Mhija (NA)
: Lucian vs Thresh: WHO WOULD WIN?
Good animation. Terrible choreography. Since when could Thresh shoot green lightning? And what was Lucian looking at that he missed dodging another Thresh hook? Let's make [_this_]( a thing.
Candurill (EUW)
: Altough i get where you're coming from, if this was implemented, id fear for my account...the reporting program is nowhere near perfect enough and innocent players get punished (although not so frequent) for having a bad day or something like that already...imagine how that would be if you just have a bad day and you lose a skin just because another player is so butthurt and salty that they report you....i get what you say but i think this is a very bad idea...
I got banned for 2 weeks for defending myself against someone who was a straight up asshole. Only came onto League to shit on other people. I talked down about their character as person and whatnot and was deserving of a ban based on Riot's justice system. During those 2 weeks, I played on a smurf account acting as I was treated for the game I was banned for. That smurf account was never banned and I got a number of players to tell me they are moving away from playing League of Legends because of me and what the community appeared to be like based on my actions. Since I have my main account back, I mute people immediately when I have a disagreement with them.
: Champion update: Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer
Step 1: {{champion:40}} sneaks up behind the enemy team and pushes them into our team. Step 2: {{champion:3}} holds them in place for the set up. Step 3: {{champion:61}} groups them together. Step 4: {{champion:78}} punts them into the sky. Step 5: {{champion:157}} catches them. Step 6: Profit!
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: Tahm Kench Devours Gangplank
iLuma (NA)
: iLuma's "Are You Afraid of the Dark" Contest! (Win a FREE Skin/Champion!)
The Tale of the Ancient Yordle Virus The yordles are hanging out. Gnar gets rough and bites one of them. The bit yordle turns into a mega yordle. The new mega yordle is uncontrollable and ends up biting another yordle. The virus spreads and Poppy ends up being the last yordle to not be turned. She runs frantically seeking the aid of Demacia. She is tracked down by the army of savage mega yordles and is taken down. She wakes up from the nightmare. She calms realizing it was only a dream. Gnar comes out of the shadows of her bedroom licking his chops. {{champion:150}} {{champion:78}}
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: Increased gold gained from nexus
Instead of 50 gold, it should give 1337 gold.
: Permaslow passive, point and click harass that can crit, AOE global ult, huge heal + cleanse
Thank you for mentioning {{champion:41}}. Lol. He is weak because you have to pick one of those strengths to build for. :P
: You do realize that Gangplank has absolutely nothing to do with Supports right?
You can dodge the queue when I roll him support then. :D Good luck. Have fun.
: Lux, Cassiopeia, Lulu, Nunu Bot, and Hyena Warwick/Blitzcrank laugh spam. Enemy Team surrender's @ 20 to make it stop. GG no re.
And {{champion:222}}Jinx.
: A skin line idea for supports
{{champion:41}}Gangplank could have a gold-studded coat and/or hat.
: As a Starcraft II player... my thoughts on League
I use to play StarCraft. I was so hyped for StarCraft 2. When I played StarCraft 2, however, I fell out of love with the gameplay. The reason I fell out of love with the gameplay is because they took out all of my favorite things to do. They took out my Protoss mind-control guys. They took out my Lurkers. (I saw that they are bringing them back). I cannot mass giant fleets of Battlecruisers like I could previously. Starcraft 2 went into the competitive gaming scene and catered only to that. They removed a lot of the gimmicky things you could do. League still gives us gimmicky things. Like Bard.
: Leave a couple games and you will understand.... does anyone else agree?
I leave games regularly. I do not understand what you mean, "Riot should be _forced to type_ something." Like should there be a Riot employee that makes a custom message? Is that what you mean?
Fredart (NA)
: Riot should be forced to type something when that message appears.
: Thanks to whoever started "ez"
If you say "ez" after a game, on my team or not, you can be sure you were reported.
terkmc (NA)
: Nautilus size increase
Would unit-collision be worse?
