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: Creation Of A Ranked Team GOLD + (Serious/Tournament)
IGN: Sptfyre Current Rank & Highest: Plat 5 current, Plat 3 highest Main & Secondary Role: (If no secondary just main) Supp/fill Champion Pool: Thresh, Braum, Ali etc 5 Best From the Pool: Thresh, Blitz, Ali, Lee sin, Azir Schedule: Anytime after 1 pm Comms: (Discord, Curse, Skype, ect.) got em all Why would you like to join the team: nice change of pace compared to the solo q in dynamic Team Experience: (y/n and how much) yes, was on a gold 3 team last season. both 3's and 5's Shotcalling From 1 to 10: in lane 8. out of lane 6 Macro Skills From 1 to 10: 6 Micro Skills From 1 to 10: 7 Teamfighting Prowess 1 to 10: 8 Post Here and i would add you.
: Need A Support To start tryouts
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: New Ranked Team Recruiting JG and MID
: Creating Plat+ Serious Ranked Team
IGN: Sptfyre Role: Mid/ADC Timezone/ Availability: Anytime after 3pm CST Champion Pool: Azir, Malz, Zed/ Vayne, Kalista, Draven Rank: Plat 4 ( i know you said plat 3, thought id apply anyways) OP.GG:
eddiez (NA)
: LFM Gold Dynamic Queue
ill be on my smurf account in about 30 mins. its gold 5. IGN: Iegendarybaddie
Frostufy (NA)
: Subjugate Gaming Looking For Players (Plat + Read Inside)
- Ign: Sptfyre - Availability/Timezone: anytime after 3 pm CST - Rank: Plat 4 - Role: Mid/ ADC - Top 5 Champions For Said Role: Azir, Malz, Zed, Vayne, Jhin - Strengths: Good laning phase. Good at roaming when i play mid. - Weaknesses: Need to work on map awareness - What You Are Looking For In A Team: A team that doesnt disband after the first few losses - Why You Want To Join This Team: A different scene from the normal solo q. Looking to get some friends that I can rely on in game - Ranked 5's Experience: Was gold 3 last season on a ranked 5's team that was only together for about 3 weeks.
: LFM Top / ADC Gold 3 and up
IGN: Sptfyre Role: ADC Rank: Plat 4 Main Champion pool: Vayne, Kalista, Jhin
: Plat 3 Support looking for MID/TOP/ADC/JUNGLER to start a team
IGN: Sptfyre RANK: Plat 4 (close enough to plat 3 right?) ROLE: Mid AGE: 24 Are you open to learn new champs if the team needs?: The more champs i can play, the better Weakness: map awareness Strengths: Strong laning phase Are you able to micromanage during games?: somewhat Are you able to shot call?: through laning phase
: [Red Elite] LFM Serious Players Tournament Team.
Game Name: > Current Tier/Division: Plat 4 > S5 Tier/Division: Plat 5 > Intentions: looking for a team oriented league of legends instead of just the yolo q > Main role: Mid > Other roles you are able to play: ADC > Shot Calling experience: can shot call in laning phase > Can you do pick/bans: yes > Preferred Champions: Azir, Malz, Talon > Number of hours played per day:5 > Number of days played per week:6 > Strengths: Strong laning phase and team fights > Weaknesses: need to improve map awareness > Do you watch pro matches(LCS): yes > Teamspeak: got all comms > Anything i should know: I have a cute dog > Team History experience: Gold 3 5's team last season > Time Zone: CST
Nirvoy (NA)
: Recruiting for a new Ranked Team - [Plat +] - [LF Players and Staff]
IGN: Sptfyre Rank: Plat 4 Role(Pls Main the role you are trying out for): Mid Age: 24 Top champions in the role(5 min): Azir, malz, talon, zed, morg Can you make the following times? Monday-Thursday: 8.30-12.30pm on weekdays (7.30-11.30pm CST) (5.30-9.30pm PST): yea Shot calling ability(1-10): 6 Any prior team experience?: was gold 3 in 5's last season List some of your Strengths: Strong laning phase, good mechanics List a few things you would like to improve on: Map awareness Reasons for wanting to join such a team: Would like to get a different experience from league other than solo q
Robìn (NA)
: Tournament Team Recruiting Gold/Platinum players to play in a competitive League!
IGN: Sptfyre Age: 24 Rank: Plat 4 Role: Mid Champion Pool: Azir, malz, Talon, Zed Previous 5's Experience: Gold 3 in season 5 Availability: All days after 3 pm Playstyle: Passive until out of laning phase Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Anything with oreos
: LF Serious Players To Join A Team!!
