: its going to be too strong on any support that can afford to go for it since not only would they get the gold but if there carry got it it would practically double the gold income of the lane. as for none support champions you might want to add either a cd or a duration on the curse otherwise csing would be so easy a caveman could do it
Really good points. Edit: Curse lasts 3 seconds. Minions will only return gold to a single champion, the last one who cursed it or the one who lands the last hit regardless of curse.
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: I agree with a few of your thoughts, but disagree/have some points to say about most of them. A lot of them are actually in development or have already been attempted and deemed failures by Riot if you keep up with their statements and patch notes. 1. This is already in the Alpha client. If you haven't signed up for it yet, I suggest you do, The next update will include draft queues and they will be adding "hundreds of thousands" of new testers to the alpha. 2. Riot has been changing/removing summoner spells this season specifically to help this issue. 3. I think they keep the f2p champs low to give incentive for more people to buy champions. They also don't want all champions to hit free rotation too often, and keeping the number low helps that. Maybe they'll increase it a bit in season 7 though. Who knows. 4. Though many people may not like it, twisted treeline is not the main focus of the game these days. Summoner's Rift is. Riot has been slowly removing resources from 3v3 games to be shifted over to 5v5s. 5. The login page and the client are two separate programs, so it would be clunky to close the client and auto-open the login.exe. However the two are combined in the Alpha client. Again, I suggest you sign up to be a tester. 6. The whole point of 1v1 or 2v2 games is to test an individual's skill against your own, which is not something that you should do against randoms. Instead, custom games already offer the perfect arrangement for that. 7. Sandbox was promised a long time ago then dropped. A few months back Riot mentioned that they are trying to implement it, but it won't be until after the new client is finished. 8. Harder bots would be nice, but jungling AI is almost impossible to code correctly for so many different champions. Bots can't even flash walls in their current state, and adding more advanced tactics would severely slow down the servers. Maybe DoomBots would be a nice permanent challenge mode. 9. Training mode already exists. Advanced "pro" tactics are not something players should be concerned about when learning basic mechanics. If you want pro tips, there are thousands of hours of video that professional streamers have uploaded to youtube about every champion. For more basic info on both countering a champion and powerful skill combinations, go check out the champion page in the client. 10. Death recap video was also promised but quickly realized as something too server intensive to implement. Currently the servers record a continuous stream of the entire game for spectators, but they don't record the team-based data that would be needed for a death recap (otherwise you would recieve data on the enemy team at the same time, wards, etc.). Riot has stated they want to make the death recaps more intuitive and helpful, but we'll see what they come up with. It probably won't be in the form of a video. 11. The servers don't keep recordings of the game after all players and spectators have left. If you want to have recordings, you can download a program that will spectate and save the data for you so that you can spectate the game at your leisure. There are simply too many games all the time for Riot to store them all. 12. Riot's goal is to make each champion unique, and not all unique visions of champions can fit the same set of items correctly. To this end, there have to be special cases in order to maintain balance in the game. The "other ways to solve their issues" was deemed worse by a team of professionals. 13. If a full-screen application crashes, it can't create and indicator to tell you about it. Otherwise, it wouldn't be crashed. 14. A name change per year would make keeping track of your own friends list too hectic. Also you can get name changes for IP anyway. As for refunds, too many people ask for this and it's not going to happen. A refund should be used if you legitimately made a mistake with your RP, but riot is not responsible for you irresponsibly spending your money.
Feels like a reply from an actual rioter. Thank you for this overload of information. Most of it seemed like stuff I can look forward to. I'm happy to hear they are concerned with a lot of the things I/we are. Thank you for your input. I compiled a list of things based on what I had heard from others so I think this is a reasonable representation of the LOL community desires.
: Suggestion : when you say rotating game mode people expect urf not other shits modes nobody plays at : actually put urf 1 week a month
Yeah I thought they took a vote before and everyone wanted URF. what happened to that?
: he's not picked in lcs so riot doesnt care. Jesus im salty today
I wish they did something about him
coIesy (EUW)
: impossible to play against? how do you think immobile champions feel having to play against dashes? everything needs counterplay, and dashes didn't have any until rework poppy and rework cassio.
Ralanr (NA)
: I think we need more champions with the grounded effect honestly.
Kaioko (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=St0rmln,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pptmsQE0,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-08-25T19:07:04.495+0000) > > I did not know this. that seems like good news. I wasn't necessarily saying he was OP but he certainly is broken. (side note: I think he IS OP against me) I think he's actually quite balanced when he goes full damage. High risk high reward types of situation with a little bit of defense coming from his passive and windwall. The whole tank build where he's unkillable, continuously slows and still does a lot of damage is a bit much though.
but where is the risk? he just dashes back out, and like you said he also has wind wall and a shield passive. other assassins don't get that.
: What's your biggest issue with League of Legends right now?