Utora (NA)
: This would be a nice little feature but I don't think it would warrant the time we'd need to make it work. The mute buttons in the client are not tied to muting features that we have in our audio engine. So basically (as I understand it) we would have to make a separate mixing buss just for DJ Sona and implement an entire audio slider just for her which I don't think we can justify given the insane amount of work on our plates and not to mention all of the other audio bugs (like smite sounds when killing large monsters, Fog of War bugs, looping turrent lasers, etc.) From a clarity perspective, we treat DJ Sona's music in the same way we treat Summoner's Rift music which is why they're on the same slider. Thanks for your post though - these kinds of ideas and requests get read and noticed and gets us talking and could help us design things differently in the future. Thank you Squeekems!
Thanks for the response! A "Ctrl+M" for toggle music and "Ctrl+S" for toggle sound would be nice too. <( >_>)>
: We should make reasons to pick Sunfire Cape over Cinderhulk.
How about not having {{summoner:11}}Smite?
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: Zed is probably the most balanced mid in the game.
: Reduce surrender time when someone leaves
I have been saying this for a while: If a player is not connected for a minute or is kicked from a game for inactivity, the minimum time to surrender should be lowered by five minutes.
: QoL buff to Nasus' Theme (not his gameplay)
This effects gameplay. Just gonna say that and be on my way.
: Ah. I see how you define variable now. That's not what I meant. No harm no foul. Would you say that in chess, a queen can move in: 8 directions so that is 8 variables. 8 directions = 4 variables. Diagonally and vertically and horizontally = 3 variables OR the queen's functionality is not a set of variables that must be accounted for when describing optimal strategies towards victory. I offer that a variable is: What is it worth for you to take an opponent's queen when he might be able to play with out it. If you believe him to be a novice, pressure to take it. There is a high probability he loses a lot of strength with out it. If he is a master. The probability is he let you take it and you have already lost. In LOL, knowing when to take Baron against a team is a variable. Do they need it to win. Do you need it to win. Is it enough to deny them. Is it more likely you will throw if you try to take it considering your team comp and skill. This is either the baron variable set of options or each one is a singular variable.
Variable of strategy is what you are describing. Chess probably has a little bit more strategy in that sense. I have not compared the two. I love to play untimed chess to go over all of my possibilities every turn.
: AVP Dose this in its melee
: List ten unique variables. I Don't mean to insult I really want to know all the intricacies I have not thought of.
Here is one champion and a good amount of varying interactions he has with different champions:
Aelvr (NA)
: The content is good, but the presentation is a bit too confrontational. Are you trying to share something with us or correct us?
Sharing. I have a problem with my allies thinking they can 1v1 anyone on my opponent's team. Sure if they are fed enough they can, but more often than not, this is not the case.
: Vlad is a sustain damage tank, similar to singed, or mundo, but less bulky, and more bruiser-y.
Their problem, as tanks, is that they have very limited crowd control in their kit as compared to other tanks like {{champion:111}}Nautilus and {{champion:113}}Sejuani.
: Too bad this is true. I try to tell people this game is simple and they look at me like they are playing chess and tell me there are 100 variables.
There are hundreds of variables. Hahaha. There are more than that. _Chess_ is a simple game compared to League.
: That's true, though I think you can go further: Mages outburst marksmen and lock down fighters, but are themselves locked down by tanks and bursted down by assassins. Assassins burst down mages and marksmen, who are both squishy, but have trouble dealing with fighters and tanks, who can survive them. Tanks can lock down both assassins and mages, but eventually get out-dueled by marksmen and fighters. Fighters can survive the lockdown power of a tank and the burst damage of an assassin, but get outranged by mages and marksmen. Marksmen have enough raw DPS to take down fighters and tanks, but lose to the heavy burst of assassins and mages. Supports beat any combination of other two classes when with an ally, but are weak one-on-one. As Kindlejack mentioned, LoL's classes feel more like Rock-Paper-Scissors-Spock-Lizard than just Rock-Paper-Scissors: tanks are Rock, marksmen are Paper, assassins are Scissors, fighters are Spock and mages are Lizard. Supports are the hand that forms the shapes. :P
Akeydel (NA)
: UNLESS you have a sustain damage mage (i.e. vlad) who then beats tanks.
{{champion:8}}Vladimir is one of the harder champions to place. It depends on the way you build him.
: I'm afraid I have to disagree on one certain point: ADC>Tank. {{champion:75}} *Uses Wither And Ghost*
Hahaha. True. That is a really tough situation.
WolfBV (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=PeanutButterJely,realm=EUNE,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=Pwt6QNfw,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-04-19T19:25:22.436+0000) > > Aren't assassins under burst damage(which can also be AD) ? Zed, the tank buster. Same crap with Yi. Yasuo. All them melee adcs.
