: Patch 6.24 notes
Why the Katarina buffs though?
: Patch 6.21 notes
Yes, finally! No more wondering if the game froze. TY Riot!
: #A Corporate Matter **Episode: _We All Need An Enemy_** {{champion:16}} "You know sir, I have been meaning to ask. What did you ever do with your Elder Dragon? I haven't seen him around, and he is kind of hard to miss." {{champion:150}} "Oh yeah, Corporate Mundo wouldn't let me have him around here. Something about him eating the other employees. Anyways, there is this great dragon training place I sent him. It's run by a bunch of Vikings, which I thought normally killed dragons. I'm sure it's fine, they had a great brochure." {{champion:16}} "So, do you have any sort of whistle or bell? So you can call him." {{champion:150}} "No, I sent him with a Cell Phone. How do you call people with a bell?" {{champion:17}} "It's really easy, here's how. Go find one of those old giant tower bells. Crawl up into it. Have a super fed poppy or something ult it. There you go, you will hear all kinds of voices. If you do it right, it makes video calls too." {{champion:150}} "Anyways, there's something I wanted to show you Soraka. As a way to sate his crazed love of invading people's privacy. Corporate Mundo installed some CCTV cameras in a couple of the lower rooms. He lets us watch them for a small price. Here, Dark Star Thresh has called a meeting about something, this should be good." {{champion:412}} "Glad to see you all could make it. I'm sure you are wondering why I asked you to join me here at the Corporate Office. It is statistically proven that if two skin lines are connected, they both get more skins and more sales. I mean, just look at the Wardens and Marauders." {{champion:110}} "So, we Dark Stars believe we have what it takes to be someone's primary villain. Now we just need to figure out who. We want each of you to present your cases. Then we shall make a decision and go to the Corporates with it, so they can make it official." {{champion:68}} "Alright, I guess I'll go first, on account of the Super Galaxys." {{champion:38}} "Really, you gonna let this dill go first. All four o' them will take forever. There is only one of me, and I ain't Tinny like all o' you. I don't get a bunch o' mates or heaps o' fan art." {{champion:412}} "Alright, if it's so important to you, Cosmic Reaver Kassadin, you can go first." {{champion:102}} "That's not fair, Super Galaxy rumble called it first. So we should ge-" {{champion:110}} "Quiet! Dark Star Thresh said that Cosmic Reaver Kassadin could go first." {{champion:38}} "Ta mate. I think that Aussies are really underrepresented in the league. So, more like me could fix that. And this gold armor and star effects are really ripper. Plus, I look like the type o' cobber who could fight ya." {{champion:412}} "You make some valid points. I do really like how the gold clashes with us. How about you, Super Galaxys?" {{champion:68}} "Well, I mean we are the galaxie's greatest heroes, assembled to defeat evil. Problem is, we don't have any evil to fight. We really just sit around all day and eat snacks. Pretty soon we are going to be too fat to fit into our suits. Please help us, I can't take the disappointing looks from children anymore." {{champion:203}} "Plus, who doesn't love a good anime reference." {{champion:105}} "Super Galaxy argument winner!" {{champion:110}} "I don't know, I feel like you guys should be fighting Godzilla or something, not star eating demons." {{champion:412}} "I like it, it makes a bit of sense and is unexpected." {{champion:99}} "Alright, we let you guys get your say in, so you can feel important. But we all know the only choice is the Star Guardians. I mean, even our name works. We guard the stars against being eaten, or whatever you guys do to them." {{champion:412}} "Now now, everyone here has a fair chance of being our pick." {{champion:99}} "Yeah, that's not true, but whatever. We are the most popular, have you seen how excited everyone was about me. Besides, do you know what would happen if there were more Star Guardians, cha-ching. I know, because everyone has been asking for my two buddies here." {{champion:6}} "Eternal life, endless cuddles." {{champion:44}} "We Star Guardians are truly fabulous. We