: What is a tank?
That's cause they're extinct.
: So i got banned for saying chingg chongg (i have to place 2 g's or it gets hidden)
If you don't think it's racist 1) why did you specifically mention he was Chinese and 2) why did you pick the commonly used Chinese racism insult? Sounds like you already know the answer and just want to play stupider than you already were for saying it.
: how to stay calm while playing league of legends
I turned off All chat. And i straight abuse the more button if i even catch whiffs of toxicity. It's not perfect but it works.
: I’m talking about twisted fate not treeline
Aaahhh i misread. I kinda forgot he even existed which uhh, means you have a solid point lol
: Hey guess what?! 9.2 lowered damage!!
I mean they nerfed one single AP item and a Summoner spell, that Summoner spell even got a reduced cooldown for compensation. The entire city is on fire and you want to Pat them on the back for putting out one building? Lol sounds like season 3 to me.
: Who's on your list for an Ezreal tier revamp?
Morg and kayle aside since they're coming any day now, id say probably {{champion:102}} {{champion:54}} or {{champion:106}} Cool champs, neat themes, bland ass kits that usually rely on bigger numbers more than skill.
: Twisted fate needs a Buff or Rework
They can't even balance summoner's Rift well enough that a majority of people enjoy it and you think they're going to even attempt reworking Twisted Treeline? I bet twenty bucks in RP they remove it before they rework it.
Dr Dog (NA)
: jg is far from useless in pro play, its just in pro play jg DIFFERENCE isnt usually an issue but jg in pro play does play an important role as does every role, thing is that jg is either too weak in solo and becomes a glorified second support so jgers complain about it or jg has a lot of impact and people that dont jg complain about it like right now so they change jg up a lot every season for better or for worse depending on the state of the role so its hard to balance out just as bot lane is
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: Shyvanas Buff Does Not do Nearly Enough.
Needs an Ezreal level update imo. New W and some reworked dragon abilities would make her way cooler and provably better
Tomoe Gozen (EUNE)
: Finer than finest is truly what makes one item Prestigious.
: You get what they mean...
Yea that's why i didn't post in a srs board. :p
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: There's one for Ace, which would go off for pentakill already.
Naalith (NA)
: Prestige skins are a predatory failure.
Then you just don't buy the chest things and when Riot sees that the chests still don't sell they start offering them through things like missions, events, etc. It says in the very article you yourself linked that blood moon aatrox is the first of what's going to be a bunch of planned skins for this year. But ok
: Why cant Riot turn AFK players into Bots?
if riot did this while simultaneously punishing any account that invoked it, the number of frustrated games i'd have would drop by like 90%. The only place id prolly rather an afk than a bot is ranked i mean losing elo to a feeding AI is pretty feelsbadman
: Riot, you're working yourselves deeper into a corner with skins.
Emotes would sell a lot better too if we had more ways to show them off. Where's Pentakill, first tower, or shutdown auto flasshes? A defeat one maybe? or even a fifth slot on the wheel?
Mortroxx (EUW)
: I don't normally take issue with these things, but prestige points are honestly a joke.
I like the theory, their execution is just as always, way greedier than most.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 9
I would love specific Champs reaching level 19 and 20, hell I would like it if specific Champions could reach level 14 or 15. :/ I can't possibly believe without some hard evidence that games last long enough that players even hit max level let alone could theoretically go beyond it.
: Riot's at it again! Blatant over the top sexualized champion! Sylas the Magic of Hunky Studs
So your solution to a vocal minority is to look like a stupider minority? K
: Riot - Cashing in event tokens for BE is the shittiest process ever.
least snowdown ones CAN be converted. I got 14 nexus tokens that are just useless :/
: iT's jUsT CoINcIdAnCe bRo
Well i still think this is what riot does, but this case is different. Sejuani was only picked cause its year of the pig, and sej and tahm are the only "pig" characters. Vayne is here because shes this patchs money pig with her prestige skin and obnoxiously unnecessary buff for "identity" lol
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: Stop with the Prestige skins already.
And it's pretty clear from the Champions chosen that they're targeting people who probably already sink obnoxious amount of money into this game. Like I doubt it's even subtle at this point. Calling next prestige champ here and now top 5 candidates are: Jinx, Lux, Ashe, Ez, or Ahri. Note on that last one I don't know when she would get one but that's almost inevitable and I would bet 50 bucks in RP that it's going to be her K/DA skin in a random event like Akali. ~~ or they troll us and make Prestige Popstar Ahri LMFAO ~~
: zoe steals ur sums, neeko steals ur looks, sylas steals ur ult...
Was just thinking this. And yet the two Champions meant to deceive and trick others are just lolol
: Hmm. Do you think that they should include the jungle? I think that would be too strong though.
> [{quoted}](name=Monstermushmush,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BjHL9U1F,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-01-08T16:14:48.818+0000) > > Hmm. Do you think that they should include the jungle? I think that would be too strong though. What about enemies jungle? Like from river onward if you're in it or enemy jg you get the bonus? Would make counter junglers and invades the worst tho lol
Senteth (NA)
: What is the deal with waterwalking?
One thing I want to know about water walking, I wish all damage runes were tuned around its level. And then they could all have some kind of cool little niche ability like bonus MS or maybe timed CDR or something, so that way we actually feel like we're customizing ourselves. As for this Rune itself maybe switching the movement speed bonus from a flat to a percent might help it? Part of my issue with it is I don't actually feel faster in the river unless I'm playing at Champs specifically meant to go fast in which case it's not terrible.
