: Eternals Feedback Thread: Set 1 Uniques
if you have the tech to track how many abilities were dodged with Master Yi's Q, why can't you do the same for Fizz?? kills with E is so incredibly lame, and distance traveled with Q? what? how about even tower shots dodged with E, or even time spent untargetable would be better. come on.
: The art of making only COPY and PASTE ignoring all game modes except TFT
honestly fine with them being the same, makes it WAY less confusing to understand. I just want my rewards.
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: Fizz Change v2 Heading to PBE
The original Fizz W had very low base damage and a pretty mediocre AP ratio because all of his damage relied on the % missing HP damage. Now with that gone I'm super surprised that the base damage and ratio are still very poor. I've still yet to play him on the PBE, but this damage looks super low especially since he has to stay in combat even longer than before to get more damage off than what's on live servers right now (it seems). I'll edit my comment after my first few games since I can't tell how well it'll play until I try it. Game 1: 2 afk's, 1 on each team. draven being 12/0 out of laning phase I was still able to one shot him with my lead i picked up mid. Feeling great so far tbh.
: @RiotRepertoir, 2 out of 4 Reworked Assassins have been reverted
Has everyone already forgotten about {{champion:105}} ? His new W is god awful and the reason LB got reverted was because she has to wait 2 seconds to do anything, meanwhile fizz has the same thing and is not even looked at.
: I recently talked about them with their original designer, Wrekz, and he had some thoughts as to how to get them to a more enjoyable experience. On his list of suggestions, he suggested stuff like (straight from the proposal he sent me): * Generally making marks a bit easier to acquire, but a bit less powerful per mark. * Marks being able to spawn in either jungle, rather than only the opponents'. * Reducing mark warm-up time on enemy champions to try and get a cleaner balance between champion and jungle marks. * Removing W -> Q interaction and just having Q's cooldown reduced when it hits a champion or monster. * Increasing W radius to let Wolf feel more useful instead of it being primarily a mobility enabler. * Or some other effect to accomplish the same goal of making Wolf feel more useful. * Possibly just base 550 range instead of the increasing range with marks. * If the above are a too powerful, probably some base stat or damage nerfs here and there. I'm mostly open to stuff like this being tested, though there's a lot going on here, so it could take some time to validate. If we felt more confident there was a specific kind of work that would be exciting to Kindred players as well as a pretty clear path forward, that would increase the likelihood we would take on the work. We get a lot of requests to do these champ readjustments, so frequently it's a matter of when there's resources to do it more-so than a desire to test something out. I (and others on the design teams) do tend to love these types of explorations, however, so when we do have that clearer goal to go chase, it's usually possible to get someone on board with going for it.
PLEASE DO NOT PUT THESE CHANGES THROUGH. I love Kindred and everything about her right now. I picked her back up again after a long hiatus because her original kit was changed, and I really feel that this is the perfect champion for me. Getting increased auto range, getting powerful with getting stacks making it more meaningful and helps me show off my skill on that champion. Being able to push my lead properly instead of getting outclassed by every melee jungler is a great feeling. If her Q is changed from "cooldown reset if inside W range" to "cooldown reset if you hit an enemy champ or monster" This will make it nearly impossible to catch up to champions anymore or getaway since your Q doesn't prioritize champions. Getting auto range is amazing for Kindred, don't force her into this bubble of 550. I think every bonus the mark gives is perfect the way it is. It's frustrating when your team takes your mark, but making every mark weaker won't fix that issue, it'll just delay your power for when you do get the mark. No buffs, nerfs or changes are needed TBH. Like with many champs, she has a different playstyle that not everyone will like. But I for one, LOVE her. TL;DR: W -> Q interaction changes are awful because it doesn't prioritize champs and it'll give her a lot less mobility (huge nerf) Auto range nerf to constant 550 is again, a huge nerf Stacks being weaker but able to spawn in your own jungle is again, another huge nerf overall (If the above are too powerful, probably some base stat or damage nerfs here and there.) LOL WHAT? Good one, just like the Master Yi "buffs" from a few weeks ago. Don't do this. please. this is the only way i have fun in league now, you guys ruined fizz for me (still reverted LB and rengar, and gave ahri her charm damage back... left fizz untouched, W still takes 2 seconds to pop, unlike the LB and rengar revert)
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: Varus being CHANGED to Gay feels wrong for his character
: Did Pulsefire Caitlyn already go on a discount rate earlier this year?
