: 5 years later, and this is still a huge problem. It's ridiculous.
There are many things that drove me to stop playing League. I still like the concept of League and a lot of the characters and the gameplay, but I realized I was not having fun with the game anymore because a ton of reasons like that one person ruining it for everyone, the few toxic champions that always get picked and drain the fun out of the game, the crappy new client that just sucks in every aspect, ransom games drive me insane and make me a bad person being in them, and just the way a lot of people play to win with lame cheese strategies just makes the game toxic to be in, to name a few things. Plus realizing I could be spending my time with other things and/or more productive things as well. Riot won't ever fix the issues because over and over again they keep making the same BS excuses, instead of fixing their game to make it fun for everyone.
: > [{quoted}](name=Stacona,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=JFTnEeAn,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-04-24T18:47:35.585+0000) > > Being a gargoyle But also he have it on his name: Galio, the colossus.
Then his theme be the ancient. Besides, Galio has nothing in his kit that indicates using his size for his power, so they play completely differently.
: The problem is what we already have a colossus,and it's {{champion:3}} XD
Being a gargoyle
Sukishoo (NA)
: How is it crowding her though? That's like saying Trist and Corki crowd each other as they are both Yordle Marksmen. It's like saying we can't have more types of the other things just cause they'd be similar. If it is indeed a female Yordle, there's plenty of things enchanters do that make them different from each other. All of the Yordles fit into these spaces so far as it is. Corki - Marksmen Trist - Marksmen Poppy - Warden Fizz - Assassin Rumble - Battle mage Lulu - Enchanter Veigar - Burst Mage Kled - Diver Gnar - Unique Mini = Marksmen Mega = Vanguard Kennen - Unique Teemo - Unique Heimerdinger - Unique
Fizz is not a yordle, Amumu is though.
Terozu (NA)
: Yeah but why crowd out Lulu? Give us a jungler yordle girl. We don't have a proper jungle yordle and a megling could fit that niche. (Amumu is only a maybe yordle)
Amumu is a yordle jungler already. He is a yordle mummy from Shurima. Teemo, Corki, and Tristana are both marksmen yordles. Lulu, Kennen, Veigar, and Heimerdinger are mage yordles. Rumble and Kled are bruiser yordles. Gnar, Poppy, and Amumu are tank yordles. So we need either any assassin yordle, male enchanter yordle, or female bruiser yordle.
Terozu (NA)
: New support is probably a yordle.
Yordles have nothing to do with magic or portals, that is just Lulu's lore being a super old yordle that was frozen in time by falling into a space where time does not flow so she never aged that entire time despite being there for over a hundred years.
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Stacona (NA)
: Yasuo Remake Concept
# _**UPDATE NOTES (1):**_ **Other:** Attack Range lowered to 150 from 225 units Base attack speed increased to 0.695 from 0.675 Bonus attack speed per level decreased to 1.5% from 2.5% **Steel Tempest:** Bonus damage lowered to +20%AD true damage from 20% increased damage as bonus true damage Now also causes normal basic attacks to slash in a semi-circle based on the attack target's location, damaging all enemies, making Yasuo more unique as an area damage assassin slicing up his foes like anime-samurai-wind-man-dude. **Sweeping Cyclone:** Cooldown to 14/12/10/8/6 from 11/10/9/8/7 seconds Range lowered to 900 from 1250 units Knock-up changed to 0.3 - 1.2 from 0.35 - 1 based on distance of the tornado Damage changed to 20/30/40/50/60 +100%AD +150%AP from 30/50/70/90/110 +75%AD +75%AP (only one damage AP ratio and multiple AD scaling damage sources) Shield value adjusted to 110/140/170/200/230 +100%AP from 90/130/170/210/250 +90%AP Shield duration lowered to 2 from 2.5 seconds **Winding the Wind:** Cooldown to 18/17/16/15/14 from 15 seconds Range lowered to 1000 from 1250 units Now cast in a circular ring instead of choosing between right or left since the player can only move right or left, this also adds more mind games for the player to use against his opponent. Movement speed to 60/70/80/90/100% +10% per 100AP from 50/65/80/95/110% +5% per 100AP Cooldown refund when used outside of combat increased to 75% from 50% **Last Breath:** Cooldown to 130/100/70 from 120/100/80 seconds Radius reduced to 225 from 300 units ****
: i am a yasuo main but I'm not mad about this rework. I am actually looking forward to it seeing how it plays off against other champions.
Older concept, but there are still a bunch of things I still agree with. Some things I would change like making things simpler to use - example is E would be just a perimetre circle since the player needs to decide between right or left anyways, making a casting choice is just redundant. But Yasuo needs meaningful cooldowns to better play around him which in turn makes him more useful more often with better feeling abilities. Plus less annoying no cooldown dash spam and no blinks allows him to have more power. Not like he is not mobile with this concept, he just less obnoxiously mobile than what he is now and he has less of an overloaded kit while placing wind wall more in line to its power levels with a significantly shorter duration. My rework concepts are always about how to make the champion fun to play as, fix core elements playing as him, while most importantly fix the issues players have playing against that champion. Champions are allowed to be powerful, at the same power to each other, but should never compromise someone else's fun in the process.
Stacona (NA)
: Tilly, the Frost Flame Magician
# _**UPDATE NOTES (1):**_ **Tail Whip:** Moved the passive to be between Fire Form and Frost Form to be under Fire Form for clarity purposes. Only Fire Form abilities can deal damage. Only your basic attacks can deal damage while on Frost Form **Frost or Flame:** Removed any mention of Ignite, it will not melt enemies either despite being a fire spell. Ignite deals true damage, so any mention was redundant because true damage cannot be amplified (Tail Whip conversion applies after the amplification if a frozen target melted and then the magic damage half is mitigated). Allied champion fire abilities amplification for melting a frozen target increased to 30/45/60/75% from 20/30/40/50% (lower value was because of the whole Ignite thing which could never have happened) ****
Luzz (NA)
: Nice concept.... Though couple of things to bring in mind.... I think if someone is frozen, would be 50% damage from fire, sort of ice counters fire, and vise vs. that would also make the champ useful as either a support or mage carry, maybe a combo wombo, however switching from ice to fire and back, would have it's negatives, vs also being in ice form, say freezing an opponent, then blasting them in fire melts the ice but only doing, 1/2 damage.... However staying in ice, if opponent is frozen or marked, some form of physical attack gets the bonus damage of shatter effect.... Also should have a cooldown on the switch R, 3 sec.... Like a Nidalee. This will allow the player to commit to the form, and accept the consequences for doing so. Still nice concept, and very thought out.
