CurS1VE (NA)
: Riot plz Change item max from 3 to 2
I can see where 2 items would make things like kassadin killable and characters like that. I actually think that is extremely healthy for this game I would be behind this. I don't enjoy watching my hard work in a game lose to immune to damage characters because they were able to rng to the right item order to became unkillable. It isn't fun to me when I've been winning all game to lose because of broken character just 1v9ing my team because his 3 items lets that happen. It isn't a skill behind the other player either he just using broken concepts that need to be changed. I've used those team that are broken also and it isn't honestly fun to play the game. I've won every time I've used one of those comps strategy's also. So it shows that there isn't really much counter play in the game. Imo the game goes like this. Did you get op team comp with op items. Yep win game. Did you not get that op team comp with op items. Lose game. I've become bored after about 20 games I don't see the point in playing when literally you just run 4 team comps and try to get the most broken items and look for those characters who abuse them. I don't think ill be coming back to this game until they at least introduce more team comps that are viable to run in the game instead of the 4 main ones atm. I want diversity in the game I play. Not the same game being played 20 times in a row. I see no one building anything other then the same 4 team comps. So strategy is literally just build the 1 of the 4 that counters the main winners team. If your not doing that you just lose and it boring to me to be using the same teams almost every game. I rarely have a game where I created a new comp that can actually win vs these main 4.
Barkley (NA)
: Auto-combining items just feels bad.
I agree it would be nicer as a player to combine items outside of champions, but i disagree with changing items once on champions. I think that brings in more skill as a player. This game doesn't have many skill break points in it imo. You only have a few and one of them literally is item placement on the character you wanted it on and selling them to swap out for new carry or team comp change. This is a skill based thing in a game that pretty much lacks all skill.
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Sohleks (NA)
: I think the mechanic change is overall good for the game but imo Annie will probably be one of those champions that will need compensation for it.
I think some of the champions should of got this change, but not all of the ones they made the change to. Nunu doesn't need this change it only destroys his solo lane experience. There are others that didn't need this either. It is a bad change no matter how you look at it. People will see my point in the days to come. lanes are going to be pushing in favor of enemy champions that are skill shot base and harass is going to favor them in the early game because you take minion aggro and they do not. All this change did was slow down non skill shot champions from performing in early game. While skill shot champions have the same power level they have always had.
Zerenza (NA)
: Why ADC's have the Highest tendency to be OP
It is because riot games only caters to the ADC class and they balance the game completely around that class. It is why no mage can even compete with them in tower pushing. Unless you do a suboptimal build which then still isn't even competing with the ADC class. So since you have a class that does 200% more damage to all towers then anyone else in the game and the best way to win the game is destroy the enemy base. You can see why ADC is overpowered in every season. Riot could fix this problem but they would rather nerf Annie by making her get minion aggro on her Q.
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: When you tell your Nasus to stop stacking and come help the team...
I just report him for afking and intent feeding then move onto the next game and hope I don't get another nasus cause I am going to have to report also.
you mean how they didn't buff that at all. Yep logic.
: youch, little baby was wrong so he needs to *act* like he wasn't while he hopes we don't see through his disguise
you seem very upset and angry that you were proving wrong by someone calling you out on making random numbers up that have no real value or truth to him. Keep at it hope you enjoy the nothing you gain from this. I don't really care if you think your trolling me or not. Cause i don't care either way. I enjoy making people like you think they are trolling and fake upset and if you really are upset then its even more enjoyable to me knowing that this joe random on the league forums that doesn't play the game and has no clue what he is talking about is mad.
: all of your posts you act like you're always right and you're perfect you're not you're just a self-entitled ass on the internet who is basically whining to and about others who don't agree with you about something hey, get over it. no need to cry
cause you don't actually play the game so your opinion amounts to nothing so I am actually right over the people like you. If you actually played the game I might consider what you have to say and actually have a conversation with you. But this isn't a conversation.