are truly truly truly fabulous." {{champion:412}} "Yep, everyone wants those two Star Guardians added to League, yep. How about you Galactics, you got anything to say?" {{champion:268}} "I'm really not sure why we are here, aren't we kind of bad guys ourselves? I just came because I was told there would be free food. There will be food right? Otherwise, you are going to have a lot of angry soldiers on your hands." {{champion:412}} "Alright, I guess we know who we want then. Our villain will be-" {{champion:267}} "Hold it, hold it, hold it!" {{champion:412}} "Who are you?" {{champion:267}} "Well, I'm Khaos Nami, but some just call me Katey. I work for Art Master Malazhar, the skin guy. He says that the enemy of the Dark Stars isn't out yet. So you guys are going to have to wait." {{champion:412}} "Shouldn't we be able to pick our own enemy?" {{champion:267}} "No, sorry. Art Master Malzahar is very particular. He has a plan and you are just going to have to wait and see what it is." {{champion:412}} **"THAT'S NOT FAIR, WHAT ABOUT OUR FREEDOM!"** _"Starts attacking things."_ {{champion:268}} "Woo, dinner and a show, how lucky." {{champion:267}} "Now sir, please calm down. I'm sure that you will find the plan-" {{champion:412}} **"HERE'S WHAT I THINK OF THAT PLAN!"** _"Smashes table."_ {{champion:10}} "Whats going on in here?" {{champion:102}} "Oh no, Corporate Kayle is here, everyone run!" {{champion:38}} "Ey, who called Mrs. Plod? Well, I'm gonna shoot through, head back to my pad and veg out." {{champion:10}} "I am going to need you to calm down, Dark Star Thresh. Or I am going to have to make you." {{champion:412}} **"OH, WOULD YOU STOP OPPRESSING ME ALREADY. JUST BECAUSE I CHOOSE TO DESTROY STARS AND ALL WHO INHABIT ANYTHING NEAR THEM, DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO JUDGE ME."** {{champion:10}} "Alright, I guess you leave me no choice. Enjoy being disabled for a couple days." {{champion:412}} "Oh, perhaps I should have thought about the consequences of my actions, darn." _"Gets disabled."_ {{champion:110}} "You know, I have never seen this guy before. I don't even know why I'm here. Please don't disable me." _"Runs away."_ (_In case you couldn't tell, yes, this whole story was about getting Star Guardian Urgot into the game. Go, tell all your friends to tell everyone that we need Star Guardian Urgot. Because who wouldn't want this:_ http://i.imgur.com/1dTPYE3.png )
I don't know why this got downvoted, this is actually the first time I've seen it lower then 2 actually.
: Removing Doran's items from HA? Wow. Okay.
{{champion:33}} Ok.
: i can never get on Taliyah's wall for some reason. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO HELP ME?
Just tap R twice instead of just clicking it once.
: #A Corporate Matter **Episode: _Windspeaker's Gnaring._** {{champion:150}} "Air, air, who wants to be able to control air. I mean, what can you even do with that. Make someone slightly cold?" {{champion:16}} "I don't know, but Yasuo sure makes it look hot. Whatever it is." {{champion:157}} "Did someone call me?" {{champion:150}} "Oh good, we finally made it to the top of this mountain. So, let me guess, you are my cloud teacher?" {{champion:157}} "Yep, me and my little sparrow here." {{champion:163}} "Why do you keep calling me sparrow anyways. It makes no sense. I throw rocks, I move the earth. Last time I checked, sparrows don't do any of that. Sparrows have something to do with wind and stuff. Which fits you, not me." {{champion:157}} "I call you sparrow because your whole outfit face and hair. It reminds me of a sparrow. I thought that was obvious." {{champion:163}} "Oh, that makes a lot more sense. And I find that a bit racist." {{champion:157}} "Not everything is racist, jeez. You see what I have to deal with, why did Rito have to make me your teacher. Besides, you can control wind, you have just got to believe." {{champion:163}} "I don't think that's how it works. I control rocks, and sometimes ice. Having cloud powers makes no sense." {{champion:157}} "You can fly, believe Taliyah." {{champion:163}} "But i...i...i-" {{champion:157}} **_"Just, believe."