Water beats Fire bears Ice. Ice melts to flames. You remove the crowd control duration upon melting them, the reward for reducing CC time is more damage. I also balanced around the aspect of fire amping the damage for proper melting of the freeze CC. Originally, frost dealt damage, but then I realized no one would ever go out of frost if they can constantly reapply a freeze to their targets, prioritizing mana for the spam over ability power. Cannot take damage, cannot die, eventually win every fight. Where as making fire all about the damage and frost all about the CC makes for the player to play the concept of swapping between fire and frost constantly. While melting the freeze means the enemy has a chance to respond and fight back since all of the freezes have some kind of delay to them before they can re-freeze their target (with the safety net of reduced freeze duration like with Kennen's stun, if one champion can be balanced with constant micro-stuns then another champion can too with a very similar type of CC). But it is fire bears ice just like in Pokemon. I get what you are thinking of, but that is water beats fire. The fire is melting the ice, but is not sticking around on the target to light them on fire, if anything the target being wet should be making the freeze last longer and not shorter, but that would either be broken or feel terrible for the player. **** The main problem with a cooldown with elemental swapping is that frost form would have to deal damage. Which then means the player would never swap out of frost because why give up your CC to deal more damage, when you can keep them CC'd and never take damage, which means they eventually die and you will never die. The fire melting the freeze is the shatter. There is a trade-off already with shortening your CC duration and in return you get more damage. Why would you ever combo frost and fire together when fire does half damage and remove the CC duration? That entire premise would also make the champion clunky to play as, you have these two effects which do not work together and/or a short cooldown that makes what should be a fluid combo to perform to a very clunky one and really hard to pull off, especially when you have a massively reduced freeze duration after your first freeze against the target. Also, she is not a form swapping champion because your abilities are still the same, just with different effects. **** The one thing that is my bad moment is forgetting that true damage cannot be amplified. So the whole Ignite thing is being removed since it is irrelevant, it always does its normal damage.
SouL1ess (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Stacona,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=sw0lAE4s,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-04-19T07:58:40.611+0000) > > I pretty much opened with saying what the current system is. Having two numbers to create a redundant system is flawed. > > It is a lot simpler and easier just to say the reduction value, especially since base defensive stats mean absolutely nothing. > **** Current system is 1% effective hp per 1 resistance value. What's the effect of 23% magic reduction on your effective hp? The problem with "squishies being tanks" is that League's defensive item system is broken and the values are overinflated. It's also why % penetration is a required option in the game. In addition I don't think having equal base growth in defense against both physical and magic damage is fair. How do you manage base resistance growth? Again if you think the entire game needs an overhaul so be it. Changing this defense system means every value in the game needs to be reviewed. Just changing the defensive item setup won't be the end. I think the current system is flawed but functional. > This is basically mean stating "Poop is not chocolate, it tastes disgusting and will make you sick!" and you arguing with "Poop is yummy and is good for you too! You are wrong!". What the hell man, poop is still poop, saying the poop is delicious and nutritious does not make it true, it is still waste that smells bad, tastes bad, and could kill you if you eat it. > > Warping reality does not change reality. Your analogy has no arguments and nothing to respond to.
You just tune resistances with health. If you want a specific damage type mitigation, then do it through the passive or an ability. If the player needs to mitigate a type of damage, you get it through items. The system is simple. **** It is a big change that will require a lot of time to implement, but it is a better change. In the end, it will mean an easier game to balance. It will also make the health value more meaningful and people will take something like 10 damage more seriously since it means 10 damage. The only time it means something else is if a champion has an effect to reduce that champion or bought items for it. **** The game needs two things: 1. More health to tune damage numbers easily. 2. A more streamlined and clear damage mitigation system. This current system sees abuse from penetration and shreds constantly while making tanks not real tanks. Changing it means champion damage is easily to tune for so that everyone cannot instantly die and a proper damage mitigation system means those that stack defensive items can actually absorb damage. Initial pass, I would just greatly increase the health pools of every champion, tanks receiving the biggest boost. Then you tune the damage values after you can see who is too weak and too strong with the grand change. With fatter health pools means we can finally tune those low damage values properly and remove decimal damage to be whole numbers.
SouL1ess (NA)
: Well, you get to diminishing returns on the % reduction the items you have.... So it becomes more confusing! The current system is 1% effective hp against selected damage type per resistance value. Combined with a hover tooltip for % reduction value, it's good enough.
I pretty much opened with saying what the current system is. Having two numbers to create a redundant system is flawed. It is a lot simpler and easier just to say the reduction value, especially since base defensive stats mean absolutely nothing. Change their defense values just with their base HP, makes the system a lot more streamlined and clear for everyone and a lot easier to balance for. That health state is a lot more clear, has more impact, easier to understand and if you need to mitigate damage then have it with items which also offers a very clear system that says exactly how much damage that champion is currently mitigating and for what damage type. Think how r%%%%%ed it is to have to have this number that means nothing to the player and needs to mouse over that number to see how much damage it is mitigating and on top of that that number constantly changes and fluctuates for no real reason. You can easily control stacking in a much simpler fashion and pretty easy to stop squishies from being tanks since the big defensive boosts offer no offensive power. Having a simple system with clarity is leagues better than something that makes you go 'what the hell am I even looking at' that also needs a billion different things around this system just to make the system work. And even then, the system is still flawed, and all you ended with is an absolute mess of a system that fails at fulfilling something that should be straight forward and simple! **** This is basically mean stating "Poop is not chocolate, it tastes disgusting and will make you sick!" and you arguing with "Poop is yummy and is good for you too! You are wrong!". What the hell man, poop is still poop, saying the poop is delicious and nutritious does not make it true, it is still waste that smells bad, tastes bad, and could kill you if you eat it. Warping reality does not change reality.
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Stacona (NA)
: Lilly and the Flourishing Garden
# **UPDATE NOTES (1):** **Fast Grow:** Cost lowered to 37/44/51/58/65 from 45/50/55/60/65 mana Base damage lowered to 50/75/100/125/150 from 60/90/120/150/180 Ratio increased to 70% from 60% Slow reduced to 15/25/35/45/55% from 55% at all ranks **Deadly Blossom:** Cooldown lowered to 5 from 10 seconds Base damage lowered to 100/135/170/205/240 from 100/150/200/250/300 Max damage stated at 35% or less of Lilly's health Minimum damage stated at 20% damage or 20/27/34/41/48 +24%AP magic damage at roughly 90% or greater of Lilly's health **** **NOTES:** Fast Grow mana cost seemed a little high early on without any mana items, especially being intended as a spam ability, while having the slow being too good during the early game, even with a smallish area that the plants affect. Base damage reduced and ratio increased since this ability is naturally a lot stronger the closer you are to your target, both for the fact that it moves the fastest at close ranges which also means you can ready the next one sooner with less wait time for the travel. In other words, this is to remove tank build exploits since this champion is balanced around the idea of being squishy for that high risk and high reward gameplay, valuing proper skill usage and positioning because of the squishiness and a damage sponge build would compromise that premise and vision. Deadly Blossom base damage goes along the lines of discouraging tank builds, juicy AP ratios should encourage the squishiness, along with mana draining spells to get the player to go for ability power and mana. The lowered cooldown may seem like a buff, but in this case is actually a nerf, since the amplified heal is based on while the ability is on cooldown so less downtime means you need to spend more mana for the increased healing and being healthier means the ability does less damage. So there is quite a bit of decision making and skill involved in a very simple to use ability, these are my favourite type of abilities, where the skill is about being smart and not about mechanical skill. Just a general statement, between her sustain healing and anti-mobility, she is very strong against poke and hit-and-run champions, but weak against all in champions due to the inability to stop champions from dealing damage - especially ranged champions - and having no burst healing on her kit, not even a burst shield. And without terrain nearby, she cannot escape easily or at all, especially being a short range mage. ****
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Wrong forum.