IGN: Sptfyre Current Rank: Plat 4 What Position You Main: ADC/Mid Main Champs: Vayne, Jhin, Kalista/ Azir, Zed, Malz Age: 24 When Are You Available: After 3 pm What Voice Chat Do You Use: Any and all Whats Your Play Style: Passive till end of laning phase Why Should We Want You On Our Team: Provide decent game knowledge and mechanics What Do You Need To Work On: Everything Can You Shot Call: can shot call bot lane through laning phase
: LF Top & ADC for Team Plat +
Age: 24 Rank: Plat 4 Role: ADC Top 3 champs: Vayne, Draven, Kalista
: Looking for Plat Mid Laner
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: Looking for ADC & Sup for Tournaments even better if you and a friend are duo
IGN: Sptfyre Rank: Plat 4 Role: ADC/Supp Single or Duo: Single Curse - Skype: Both
: Semi Competitive team for ranked
Add Iegendarybaddie. Gold 3 adc main
Caath (NA)
: LF GOLD 2+ (ADC pref) DuoQ
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: LF Gold+ players for Dynamic Q/ Tournament team
IGN : Iegendarybaddie Time Zone : CST Primary Role & top 3 champs : ADC Kalista, Vayne, Jhin Secondary Role & top 3 champs : Jungle/top. Lee Sin, Volibear, Nasus Age : 23 Working mic? : yea Current Rank : G5 Last season rank : Plat V Times available weekdays : Most days after 2 Times available weekends ; all
: p4 Support 26 lp per win lf duo/dynamic/team
add sptfyre if interested. im an adc main. ill be on in about an hour.
: Looking For High Gold/Plat+ Top/Jungle/Mid for Dynamic Queue!
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Vith (NA)
: LFM for draft normals with skype! <3
add sptfyre Im looking to try out some new adc's for ranked
Chúngus (NA)
: looking for people to play some norms while ranked is down
: Making A Ranked Team High Gold (Gold1+) LF Top Jungle And Mid
Application: IGN: Sptfyre Rank: Plat 4 3 Main champions: Voli, Lissandra, currently working on a third Do the times work for you? yea Do you have teamspeak? yea Why should we pick you for the team? work well in team situations as well as stay positive. What can you bring to the team? I have pretty decent game knowledge as well as all champs for flex picks are you comfortable with criticism? yes
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: Decayed from plat 1 to silver 1. Lets play some ranked.
i find this suspicious because you cant decay after you are in gold. decay only happens in plat+
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Nørse (NA)
: Support Main LF ADC Duo (G1 S5/P4 S4)
me and a friend play top adc. would be nice to have a supp. we were both plat 5 last season. add sptfyre. currently g5 and s1
Offrole (NA)
: @Riot what is the average rank among the employees?
Pretty sure Kobe was the highest rank riot member last season. I believe he finished the season in diamond 1. With that being said, I would imagine that the rest are average(bronze-gold)
Vikkypoo (NA)
: since alot of golds and low level scum plats
I was plat and got placed silver 4. Im already out of silver and im not very good at the game by any means, so i doubt it will take til summer for people to climb out lol.
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: 5v5 Ranked team/youtube channel/twitch channel
: Diamond Coaches Looking For Dedicated Team Of Any Skill Level
I added you in league. My team and I are all plat+. We have been playing for about a week now and are gold V. We have a solid team, but after playing against plat teams I have realized that we lack strategy. Any help would be appreciated. IGN: RedbullLoL
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Jonathan (NA)
: L>5 players any elo that wish to learn the game and have fun
IGN: RedbullLoL Role: ADC Rank: Gold 3 What you wish to learn: As much as you can teach Voicecomm required(which you prefer): dont care. have them all
SoIo Mid (NA)
: brand new smurf account looking for anyone to have fun with me on there smurf
i got a level 15. doing ranked 5's atm but would be down to level up some. ACE DianaMoonBro is the account name. Currently plat 5
: Team Recruitment (I'm silver 3)
IGN- Iegendarybaddie Role?:- ADC Main champs?:- Kalista, trist, graves, sivir What can you provide for the team?:- strong adc for teamfights with decent game knowledge
: Silver/Gold 5s Team LF Top
IGN: RedbullLoL Gold 3
Dr Tuf (NA)
: Starting a Ranked team Silver+
Wanted Role: Top/adc IGN: RedbullLoL Age:23 Timezone: CST What times are you availible to play ranked 5s?: pretty much all the time Are you toxic? (please be honest about this one): Negative Season 4 Rank (optional):Gold Season 5 Rank: Gold/Plat Your best played champions (in your opinion): Lee Sin/ Kalista Communication apps (eg. Skype, Curse): Have the majority of them IRL Name (optional if privacy to you): Jared Strengths: Good mechanics and decent game knowledge Weaknesses: Can tunnel vision from time to time
TsukikoX (NA)
: Looking for 1 more member to do 5v5's
IGN: RedbullLoL im gold 3 and can play now
iTrooll (NA)
: 5s team starting now
ign: Iegendarybaddie position: adc champs: kalista, graves, sivir skype: will tell you in client
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