_** {{champion:163}} "Fine, I will go believe over there." {{champion:150}} "Uh, I should probably give you the usual warning. I have no actual powers, and am just in this for the treasure." {{champion:157}} "No problem. I don't have any either, it's all in the sword. Follow, we can go to Riven's rent a Windblade." {{champion:16}} "By the way, why does it smell like rotten eggs here?" {{champion:157}} "It's hard to explain. Just don't light any fires, or we might all blow up." {{champion:92}} "Welcome to Riven's rent a Windblade. We have brand new, broken, and reforged Windblades here. No skill of any form required, full face mash functionality. Get from Bronze to Gold in thirty days or your money back." {{champion:86}} "Garenteed!" {{champion:157}} "Yes, we will take one just like mine. Only a one-day rental, just need it for his training. Thanks." {{champion:150}} "Ooooh, shiny new sword." {{champion:37}} "..." {{champion:16}} "It is so much more than a pointy stick. It's so full of beauty and history. It's almost as if whoever forged it left a part of his soul in it. A true honor to behold." {{champion:150}} "I wonder how I could sell it for back home." {{champion:16}} "You two are exactly what's wrong with this millennial generation. None of you have any class." {{champion:37}} "..." {{champion:16}} "I don't care how old you are. None of us have been around longer than 2009, which makes us all millennials." {{champion:157}} "Alright young Gnardiwan, let's start your training." _**One intense training montage with inspiring music later:**_ {{champion:150}} "Look, I can make air scooters. And run around super fast like-" _"Runs into pillar."_ {{champion:37}} "..." {{champion:16}} "Yeah, it did." {{champion:163}} **"HEY MASTER, YOU WERE RIGHT. I JUST HAD TO BELIEVE I COULD FLY. WOOOOOOOOOO, THIS IS SO FUN! HI CLOUD DRAGON, HOW ARE YOU DOING?"** {{champion:157}} **"HEY, BE CAREFUL YELLING UP THERE, SOUNDS TRAVELS DIFFERENTLY AND IT MIGHT CAUSE AN-"** _**An avalanche begins rolling down the mountain.**_ {{champion:157}} **"NO, NOT AGAIN!"** _"Gets buried by a mountain of snow."_ {{champion:150}} "Choryon!." _"Summons a windwall that protects Corporate Gnar, Sona and Soraka from the avalanche."_ {{champion:150}} "Wow, wind is more powerful than I thought." {{champion:163}} "**MASTER NOOOOOO!** Why does this always happen to me? Let me unbury you." _"Begins digging frantically."_ {{champion:150}} "So like, should we wait over there or-" {{champion:163}} "Your training here is complete, as long as you make me free this week. Just go, I can handle this. Leave the Windblade there." _**Meanwhile:**_ {{champion:75}} "Come on kid, I know you saw him. Tell me where the Eldertar went, or I will throw you in the Wukong pit." {{champion:1}} "Ashes ashes, we all fall down." {{champion:75}} "Fine then." _"Throws child into pit."_ {{champion:96}} "Oh deary me. Did you really throw that kid in there? That's a little far, even for us." {{champion:75}} "Yeah, you are probably right. I just got a little upset. Oh well, nothing we can do for her now. And it's not like I can be held accountable for my actions anyways. Back to the ship!" {{champion:1}} "Come here wittle monkey, Tibbers would wove you." {{champion:62}} "Oh no no, not after what happened to my friend's cousin. I see what you are doing and I am not falling for it. Just back away, don't come any closer. Oh, dear Rito!" _"Runs away screaming in terror."_ {{champion:96}} "Hello yes, I am calling the coppers. A small infant is in the Wukong den, no, I do not know how it got in there. There appears to be a lot of screaming, and everyone is recording it on their cellular devices. Please send someone." {{champion:202}} "It's go time."
{{champion:157}} "I know this sounds like a cat poster, but you just have to believe." Why didn't you remember to put in that quote?
: Find Your Lunch Table - My Interpretation
Why are the champions that I play or have played more then others are all over the place?
: That moment when you are overshadowed by Shen, Zed, and Akali. Poor dood
Zhire (NA)
: not sure if that means you suck or you are pro.
: Champion and skin sale: 05.31 - 06.03
Dang it... I keep forgetting over and over. I keep checking this and scrolling down to the comments for his stories. Lightdragoon88 is the hero we need. But I guess we just don't deserve this hero.
