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: I hate playing against Pyke. But I like playing as Pyke. I agree that his passive HP regeneration is too busted right now and needs a big nerf. I also think his R's gold generation is too OP right now and also needs a big nerf. Other than that, I actually think his playstyle is actually fine. If he loses some of his HP regen and Riot balances his gold generation with his ult, he can be in a pretty good spot. His Q is telegraphed, like thresh's Q, so if you see him charging it up, just be ready to avoid it. Also he's slowed by 20% during that time, so it can be easily punished. His W has a sound indicator when he's near you, so you're not completely unaware of him. Also you can reveal him by stepping in near him or using {{item:2055}}. His E has a 1 sec delay, so if you're fast enough, you can escape it. It's only 100 unit thick. His R is a pain in the ass, I'm not gonna sugar coat it, tbh. I hate playing against it xD Although, there is, indeed, a 0.75 sec delay before he lands on you, so technically if you have good reflexes you can dodge it?! But meh... I still hate facing it :p
As a pyke main support, the R gold never needed to be added last patch, and his regen should only be decreased slightly. I think they are a lot of adcs and supports that can counter if you play it right as someone who has a ton of games on pyke and against pyke in lane. I rarely lose to him because i know the ins and outs of his kit. Idk it's pretty annoying that pyke is getting banned when there are many worse champs. but that might just be me
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