Stacona (NA)
: Illya, the White Arrow
# **UPDATE NOTES (3):** **White Wash:** Cooldown increased to 100 from 60 seconds Base heal increased to 40/50/60/70/80 and 100/120/140/160/180 from 16-80 and 60-180 Ratio increased to +25% and +125%AP from +20% and +100%AP Passive refund changed to 7/8/9/10/11% from 4/5/6/7/8 flat seconds to negatively scale with cooldown reduction Minion and non-epic monster on hit refund increased and is now a maximum value to 0.3/0.6/0.9/1.2/1.5 flat seconds from 0.2/0.4/0.6/0.8/1 flat seconds ****
: Eleanor, The Timber Maiden.
Ability rank up scaling are linear, your's are not and are very random and all over the place. A battle mage I think of something like taking the MapleStory battle mage and interrupting it into League of Legends Champion terms. But your character design should fulfill something of a great sage alone in a forest, old, but very powerful with fine tuning her magical prowess and power over her lifetime. I would focus her concept better with going more powerful sage status with a whole forestry element about her.
: I haven't seen a chibi Anivia before... I'm glad I can say I have now! Nice drawing :)
Thanks! Very old remastering. Yea, you see a lot of fanart of Ahri and Jinx, and then pretty much all of the yordles. The cryophoenix gets no love =,(
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Stacona (NA)
: Delilah, the Flower's Prance
# **UPDATE NOTES (1):** **Other:** Champion type changed to melee from ranged, but has ranged stats **Elegant Prancing:** Recharge cooldown lowered to 12 from 15/14.5/14/13.5/13 seconds Range lowered to 240/280/320/360/400 from 280/310/340/370/400 units Movement speed bonus upon landing now affects self Movement speed bonus reduced to 18/21/24/27/30% from 20/25/30/35/40% (Ratio is unchanged) Movement speed bonus duration reduced to 1.5 from 2 seconds **Blessed Dancer:** Reworked this ability for a more interesting gameplay and be more cohesive with the rest of the kit, what it can provide is unchanged Cooldown lowered to 120/90/60 from 150/125/100 seconds No longer has a range since it no longer is a 750 range point-and-click (In a way, it has been increased to up to 900 range) The ability now anchors the tail end of the ribbon in place (based on its current location) and then makes the ribbon able to stop enemies, but it also wraps around champions and does not pass through them for the duration like it normally would do. This would restrict how much game changing madness you can provide by running around all over the place, making the player fully aware and must play around their 900 units long ribbon. Additionally, Delilah herself gains 75% +15% per 100AP TOTAL movement speed for 2.5/3.25/4 seconds which will persist even if she canceled the ultimate early. The ribbon will suppress enemies and grant damage immunity to allies while they are making contact with the ribbon. The ribbon does act like a wall for all champions, except for Delilah (she cannot receive the damage immunity). The ribbon remains active even if she is standing still or cannot move any farther. Passively now offers a growing shield as Delilah moves around elegantly and in a curvy motion, but it rapidly decays whenever she stands still or runs in a straight line. This is for additional survive-ability for her melee range / short range play style and kit. ****
: I love how unconventional she is as a champ as a whole, much less as a supp. Her ribbon passive is something I probably would need to see drawn out on paper or in an animation to fully comprehend its potential but she has everything a well-rounded supp would have in lane. She has CC, heals, AOE damage, and ally buffs. I like that her play style feels like dancing, not just being able to throw abilities as will but having to build momentum to really capitalize on her kit. Definitely a lvl 3 difficulty champ which is pretty refreshing as a supp. Lane phase can be pretty boring if both ADCs are passive and neither jg shows up in lane cuz nothing's happening, so a champ like her would be ideal. She's pretty balanced as a whole. I have a general sense of champs she would dominate in lane as well as champs she would be really weak against and it doesn't seem excessive. Just thought about this cuz I felt she had an Ekko quality to her. Does her ribbon work like Ekko's ult animation in a sense?
It works like Ekko's passive tail, but does not catch up to her if she stands still since ribbons do not move on their own, that is why it falls down in place when she stops moving. Stops moving like a shock wave going out, not all at once, same for when she starts moving again, like how a long ribbon would work for the most part (just a tiny bit more exaggerated of course). I also am going to change the ultimate to feel more interesting rather than click on a target for the thing to happen. Also will change her champion type as melee, but with ranged stats, allowing her to pick up the enhanced melee effects of items as well as melee items since those effects make more sense on her and she will be constantly playing in melee range. (This means enhanced version Knight's Vow as well if she so pleases.)
Akenero (NA)
: She's gonna need a way to move her ribbon besides walking, otherwise a team has to just walk backwards and you're not really contributing, besides heals.
Her Q gives her 3 dashes and she has really high base movement speed. She is more of a melee ranged champion, but her movement is what I want out of the gameplay, not throwing it around since she is the focus point. Ultimate does displace the ribbon, but I can make something more interesting and more gameplay thematic.
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: Technically, we know Sona has gone on at least one quest with Ryze in which she did some battling. Doesn't really make her a warrior, though.
She is not a warrior, but she fights in war, she is a songstress and someone that motivates and boost the morale in the army she fights with with her music - this has been done in other games and in real history as well. Where you have bards and such that fight in the war to boost the morale of other with song rather than fight targets directly, games also extend it to dancers and performers as well (which we have neither type of champion, especially a dancer, which I tried some concepts on a dancer type - not very good - but probably do another soon until there is something that sticks and becomes a very fun concept to play as). Also her own personal lore is very outdated. The current League of Legends lore is that they are fighting in a grand war together and against each other based on everyone's side. Some factions do not care about the big war going on, but they are still fighting their own battles regardless. Every match on summoner's rift is literally a battle going on between champions.