: I came here out of Habit for a story, but then I remember no more stories are being made Now I am Sad Derp
: pool party :P
I don't know what you are doing commenting on this post that was over a year old, but yeah I know that there is a Pool Party skin for Zac _now_. But there wasn't any skin then, and I still would like one with a suit.
: I second this. Everybody I know that plays league talks about urf but never talks about wanting to play the other game modes. Except doom bots.
People have been talking about Black Market Brawlers too. But URF definitely is the one that is the most talked about.
: #A Corporate Matter **Episode: _Rocks That Roll Ain't Gnar's Solution._** {{champion:16}} "Boss, we have someone here who says she is here to see the one." {{champion:150}} "Which one?" {{champion:16}} "I don't know, the one." {{champion:150}} "Well, I hope I'm not, the one. Send her up." {{champion:163}} **"CORPORATE GNAR, I HAVE FOUND YOU, THE ONE!"** {{champion:150}} "Of course I am. What is it this time?" {{champion:163}} "You are the ElderTar. Master of the four elements." {{champion:150}} "Unless money is an element, I don't think I'm the right Yordle." {{champion:163}} "Look, dude, I am tired of searching. I have a good feeling about you. **SO YOU ARE THE ELDERTAR!**" {{champion:150}} "Okay okay. But you might want to double check." {{champion:163}} "It just so happens I have the perfect way of doing that. We shall ask the writer himself. Oh writer, give us a sign!" {{champion:17}} "Great, we got a wack job in the building." Oh uh yeah. You guys don't talk to me too often. But yeah, the Eldertar is right here in this building. {{champion:163}} "See, I was right. Oh, and happy birthday!" Well, thanks. {{champion:150}} "Ok, that was weird. So, why were you searching for me exactly?" {{champion:163}} "You see, the four teams lived together in harmony. But that all changed when the Infernal team attacked. Only the Eldertar, master of infernal, mountain, cloud and ocean could bring peace. But just when we needed him most, he vanished. We have all been searching for the new one, searching my whole life. Well, I found you. I am done searching. **NOW, YOU ARE COMING WITH ME AND I AM HAVING A CHEESEBURGER!**" {{champion:16}} "You are more than welcome to have a cheeseburger here. But Corporate Gnar isn't exactly skilled, at anything. And he never brings peace." {{champion:150}} "**Hey, how dare you say I-** No wait, you're right." {{champion:163}} "It's fine, we shall complete his training on the way there." {{champion:150}} "To where?" {{champion:163}} "That's a surprise, let me know when you are ready to go." {{champion:150}} "Hey, Gentleman Kog'Maw, evidently we are going on some stupid adventure. I know you like that sort of thing, want to come?" {{champion:96}} "As much as I love stupid adventures, I'm afraid I have to decline. It appears my nephew, Infernal Nasus, has gotten himself in a spot of trouble. His father has exiled him unless he does some task. And he has requested I help him. So I shall be off momentarily!" {{champion:150}} "Wait, your nephew is Infernal Nasus?" {{champion:96}} "It is quite a long story." {{champion:150}} "Well, now that many disgusting thoughts have entered my mind, Let's go. Come on Soraka and Sona." _**Some time later:**_ {{champion:150}} "You know, I thought you would be blind." {{champion:163}} "What, why?" {{champion:150}} "I don't know. some obscure reference maybe." {{champion:163}} "Well, let's start your lessons. Here, turn this rock into a bowl." {{champion:150}} "What? I can't do that." {{champion:163}} "Watch, it's easy. Just work the rock with your hand. And voila! You have a bowl." {{champion:150}} "I am not a stone weaver. Only thing Corporate Gnar Turn rock into is smaller rock." {{champion:163}} "Ok fine, maybe you need a more motivating approach. Alright, stand right here." {{champion:150}} "Ok, what is with the earth half pipe?" {{champion:163}} "A giant boulder is going to come down and try to flatten you. You need to move it out of the way with your Eldertar powers." {{champion:150}} "But I don't have any powers." {{champion:163}} "Not yet, but you better get them or else this boulder gonna do some squashin'. Also, I covered the whole area with Unraveled Earth. So don't even think about jumping out of the way. **ALRIGHT, LET'S DO THIS.**" {{champion:150}} **"AWWWWWWWWWWWWW, MOMMY PLEASE NO!"** _"Gets flattened by boulder."