: > [{quoted}](name=TobiramaSenjuWP,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9n0P2Ghh,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-02-12T21:29:01.475+0000) > > I think, these buffs were attempt to get him back to intended build, to go AD/bruiser. But hybrid is still better. Devourer Xin will never see competitive scene as he is easily stopped, but if they manage to balance him arround bruiser scene, he might see play in top lane or something like that. Xin is like Yi, Nocturne, Aatrox, Jax, Trynda junglers. They will try to stack devourer, and once they do it, u are in for a treat. Yea I could see that, though if they really wanted that they should of lowered the AP ratio of his W to try to persuade people into building him AD/tank like he was suppose to be. I think my biggest problem with this is that, as some one who likes to play Aatrox (though I generally play Aatrox top over jungle) Xin Zhao's W is now basically a much better form of Aatrox's W. Before this patch, Xin would be forced into building AP or hybrid items to really benefit from the healing but now that he has an AD scaling on his W he heals for more than Aatrox and that is suppose to be what Aatrox is built around and what makes him unique. To me it feels like...why play Aatrox when now Xin can heal more then him while basically having just the same kit as Aatrox but better. Q: Both of them knock the target up, Aatrox's is slow and easy to dodge while Xin's is an auto attack that can't miss. W: Aatrox heals for some HP OR can sacrifice HP to deal bonus damage on every 3rd attack...Xin can Heal AND do extra damage on every 3rd hit, sure not as high damage as Aatrox's but it still cost him a decent amount of HP. E: Aatrox has a weird projectile slow that is also easy to dodge, Xin's is a gap closer that applies his passive. The only thing unique between the 2 would be the Passive and Ultimate, which you could argue which is better but I feel that Xin's is much more available and probably more stronger.
no they should just make him do full ad scaling on all his moves and rework how his heal works in general and actually make him tankier then he is now. This way no hybrid builds on him exist or ap builds. They are stupid to begin with. But that doesn't mean he needs nerfs from a small change like this. All it means is his kit is outdated and needs a complete rework Rework not nerfs. They need to keep him like this its a much needed buff that he actually needed to stay some what viable in the meta. Attrox also needs to work done. He is in a bad spot kills himself to deal damage. But if a head is strong just like xin hard to actually 1v1 against cause of passive but if behind just does nothing easily kited. Its why I never understand why riot just releases champions after champions while not actually addressing problem that need addressing. But there is no money in fixing a old champion. Why I give riot nothing at all of my money. They don't deserve the money and won't deserve it as long as they continue this path. Which they have been on since S2 started.
: > [{quoted}](name=TobiramaSenjuWP,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9n0P2Ghh,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-02-12T20:23:12.638+0000) > > How exactly did buffs affect anything with those items ? Thats less than 100 bonus AD, which is 20 healing extra. And even his crits arent that high. U have to understand, Xin was always like this since devourer, strong heal, fast attacks , but like Yi, he is vulnearable to CC or attack speed slows. Yea while thats true but that's also the point. He didn't even need any buffs, he was already stupid strong but they buffed him anyways. Now if people wanted to, they can build more AD on him and he'll even be more insane. Before this patch, building more AD past Devour, Rageblade and Botrk didn't really have much benefits but for his auto attacks doing a little more damage. Now that he gets extra healing and crits off of his AD he can now build even more AD if he wanted to and probably get away with it because he'll heal for like 500+ HP every 2 auto attacks, while critting like crazy. There were so many other champions who actually needed help and should of gotten buffed, but instead they buffed a champion that was already op.
i am sorry xin was actually weak before these buffs. He is still weak after these buffs. These buffs changed no real core problem with xin which is easily kited and isn't really tanky. The items you mention don't make him tankier then he was before his healing gained +20-30 with that build. Overall he only gained a 75% bonus crit on the 3rd AA that is only like 50-100 ish damage increase onto him if he lands the third AA.
: Here are some weapons that have NOT been used in LoL yet (and a list of the ones it already has)
hecarim uses a scythe, its one of his skins he attacks with it and everything.