: The issue is in your opening lines: Most of her lore and reason for existing in the game at all was made non-canon years ago." If it "alienates the fanbase" to have lore that makes logical sense, are they really a fanbase at all? Her lore needs some love, at the bare minimum. The purpose of an enchanter is not to do harm, but to instead support others to reach a conclusion. This does not make Sona a "warrior" it makes her someone who supports warriors by proxy - in Sona's case, by raising their morale through her magic and music. Maybe not even necessarily on the battlefield, but she should definitely not be so disconnected from everything going on that she hasn't played for or in front of soldiers. And you've seen how serious people get about music these days: Sona's music would quickly become something akin to an anthem for these soldiers to protect with their lives, in much the way that people irl hear a song they like, max the volume, and press the repeat button until their ears bleed. These soldiers would fight and die with these sonnets singing in their skulls...hence "The Song of War." Still a better lore than "Sona is mute musical girl" To counter your criticisms, Sona is binary right now: you press Q and auto, then run away. you heal when you need to. You speed when you need to. But you press Q, auto, and walk away. That's all she does. And it's garbage that there's no outplay potential for either side. As an enemy, you either take it to the face, or you all-in her and she's pretty much dead no contest. This binary, robotic feel is the complete opposite of the expressionism that a music-inspired character is intended to portray. She needs more expression in-game to separate the *real* Sona fans from the phonies. Also, your argument about ping is pretty flimsy...why would *anyone* want to play on crap ping? I'd be just as much to argue that League *in general* requires decent ping to play: you aren't doing to make any plays if you're at 250 ping playing against a sweaty assassin main anyway, why should that be a limiting factor in champion design?
Sona will still be a mute musical girl, but she would have a place in the game and the world and should have a real reason for being here. Remember in real wars, most medics either never carried a gun or had a gun, but never used it once in battle. Sona is in the same camp for League of Legends, where she is fighting in this war between nations, but only directly hurts or kills the enemy in dire situations and would rather prefer boost the morale of her team with her songs and music. Like a mute war drum drummer. **** What I wanted to achieve with my concept is not drastically change what Sona can do, but make her gameplay interesting for the player, with meaningful choices, and make the player feel like they are playing the champion and in a way that they use their 4 skill keys as keys on a piano. Because her kit can still do basically the same things as what it does now, just thought put into it, without it being hard to use. Rhythm game mechanic is for skillful players, not for everyone, the general kit is for everyone. Low elo players will not be good enough for a timing mechanic, which helps balance out her low elo gameplay and raise it in high elo where she needs the love, so good design to that in this case to balance out the playing field - ping is the least of a low elo's worries, the raw skill level is the most restrictive factor to whether someone can or cannot implement the feature well. For low elo, they basically would be treating it like a 33% chance for a power buff (I said 20% before, but that is wrong since it is the central portion so the pendulum bounces and comes back to the centre), where as high elo is good enough to time their skill presses and basic attacks with the pacing of the beat. **** In general, yes, lower ping under 100 is required for higher elo gameplay, most importantly is stable ping. But low elo is also not good enough even if they had great ping numbers to make a difference for their gameplay anyways.
: I'm pretty confused as to how the attacks are supposed to work. So you click on an enemy and then form the dagger which flies directly to you? Basically your attack is a semi-skill-shot? Does this translate into her R? All attacks are pseudo skill-shots? What about if she catches it? Is that throw also a skill-shot? Asking because this does 2 things: makes her VERY hard to hit mobile champions with; makes her EXTREMELY mobile while she is missing attacks. Just with daggers and the 85% refund, you have to factor in a potential 45% base CDR, for a grand total of a 0.825 cooldown on your E, throwing in the butterfly makes it a 0.027 cooldown. I'm also confused as to what the play-style is intended to be like here. Without W you basically can't hit anything except minions, especially melee champions who have a huge window to dodge your attacks due to travel time. NOT to mention... The CS denial would be sooo real with this champion. Every time you go to last hit a minion your enemy laner can just stand directly behind it and then you can't hit it anymore unless you are positioned for a max range auto. A {{champion:38}} or {{champion:3}} would be a nightmare. I think overall it'd be pretty darn aggravating to play AS her. Against her the only annoying part is her mobility, but at least your basic attacks would home in on her.
Your attacks are full on skill shots, the return follows your movement, but can be prevented if an enemy gets in the way, catching it then turns it into an area skill shot in a straight line. To summon them, you use them like it is a normal basic attack, even though your target only indicates the straight line path it gets summoned in, it always spawns 800 range from you for the enemy can respond to it. Last hitting minions is interesting as it gets you to memorize your max attack range. Wave clearing has you to get up close, attack, and then catch the dagger - the slower moving butterflies will help here - and position yourself for the throw out hits all of the minions. Just stand 800 range from the minion, dagger will instantly damage it as soon as it is ready to fly toward you. (Rapid Fire Cannon is completely useless by the way.) **** Your ultimate is powerful here because it allows the user to no longer need to even right click on a target and focus entirely on their movement to have the dagger fly around their target to be caught and thrown back out. Granted if you are just worried about killing one target in the backline, then I guess you only need to worry about positioning yourself for the single target attacks stop on your target. **** To get the mobility spam, you need to actively earn it, since the attacks automatically will damage an enemy along their way. You do not want the attack coming in to hurt the enemy, you want to catch it, throw it out, get those catch benefits and deal area damage since the same of the attack is identical - so area damage is just more since it hits more targets. I also wanted to make sure Matilda is not anti-fun to go against and has fairness against her since assassins all struggles with that and needs to be addressed across the board. So her counter-balance is her damage being entirely skill shot focused and having a string of constant attacks flying at her enemies, rather than big time nukes, and being motivated to go ability power for a lot more attacks means those attacks remain low damage. She also does 100% magic damage. The mobility is still kind of needed to help her catch the daggers or butterflies with the quick re-positioning tool. **** Play style is simply all about positioning yourself to catch your attacks, gain the benefits, and throw them out to damage the entire team. Or simply hitting one target in the back by positioning yourself to try to hit the target. W intention is to offer team utility and help with your damage output.
Stacona (NA)
: Matilda, the Beauty of Death
# **UPDATE NOTES (1):** **Soaring Death:** Turned it into a 4 rank ultimate from 3 rank Soaring Death now automatically unlocks at level 1 New first rank now offers 2% charge per dagger catch; 6/11/16 ranks are unchanged (assuming the player levels their ultimate whenever possible) Catching butterflies increased to 50% more charge from 40% Attack speed increasing modifier increased to 10/15/20/25% per 100AP from 10/15/20% per 100AP Flight duration increased to 4/6/8/10 from 4/7/10 seconds **** **NOTES:** Just wanted to smooth out Matilda's opening levels a little bit and make the little bit of ability power she could have in the early game not feel useless. Chances are that players would start with a Doran's Blade and then full on ability power after that. ****
PavLoo (NA)
: Actually really creative, you got my deserved up vote
Lately I have been trying to make basic attacks more interesting and incorporate gameplay into them, a space Riot has not explored at all. Ammo systems are not fun or interesting gameplay, especially when the attack speed system for League of Legends is supposed to be the ammo system already, specifically the way Riot has introduced it.