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: @Riot, I always wanted to know. Why is the snowdown pass 1450RP?
Yeah like these said you basically answered your own question. riot wants you to explicitly pay them more for less. Honestly I went from afraid this game might die to just, wishing it would now. Im getting my Prestige akalli and then im just doing FWOTD until shit gets better or shuts down, don't really care which now.
: With 2018 gone, I'd figure we do a checkup on how many champs we have left to get a lore update
: Riot officially admits the meta is damage heavy
thats the thing, they arent trying to be a moba. they are nothing but a world builder and content seller disguised as a "game" If riot could turn the game into their own REAL Battle Royale (prolly similar to Battlerite royale or whatever) they prolly would in a heartbeat.
: A tribute to Jinx's lore...................
jinx is the reason i started and this was a fantastic read!
: Bethesda has fallen, and now Blizzard also has fallen
League isn't going anywhere they paid too much money and sucks too much corporate dick in the Esports game.
: Are u seroiusly making Neeko's LAUNCH skin legacy?
Even tho it's after next year, its still dumb. Launch skins should always be available honestly. But whatever it's not that great anyways without a chroma.
Moody P (NA)
: Shyvana has to be the most disappointing champion in the game
filed under "needs a rework but lol like they ever will" Hell give her a better dragon interactive passive and that'd even be a little fine. Tank stats, as a passive, and requires taking a specific objective??? One that might not even benefit you since it could be cloud or earth??? Like what is this season 3 lol
: I really miss Deathfire Touch
they werent even replacements really riot said they were "working on" a replacement in the domme tree for this and those were to just hold them off until then, and yet here we are. Its so dumb too dark Harvets gets to exist because an infinite scaling rune thats useable by 90% of champs is "diversifying" but straight putting DFT in game would "cause problems for the champs that use it best" riots so bad they cant even logic. im done trying to be the dude giving them benefit of the doubt, this games going to shit and all they want is as much money as they can squeeze from the literal addicts that play. they're a glorified candy crush with pretty outfits.
Akaśhí (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wukong Airlines,realm=EUNE,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=ZqfU8JWW,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-12-14T16:50:25.650+0000) > > Plain and simple. > [ Zyra "mage reworked, and constantly getting changes" ], [ Reksai "way newer champ than Wukong, and still got semi-reworked specially her "R" ], [ Malphite "receives changes every now and then, and lately he received Passive changes" ], " Azir [ Newer champ than wukong still got reworked, gets changes every year , but gets more nerfs" ], [ Gragas "pro-play beast, gets plenty of changes as well, is competitive both in SoloQ and proplay, even getting texture changes etc" ], [Yorick "got reworked, small playerbase so i cant fully describe the champ, but i believe he got something, he should let others receive similar treatment even if that treatment fails ] > > You see, what's common between every champ in the game, all of them is they receive something. > > For Wukong, the last thing he received was 1716 days ago, that's 4.7 years , nearly 5 years ago, then riot introduced 2 broken items {{item:3147}} {{item:3095}} then nerfed them then gave Wukong something called "compensation buffs" then took them away from him with nerfs to 2 spells. > > so if you're gonna tell me "wait in line" I'm gonna say no, because he's supposed to be a high priority right now, #1. Yeah man I pretty much prefer Riot to rework him completely because he is either just killing everyone with just E + Q + AA or just gets behind and does nothing whole game...
> [{quoted}](name=Akaśhí,realm=EUNE,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=ZqfU8JWW,comment-id=000100000001,timestamp=2018-12-14T20:27:01.793+0000) > > Yeah man I pretty much prefer Riot to rework him completely because he is either just killing everyone with just E + Q + AA or just gets behind and does nothing whole game... they already reworked Wukong her names Neeko lol ~~for the 3 that dont get im kidding, im kidding~~
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 14
Why is league no fun anymore? Nothing i try, no way to play, feels fun except the "default" which rn is take anything stacking damage. (your 1/150+ exceptions are noted off meta ~~game losers~~ players) I thought the point of removing runes and replacing them with master(rune)ies was more choice and strategy yet anyone who doesnt take anything with "deal X dmg" or "gain X penetration" basically means you already gimped yourself. id love data that says im wrong but literally allllll i see on every LoL forum is complaints of this and esports and money so idk. just wondering i guess why I feel more like a hostage than a player in this game.
: I just logged in and have no missions
mine was similar. logged in, saw missions, completed one by winning a game as veigs, and then all of them were blank with 0 reward.
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: Change Nexus Blitz to only Queue for one position.
: Flamed By Riot Employee
Big shocker, they act just like their player base.
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datfatguy (OCE)
: Just revert Runes Reforged already
Filed under "never happening but I bet there will be 1000 threads like it over the next year"
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Yljin (NA)
: The lack of All For One after Neeko's release is disappointing
if anything neeko is gonna cause some wacky bugs whenever (if ever) we see it again
: Missions were a lot funner when you didn't have to buy them.
fortnite basically influenced every game with F2P gameplay and pay content: lock your loot behind magical barriers (Be it chest/key system, gemstones, passes, etc.) and dangle the "limited time exclusivity" in front of them. Throw in a dash of "oh hey this is popular lets make a BETTER one now" as well as making any in game currency practically useless unless you've been playing5ever and voila, humble indie company. Honestly the gameplay aside if anythings gonna get me to say fuck you to league its hands down this shit.
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