She's on sale in the shop right now!
: Azir Gameplay Update: Goals and Directions
What about Azir gaining range per level but his survivability scales worse (compared to what you probably have tested at Riot HQ) late for compensation late game?
: Again, another ridiculous comment lol
Says the person with "goku7474" as a username.
: The idea that your posting something about locking in at 0 seconds is hilarious
If you never played on the old client, then don't comment.
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Gladiore (NA)
: I'm a fizz main and have played 3 to 4 fizz games since patch and i have to say it feels HORRIBLE. Why do you guys feel like fizz is fine now? With his w the way it is laning phase is fine but fizz is pratically useless past 25 minutes... all 3 games i was just a burden on my team past around the 25 minute mark because i can't assassinate anybody unless i hit max range shark and they don't get peel. That goes for an adc too. And if i want to kill someone and hit my max range shark if anyone has a dash i can't even catch up without useing my e which is a horrible idea to use for mobility only. It just feels so bad. Not to mention if you don't have shark you can't do anything in teamfights because you have to walk up to someone or q auto them use e to stall for time then w and even if you kill them you just die after that point.
As a Fizz main also (also having multiple fizz main accounts). Playing a few ranked games as the new Fizz is actually amazing. The W should be on a shorter CD if you use it on a target already bleeding for 2 seconds. But that's my only gripe with him. He's so much more fun now and his ult feels like a truly spectacular ability to use and land on a target. I was always the Fizz player that would try to land long range (nearing on max range) ults, so now my playstyle has just been incredibly enhanced. My Tip would be to just get used to not hitting Q-W at the same time, and wait it out.
: They're making Zac's voiceline squeakier the smaller he is
: Where are Super Galaxy {{champion:203}} & {{champion:105}}?
It's 4-6 months before they go on sale. So that means there's 2 months more to wait maximum.
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: What I do know from a Pants Are Dragon's video is that he did state that {{champion:60}} has a time frame where when she repels, she will be vulnerable for that set time frame. He also mentioned how {{champion:105}} has the same thing as well which may interact with {{champion:53}} E
This is a new bug since the blitz E change.
: pretty sure this is working as intended
Fisherman Fizz is correct. This never happened before. This is a bug.
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: Tell me how many people want eSports down their throats as opposed to other... things.
I'm a fan of the other things in my throat. not so much eports. :3 You can turn off Esports notifications in the client btw.
: "Riven has been struggling against too many top laners for too long" - 6.17 patch notes
Porocles (NA)
: That's a very interesting find! I'm not sure if it's just a coincidence since there have been other issues, mostly from the recent Windows update. Third party apps can definitely cause some problems with the game and client, especially after a new patch. I will keep this in mind and look for results. Thanks!
I've had the same problem too so it's not just him! Thanks for looking into it (if you didn't forget to ;p)
Porocles (NA)
: You can review your account's unlocked skins through your profile pane in the client. Selecting a champion will allow you to cycle through their skins, where owned skills will be labeled as unlocked. I cannot recommend using third party programs or sites to check your progress as we do not support it. Be extra cautious with that, as one cannot be sure what malicious content it might have or information they collect on you.
Might want to review your first sentence. Other than that. The way you're recommending is a very time consuming and boring way to look at your owned skins. I would suggest adding a way to go into the shop and type in "owned" to view all owned skins. If you can pass this along to the Alpha client devs that would be amazing. Cheers mate.
: > [{quoted}](name=SpottedDog,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0NorQUoY,comment-id=000c00030000,timestamp=2016-07-09T06:16:35.670+0000) > > not sure that you know what "literally" means. English language Nazi that remains 100% correct at all times. Douche bag that loses all credibility after not capitalizing the first word of his sentence. Pick one.