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: I'd cap it by level: max of 2/3/4/5 (lvls 1/6/11/16) so that she can remain relevant later on and there's still plenty of reward for winning your rhythm game in teamfights. Keeping in mind if you're getting 4-5 note combos in the middle of teamfights, it's taking a lot of skill to pull off.
50% boost to your song is pretty potent, remember that you can reset its cooldown as well with perfect attacks. You have a minimum of 4 notes, with the potential up to 6. I also compensated with perfect held notes, so that is the follow up skill with song on cooldown. I did the cap because you should probably only be so rewarded with well played gameplay. It also allows me to have the metronome on a consistent speed so the player can play off a set rhythm and play with muscle memory after dozens of games, rather than needing to pay attention to the metre in the middle of a busy teamfight.
Stacona (NA)
: Sona Concept - The Song of War
# **UPDATE NOTES (2):** **Perfect Metronome:** Made rewording changes and tried to clean up the space slightly. Removed double the current speed of the pendulum on successful perfect note / basic attack until failure resetting the speed. Removed failed perfect basic attacks at 4+ notes to perform the song. Perfect notes are now on a separate track that is capped at 2 per song. After this limit, the notes act like regular notes for adding to the song to perform it. Performing a perfect note (both on cooldown and after the 2 perfect note limit, so at any time) will now double the effect of the current held note for 1 second. Held note radius lowered to 400 from 450 units. **Note of Crescendo:** Held Note slow decreased to 20/30/40% from 20/35/50% _(To account for double the slow with Perfect Held Notes.)_ **** **NOTES:** This is to restrict well played Sona gameplay so that the player is rewarded for playing well, but is not over rewarded for playing extremely well and make a more consistent experience. I am fine with rewarding players for doing well, but there should be a cap to how much reward you can get out of it. Perfect held notes makes the held notes have more interesting gameplay to them rather than the decision of deciding what effect you want out at the time, have some kind of real gameplay to them as well than just aura-effects. ****
: Definitely interesting. The aura effects definitely help her passively if she's willing to try and stick close now, which helps keep her in a position where you can poke at her at any point in the game other than the moment she's ready to drop the bass. I'd drop the range of the auras a little more though personally...maybe 400 instead of 450, just to make sure she has to keep invested, but overall it fits really well. Since everyone's grilling you on the lore, I'm gonna pop back in at some point with a couple of ideas. Hopefully they're not so overly radical that it "alienates the fans" but this is a good time to give her an actual relevant reason as to why she's a champion to begin with other than "riot want music champ"
I thought her live aura was 450 units, yea, I shrink it down to 400 since that range feels good, any shorter would make the user feel bad. I don't care much about the lore since this is meant to update her gameplay to feel better and more rewarding for the user. I am also thinking of capping the skilled version of Sona where instead of unlimited perfect notes, cap it to 2 perfect notes and perfect notes past that point then act like normal notes. Then add in a new effect where performing perfect notes will double the held note effect for 1 second. This way there is still a reward for playing well, but restricts extreme cases from not being over the top, aka if Faker played Sona he is not having 100% insta-win Sona games.
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: I am totally on board with a Sona rework that adds more variability to her play as a champion (actually put up my own rework idea). She's definitely too autocast heavy right now and there's not much difference between an extraordinary sona player and a good sona player. I think that the note/held note idea is great and makes her play more like karma, which is a direction I think they should take Sona. Great post!
I don't see the Karma comparison at all. But I do want Sona to require better thought process to her, while still feeling like Sona and introduce a proper mastery curve because there really no difference in play between Iron and Challenger Sona outside of core and basic support fundamentals and game knowledge. Iron and Challenger Sona should be massively different to each other and Challenger Sona should absolutely massacre an Iron Sona infinitely times over, but it is just not the case right now, which showcases a flaw to the currently designed Sona. Held Notes was an idea added on, but it is a way to keep in auras which allows for all Sona players to have more to do during song cooldown. Only works as long as the held notes are not very strong and the player and everyone else clearly understands and is fully aware that the power is from the active song, then it won't be a problem to have around. **** I do think it is more interesting with make your ability concept over pressing Q-W-E and have no consequence for doing so. Thinking about what goes into your song really makes the creating music and playing the piano concept a reality from a gameplay level, and not just a cosmetic one. Most importantly, makes Sona still simple to use with a hard to miss area skill shot around her, but the skill and interesting gameplay is thinking of the notes to play to make up your song of choice and then unleash it on your enemies or your allies, but as one song forces the player to really think about how to compose it and not mash the QWER keys. Passive is meant for the high elo players and introduces the rhythm mechanic of having good timing. It be a fun mini-game for the user to play around with and learn to master, which is great to add to a champion's mastery curve and make them interesting to play for hundreds or even thousands of games.