: > [{quoted}](name=Fyshie,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AAQNjk2Q,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-02-13T04:42:32.076+0000) > > the toxicity is already at extremely high levels I've been playing for years and I can safely/confidently state that the game currently has the lowest levels of toxicity ever. Every year it seems they crack down harder on toxicity and it has had great effect... back in the day (S1/early S2) I could get away with massive toxicity without so much as a chat restriction (They didn't exist back then)... at worst I'd get suspended for a day every few months. Right now they're cracking down pretty damn hard on anyone that is seriously being toxic. The problem we have now is; Super ultra hyper sensitive children are playing the game and want even MORE of a crack down. It's the "Safe space" argument all over again which of course, is utter garbage. The game is fine. Toxicity is the lowest its ever been.
that has been the problem to begin with. You should first off never be perma banned for what you say in the game. Mute that person, block them, never see them in game again. Bam or heck perma chat restrict that allows zero talking. Omg i just came up with a way to stop toxic talk without removing players. Wow am i a genius or just actually use common sense on how to deal with things like this. The real problem in the game is the trolls/feeders/whining little babies that play the game. They so butt hurt at every little thing said. Hell half the games you don't even say anything people still report you for verbal harassment just cause they don't give a fuck. I'd rather see the 0/15 trolls that have 30 cs at 20mins or the 20mins zero gank junglers that wonder why his teammates can't hold out the game for the next 10mins as he makes it to zero ganks in 30mins. These people need to be hardcore punished for they can understand maybe i am not actually playing the game right and need to change their thinking or they get perma ranked banned on that account. that is how the punishment system should actually work. But riot logic is allow the players to troll ban everyone. Woohoo!!!! Allow a program to just auto ban people woohoo!!!!!
: > [{quoted}](name=Jelly Mac,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AAQNjk2Q,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2016-02-13T07:37:17.925+0000) > > S5 started off almost exactly like this if you remember. But then Riot changed directions and turned it into one of the most memorable and enjoyed seasons. There is still hope That has happened literally every season except S1. Everyone (Except intelligent men) whines about whatever change was implemented and then gradually accepts it. It's called adapting, the game has actually gotten better over time, not worse.
psh I hate any season that is ADC god meta. Season 2 was the most trash season this game has been in. Riot released season 2 all over again and people hate it cause guess what we never like season 2 to begin with everyone complain that you couldn't do anything to ADC champions cause they were doing to much damage without having to do anything risky or hard in the play. Walking up and using the Auto walk and attack key that takes zero amounts of skill to use and making that move do crazy damage and healing is a stupid game design and concept. They just need to tone down adc champions. They were actually balance at the end of season 5 except quinn, she needed the rework.
Pheadur (NA)
: I've Become Disenchanted With the Game
you got what you paid for i don't see why you complaining about money. You knew what you were spending your money on. Which is pretty equal to throwing it into a dumpster. If your really that upset with league then just don't play until you like it again. This game isn't kiddy friendship hour either. You looking for something like that then go play a game that isn't a 5 man battle arena that forces players to relay on unknown teammates and hope they don't go 0/15 and have 20 cs at 35mins.
: I just want to point out that {{champion:157}} doesn't need to dominate lane, he simply needs to not get dominated in lane until he can afford a few items, then he is a monster no matter if he went 10/0/0 or 0/1/0.
yasuo concept is just broken and can't be balanced. Its mostly due to windwall though. The skill is just un heard of strong. Its 1000000x more broken then braums wall.
hopeful4 (EUNE)
: I dont remember a single time since the start of season 2 (because the community was much smaller back then) where old GD/Boards didnt deem the game as literally unplayable and broken
they don't actually play the game they just troll the forums. Why riot barely makes changes to the game that these people suggest.
: No he did. He successfully 1v3 and got out with half health. No afk farm necessary. Only had guinsoos and an attack speed item
no he didn't do this and if he did its cause you are bad at the game and zed, fizz, talon, nid, heck everyone champion in the game would of done this. Dairus for sure would of 1v3'd you right there with just 2 items. He actually burst more and heals mores with just 2 items also and is tankier.
: Every game a xin zhao is in he spend the whole game point and click diving on the adc and 3 shorting them.
you letting him to the adc means you guys aren't playing good. You letting him get to the point he can 3 shot this adc means you aren't playing good. The adc being out alone and allowing xin to jump on him means he isn't playing good. When you play this like you lose to any champion in the game not just xin.
