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: CC doesn't cancel animations, but it can stop channels. Thresh's hook has a long animation, but is not a channel, thus you can't cancel him from throwing it once the animation starts. Lux and Ezreal ults are similar, in that they're just long animations. The only way to stop them is to kill them before the animation finishes. It's the same reason things like Ezreal and Tristana can appear to blink/jump despite CC landing on them. As long as they start the animation before the CC hits, the animation, including the displacement, will complete. They'll still take the remainder of the stun duration after they reach their target destination, though.
ohh I get it now. Thank you for the detailed explanation!
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: New Game Mode Suggestion
So basically, hidden enemy items, hp and mana/rage/energy bars and we somehow have to win the game? lol Sounds like fun. To make it better everyone should get random summoner spells they can't change.


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