: > [{quoted}](name=gypsylord,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0NorQUoY,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2016-07-09T04:47:42.097+0000) > > This is an amazing idea but Valve would probably sue us for copyright infringement were we to implement it. You have a skin literally named "bowser rammus."
not sure that you know what "literally" means.
: Why is your website "not secure"?
Still looking for an answer...
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: I get a lag spike every time I die since patch 6.6
For some reason this is caused by loading your Death recap when you die. I sometimes have that happen too so i looked it up and it took me forever to find a rioter comment about it.
: name 5 things you miss and want to see in leauge again
**1:** 2014 Evelynn. I cry every day about how much fun she was. Now it hurts me to see what she's become. **2:** 2014 Fiora. I loved how much fun she was and how much of a hyper carry she was when ahead. **3:** Pre-rework Quinn. She was one of my true mains. Forever loved her and would always enjoy playing her. Her ult might've been seen as useless on an adc. but for me, it's one of the true reasons I loved her and picked her. **4:** 2014: Not everyone had burst damage. Now everyone needs to have burst damage apparently. Tanks, bruisers, supports. everyone. **5:** Sense of discovery, How there were random, but good scalings on certain champs along with random buffs given to abilities. How their role can change based on their build and play-style. Now everyone is in a black and white role and must stay or they will be shot dead with nerfs. **6:** Bonus. Revert back to 2014 balance state.
: Shittiest photoshop i have ever seen
http://imgur.com/KXAUGQ6 http://championmasterylookup-derpthemeus.rhcloud.com/ You can see from the image. There are people that are level 7 yorick. And using the website I listed, you can look up other yorick mains or so on for yourself.
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: Will Super Galaxy Fizz, Kindred, and Shyvanna be discounted on release?
http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/store/sales/were-changing-discounts this is the post that explains what they're doing with discounts now.
: When you kill Teemo
+1 for MLP /) http://imgur.com/1scg9CX
arc95 (NA)
: can you put the mastery score back under the portrait?
The points will only show if you get to the new max mastery level, Level 7. http://imgur.com/iEjAIev
stan tae (EUW)
: Shop visual update¿?
I was wondering the same thing. +1 upvote for visibility
: skin shard
You probably unlocked it for a trial period. Unless you use cosmetic dust (the orange dust), you cannot unlock a permanent skin through a skin shard. On a side note, Snowmerdinger isn't a legendary skin, it's just a legacy (meaning it's just not in the store at the current moment).
: Did i just watch a video of a guy watching a guy's video?
No, he just had a video in the background. lol
: Not Winning Any Hextech Chests
In order to get a chest. You or the people in your pre-made queue need to earn an S, S- or an S+ rank with their champion. You can only earn one chest per unique champion you get a chest with. There will be a unique boarder around the champion you already got a chest with in the champions tab in the client. Once you earned a chest with one champion, you can no longer earn another with that champ until it resets every year. To be clear, There isn't a chance to get the chest like with keys. You'll be granted a chest as soon as you meet the requirements stated above. I hope this helps :3
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: Aurelion Sol's passive hits vlad when he does pool????
Just tested it in a custom game with a friend. Both his passive and W active don't go through vlads' pool. Here a video I just made for this topic that you've posted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nituurVqXUU
: What's that feeling you play your main for?
For Video's like these. {{champion:105}} https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ks3rmtzMlLQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46TFyH0EovQ
: punishment well deserved. how dare you type gg? or BOTMUS? BOTMUS really? and let's not forget "?" you even posted "???"-3 question marks? Like for real? WELL DESERVED. we don't want you in our games..good bye
Aislius (NA)
: Message to Fizz Players
http://imgur.com/U6nPhrw {{champion:105}}
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: {{champion:131}} Ignorant thralls.
Playing Fizz vs Diana is a nightmare usually. Only hope is to go even or get your jungler to camp the Diana haha.
: "At least they didn't pick LeBlanc"
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