: > [{quoted}](name=Stacona,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=nInAuVGo,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2019-04-09T23:36:07.154+0000) > > Sona literally is fighting in a war. Since it is a fantasy war, she uses her music to raise the morale of her army and make them keep fighting and fight better. But even in real wars, this is true to some extent, taking out the magical element of course. > > The entire premise to League of Legends is these might champions come together to fight along side massive armies and against the other nations' champions to be the victor. If Sona is not fighting in a war, then why is she even a champion in the first place? She was selected to fight for her country because of her great war abilities, it is just through music rather than through swords, fire magic, guns, or bow and arrows. Not sure what you're getting at, but Sona does *not* participate in anything war or battle related as far as we know. What it sounds like you're referring to is her status as a champion and fighting ingame, which was all made non-canon years ago. With this in mind, changing Sona's title to "The Song of War" is not befitting of her character, and if you were to change her personality to match such an aggressive title, it would certainly alienate many of her fans. Yes, Sona has the power to do harm with her magic, but that doesn't make her a warrior by any stretch of the imagination. More likely she learned how to do it so she wouldn't be completely worthless and helpless should she or allies find themselves in trouble (see the Ryze cinematic for an alright example) As for the actual concept of the rework, there are a couple of criticisms that I have to level out. The primary one being that a kit of this style would *require* her player to have good ping. Playing League at higher pings would become difficult, but playing this Sona would become next to impossible at a much lower ping than many other champions, which imo is something that definitely should be avoided. Also, perhaps I'm reading this wrong, but her passive sounds heavily like she is heavily basic-attack focused without other proper ways of combating enemies, which forces her to often be in basic attack range even moreso than current Sona. I somewhat feel like that is a conflict of interest for any general enchanter. On the grand scheme of things I honestly don't feel like Sona needs a gameplay update that badly. She especially isn't one that needs one urgently. I think she's honestly fine as she is right now. Who cares if she's boring? You have over 150 other champions to choose from, and tons of her mains (myself included) have loads of fun playing this "braindead no-fun" support
League of Legends is literally champions fighting in a war! That is the entire premise of the game, every champion in it is in the war! The original League of Legends was a club of champion. The current League of Legends lore is the champions fighting for their nation to defend and fight for their country! This is what the game currently is. **** Also it is not Sona's tag line, it is just a theme for the concept. Chill out, it is not relevant whatsoever anyways. But it does stem from performers and dancers in RPGs and Fire Emblem where they are fighting in a war, but they do not directly harm anyone, but rather help their team to hurt the enemy army more and better. Even in real wars, the power of song and music would inspire the army to fight better, ever heard of war drums before? **** Since the metronome is only for the player, you can make it client side, which means no internet is technically needed to use the feature so it will always have a ping of zero since it is just responding to the data on your computer. Regardless, the metronome is meant for tuning her for high elo, have a skill mechanic to make her better in high elo, but not oppressive in low elo where one's timing skills is not very good. Anyways, you can make the metronome where ping is never a factor. So the point is mute. In terms of if low elo players can use it, they will have a harder time than high elo players, which is the point to the system. I want to reduce her power in her dominant low elo space and raise it in her weak high elo space. The only thing I want to keep in mind is still playable in low elo and for new players and leave her as an introductory support, simple to use kit is how to do that, but that does not mean no skill elements involved or no decision making needs to be made. **** To help Sona out with those basic attacks, I raised her range to be like Anivia. But she is not basic attack focused, she is spell focused, if she was basic attack focused then she would have a kit that resembles more of a marksman and more emphasis on her basic attacks as the source of power. Here, I am treating her basic attack like it is a spell in of itself that helps out her spells (well, spell) to have her song more often with well played gameplay. So the kit is focused around her music, where as the perfect basic attack is like a spell so Sona can play more music. **** I do not make rework concepts because of "priority over this champion needs a rework more than this other champion", but rather I make the rework concepts because I have an idea for a specific champion that needs some loving to update them and make them more interesting. Because right now all of the assassins need to be drastically remade as soon as possible, but why make a concept that I have no idea of what to do with them, it be pointless. Recognize that Sona here can do everything she does now? The only difference is that she requires more thought for her button presses than mindlessly smash face to keyboard (you can literally do that now and see no difference in gameplay to someone that does not do that). With an added bonus of giving her a mastery curve, something that is literally non-existent with the current Sona. Settling for mediocrity is not the best for a champion to be in when they can be more, should be more, and especially when we can unlock her core concept to become a reality on a gameplay level. I am not alienating Sona, I am making her more fun and interesting to play as, while keeping her the same mute and music creating champion she has always been with the same utility she provides to her team - but her "hard CC" is up more often which is fantastic for a support who really needs on-demand CC to be at all good.
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: Sona Concept - The Song of War
# **UPDATE NOTES (1):** **Perfect Metronome:** Renamed from Perfect Pendulum Reworded some things to make more sense Clarified that the perfect zone is one-third of the swinging area and notes and attacks do not need to be perfectly timed dead centre to get the empowered effect, just near the centre and good enough timing. Requires skill for the perfect notes and perfect attacks, not godlike timing that only Faker can achieve. Damage of perfect attacks reduced to 20 - 60 +25%AP from 25 - 100 +50%AP New effect added that allows one note at a time to be held down with a button press (do not actually have to hold down the skill key). This effect has a reduced range at 450 and applies every second while its note is being held. **Note of Valor:** Static cooldown lowered to 0.1 from 0.25 second for better reactive Song of War usage Held Note effect added that deals 20/30/40/50/60 +25%AP magic damage per second **Note of Perseverance:** Static cooldown lowered to 0.1 from 0.25 second for better reactive Song of War usage Held Note effect added that heals 5/10/15/20/25 +5%AP health per second **Note of Celerity:** Static cooldown lowered to 0.1 from 0.25 second for better reactive Song of War usage Held Note effect added that grants 4/5/6/7/8% +1% per 100AP bonus movement speed for 1 second per second **Note of Crescendo:** Static cooldown lowered to 0.1 from 0.25 second for better reactive Song of War usage Held Note effect added that slows enemies by 20/35/50% for 1 second per second **** **NOTE:** This is basically adding her auras back in. It helps the player have something to do while they are waiting out the Song of War's cooldown. Is it perfect? Probably not, but it is a start at least for something great! Let me know what you think about the changes and adjust feedback accordingly with popping in your own ideas. ****
: Sona in her current state is ok. But settling for ok when we can have something greater would be...not ok. This entire kit needs fine tuning, Stacona, but I see where you're going with it. This current rendition sort of hurts my head (in trying to envision you hitting all the notes at *just* the right moment all the time) but I can see it sort of getting out of hand if you hit a bunch of the perfect notes and then unloaded everything on them. When I can think, I'll see if I can't come up with an answer to some of the innate issues this has - namely, that your abilities essentially don't do anything until your song plays, meaning if you get caught, you're pretty much dead. I tried a concept with a very slow-casting "ritualist" champion at one point...maybe we can apply something like that here, where your notes can add to the song, but you can play a "hold note" (literally hold down the key) to have an effect instead of adding it to the Song of War (these effects being a shorthanded, not-so-powerful rendition of what's happening in the song, and also potentially being used to help proc the imperfect notes for the Song of War faster) Just a thought - right now, your casting relies almost completely on an "all-at-once" burst style that brings no real immediate help. It can currently get *extremely out of hand*, or do *absolutely nothing*, and there's not a real in-between in this iteration.