: > [{quoted}](name=FistOfSharkiesha,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=18l2aFhQ,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2016-02-12T18:39:57.908+0000) > >He's not even as strong a duelist as someone like lategame Yi or Shyvana. Stop trying to duel him. you just contradicted yourself. If he's not a good dueliest why can't we duel him? Also his kit *is* toxic right now. He sticks to you like glue and will 2-4 shot you in a matter of 2-3 seconds with nothing you can do unless you have a whole team dedicated with cc which you should NOT need. You shouldn't need a whole team to counter 1 person.
you seem to not be able to read. I hope you go get some of that thing called education you seem to need it.
PixTron (NA)
: UGH He's literally the exact same as his Release. Except they'll always have a Graves, Zed, and Volibear on their team. So it's even fuckin' worse at this point.
he is nothing like his release. He gained 13 healing with the build people are going so much from this buff and gained 75% bonus crit on 3rd AA. No where anything like his release
: Well, not to be the bearer of sarcasm, but the 2 hit thing doesn't allow the crit to proc (as per Riot making it a forced 3 autos that can't be cut down to 2 by sated) thus he was literally that strong before. In all seriousness, however, I really don't know why they decided to buff Xin. Back in the old days when he gained some popularity and strength, he was a literal pain to deal with and just felt like a Master Yi with CC.
its takes a total of 6 AA for xin to even proc it on the heal plus crit. Meaning if he is a position to free attack that much you lost to begin with.
: I wonder if they should swap his R and W or if that would make him too much like {{champion:19}} That way he can't close gaps without his ult up.
what!! do you even know what his w and r do. wtf are you even talking about and your the person calling for nerfs onto this champion such a joke. Thank you for the easy proof how you people are just making mindless bullshit up and trying to post. To note to you his w doesn't gap close you seem to have no clue to what xin even does and makes me see that you don't even play the game at all. If you do actually play the game you are probably only 1 champion and are extremely bad at the game to begin with.
Pikmints (NA)
: I think I've finally broken on my stance with this game's direction. I genuinely believe that the changes Riot's making are now entirely aimed at higher tier play and making the game in a much less enjoyable state without them (them being the ones in charge ie not the community managers) having any care whatsoever. **Imagine every sentence below ending with "in non-professional play"** - While I'll say that armor pen left assassins in an odd spot earlier this season, adding the duskblade was absurd as now every assassin can buy that item to inflate their damage similar to that of DFG. They say that the passive prevents it fro being insane, but nearly all casters can farm with their abilities to hold onto the passive for the instant someone walks into range. - Xin was in an alright spot balance-wise before the buff, some people may even disagree with that since it was still common to see Guinsoo's + Devourer anyway. Xin's kit if anything needs to be touched up since 2 of his basic abilities have as much compelling gameplay to them as Cookie Clicker. - People are flooding the boards with "we need more bans" posts, not because some champs are op (well, some of them are), but rather because there are so many champs that feel frustrating to play against. Zed and Lee were the go-to examples a while back, Tahm has been frustrating since release, Xin's joined the bunch, and the snowballs this game sees now breeds defeatist mentalities and rightfully so. - And addressing the snowball directly, it's certainly here now because there are fewer fallback strategies. Assassins are strong in the current meta, which means everyone including tanks gets burst down quickly with no problem. Think your turret will protect you? Nope. People dive turrets left and right once they hit level 6, so you can't even stand at your outer turret without simultaneously being pushed too far out. The whole minion auto-push mechanic added makes it so that teams falling behind are **forced** to farm without the option of trying to get ahead via a teamfight, meanwhile the enemy team can take what little free power that is to split push against the people they were already beating _or_ group while the enemy team can't afford to. I'm thoroughly convinced that keeping this game alive as a sport is Riot's absolute number one priority. The thing is, what's best for the sport isn't inherently what's best for the players. I'm convinced that should this game ever reach a state of perfect balance across all tiers, where no champ was frustrating to play against and any champ could play equally viably, Riot would change something about the game in order to prevent the game from getting stale and keep interest even if that means it would be them intentionally making the balance worse.
I hope they keep it up. I am tired of low skill players having changes in the game for them. You don't deserve to have changes made for you cause you refuse to play around something your so concerned about xin being that broken just ban him in your elo. Then when you get to plat which you will never get to plat. You can stop banning him cause he will see massively less play cause his kit problems still exist.