The community of players are terrible, insulting, completely unreasonable players who hold a computer game in way too high regard. Instead of being entertainment people live and breath League. unfortunately people can get away with saying some pretty terrible things to people because they have been desensitized to others having feelings or basic consideration. RIOT has made a great game with a lot of things done very well and only a few that need work. by comparison its the community that need change/balance/update/reworks.
Kaioko (NA)
: I don't see the point of creating additional threads about it. Riot has said they will nerf Yasuo so that he can't benefit as much with the current tank build. I'm guessing they'll nerf some base damage and increase the scalings.
I did not know this. that seems like good news. I wasn't necessarily saying he was OP but he certainly is broken. (side note: I think he IS OP against me)
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º LB º (NA)
YES honestly thank you so much!
: What I hope happens in Season 7
I dont agree with some of this but the biggest point you have I completely agree with... People who don't have time to rank very often simply can't get into gold or higher because every time they get close the new season knocks them back down again for no reason.
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: nope. no accuracy at all. generally mages, assassins, and control mages all are either more frustrating to play against and thats why they are banned. technically kindred is a marksman and she has a fairly high banrate.
: i think its just because you are bad at playing marksman.
Gotta love this community. Straight to the point. That's probably true but is there any accuracy to my statement at all?
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: If you got this then you got it because you LEAVE a lot of games not just one. So you deserve what you got mate! learn from it :)
correction I disconnect from a lot of games. But that didnt seem like a realist complaint. In other cases I have to state simply... "This is a game, its just not important, rank here means nothing in real life. Life is real, people are real and sometimes things happen and most of these things are more important than LOL."
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: 5 years ._. , i've spent 0$ on this game lol so nope
Same way, Doesn't that seem like a problem. Giving of your time and acting as an advocate to encourage others to play their game for 5 years should give you more.
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St0rmln (NA)
: Sivir passive change
Update, removed my idea.
Kittenguin (EUNE)
: Her passive feels like an underpowered Phage that works only on champions. I think it deserves a change.
Give this man a cookie
: That would be absurdly broken.
Really? Ok it doesn't have to be that. Just one idea.
: If you que up in the least desirable role at that current time, you get extra IP based on lack of players IE: Lowest num of players gets 1.25 IP multiplier 2nd losest gets 1.10 IP multiplier Middle gets 1.05 IP multiplier 4th lowest gets 1.00 IP multiplier Highest num player role gets .98 IP multiplier (Not exact numbers just off the top of my head in the middle of the night)
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St0rmln (NA)
: How can we (the community) help Riot with ideas on encouraging more support Mains
: How about Assist sprees? Or a way for the system to recognize a save. Like a clutch Soraka ultimate that saves a teammate from death. That's the most Riot can do on their end. As for the community itself, a change in attitude might be nice. Supports get blamed for mishaps made by the team yet recognition of our achievements are extremely rare. I'm not like most supports where I demand recognition for my work. It's nice to get it sometimes but I don't need it. My main gripe with the community is the current mentality which is "Meet my unreasonable expectations and if you fuck up I will report you." It's one thing to demand a lot from me but at least be realistic with what you expect of me and don't blow off my input simply because I am in the support role. That is what bothers me the most is when I give advice to a teammate only to be blown off simply because I am the support. Like my opinion does not matter. Like I am not a part of the team. That is what I want to get changed in the community.
Yeah I couldn't agree more. It seems like the community would love a "save" mechanic but everyone is saying it would be to impossible to program. at least assist sprees could be good.
Dehitay (NA)
: The community has come up with a number of ways to help the support role. The problem is Riot doesn't seem to listen to much of it. Support items give more gold for assists and less for kills Support items give small bonuses on assists (+x AP/max mana/max health per assists for blue/yellow/red) Destroying wards adds another stock to sightstone Bonus exp/gold for destroying wards for supports Ward statistics display in end game screen
zlumpy (NA)
: Leona changes seem more like a slight quality of life change as opposed to a buff. She gets almost tye same amount of net dmg it just seems to have shifted around and added some slight MS and range to her kit to help her stick to people. Not that spidermaning your way hapfway across a lane with one E wasn't sticky enough :P
As a leona main I love that change. especially the shorter q cooldown
NekoYoka (EUNE)
: ***
Let me know if I'm reading you right here. Give assist spree to champions: I tend to agree but this could cause snowballing issues for the wining team Make a new stat that isn't AP or AD that builds better for support-type abilities (heals and shields): I agree completely Create an item that gives kills to players: You have to be careful with balancing something like but seems like a good idea to me Mages make better supports than supports do: I hate that that is completely true, i agree again.
