: It is not so bad with Dota 2 you have to pay $3.99/month for something similar (Dota Plus).
If you are defending this by using another bad feature as a comparison you are probably a 10 year old who uses their parents' money for this stuff or an idiot or maybe both.
: Patch 9.14 notes
No plans for randoms voice chat? We’ve had party voice chat for a while now so you can probably implement randoms voice chat very easily... Since you won’t bring back nexus blitz because you want to push TTF, voice chat might just add something new and interesting to good old league, even if it’s just the laughters from hearing people’s toxicity. Also just add a mute button and your problems are resolved.
Morth (NA)
: Don't let the Little Legend's cuteness distract you from the fact that aquiring them is lootbox mechanic and shouldn't be supported. Vote with your wallets!
Keep fighting the good fight!{{champion:3}}
: Patch 9.12 notes
It’s been 2-3 patches that I haven’t played league, I think since they removed ARURF. I just can’t make myself play regular summoner’s rift or ARAM. Please bring back something like nexus blitz and make it permanent or if you want to focus your efforts on ARAM, make it URF so that all melee team comps can also have some fun every few deaths.
yukumari (NA)
: Please bring back nexus blits
I literally only played Nexus Blitz games while it was there. Now that it's gone I haven't yet been able to play a normal game :( I really hope they make it permanent!
: Play the Nexus Blitz alpha
Please make it a permanent mode. I want URF as a permanent mode but I know you will never do that even though it would take no effort. So at least make this game mode permanent so that people can untilt after some ranked all season long. And no, ARAM isnt the game mode to untilt/relax with, its winner is decided in champ select and it has no unique mechanics other than being all jammed together for champions with aoe to have fun.
: Learn more: VS 2018 Event
Leave ARURF up all year like ARAM or instead of ARAM. So people who like it can play it whenever they want and those who do not, they can keep playing normals, ranked or anything else.
Quinzley (EUNE)
: Missions are not working
The Darius vs Garen event missions actually expire, for example the one I am doing now expires in two days. I wonder if they are gonna extend the duration of each mission so we don't end up skipping any.
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Ss7evin (NA)
: Cool little minions good old mode
Yes! Black market brawlers, even the name is just as cool as the game mode. They can still have unique ones and have then on a weekly rotation. Btw did they say why they wouldn’t bring back black market brawlers ?
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: The reason why I chose God-King Darius and you should too
What makes you think that Garen is already winning?


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