: > [{quoted}](name=Skias,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=18l2aFhQ,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2016-02-12T16:26:14.311+0000) > > He scales with both bro. Lol The difference is that now he doesn't need to use a dedicated AP build to heal a lot, and his Q can crit. So he can just build AD. And he has even more synergy with Guinsoo's Rageblade than before.
he still has to get ap items to heal a lot the gunblade has been like this since the start of the season no change to it. Why are you now acting like its something new. The only boost he gained in the healing on his 3rd AA is .3 ratio on bonus ad. Bonus ad which means the devourer rageblade build isn't giving him much bonus ad and means he only gains at most 13 ad from it. So he gained 13 extra healing with this buff. How is 13 healing making him better when he could always build and heal this much before the changes. Just cause you now notice doesn't mean he wasn't doing it all this time. Why cry now cause he finally got a qol buff stfu
: BUT WAIT. complaining about a champion means you get downvoted. Thats how the boards work. Answer to everything is cc them.
of course its cc them. That is the answer to the entire game why do you think riot allows massive cc stacking. Why do you think pro's cc lock everyone down and if they don't they lose. Its how the game is played why don't you actually learn how to play the game properly instead of crying about how the meta is and has been for over 3 years now. League meta for the last 3 years has been the CC meta the teams that can cancel out a champions damage is the team that wins the game. Its hows its been and will stay. Get on par or just quit.
: I never said Xin was balanced. I'm just saying there are a lot of champions who can contribute to peel even if they aren't good at it. And soraka's is actually very easy. Just lay the E around the carry. If the bruiser or assassin tries to jump them, they can't cast, can't flash, and are usually rooted.
so if you saying xin isn't balance then the entire adc rooster needs to be gut nerfed cause they are crazy broken this patch. Why doesn't riot start there first before they revert a change to a out dated champion who is extremely lacking atm. I'd rather see something on that line then xin get nerf if they do that then go a head and nerf xin down.
Sedonis (NA)
: I played against a xin yesterday, he built {{item:3146}} {{item:3931}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3111}} He healed about 250 damage every auto with above 2 attack speed. He healed for about 400+ on the third auto. He didn't take any damage because he was tanky. He could literally 1v4 or even 1v5. He won every single time.
no he did not heal for 250 damage on every AA with that build and no he did not heal for 400+ on the third AA. Devourer gives zero bonus healing and the ap bonus from hextech and GB is lower then a zhoyna and GB build which only heals for 250-300 per AA with a SV. Good try though. Keep at it making numbers up. Also he didn't 1v5 you cause its impossible for him to 1v5 anyone with that build he is to squishy and can just be cc'd down and killed in a 1v5.
rescued (NA)
: Yup, today the enemy Xin soloed baron at 25 mins, was fun.
yep your lying good try. If he did its cause you fed him hardcore and he had 4+ items at 25mins so you lost anyway.
: Nobody should be able to solo Baron this easily (A team objective!). I never went below 75% health when I did it and that hp was topped to full within seconds.
how easily you mean cause he can't solo baron at 20mins with just devourer and rageblade. I have been trying none stop to do it baron deals to much damage and xin has no tank stats mind you i don't have ninja tabi's but pretty sure a boot upgrade isn't going to reduce that much damage. I also had more then those items. I had 3 full damage items trying to do it didn't even get him to 50% hp. Also if you allowing him to free solo a baron its your own damn fault do you understand how easy it is to ward the pit and be like o free kill for me he is standing there trying to 1v1 a baron lololololololololololololol GGGGGGG i hope he keeps doing it for i continue to gain free gold cause this dude doesn't understand he can't solo a baron in 20mins of a game alone.
: He's still ridiculously toxic to play against. Yes, at higher elos where you have teammates who know that peeling is a thing he will perform worse, but holy shit, a jump from 43% to 47% in 2 days is still an incredible shift in power. This is especially true when considering 12% of the people are picking him, meaning is should have a winrate below 50% since a lot of them are probably first-timers playing a FoTM Champ. Another thing to consider is that he's probably being banned a lot, meaning if he's ever available to pick, some non-Xin player will probably take him despite not knowing a thing about him, resulting in a pretty poor performance.
so because you don't understand how to play the game and counter a champion means riot should nerf it cause in your trash level of playing you refuse to understand how to play the game. Makes so much sense i hope riot hires you to balance the game more often instead of actually using skill or team members to lock down a zero escape full engage type champion who has barely any defense stats. Unlike champions like fiora who have more insane and massive heals that effect their entire team unlike just the 1 member and do true damage and can dodge any skill in the game. Makes so much sense please continue.