: We could have an icon that shows how many times an ally has won a fight because of a ward they placed. Such as if the enemy adc walked into a bush the support warded and the ward allowed the supports adc to win the fight because of that. I personally think that would make playing support a little more fun to be able to show off how smart warding saves your teammates and secures them kills
or at least have Riot post a video about how warding wins games. and encourage support players to ward
xBushx (NA)
: I love 1v1 and 2v2 However, it becomes ALOT of the same OP Skirmisher picks. Due to the lackluster nature I couldn't see the server load being extreme...so i don't know why they don't put it in RGM.
AH i forgot about the load it would at to the server. thats another entire game type to run alongside the others. good point. I would honestly rather have ARAM in RGM and showdown as the normal game type.
Veraska (NA)
: I think the unpopularity of supporting roles is just kinda a ugly truth to pvp games in general, support characters (and tanks to a lesser extent) sacrifice their carry potential to enable teammates to carry harder, which is a good thing but in games a big pillar for fun is expression, we can express who we are by what and how we play I don't think people wanna be the sidekick or the supporting cast of their internal narrative As for a sort of solution to the problem I think we as a community should be more open minded to what our support wants to play, like I would never support if vel'koz wasn't considered a support (for some reason) and I think it would help people get into the role if they didn't feel like they have to play janna or sona and babysit a marksman for 30 minutes "As long as they get a sightstone" has been my motto this season
I think that is understood and should of course be encouraged. But lets assume people will always tend not to want to be the sidekick, my question is, "is there any way to make those players feel less like a sidekick while playing the support"?
: Anyone else sick of the 20 minutes wait times?
Isn't most of this determined by the player base. Riot can't make people play their game so when there are few people on and even fewer in similar ranks and fewer still that are willing to play a different position than you it seems only natural that you will have to wait awhile before finding a game.
: I'm not saying I disagree with you, because I don't. I'm just trying to see if you had any idea as to how this could be determined. Maybe something that I haven't thought of, because if it would net me some extra 'clutch save gold' on top of the 'assist gold' that I already get from unnecessarily healing/shielding an ally just before they get a kill, I would be happy to do the same just before they make it out of danger on their own.
An ally is targeted or struck with an ability that would kill them (after calculation). That attack/ability is blocked, healed, shielded etc. by the player and the ally is still alive after 3 seconds. Player is awarded a save. Skill-shots would have to hit first and then determine if a very recent previous heal kept them alive.
: I think the biggest problem with a lot of what has been said so far is the difficulty for the game to register who exactly is the designated support with limited information at the start of the game. Unless the computer automatically assigns the qued 'support' slot with these buffs (which many of them are buffs), and just assumes the game will be played in that way. The problem with this is that if the player does not ultimately play as a support, they will be exploiting those buffs.
I certainly wouldn't want supports to get something special only for them. I just want a mechanic that will be best utilized in the hands of a support position. similar to their support income items (in anyone else's hands they aren't good).
Taeseuk (NA)
: The main reasons people don't want to play support is 1 most adc's are umm not nice to say the least and constantly blame the support if they die/are doing badly. 2 They have very little impact on the game as a hole in the sense that even if they are playing extremely well if the other player(s) aren't there isn't much they can do about it. 3 They don't get rewarded very well for doing their job.
: > [{quoted}](name=St0rmln,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=ETtga81R,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-06-23T14:44:57.581+0000) > > I love the clutch saves idea. Everyone thinks getting a kill is so great but they forget surviving and denying a kill is even better. How is the computer to determine what exactly a 'clutch save' is, opposed to a situation in which the player would have survived without the shield, heal, peel, .. ect? And wouldn't it be unfair to give this kind of bonus to a support and not reward other roles for similar saves?
I simply said that I love it. In a perfect world it would be so awesome and probably solve the "i don't want to have to support again" problem. ( TRIPLE SAVE!!) I would say that saving other players would be encouraged in every position. A top riven that saves me deserves as much reward as a support would, its just understandable that supports would probably hold the most saves.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=St0rmln,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=ETtga81R,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-06-23T14:34:10.853+0000) > > OR these ideas in a new summoner spell designed for supports. You need to keep in mind that other roles would also use that spell, that is if it's good enough.
Tahyana (NA)
: 1. Explain to the ADC community at large what the support role is. 2. Stop abuse of the support in the team comp by the ADC. (Let's face it. Next to Jungling, Support is the most under-appreciated role out there, and that is why hardly anyone wants to support.) 3. Fix XP gain to include assists, ward placement/destruction. (This has been done, well the ward part.) 4. Fix XP to include clutch saves by the support. 5. Allow a support to cast {{summoner:21}} on an ADC if said support does not that have that ability in their kit. 6. Allow {{summoner:7}} to scale slightly for supports who do not have that in their kit. 7. Place a second trinket slot for pink wards. 8. Allow the gold in an accidental last hit go to the ADC and not the support for the first ten minutes of the game. (I know that one is a stretch.)
I love the clutch saves idea. Everyone thinks getting a kill is so great but they forget surviving and denying a kill is even better.
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