_ {{champion:16}} "Don't worry boss. I am sure you will get it within your next few tries." _**Many hours later:**_ {{champion:150}} "Soraka, please just stop healing me. Let me die and end this. I can't do it." {{champion:37}} "..." {{champion:150}} "I'm too tired to even be offended by that." {{champion:163}} "Here we go, here we go again." {{champion:150}} "Not, **this, TIME!**" _"Goes mega form."_ {{champion:150}} **"ROAR!!!!!!"** _"Ults boulder far far away."_ {{champion:41}} **"MY ORANGES!"** {{champion:150}} **"ARRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!"** _"Grabs chunk of ground and throws it near Taliyah."_ {{champion:163}} "Well, throwing that much rock is close enough for me. Congrats, you are now a mountain bender. Onto the next element training." **Meanwhile:** {{champion:96}} "Wow, this sure is a nice Battleship you got here." {{champion:75}} "Welcome Uncle, I am glad you have come to join me in my quest." {{champion:96}} "So, chappy, what is it you need me for?" {{champion:75}} "Well since I am a complete embarrassment to the family. What with my short range, no mobility, and weak laning phase. My father, Scorched Earth Xerath the infernal lord. Has banished me unless I can capture or kill the Eldertar." {{champion:96}} _"Oh dear, it seems I have a dilemma. Do I side with my new chaps, or my family? Well, as the old saying goes. Blood is thicker than water, but tea is more delicious. So I must side with tea."_ {{champion:75}} "What are you muttering to yourself over there?" {{champion:96}} "Nothing, nothing. But I must ask, do you like tea?" {{champion:75}} "I am more of a stacks person, but yeah. Tea is alright." {{champion:96}} "Alright, **TALLY-HO, TO KILL CORPORATE GNAR.**" {{champion:75}} "Wait, you know who the Eldertar is. Well, why didn't you say so sooner? I was worried we would have never found him and I would have to live on no cs island. Let's go!" {{champion:96}} "_Oops, maybe if I hadn't said anything. Then we wouldn't be off to kill someone. Well, you live and you learn._ **WE SHALL HAVE HIS HEAD!**" _(I get to release a story on my birthday, yay! Send Dank memes.)_
Oh cool! I know someone who's birthday is today too! (No I'm pretty sure I don't know you IRL.)
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
Hey Riot, could you bring Black Market Brawlers back soon please? There are a lot of people that have been waiting for this gamemode to come into the rotation since it came out. If you aren't going to bring it out soon, though, could you tell us why please? I really would like to see what Black Market Brawlers is to you guys. Thanks.
: She roams. Has an ult and passive all about roaming, honestly. Roaming is pretty Classic midlane Mage behavior, man.
Yeah, I know. But those tools can also be used to split push well. I just kind of see the other abilities and the theme as a top lane thing for some reason though.
Rioter Comments
: RIOT FIX YOUR SHIT The amount of times I have not been able to lock in my champion in dynamic queue and am forced to dodge and lose my LP is ridiculous. Please fix this issue as soon as possible I am tired of losing LP due to a problem with your coding.
I get that problem too sometimes and it is something Riot is working on through better connections. It usually seems to happen when you have League open for a long time, especially when it's just left open in the background.
: I want to play it.
I kind of do too. But then I also wouldn't play it after I played a game already though.
: Yeah that sucks, I was sad that it only lasted a day, tbh. I didn't know why people were so upset about it, it was better than a third year in a row where we got URF on April 1st (not to mention I was hoping we would be able to play NURF, I actually thought that was gonna happen.)
No no no no no. You do not want to play NURF. Riot played it and THEY said it was terrible even just getting to the first camp and trying to even get it. Yeah you do not want that gamemode.
: It is thematic. Useful more so in the early to mid game. But I am more excited about the ult CD reduction! It'll be available for back to back team fights again.
Yeah, I might have to actually get Ziggs and play him as one of my mid laners. I do kind of prefer other champions though and usually I play as top or jungle so I probably shouldn't get him at the same time.
: Heh I was undefeated as Ziggs. Lich Bane + Rite of Ruin + Ziggs' Passive = Demolition Derby: Tower Edition!