: Yi having been one of the champions in the game with the highest damage output, it definitely is a problem if a _fed_ Yi can be 1v1ed by a presumably unfed Xin Zhao.
your making things up keep at it though makes so much sense how you have no idea what your saying.
: Even a fed yi cannot 1v1 xin right now. That is a problem with the champion, not rageblade
yi can still 1v1 xin. If yi is a head he wins if xin is a head he wins. If they are even its a coin flip into who out played who and did what moves better and dodged better. Also why do you care if a bruiser can 1v1 a non bruiser assassin type melee. He should be able to kill yi in a 1v1 most of the time. The yi should be outplaying the xin by your alpha to dodge moves and damage and healing to reduce damage. Xin is predictable and out dated model. It telegraphs moves unlike other champions now a days.
: > [{quoted}](name=Marshbouy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=18l2aFhQ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-02-12T15:40:41.411+0000) > > only counter to him is a blind or good peel The only counter to him is a champion thats barely viable...{{champion:17}}
quinn has a blind, also just cc him most people build rageblade and only devourer his heal doesn't get over 120 heal per 3rd AA. So guess what he doesn't even gain that much with that build. Hell hybrid xin heals for more then the build most people are going. You want to see healing from xin that is crazy go full ap which has always been around. Also xin can't solo baron at 20mins in the game with just devourer and rageblade. Its impossible for him to solo it with those items. He doesn't heal enough to solo tank this guy. So guess what its not soloing baron at 20mins maybe 3 manning it but if your letting him 3 man baron in the first place you guys aren't a head in general and any champion picked would of won that game because you were outplayed.
he heals barely more then he did before the change. The real change to him is that 75% bonus damage he does the rest of his kit wasn't touch. So how is a 75% bonus crit on a 3rd aa that broken. Makes no sense man. 1 small change to him doesn't fix his problems he is still kited, squishy and can only heal if he is on someone. Sure he isn't bad in solo que cause guess what you people roam by yourselves and then cry that xin was able to chase you down and kill your while you roaming the map as the squishy role in the game. Honestly i think more champions need to be raping ADC's while they are alone. No adc should be able to do anything if they don't have at least 1 teammate near them. They should die extremely fast and easily if pretty much any damage hits them from carry champions mind you. Adc champions atm are just stupid they are a most in every single game if not 2-3 of them in every single game and they all have amazing cc, amazing damage, and range while doing this damage and heal for more then xin can and can build any item and still be god like at every stage. Giving xin some free crit is honestly a good step for making him more viable he is barely ever used in pro scene cause he does no damage and just dies out. This is a breath of fresh air onto a old out dated champion who is extremely lacking and still is lacking in this meta and game in general. I hope they keep him like this.
Dukarg (NA)
: When you see people who use D for Flash
D is for dip set. Cause i am dip setting out of that moo foo.
: Hence why I said I was wrong that these weren't big buffs.
buffs? you mean the 1 change to him W which added a 75% bonus damage crit and a .3 bonus ad heal ratio. Yes this buff isn't that big. Xin healing has always been this good a .3 bonus ad ratio is only like 20 + healing on his W late game adding 20 healing late game isn't big. the 75% bonus third AA is nice but not noticeable
: > [{quoted}](name=bobsenbob,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ajOm6dQs,comment-id=00020000000100000001,timestamp=2016-02-12T20:27:03.273+0000) > > ... a couple fo seconds, I meant like 1.5-2 seconds which shouldallow the adc ample time to get away, then just begin kiting xin, heck 1 second of hard cc+a slow would be enough I see, let's say he did flash away from xin in those 2 seconds, so now he is starting to kite xin, which he won't be able to do alone or he will die, so there will be at least 1 more guy trying to help the adc, I think at leas 2 people will try to peel xin, so what does that cause? It causes the other 4 fucking people from xin's team to steamroll the other 2 while those 3 are fucking preoccupied with xin, because if they aren't he for sure will blow up the adc, I can guarantee you that 10000000%, and then he will proceed to murder the other people because he's still at at least 80% health because of his retarded w, and potentially lifesteal item or elixir or both.