I need to change the wording to Metronome, but there would some head way and won't be perfect, kind of like Drowzy mini-game in Pokemon Stadium. It gets faster and faster which makes it where you will eventually fail no matter what for you are not having an insane ability cast. The abilities do something, but it is a make your own ability thing. You can basically mash Q and have a high damage area nuke, it is just all of the abilities share the same cooldown. Perhaps the static cooldown is too high because its purpose is not to be restrictive, but to prevent accidental note usage to help the player use the ability they want to use. **** Perhaps hold note thing can work, it would be like auras and the range would need to be shorter like 75% or something of the full song range. The thing about it would be only can hold notes while the song is on cooldown and only one note held at a time, effect applies every second around Sona, ultimate would be an area slow for its hold note. This would fix the problem I had with having a lack of things to do once the song has been played, but I think it adds to Sona lack of decision making and actually makes her think about what abilities to use with only have one active ability at a time. Hold notes would not be hold the key down, it would be press the key to use while song is on cooldown, pressing a new note will hold that one down instead. Nice and simple. **** Perfect attacks and perfect notes would be something like let's say the pendulum swings in a 90 degree range, the perfect zone is the 30 degrees in the centre, so one-third of the area, but is only there one-fifth of the time because it bounces at the side and back covering 60 degrees before getting back to the 30 degree sweet spot. Perfect attacks and perfect notes is my solution to try to bring skillful play to Sona while keeping the kit pretty simple to use. I still want Sona to feel like she can be played without mastering this system, but mastering this system makes her better and the thing that will reduce her high winrate in low elo and help her out in high elo and get her to see play, and want to be played as well. Another point is simple effects of damage - heal - speed - crowd control all in separate colours and distinct effects to help every play know easily of what button will provide what they want from their song. **** # What I got her was reduce the static cooldown on notes to help with reactive gameplay and have more to do while the song is on cooldown. No cooldown would just screw over the user (also the notes won't have a cast time, so static cooldown makes up for that, especially since the enemy can see your resource bar so they know when the song is about to be played.)
: First of all, Sona isn't, and shouldn't be "The Song of War." Sona isn't a warrior, nor is she affiliated with war. It kind of ruins her character to have her suddenly need to be on the battlefield. Second, Sona's method of play actually mimics using a piano. You press certain keys, and sweet music fills the air. While you think this constitutes as "low skill expression," it fits her theme very well. If her kit must be reworked to add more skill expression, I would rather have a small combo system such as QE does this, or QW does this, or QQ does this, and R remains as is. I think this would keep her with her musical "I press keys to play chords" while giving her more complexity.
Sona literally is fighting in a war. Since it is a fantasy war, she uses her music to raise the morale of her army and make them keep fighting and fight better. But even in real wars, this is true to some extent, taking out the magical element of course. The entire premise to League of Legends is these might champions come together to fight along side massive armies and against the other nations' champions to be the victor. If Sona is not fighting in a war, then why is she even a champion in the first place? She was selected to fight for her country because of her great war abilities, it is just through music rather than through swords, fire magic, guns, or bow and arrows. **** Skill expression is not a testament to skill. It is a testament to how each player defines the champion's play style and makes it there own for one Sona can be played wildly differently to another. It also opens up more room to situational strengths where doing a certain action is better than another action given that specific sequence of events that just took place. **** I made more emphasis on piano play actually, and was thinking about it the entire time. You have 4 abilities so now you have 4 different keys to play your song, then when the song is finished, you let it rip and does something magnificent and wonderful for the player based on the type of song that was played. Sona at the moment is press button and something happens, there is no element of making a song to it. Here with only one ability at a time you need to think out your button presses a lot more and be less mindset while still being easy to use since it is a simple area "skill shot" around Sona, but now it is more fun since the notes you play have real meaning and it like you are playing the piano in League of Legends. The skill element to it comes entire from the passive to help reduce her oppression low elo and raise her into viability in high elo, but introduces a rhythm game mechanic and adds to the musical concept as well. The entire premise I want to fulfill for Sona is make her musical concept a reality for gameplay and not just a cosmetic thing like it is now. Comboes just makes it harder for the player to play the champion, I rather have the skill through decision making than comboes, and her mastery system through something like a timing mechanic (which makes sense with the musical theme because of rhythm games). **** I have thought about using two abilities forms an ability. The problem with that is that it creates a massive tooltip which makes it harder for new players to learn and also makes it super hard for new players and low elo to learn the champion. Very important for Sona to stay as an introductory support, but add in elements to make a huge difference between Challenger Sona and Iron Sona. Right now challenger and iron Sona play exactly the same way which is a problem, the only difference is innate better decision making, positioning, and all of that from the challenger player which has nothing to do with the champion itself.
: There are over 100 champions in the game, well re-do this one champion for you because "it got boring to play". wasted your time, gj on that ig.
Sona is not a very interesting champion and not in the best spot right now, that is why she needs a rework. Also her concept is not very well realized at all. Also, your comment is not in English.
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: Give Your Feedback - Yasuo Rework
**UPDATE NOTES (1):** **Notes:** This is to better showcase that this concept is meant to place Yasuo more as the squishy assassin that he is and avoid any tank-build scenarios. **** **Howling Blade:** Base damage lowered to 30/40/50/60/70 from 40/55/70/85/100 Attack damage increased to 125% from 100% (ability power remains the same) Increased critical damage lowered to 40% from 50% (Crits deal 42/56/70/84/98 +175%AD +175%AP physical damage from 60/82.5/105/127.5/150 +150%AD +187.5%AP) **Last Breath:** Base damage lowered to 90/150/210 from 175/250/325 Attack damage increased to 240% from 120% ****
: Ok, a few questions. 1. What is his real incentive for building crit instead of bruiser/tank? Yeah, I get that his autos can do a bit more damage, but since you all but removed his defensive capabilities (no passive shield, and wall is .5 sec), why would I ever build straight damage when I am going to be instakilled. Much better to build Triforce, titanic, steraks, etc. 2. Why does he have ap ratios? And such high ones too... 3. Why would I ever pick this champion over any other melee fighter? Essentially, he has a bit of utility and cc, but I could play a tank, who has %hp ratios if i wanted that. And if i went damage on him, there are a ton of other melee's who can do even more damage, while having better survivability.
His Q tornado I gave him can still crit, which works the same a it does now. But his 3rd attack has all of the crit damage to it, the bonus damage is equal to 3 crits worth of damage. So now you have 3 area attacks, but the first 2 are weak, and the last one is just one super powerful lethal strike to make him more interesting than just a basic attacker. You want to really set it up where you land that 3rd attack and help smooth out the gameplay of a melee attacker where you are going for the one attack every so often and not needing to stay in melee range the entire time, and gives something for the opponent to look out for. That attacks are all technically skill shots and can be dodged, despite being used like normal attacks, kind of like how Twitch ult works. **** He only has one damaging spell, so the AP ratio is higher because of that. Other effects would not have any ratio, so it is AP or nothing, and I do not like giving no ratio for no reason. Where as he has three different things that scale with attack damage, so they get divided up. It also leaves room for fun off-builds. **** Yasuo is an assassin with some utility for his team. That is another reason he leaves behind a pathway of wind when he dashes, so he can dash in, deal damage, and run out. Another option being to ult in, deal damage, then E-dash out. He also has more freedom to be a lethal assassin with allowing his ultimate to be a free cast with a higher, more appropriate, cooldown for its power, and give it more fair play with it being a dash instead of a blink. The drawback is that it is a stationary effect for the damage over time so the enemy can walk out of it and is not a knock-up by itself anymore, but can combo with a knock-up to fulfill the same suspended air time, offering more choices for the player to make and allowing for user error and success to shine through. It being a skill shot just allows for better counter play against it and offer fair play. Tank makes no sense since attack speed (and hitting multiple targets) grants him more survivability in fights to refund his W cooldown which destroys attacks and projectiles and his ultimate making him untargetable for 1.5 seconds. These effects are great for a squishy assassin, but make no use out of them as a hard tank, plus he has fat damage ratios to encourage that squishy build, especially when he builds crit chance. (Maximum possible 3rd attack Q ratio would be +525%AD, with the other two attacks be +675%AD, which is the same as everyone else's 3 attack damage with crits. The efficiency however is what makes it strong since it is only that 3rd attack that Yasuo needs to land which is great as a melee champion, rather than overloading his kit to make a marksman play style work on a melee champion, which just results in an anti-fun champion to play against due to all of his mobility, defensive options, and lack of windows to take advantage of him.)