And now with his w getting the turret execute...
: I just want BMB to make a return. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Seriously though, I would even just play that for the items.
: Dark Horses: Everywhere Draven
What about the Dravenous Hydra?
: The guy playing {{champion:89}} in the video is Summoner level 5, so he's clearly mostly playing against people who don't know anything about league. I feel like this shouldn't be a LoL community backed video.
I'm pretty sure he is actually on EU or something, not NA. I'm subscribed to that guy and he has used that account too much to have it level 5.
: #A Corporate Matter **Episode: _A star dragon on the lamb. That poor, poor lamb._** {{champion:136}} **"YOU WILL NEVER TAKE THIS BEAUTIFUL BODY ALIVE, TARGONIANS!!!!!"** {{champion:80}} **"NOBODY OUTRUNS ME!"** {{champion:136}} "Quick, gotta find a place to hide." _**Meanwhile:**_ {{champion:150}} "Let's see, ah, here is all the messages everyone has been writing to me. And, it's all complaints about the new mage item changes. Seriously, I have no say in those matters. Go complain to someone else. This is really just a waste of ink. But, if that's the only bad thing that happens today, then I am-" {{champion:136}} _"Crashes through wall."_ **"ROARRRRRRRR ARHAGHAHERTGH!!!!!!"** {{champion:150}} **"HOLY GRAVE'S BURST DAMAGE, A DRAGON!!!!!"** [Dramatization of what happened:](http://i.imgur.com/NYpIyYt.gif) {{champion:136}} "Stop cowering mortal, you have to hide me." {{champion:150}} **"DEAR RITO, IT'S A REAL STAR DRAGON!"** {{champion:136}} "They are going to be here soon, I really need a place to hide." {{champion:150}} **"HOLY NAUTILUS PERMA CC, THERE IS A STAR DRAGON IN MY OFFICE!"** {{champion:136}} "Great, I manage to find the one thing more retarded than my teammates." {{champion:80}} **"STOP IN THE NAME OF THE MOUNTAIN! YOU ARE UNDER ARREST!"** {{champion:136}} "You can't arrest me." {{champion:150}} "Why can't he?" {{champion:136}} "Because I'm a star dragon, that's why." {{champion:80}} "After your crimes, I can do anything I want." {{champion:136}} "What crimes? I haven't done anything that you can prove." {{champion:80}} That's where your wrong, you see, I have a witness." {{champion:13}} "I'm sorry Aurelion, I couldn't take the guilt of what we did anymore." {{champion:136}} "We agreed to never talk about what happened there ever again. You have to understand panth, I was desperate, I wasn't thinking straight." {{champion:150}} "Hold on, what horrible thing did he do? A Yordle needs some backstory." {{champion:13}} "Here, it will be easier if we just show a flashback." _**Some time ago:**_ {{champion:136}} "Alright Ao shin, there can only be one dragon champion in the league of legends and it's going to be me." {{item:2050}} "Hahaha, I have already been chosen, and I am so much stronger than you are." {{champion:136}} You better give me that, get added to league for free card, or I am going to have to kidnap you and make you give it to me." {{item:2050}} "Kidnap me, you are hilarious. Nothing can hold me." {{champion:136}} "You are wrong about that. You are a lightning dragon, so a different type of lightning shall nullify your powers. Get him Ryze." {{champion:13}} "Welcome to Rune Prison, hope you enjoy your stay. I also offer free tattoos, seeing as it's where I got all of mine." {{champion:136}} "Let's take him back to the cave." _**A little while later:**_ {{champion:136}} **"TELL ME WHERE YOU HID THE CARD!!!!!"** {{item:2050}} **"NEVER!"** {{champion:136}} "Alright, fine. I'm going on a small trip, I'll give you some time to think on it. But, if you don't tell where the card is when I get back tomorrow, we are going to have a problem. Ryze, under no circumstances, are you to let him out. No matter what he says, understand?" {{champion:13}} "I built full mana and cdr, he is not getting out until you say so." {{champion:136}} "Well, I will be in space, see you tomorrow then." _**Later:**_ {{champion:136}} **"I HAVE RETURNED!"** {{champion:13}} **"THE DAY HAS FINALLY COME, I THOUGHT YOU WOULD NEVER BE BACK."** {{champion:136}} "Did you get hit by nocturne again or something? It has only been a day." {{champion:13}} "Maybe for you, but here on Runeterra, it's been three years. I have a skill shot now." {{champion:136}} "**THREE YEARS?** Curse that stupid water planet. What happened to Ao Shin." {{item:2050}} _"Lies there as a dusty old skeleton."