lol xin is one of the easiest melee champions to peel in the entire game. His speed is garba his dash is a pretty long c/d with no cdr items which people honestly don't buy on him at most you see xin get 20% which 20% of 12 second late game e isn't even that sticky. Also if a ADC is alone in the first place without a tower near by or a support its that ADC player fault to begin with and he should die to xin or any other champion that comes at him. But the ADC god meta means that he won't cause he deals more damage every AA then xin does while critting on everyone of them too.
Yenn (NA)
: Rofl Xin
can you explain the items he is getting op to even have that much defense stats plus healing stats. Cause there is no way rageblade + devourer alone heals 220 hp on his 3rd AA so yep. At most its around 120-140 hp on the third AA. And if he has 200 armor that means he has at least 2 armor items that have hp tied to them and it also means that his heal isn't healing for 220 hp even with a SV and even if he has a SV that means its late game and you let the champion farm a lot and every single champion in the game becomes a power house at that point and 1 wrong move by anyone means the game is over for either team. So by your logic his build is 2 damage items boots and 3 tank items. Well that build never hits 220 hp heal on his W. Even with bork his W does not heal 220 hp on it. The only way he can even get 220 hp heal on 3rd AA is with another ap item cause the ad ratio his heal has isn't really even that noticeable. Good try though.
: How I dodge skill shots.
did she break the wall?
Mael bro (EUNE)
: In what kind of world Zed is fair and balanced?
man took you this long to notice how zed has never been a fair champion. I mean in what world does it take people to understand a ult that does 50% of the damage you do is balance makes no sense to me. Only thing balanced about his ult is Qss removes it which honestly doesn't matter cause he can pretty much 100% you without the ult proc anyway and still escape. Unlike other assassins who need to land every move or multiple rotations of basic moves to kill you. But i'd rather have zed in the game then champions like kalista. Perma flash on a AA is just stupid as fuck. Makes melee carries just worthless against her. You see that champion don't even pick a melee AA champion cause you want ever get near her to do anything other then get kited. I actually really don't care that zed or assassins got buff also cause this ADC god meta is scum and i hope the next changes make ADC champions so worthless that even the pro's stop playing them in games. So every game has 0 adc in it for the next 4-5 months of lcs. Be actually entertaining to watch then unlike the OO well we positioned our ADC caitlyn on the front line cause she does 1000 damage per AA and can't be killed cause she heals for 1000 hp per AA. Yep balanced.
Nahui (NA)
: Actually, fun fact, the best build on him is Devourer, Guinsoos, bork, deadman's, Spirit visage, and merc treads. Statistically speaking that's the best, not mallet. Or...statikk shiv. However they are overloading his W with so much. Giving him extra heal, guranteed crit every 3rd strike. Extra 50 or so heal every 3rd and second auto (Devourer) is huge, and now you have videos and complaints of Xin simply soloing towers, something you had to build full AP with lots of attack speed to do previously which was a bad build to actually win the game and was mostly a troll build. Also sticking isn't too hard. His charge slows them for two seconds, his attack speed allows him to almost instantly knock them up, and now he's healing for far more and doing more damage in the process, and combined with devourer and guinsoos he'll be a little overwhelming. Sure someone can CC you, that goes for any champion lol. But with bork active, you can catch right back up or with 20% CDR from SV and maybe more if you choose to build more/runes/blue buff, he can charge fairly quickly. He can also ult upon hitting an enemy and knock the peel away long enough to assassinate your target.