Arakadia (NA)
: Being fun to play and having synergy does not make him well designed. He takes away significant agency from his opposition and is overall regarded as a very frustrating to fight champion regardless of how strong he is. He has to be well designed for both sides.
If Yasuo had less defensive options, less going on in his kit, have meaningful cooldowns and power opportunities, but stronger power opportunities and more potent abilities, then he will be more enjoyable to play against and more rewarding to play as. This concept was about introducing a kit for Yasuo that offers a more rewarding kit for the player and create something where the opponent can also play around. The user's fun should never sacrifice the fun of others, this is a core rule to follow when designing for a multiplayer game. Where as if Yasuo was a single player game, then his kit would be perfectly fine or even sub-par since you want to feel overpowered and unfair against AI only opponents, but in multiplayer games you need to factor in the hard facts of other human players are playing with and against everyone else. Yasuo may be considered "balanced", but he is still oppressive and very poorly designed and just not fun to go against. To fix his issues to make him a better champion overall and a better experience for the user, we need to address the issues that make him super frustrating to go against. Yasuo is a champion that gets banned a lot not because he is considered OP, but because no one likes having him in the game regardless of whose team it is - against he is frustrating and sucks the fun out of the game and with him you now have a dead weight champion on your team - it is a lose-lose no matter.
: He has quite a bit of counterplay tbh. 1. His q's are dodgeable. 2. His e-q's are dodgeable (just walk towards/dash towards him as he does it, he will overshoot) 3. His e is a fixed distance dash, meaning you can predict where he will end up after every e. 4. his cc is situational. He needs to land 3 skill shots to knock you up with q, or have the opponent already displaced to ult. 5. Has the easiest to pop shield in the game 6. Windwall is stationary. Granted, it's duration is high, and many at r/yasuomains would say it should be lowered. 7. While ulting, he is stationary, and isn't untargetable. You can straight up aa him while he is ulting your teammate. 8. His damage isn't really nuking people. At least, compared to other sustained damage carries (aa based adcs and melee carries) his damage is on the low side. It's easy to take his kit out of the context of the game, and to say it's op, but you can't if you want to balance the game.
I never once said he was overpowered, he is oppressive and lacks proper counterplay or fairness to go against. He is a frustrating champion to play against and never will be viable in competitive play unless he is overpowered. He also has an overloaded kit. He is untargetable in his ultimate, he is just not invulnerable. Nothing you stated is counterplay, that is just user error getting in the way. His actual shield is both the most boring and balanced element in his kit.
Kalikain (NA)
: Its really hard to compare the two because illaoi is an anti tank bruiser where yasuo is an assassin. So illaoi's kit is really there for no mobility long engages against high hp targets because she does hp % dmg, as well as her ult is group fight on the front line orientated. Yasuo is an assassin that has to get to the backline in order to be fully effective. (If hes not crazy ahead, in which any assassin would be 1 shotting everyone like yasuo does.) I do agree he has a lot to deal with, and too many mechanics put into one, it's just a trend that riot has made as of late with their new champions/reworks; shoving too many mechanics into one champion. The idea around yasuo is for him to be able to travel fast, get a kill and get out. What makes this idea absurd is the fact that he has his passive shield, windwall, phantom dancer shield and bloodthirster shield to deal with. So unlike other assassins, he doesnt die easily. My solution is just to nerf his shields
Also his guaranteed crit attacks with a Q that crits that resets hits attack timer to attack crit again. His passive shield is the most balanced thing in his kit, Wind Wall duration is too long which is why I did a concept of a tiny duration version all around Yasuo and he just gets a lot more of those. Still be used defensively and help him duel, but is no longer frustrating to go against since the duration is a lot shorter and requires skill to use. The concept for his Wind Wall is actually slashing arrows and bullets with good timing. What we have right now is 4 seconds of invincibility against half of the champions in the game for him and his team, which makes the spell not skillful at all and not interesting at all, it is just really strong without seeing its original concept in gameplay form. **** Everything else, I would rather see Yasuo have moments of power and moments of weakness. Which means he has greater highs which has him perform better in higher elos and reduces his oppressive levels in low elo with him being less obnoxious to go against because he has obvious moments of weaknesses to take advantage of him. Because low elo players just spam their abilities while high elo players know how to control their abilities and know when to use it and when not to use it. So a low elo Yasuo with changes to him that offers this fair gameplay get heavily punished with misuse of ability spam with those bigger opportunities to take advantage of the lack of skill from the player. High elo players who know how to control their ability usage will see a boost in performance since they rather have less frequent, but more impactful abilities so when they go in, they can actually kill their target since they are given the more impactful abilities to do so. **** My goal for my rework concepts is never to gut the champion and make them useless. My goal is make them even more fun and interesting to play as, while resolving their frustrating elements to go against, and come up with clever ways that reduce their power in certain elo brackets and raise it in the elo brackets that they are struggling in. Yasuo cannot be fixed with simple number tuning, because if it was possible then it would be solved already. What Yasuo needs is grand sweeping changes that actually fixes what is wrong with the champion and place him in a healthy, non-frustrating state for the game.
Kalikain (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=thefatlazycat,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=6n8AbZ02,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-04-07T20:53:31.909+0000) > > look at Illaoi for a better idea of what weaknesses he should have for his high damage explain?
Illaoi at least has cooldowns to play around, on top of being pretty mana hungry as well to restrict the spam. Yasuo has neither and has 5 defensive spells on his kit (shield, knock-up, super area shield that is invincible that lasts forever, no cooldown dashes, super blink, untargetability, and extended knock-up time [actually is more than 5 effects, but all 5 spells are defensive while having other properties to them]), and a spam dash with no cooldown, and nukes, and sustain damage, and a defensive spell that lasts for way too long for its power levels, and and super long range blink that also does a bunch of damage and extends knock-up time. You break down Yasuo's kit, and you realize how overloaded it is, not to mention him being a super mobile champion on top of that. Super mobility is bad enough to play against, but everything else makes it worse.
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