Zed can beat on a tank very effectively, but he is more suited to taking out the marksmen or fighters.
: You tell me that sustained damage beats tanks, but I don't believe you.
{{champion:17}}Tankmo might pose as an issue, but yes. Haha. Use the crowd control effects your champion has to kite the tank. If the tank is falling behind other enemies, why not switch to the other enemies? You might catch your death if you chase the {{champion:27}}tank you beat out of a team fight.
gubigubi (NA)
: Glorious fighter top lanes > all {{champion:92}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:39}}
{{champion:41}}Gangplank is my hyper-carry of choice.
: Rock/Paper/Scissors is the basis of all great game design! MtG has Weenie/Control/Combo while SC2 has specific unit counters as well as strategies that work this way (Weenie = Zerg Rush, Control = Standard, Combo = Fast Expansion). Fighting games like Street Fighter have Attack/Block/Throw, as well as L/M/H while Soul Calibur has Horizontal->Crouch->Vertical->Sidestep->Block->Grab. Basically it's about making a decision that will either be good or bad depending on what your opponent will do. Thus a lot of the fun/challenge of PvP games is about knowing what your opponent will do (through prediction, scouting, vision, mind games, guessing) and then knowing how to counter that - the rest is just the quality of your execution. I'm not a designer I'm an artist, so feel free to disagree. But the more you look at great pvp games the more you'll notice these patterns (and how they get badly disrupted when a hybrid like 'Bruiser' and 'Assassin' is added to the game - although 5 type loops also exist, they just look a lot more complicated; see Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock). Edit: Just thought of another one - Camping sniper->SMG/Flashbang rush->Sneaky guy with knife
I love knowing this. My problem is my teammates who think they can 1v1 anyone on the opposing team and after they lose in the poorly chosen fight, they get angry. I had an Ezreal, recently, get pissed off at me, as Nautilus, for not helping him in a fight _he_ engaged. Here is the situation: {{champion:81}}Ezreal and I, {{champion:111}}Nautilus, are in a lane against {{champion:15}}Sivir and {{champion:60}}Elise on their side of the map. Ezreal is building burst damage. I am building tank. Sivir is building sustained damage. Elise is building tank. This little poke war goes on for a good minute, and I decided it was getting a tad too risky. I start pulling out slowly hoping that Ezreal will follow me. Instead, he sees that Sivir is pulling out and uses his Arcane Shift (E) to hop over the enemy minions to use the rest of his kit on the enemy Elise. Upon seeing his flash over the minions, I realize he is in trouble and start running through the minions to get my Dredge Line out to save him. In the time it took for me to get through the minions, Elise took him down. I finished off the Elise, and Ezreal started cursing me out. I stopped playing to try and explain to him why what he did was a mistake. It was a normal, so I did not mind throwing the game while trying educate him. Despite having to take time arguing with him, we managed to win the game anyways. EDIT: That was not the first time he engaged a fight like that. It was also not his last time.
: Aren't assassins under burst damage(which can also be AD) ?
_Assassin/Mage_ beats _Fighter/Marksman_ _Fighter/Marksman_ beats _Tank_ _Tank_ beats _Assassin/Mage_
: So is {{champion:266}} both tank and sustain damage? Would that make him OP?
When was the last time you saw {{champion:266}}Aatrox successfully played? Haha.
KujouJ (NA)
: That was almost a season 2 meta, this meta is two tanks, ADC, APC, and the Support. Or even two ADC and a lot of hybridization. Practically if they were all on equal terms based on gold and level, ( Lvl 16 / 12K gold / skill ) then it all matters on which champion would be mechanically better towards the other, itemization, and whoever has the best % output. Graves 1 shots everyone with AA Q ULT. Zed can outplay him. A Hecarim won't get 1 shot but can zone them and do work. ADC >=< Mid Bruiser >=< Tank >=< ADC ( Lvl 16 / 12K gold / skill ) Turns out its whoever is more mechanically skilled. KogMaw destroys HP tanks, Xerath outranges Kog'Maw, Shyvanna can fuck over Xerath. ADC > Tank > Mid > ADC ( Lvl 16 / 12K gold / skill ) Now this is basic logic. Vayne meets anyone? ( Unless they can 1 shot her first ) ADC > Everything ( Lvl 16 / 12K gold / skill ) Season 2 early Example: DFG can do 70% of YOUR total HP *Look it up when it was still OP* First item Force of Nature NEGLECTs all AP damage, but not DFG :( ADC carries ignite and gets fucked up by 40% return thornmail; but wait, blood thirster OP AP > Tank < ADC AP >>>< ADC ( Sided towards AP ) Literally random shit can change. However I can assure you that isn't the basic truth. What I say is that the Basic Truth is wrong. Unless you can prove to me at least 60% of the game could be sided towards the Basic Truth
It is all dependent on which champion you select, who you are fighting, and how you build.
