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flewk (NA)
: Client freezes/crashes during champion select [CLIENT][CRASH]
i get the same thing. Im also on a mac and its been getting less common but it still happens sometimes (maybe 10-15% of my games). Same thing with the pixels, and sometimes ill just crash and have no control over it crashing. I notice audio cutting out too. I had taken some screenshots but unfortunately I got rid of them after the incidents started becoming less common.
: client freezes or crashes almost all the time.
same problem. no solution either.{{item:3070}}
Xesx (NA)
: Client Crashing or Glitching during ban on Draft.
I have been having some similar issues within the last week or so. I have been getting weird visual glitches in champ select including patches of discoloration, patches of small squares that appear on the screen, shifting of chunks of the champ select screen, and just random freezing. All of these except the appearance of the squares cause my computer to freeze and sometimes crash, so i have not been able to get screenshots and I don't want to risk more dodges for me to take pictures on my phone because I've already been on a 15 minute timer because of forced dodges due to freezes and dont want the timer to increase further for something that the client does that I have no control over. rito plz send help
: This hurts my soul.. Seeing how my monitor is so small that the New Client literally goes off of my screen. Looks, Like I'll be upgrading monitors here soon.
i think max resolution for the new client is like 1080x720 or something. what the heck are you playing on?
: Um...Rito. I have a problem with this. My pc can only run the legacy client. If i open up the new client we have now, it all freezes up and I cant do anything. If you fully replace the legacy client then I just basically wasted all of my cash on your guys. Because I wont be able to play the game anymore! So...Before you do replace the legacy client, can you at least tell me what I have to do to fix that freezing problem. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
oh damn, its Zino. Hey whats up? Didn't expect to see you here.
: Get ready for the 2017 competitive season!
{{summoner:4}} ~~first~~ actually, nevermind...
: I gave up on my morg mastery when I just went balls to the wall ham and got an S+ for a well carried game. I think it was something like 6/2/22. We just barely won across nearly an hour because our Jinx ADC was 1/21/13 or some such nonsense. And then I realized I was only mastery 2 and would not be getting a token for that S.
i got an s on my first blitz game and my first thresh game xD
Igeneous (NA)
: League of Legends on MacOS Sierra?
I just updated to OS Sierra yesterday, and now my league client wont boot up. The first two times i tried, it logged me out of my computer, and after that, it just refused to boot up Edit: I restarted my computer and it worked fine, no weird mouse movements, keyboard irresponsiveness, or fps drops


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