_ {{champion:13}} "Oh, he died a long time ago. Maybe we should have left some food for him?" {{champion:136}} "What about the card, did he say where he put the card? {{champion:13}} "Oh yeah, after about three days he told me where it was. Here you go, I went and got it. Then he started begging, then crying, then a whole lot of swearing, then just a lot of mumbling until he died. Don't worry, I didn't let him out and instead endured everything he said." {{champion:136}} "Teemo will surely punish our souls for this. But until then, never speak of what happened here." _**Back to present:**_ {{champion:150}} "Jeez man, that's harsh. I have a Teemo locked up in my office and I still think you went too far." {{champion:80}} "You have a what now?" {{champion:150}} "What, uh nothing, I said nothing sir." {{champion:80}} "Well, Aurelion Sol, after what you did to Ao Shin. And all the trouble you caused coming here. I am going to have to lock you up for good." {{champion:150}} "What trouble?" {{champion:80}} "Remember when League went down two weeks ago, yeah this idiot knocked out one of the buildings with his stars." {{champion:136}} "I apologized for it. But, even with all that, I was able to hide from you for two weeks." {{champion:80}} "Yeah, we knew where you were the whole time. Those stars of yours were circling every place you went. Pretty sure most of the time they set things on fire as well." {{champion:136}} "Well, why didn't you come and get me then." {{champion:80}} "I didn't want to get near those things. You were op mang. But now that they nerfed you and the rod of ages, you no longer deal damage." {{champion:136}} "Yeah, that is not true. I will never answer to your king under the mountain. You will have to kill me first." {{champion:80}} "We don't have a king under the mountain." {{champion:136}} "What? I thought all mountains had a king, and we dragons are supposed to hate them. At least, that's what my friend said. He loves gold, wouldn't be surprised if he covered himself in it. But some stupid short people are always bothering him. Why are you trying to capture me if you aren't doing it for your king?" {{champion:44}} "For their Queen, of course, me. There is only room for one fabulous champion in league." {{champion:136}} "Please, you are no match for me. I am literally as beautiful as the stars. Besides, that drab armor is getting you nowhere. And that shield and hammer, talk about unfashionable." {{champion:44}} "Not even your stars can outshine my gems." {{champion:16}} "Hey boss, turns out you were right, they are delaying the SKT skins. **HOLY BANANA CAKES, IS THAT A STAR DRAGON!**" {{champion:136}} "See, my pure beauty stuns all who see me. and now, **VOICE OF LIGHT, AND I FLY AWAY!**" _"Flies away."_ {{champion:44}} "Great, we lost him. Guess we better head back, there is no catching him once he starts flying. Besides, he may be right about my appearance, I need to take a look at a few things. I have to be the most fabulous thing out here."
Lol Taric the queen, anyways are you going to also have Taric join Aurelian Sol? Something like that did happen in his lore I've heard. (I still really need to check that.)
: It almost like I knew what rework Taric story would be......But it was really a lucky guess as I knew nothing about what they were doing with Taric.
Who knows, maybe they are beginning to use your stories to help out with their lore.
: {{champion:80}} Ow my head! Good thing I was wearing this helmet or-I mean...OW my shoulder. {{champion:36}} So where did Mundo's cleaver hit you again? {{champion:80}} My shoulder-yes my shoulder. {{champion:36}} Can you read that back for me? {{champion:26}} Ow my head! Good thing I was wearing this helmet. {{champion:80}} You misheard me. {{champion:26}} I went back in time to verify it. I also recorded it. {{champion:80}} .....crap. {{champion:36}} The charge will be added. You may call your first witness. {{champion:64}} Your Honor. I would like to call Aurelion Sol to the stand. {{champion:136}} Well I can't exactly fit on that stand there so if it all the same I'll stay up here. {{champion:36}} Mundo accept that, swear him in. {{champion:10}} Yes sir. _flies into the sky_ {{champion:10}} {{item:3108}} Do you swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God? {{champion:136}} You know I actually met God a few times. Makes some good barbecue, but yes I swear. {{champion:223}} _whispers_ Boy this is getting hairier than a fat cat in winter. {{champion:80}} _quietly sobbing_
Sonspot (NA)
: Someone is jealous
{{champion:119}} "Don't be jealous"
: Not enough Gems. 6/10.