: Can we agree that tp-homeguards is complete bullshit?
"Bonus movement speed and regeneration are disabled for 6 seconds upon dealing or taking damage."
MrYorky (NA)
: *I then proceed to brutally murder the one responsible for the ADC's death with our angry mid laner who just watched this happen to our ADC.*
This is my mentality in every game as {{champion:44}}Taric. Too tanky to die. Watch everything you love die. Stay in the fight because you are fatherfucking Taric.
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bizzle89 (EUW)
: Guys, stop blacking out. I don't see the reason why people like this should get away with things like that by staying anonymous. In our country they started releasing pictures of hooligans and guess what. They can be punished now for being retards.
Want to figure it out? Go to [Tstavie]('s profile. Click "VIEW MATCH HISTORY" Use critical thinking skills to find the match they are talking about. • What summoner icon is Tstavie using? • Who in the screenshots shares the icon. • What champion did he play and what level did he get to?
: Trinkets go on 2 minute cd when upgrading
I think if they are going to keep the cooldown, they should at least make the cooldown last less time if the trinket was already off cooldown.
: ?? Technically speaking all the champs can refund 0 energy so I didn't think there was a need to add it.
I do not know the other champions well enough. Haha. But there is a chance to be 0.
: Shen needs an energy buff to make him similar to his fellow Ninja's
Level **3** Shen - 210 Energy/ Refund **0** - 200 energy and 10 with Ki Strike Shen - 210 Energy/ Refund **0** - 200 energy and 30 with Ki Strike
Wrajitoru (EUNE)
: My friend just started playing league of legends
Them: How long does it take to get all the champions, runes, and rune pages? Me: I will let you know when I am done.
Lost R (NA)
: Defeatism in the League
I had my first ranked [match]( in a long time yesterday. I thought, "How unlucky can I be if the first game in month has someone treating a ranked match like a normal?" Five minutes into the match, while we were just beginning to take the lead, one of my teammates decided that because they, themselves, fed too much and that the game was over. They AFKed declaring that our team was garbage and that even if we had the lead for now, it will not last. It is hard to argue that we will keep the lead when it suddenly becomes 4v5 and objectives are beginning to be contested.
: I wouldn't want people to file reports mid-game. 1. They'd waste time on that rather than paying attention. 2. They'd report the guy who gave up first blood, messed up a gank, etc., instead of judging the player's behavior as a whole. Being able to file a report pregame **if you dodge** would be helpful. You can file a support ticket if someone was griefing you, but it's a clunky process. I totally agree on early surrender if your team is shorthanded.
I hear you. I, personally, like to keep track of all the trolling. I will sometimes tab out and open a notepad and start typing notes about my report. It keeps me from feeding the flames and making it worse.
Snoneper (NA)
: I know it won't happen, but I think people should just suck it up. Maybe everyone should start to learn how to play all the roles and become familiar with at least two champs per role. So if someone in the draft picks something that you preferred above you, you wouldn't "have" to troll or dodge. You would be able to fill wherever or at least have a secondary or tertiary preference. I, personally, can play Top (Riven, Jax), Mid (Heimerdinger), Jungle (Gragas, Nautilus, Jax) and ADC (Ashe), semi-effectively. Enough that I can feel comfortable in any spot, other than Support. Which, if I have to I can do with Nautilus. (Don't be toxic about the champs I use. Everyone has their preferences) It just comes down to being mature and flexible. If you don't like the fact that you can't get what you want, then go back to kindergarten and learn that sharing is caring. Sometimes, as humans, we have to make sacrifices. Not just in this game, but in real life.
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