has a delayed AoE stun for everyone in the zone that cannot make anyone invulnerable.
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Eggbread (NA)
: (Champion Concept) The Durge
The damage numbers are off for Q and W. Understandably I can see he is meant to be a tank, and his base damage should be high, although I would advise that you reduce the scaling on them, otherwise I feel players would play him pure AP instead, especially with a damage passive like that.
: Practice with purpose
Although this is a great feature, I think it would be great if we could invite our friends to either practice certain strategies or combos, or use them as an unpredictable enemy to train yourself in skill shots and outplay potential. It's kind of hard to train yourself to be reliable in ranked as Zed from bot games.


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