he was always healing for this much with rageblade first off the ap ratios never changed he only honestly gained like 20 healing from the ad ratio they added so your point really doesn't make sense even if he procs devourer that doesn't give him another 20+ bonus heal when he hits his third aa. So like i said its only like a 20+ hp gain on his heal they gave him. His ap ratios never changed and you could also go rageblade xin before this rework. also that build you say i've used it countless of times and i've had more success using what people call troll builds on him then that build. Sure its great not bad at all. Overall its not the best. I'd rather be able to slow any person i attack then the 1 person from bork active who can still just get away even if you hit it on them. Plus by the time you even get either damage items or tanky items you really didn't do much to begin with cause you probably went damage items first which makes you crazy easy to kill if stun 1 time cause your tank stats are garbo. Or you went tank items and now your damage is lacking cause you had to survive. So overall getting a mallet as a second item is more core cause it increases hp and boost damage and sticky ness all in 1 item slot for him. A bork only gives him heal if he actually can stay alive and use it. Which he really won't be able to in the end of things. Most the time i play xin i am like should i get bork or not and the games i do i am like ehh i shouldn't of got bork. Even though every time i get it i am like man i really think i need this item only to be disappointed in the end. Even if i win with the item i always feel like it never really increased anything on my part i could of got a shiv for more attack spd crit and burst potential then going with a attack slow when they are already slowed to begin with cause of mallet and charge. SV isn't a bad item i did mention a tank item if you really want that much more healing go for it. I'd rather kill my target the second i charge on them though and then just kb everyone away.
: Yeah, shame Xin Zhao is one of the stickiest champions in the game.
lol how is xin sticky. He has 1 gap closer and it only slows. You want to talk about sticky look at lee sin, fizz, maokai, champions like that. If xin gets stun he is pretty much 100% dead with how you people are building him now.
: yeah but most people seem to build pure AD on him these days.
his hybrid build i feel is his 2nd best build. After his bruiser frozen mallet build with Devourer
: Xin is not squishy he has good hp with right items and a high damage output with three talon strike.
how is xin not squishy. You mean his base stats. Sure they are average but he has no defence steriods like mundo. Who massive heals without doing anything. Or garen who actually gets reduce damage on a short c/d. Xin has to ult to gain any boost in defense and i understand why he has the master yi problem. He isn't a tank he is a fighter and fighter builds are expensive so before he can really get what he needs if he isn't snowballing you are squishy and even then you still have no real tankiness if your being kited or cc chained.
Nahui (NA)
: It's how much guinsoo's combined with devourer will interact with his healing that's the issue. He will get more than 20 healing, more like 30-possibly 50. The crit does 175% damage, which will be an issue with devourer as well. And with items like devourer, guinsoos, bork, maybe even rapid fire, his attack speed will be through the roof.
great he gained 50 extra hp on the third AA amazing guess what he still has to get to people and stick on them long enough to even proc that 3rd aa. Which most people cc the shit out of him and if you build tanky you just don't do enough damage. So overall he didn't really get changed much. Slight boost in power to try and help him during this adc god meta where 2-3 team members are adc's. Also even if he does have all this damage and healing he has to stick to the target and not be cc'd and kited which going the build your talking about you die in 1 second. I've been playing that specific build on my lvl 11 account just for fun and it really isn't better then his bruiser frozen mallet build. The rageblade is nice though but rapid fire, bork, no all those items just limit him and what he really needs to do. Which is to stick to targets. Mallets slow is honestly a core on him. If i was going to create the best xin build I would go Devourer, mallet, boots, rageblade, static shiv, deadmans or another tank/damage item such as zhoynas for you can troll them.
dangopee (NA)
: Jungle without pots. Solo baron upon spawn. Solo turrets without minions. You can win a game with him while having zero damage dealt to champions at the end.
only if you build full ap. The scaling on his ad ratio heal isn't really good you hardly notice the difference. I only notice the rageblade boost to his ap ratio heal the ad part is blehh.
: {{champion:161}} is the typical "best balanced" champion as sort of... Vaguely agreed upon. And it's easy to see why. He's got a lot of counterplay and never really feels bullshit. {{champion:14}} is the other one... For basically the same reason.
he isn't agreed upon being the best balanced champion most of the games he isn't even played were he is suppose to be played and he never never see's pro play. Riot just doesn't touch him cause his kit can be to oppressive if they did since he has such long range moves. He is actually on the side of weak. Just cause they don't buff or nerf him doesn't mean he is balanced. They don't buff or nerf taric does that mean he is balanced hell no.
Bemapon (NA)
: RIP {{champion:161}} . I dont know what the changes will be, but... I have little faith.
the changes will make him better then he is now.
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