It's just truly truly truly outrageous.
: Patch 6.7 notes
That Lissandra buff and Bard nerf were both just way too much. Lissandra will now be way too strong and you just made Bard lose part of his unique playstyle and the part of his E that made it more realistic. Good job Riot you just ruined the game for me. (Don't you guys see that I was joking?)
: #A Draven Draven **Dravensode: _DRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!_** {{champion:119}} "Draven Draven Draven" {{champion:119}} "Draaaaaaaaaaaaven." {{champion:119}} "Draven's Draven." {{champion:119}} "Draven, Draven Draven." _"Draven Draven Draven Draven."_ {{champion:119}} **"DRAVEN!!!!!!"** {{champion:119}} "Draven Dravens." {{champion:119}} "Draaaaaaven, Draven _"Draven"_ Draven." {{champion:119}} "Draven Draven?" {{champion:119}} "Draven Draven." {{champion:119}} "Draven Draven Draven Draven, Draven Draven. Draven Draven Draaaaaaaaaaaaaaven, Draven. Draven Draaaaaaaven Draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaven Draven." {{champion:119}} **"DRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVEN!!!!!!!"** #The End
: Ok, at first it was cute, but this has gone way too far. This really seems lackluster for a featured game mode when all you did was put Draven's head on the champs and minions. We had other minions in the pool party event, it doesn't make it a new game mode. Honestly, I'm kinda disappointed.
Yeah, we are just slowly being Draven mad this week. Don't worry, that's all.
: Champion and skin sale: 04.01 - 04.04
_breathing heavily_ finally... Somewhere safe from Draven. {{champion:119}} : you called? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH...
: Aurelion Sol community creations
Here is Contest of Champions' fan art for Aurelian Sol. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-wjDxp2ho1MA/VvxMw6XAlYI/AAAAAAAAAAI/nCCWVflMnmoo9cycY8eB2nb2K2gwOABQQ/s512/2016-03-30.jpg
: Thresh & Rengar’s Bot Lane Carnage
First! Anyways that Thresh though. That is a combo I need to try out with my friends.
Fishtaco (NA)
: Did you just call Laughing Fish's arrival?
No, he was here before me but I think he might have something to do with the early release of the champion and skin sale. (Anyone here know why champion and skin sale and free to play rotations are always downvoted so that it is -1 on the boards version?)
Fishtaco (NA)
: Maybe to cram it in before April 1st? Idk... something's fishy
It does seem fishy... Laughing Fishy...
Rioter Comments
Fefnil (EUW)
: What will I do when mage meta begins?
: i put 10 bucks in, got 3 skin shards, rerolled them and got the skin, was sooo hyped even though whoever plays annie needs to get a life XD (unless your on my team and you can solo carry :p)
Please never be my opponent in Hearthstone because last time I played against someone with super good RNG...
: _Team is at enemy's fountain, they are all still down_ Someone: "heeeey guyz lets baron real kwik!" Someone else: "hell ya!" Someone 2: "BARON or REPORTED!!!" _Whole team dies trying to baron, enemy team respawns, they win_
Sounds about right.
: nothing is more toxic than a low elo {{champion:5}} and {{champion:114}}
You forgot Riven.
: Pretty sure he hates fizz lol
: Never.
: which has a shorter cooldown..flash or blitz hook?{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Wolfeur (EUW)
: Which explain Sirius Black's animagus.^^
: I HAVE EVOLVED BEYOND JOKES. I AM NOW A DOWNVOTE BOT. BEEP BOOP. Also, try this free PSN code I got off Amazon, for a chance to win a survey with nothing at all! http://www.freevirusesarefunandallcomegetthemtoday.com
Lol those look like some fun viruses! But I'm too lazy to click on that link.
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